tagExhibitionist & VoyeurA Reluctant Nudist Ch. 03

A Reluctant Nudist Ch. 03


Liz, our neighbour from the flat downstairs, had shown more than just a little interest in the events that occurred that day at the beach with Greg and his mate. Helen had even shown her some more of the photos that she had posed for after Liz had noticed the ones in that naturist magazine. Liz often commented that she would very much like to join us both the next time we went to Somers beach. We had not really planned to go back there but her frequent requests to accompany us made us think that maybe we might go there a second time, if only for no other reason than to get her off our backs. The other photos that Helen had let her see were relatively tame compared to some of the raunchier ones that Helen had been given by Greg the photographer when he turned up that day at her work place. They did, however include some of me, full frontally nude. Helen told me that Liz had made the remark when she was checking them out that she would love to see me angry down there considering how large I was unaroused. It surprised me that girls would openly discuss this sort of thing between themselves, especially as I was married to one of them to boot but Helen assured me that this was not at all unusual from her experience. She also added that Liz claimed that she never seen an uncircumcised penis in real life before and that this had also fascinated her. I was starting to realise that we men were not the only ones with an interest in the bodies of the opposite sex.

Getting home from work one evening, I found Liz sitting in the lounge room going through the Somers beach photos. Helen was in the shower at the time and I could see that some of the particular shots Liz was lingering over were the more explicit ones of Helen so I knew she had the whole set of them and not just the tamer ones. I remarked that Helen might not be too pleased if she found out that she was examining them but Liz responded by saying that it was Helen who had given them to her so she obviously didn't mind too much.

I expected that Liz would probably have been shocked by the more erotic shots but she didn't seem to be in the least. She just kept continually repeating the statement of how gorgeous Helen's body was and that she would give anything to look that good. She casually mentioned that she thought that I had a good body too and I got a bit embarrassed, blushing quite a lot when she showed me one photo she thought was particularly good.

"You know, considering you don't have a hardy in this shot, you're pretty big, even on the slack," she commented.

I had never heard this expression before but I had no doubt as to what she was referring to and again I'm sure that I was still blushing as I took the photo from her to look at myself. Never having had my body so critically examined in such an intimate way before, well not by someone other than Helen, I didn't quite know whether or even how to thank her for this obvious compliment.

Liz was employed as a forensic assistant at Russel street Police station, the main headquarters of the Victorian State Police so I guess she had a more clinical, laid back approach to things that she had to investigate than the average person. However, I still felt that the very casual way that she was discussing this somewhat sensitive subject was still a bit off hand. It suddenly occurred to me that working for the Police, she might regard these photos as being pornographic so I asked her whether we could get into any trouble for having them. Liz said that just possessing them was not an offence but if the more explicit ones of Helen, especially the ones where she was touching herself were ever published in Australia, they would definitely be regarded as porno. Helen would not get into trouble though just being the model, she reckoned, only the publisher.

I quizzed her some more, asking her if she was surprised that we had agreed to be photographed like that. She smiled, telling me that as far as she was concerned, what people did in their private lives was their own business and nobody else's. She went on to say that she was a bit surprised that I had done it as most guys she knew would not have the guts to strip off but added that as far as Helen was concerned, if she had a body like hers, she would most probably have done the same thing, unfortunately though, so far no one had ever asked her to model nude for them. Her tone of voice as she said this seemed to suggest that she considered it almost to be some sort of failure on her part.

Liz was quite an attractive girl, about twenty two years old with brown wavy hair coming down to just over her shoulders. She always wore glasses which made her hazel eyes look larger than they really were. She was about five foot six and had a fairly slim build but with noticeably large breasts. She claimed to have a hormone imbalance for which she blamed her problem with being slightly hairy. Liz normally wore jeans so the only evidence of this was a soft light down of brown hair on her arms which we probably would not even have noticed if she hadn't pointed it out to us.

She was single but having an affair with a married guy that she worked with so her personal life was not all she would have wanted it to be. He was also a part time volunteer bush fireman so she hardly ever got to be with him when she wanted to. This caused Liz to be very down sometimes but it was hard to discuss the subject with her as I don't think she was particularly proud of their infrequent and covert liaisons. She told us that she was on a Lithium medication which she took to control the variable mood changes she often experienced so we were never quite sure if she was down because of her boyfriend situation or whether it was her medical condition. She told us that on a few occasions she had even contemplated doing herself in because she had got so depressed. Either way we always made sure to catch up with her nearly every day to be certain that she was okay.

Being probably some of her closest friends, we did feel a kind of responsibility for her welfare so when one Friday evening as we were all sharing a glass or two of moselle in her flat, she asked about when we might be going to the beach again, we decided that as we had nothing planned this weekend, it would be an opportune time to go again. Helen invited her to come along with us this time saying that she didn't think it would be good for her to be on her own as she seemed a bit down. This really cheered Liz up, her saying that she was really looking forward to exposing her body to the sun again, warning us not to be too shocked when we saw how hairy she was without her clothes though. I suggested to them that it would be a good idea for us all to go to Chelsea beach as it was only about half an hour's drive away but both girls argued that they wanted to go down to Somers beach instead and as we were going a fair distance, why didn't we make a weekend of it. Helen suggested that we could camp at Balnarring caravan park on Saturday night, which was just a few miles from Somers. She added that as we had a three man tent anyway, there wouldn't be any problem with sleeping space. I was again on the wrong side of a democratic vote and the decision was made to go with their idea. Call me suspicious if you like but I had just an inkling that this trip might have been somewhat pre planned prior to this little get together. Had I just become the victim of a small but probably enjoyable little conspiracy, I wondered?

Deciding to Leave at around ten o'clock the next morning, we packed up our EH Holden Station wagon and set off down the Nepean Highway for the one and a half hour trip, arriving at Balnarring not much before midday. We registered at the campsite and set up the tent before walking into the small township to get some lunch.

The girls were keen to hit the beach so after finishing eating at the local milk bar, we returned to our car and drove the five or six miles down to Somers, hiking down the track and along the beach to close to where we had settled the time before. I kept a vigilant eye open for Greg the photographer or his mate as we passed the many nude sunbathers on the beach but I didn't see either of them. Their absence did give me a huge feeling of relief and I started to breath a bit easier. Helen also noticing their absence, suggested to Liz that perhaps this might be one of their weekends away up in New South Wales, sounding almost disappointed. Again the mutual decision was made to go up into the dunes rather than lay on the lower exposed part of the beach where anyone could see us.

Not being sure of the protocol when being on a nudist beach and disrobing in front of a friend, I decided to hang back before getting undressed. Helen was wearing a green and white stripped full length cotton dress under which she only had knickers. This, along with the pants came off immediately and Liz followed suit, taking off her white blouse and matching shorts to reveal a strapless leopard skin bikini. I sort of hoped that she would stop there so that I also had an excuse not to strip off but she proceeded to remove both top and bottoms without any shyness or hesitation, even going so far as taking her glasses off. I tried hard not to stare as she did this but I understood that I would now have to do likewise so I turned away and stripped off, immediately laying down on my front along side the girls.

Liz and Helen were soon chatting away and covering themselves with sun lotion. Liz was between Helen and I and asked if I would like some lotion on my back. Trying to sound completely at ease I replied that it would be great and she rubbed it in all over me. She described my bottom as being pommy white and said that I would have to be careful not to get too burnt. As she was massaging it in around my backside I felt a stirring that I hoped I wasn't going to get and realised that I was not going to be able to turn over for quite some time. Helen joked that I had never been so pampered and teased me to roll over and let Liz do my front. I all but mumbled that I it wouldn't be appropriate for a while which made both of them laugh as they both grabbed me and tried to wrestle me over. I resisted as best I could but not enough to prevent them both from seeing why it was so hard for me to turn over.

"Christ, it's been a long while since I've had that sort of effect on a bloke," said Liz.

Thankfully they both decided to have pity on me and let me be. I told them to give me some peace, saying that I was going to take a knap but in reality I was desperately trying to work out how I was ever going to turn over again without the risk of embarrassing myself.

This arousal thing seemed so unfair to us men as the girls could get turned on and nobody would know. I thought about trying to contemplate other things so that it would take my mind off the predicament that I was in. I started to mentally go through the colour coding of cable pairs on a one hundred pair link cable that I often had to sort out and wire up in my communications job. This started to reduce the problem somewhat as nothing could have been less exiting and before too long I was starting to really relax again without that uncomfortable feeling caused by my uninvited third leg.

The girls decided to go for a swim and wandered down to the beach. I could see them both from where I was and couldn't help but check Liz out from a distance. As with Helen, she actually looked far more attractive without her clothes than with them on. Her breasts were like two large, round melons, just perched there above a nicely tapered waist and boyish looking hips. Even without a bra, her breasts didn't droop at all and she even managed to maintain a nice cleavage to boot. She had a more impressive figure than I had imagined. Her skin was very pale but covered in freckles except where her bikini line showed and it was obvious that her body had not seen the sun for some time. It wouldn't have surprised me at all if Liz didn't have some Irish blood in her as well. Her last name was Bradley which didn't have a Gaelic ring to it but I suppose her mum could have eminated from those emerald Isles. Even from a distance you could see that her nipples were quite small compared to the size of her boobs and they were also a very pink colour compared to Helen's which were a darkish brown. Maybe because Helen was bald down there, Liz's fanny did look comparatively hairy, but to be fair, she had pre warned us of this so I made a mental note not to make mention of it at all.

I now had my chance to turn over, so I did, applying sun lotion to my front and putting a cap over my face to protect me from the hot sun. I genuinely started to feel completely at ease for the first time that day. Possibly, I may have dozed off for a while because when I came to, I noticed that the girls had returned. As I became aware of their presence I realised that I was now laying between them and like me, they were both also on their backs, both up on their elbows and chatting to each other. As they probably thought that I was still napping, I decided not to say anything and just pretend to be out of it. Liz must have been starring at my privates because she openly mentioned to Helen that I was even bigger close up than in the photos and even added that this was the only occasion that she had ever seen one with a foreskin in real life. I had to start thinking about cable colour codes again as I just knew that this could become a very awkward situation if nature started to take it's course again.

"How does he pee with it covered over like that?" Liz asked.

"Oh, he just has to pull the foreskin back and then it looks just like all the others," quipped Helen.

"Watch this," she said.

I felt a hand take my appendage and pull back on it so that the foreskin retracted. Laying the way I was and looking down beneath the peak of my cap, made for a very strange picture. All I could see was my penis with a hand still attached to it. Thinking about telephone wires was not about to save me this time. Instantly, as if with a life all of it's own and in just a few seconds, my member quickly raised itself until it was fully erect, the foreskin now shinning as if the flesh below it was straining to break through. There was no way that the foreskin could now be pushed back over the head even though Helen tried a few times. Her efforts only made me even harder, than I thought was possible. Panic was starting to set in.

What could I do now? I decided that discretion was the better part of valour and continued to pretend that I was still asleep.

"Wow, I was right," said Liz.

"It is huge, isn't it!"

Both girls began to giggle and again I heard Helen tell Liz to,

"Watch this."

Before I felt anything, I could smell the sweet aroma of the coconut sun lotion fill the air and shortly after a slippery hand was soon massaging it up and down my hardness, the slippery tactile sensations feeling extraordinarily erotic.

"Come on, why don't you give me a hand?" said Helen.

I looked down again in anticipation, just in time to see a second hand from the other side take hold as well. Both were in a perfectly synchronised rhythm as they quickly gained momentum, expertly rubbing me up and down. Luckily being rather large in the penis department, there was ample room for both and the feeling of excitement became even more intense. This was like all my Christmases's come at once but I knew that if I didn't do something to stop this now, that very soon Christmas wouldn't be the only thing coming.

I pretended to wake up, as if startled.

"Hey, what's going on?" I protested, sitting up on my elbows.

Quickly removing their hands, both girls started giggling and I couldn't help but notice that Liz now had her glasses back on.

"You must have been having a good dream," said Helen.

"Just look at that, you should be ashamed of yourself." Looking down, I was still standing to attention and the girls having taken their hands away had not caused any reduction to it's oversize dimensions.

"Well that's peculiar, because I don't remember any coconuts being in my dream but then I suppose there must have been, how else could I have got covered in all this coconut oil?" I joked.

This humorous remark only caused the girls to giggle even more.

"I was just giving Liz a demonstration of how a foreskin works and it went off in my hand, you very nearly knocked our heads off with that thing, we even had to put some lotion on it to stop it getting too burnt," said Helen.

I turned to Liz and apologised, saying that I was sorry if my completely unintentional reaction had offended her.

"Don't be silly, it would take more than a hard dick to offend me, even though it is a rather large one," she replied, looking down and smiling at my still erect and now glistening member.

The panic I had originally felt at being so exposed had now passed and although I would have thought that this situation would have embarrassed me no end, the fact that I was laying in front of two women with a full hard on didn't feel as unnatural as I had expected it to, in fact I was beginning to feel quite proud of it, especially of it's size and stiffness. "Well, aren't you going to finish me off?" I asked.

"Yeh, we will, but not the way you want us to, you randy little bugger," replied Helen.

She then poured lotion all over my chest, including into my belly button and the two of them then did me the honours of rubbing it all over my front, both being careful to avoid touching my still hard dick this time. Cheerfully wallowing in all this meticulous attention, I couldn't help but think of all my mates back at the Post Office workshop in London, where I used to work. What would they think if they could see me now.

When they had completed coating my front, I carefully turned over, so as not to squash anything, and they both did my back. Immediately they were done, Liz then sat in front of me and asked if I could return the favour and now do her back. Kneeling up, I put lotion on both hands and then proceeded to rub it in. The texture of the skin on her back felt rather like that of a very fine sand paper and this quite surprised me as I had expected it to be completely smooth like Helen's. As I was kneeling up behind her, Liz put her arms over her head, holding up her hair so that I could reach the side of her neck and back. I became aware that even though she was facing away from me it was still possible to see both of her breasts from behind. As I was rubbing cream on to her sides it really was hard to avoid touching them. I was probably pushing my luck but I decided, what the heck, she had already set the precedent by touching me so I ran my hands around the bottom of her tits in one motion as I was putting lotion under her armpits. She said nothing so I thought I might see just how far she would let me go, running both hands under her breasts again and up over her nipples which both felt nice and hard beneath my lotion softened palms. Unlike her back, this skin felt soft and smooth, even more so now that it was covered in lotion. Helen was closely observing my hands as I did this but the fact that she had a smile on her face helped to assure me that taking these intimate liberties with Liz's tits was not really upsetting her. Liz even commented that it felt nice so I gave both her small but hard nipples an extra little tweak each as I gently bounced both breasts in my cupping hands.

"Careful," Helen said.

"Or you'll be leaving a bruise on Liz's back."

Looking down I could see what she meant. I was still seriously aroused and my hard on was rubbing up and down Liz's backbone as we were so close.

"Yeah, I think you're about done now," I said as I layed back down between the two girls, again front down after having excavated a small depression in the sand to accommodate my still engorged appendage.

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