A Reluctant Nudist Ch. 09


"Correct, thank you very much," she said as she slowly lifted her dress at the knees and slid back into the car seat.

"No, thank you miss, come again, please come again." Replied the other one as we started to move.

"I always do," smirked Helen as the two of them gave a big wave, as the Mercedes pulled away.

Sue, having watched all of this, was amused by what Helen had done, saying that she had a lot of ticker to do that. Not knowing again, exactly what this meant, I agreed just so she didn't think that I was a bit thick or something. I explained to her that Helen enjoyed nothing more than to shock people, Sue commented that there were a lot of people out there who needed to be shocked too, so good on her.

We arrived at their home no more than five minutes after and it was quite a grand affair. It was built on two levels with a high brick wall all of the way round with two very ornate, cast metal gates at the entrance. There was even a small circular driveway once you came through them, the type that you only normally saw at rich peoples homes in American movies which added to the feeling of being somewhere posh. I think that both Brian and Sue could see by the amazed looks on all our faces that we were more than just a little impressed, maybe overwhelmed would be a better word, by the grandeur of this place. Somehow, the Kombi van didn't look quite at home here as Brian signaled for me to drive it under his carport.

"Wow, you guys must be really rich to have a home like this." Exclaimed Helen.

"Don't get too carried away, the bank owns a big slice of it, but we're working on that aren't we dear." Sue replied as Brian opened one of the double wooden doors to let us in.

Inside was just as impressive as the outside with marble tile floors and matching pillars in a front hallway which looked like it went for almost twenty yards through the middle of the house until it reached some back French door windows that probably looked out over their garden. Brian turned on some lights and immediately you could see a huge swimming pool, now floodlit beyond those French doors, and impressive it was too.

"I'll show you to your rooms first if you like and then I'll start making some tea for us all as I don't know about you lot but I'm absolutely famished."

With this, Sue took us upstairs but not until after we all followed her lead by removing our shoes at the front door.

"We have complete privacy here so wear what you like while you're with us as we don't stand on any formalities."

The bedrooms matched the style of the house being very Mediterranean in appearance with paintings of the Greek Islands hung on most walls. The bed was again like something out of a movie and it suddenly brought home to me just how primitive our air mattress that we slept on at home and had brought with us by the way, was in comparison.

Our bedroom has it's own ensuite and Helen decided to have a quick shower before going down to help Sue make tea. The shower overlooked the pool and unlike most that I had seen, it had clear glass all around it, including the outside which formed a full-length window to the garden. Looking out of the clear bathroom window next to this, it became obvious that all three upstairs bedrooms which formed a type of courtyard around the pool area, had a similar arrangement and I couldn't help but notice that Sarah was already using her shower and being opposite you could see right in. She had not bothered to close the plastic curtain hanging alongside this outside pane and gave me a wave when she saw me watching. Even though we had been nude together for most of the day, I felt like I had been caught perving, as Australians so like to call it. Memories of my first experience of seeing her as nature intended flooded my mind as Helen stepped into the shower beside me. It occurred to me that my feelings so many years before of me wanting to believe that she had known I was there watching her as she modeled herself in the reflection of the glass window, returned. This time, however, I had no doubt that she knew for sure that I was there and I made a challenge to myself of one day perhaps, if I could draw the courage, of confessing my earlier voyeuristic activity to her, just to find out if she had known all along of my presence that night. One day maybe, but not right now.

Helen, like Sarah didn't bother to close her curtain either and returned Sarah's wave to her as they both soaped themselves up. I laid on the bed and watched as Helen shaved under her armpits and even worked up some lather on a sponge and proceeded to take any regrowth off of the area around her fanny. After washing her hair, she got out to dry herself off and asked me if I could do the more delicate and hard to get to bits between her lips. Never having to be asked twice, I obliged using the sponge again and lathered her up as she laid back on the bed with her legs nicely spread. Pulling each lip aside gently and individually, I carefully shaved this most softest of skin until not one trace of hair was left. Normally after having done this, we were both usually so turned on by it all that we generally would end up having sex or at the very least, me giving her a flick with my tongue. This time however, Helen immediately jumped up and thanking me as she did, put on a full length sarong that she had in her small travel bag and disappeared downstairs.

Going over to the shower and disrobing as I went, I couldn't help but notice that my sister was still in the shower opposite with her back to me. Again starting to feel quite awkward, I was tempted to draw the curtain as I still had a member that was obviously far from flaccid, the frustrating after effect of not having been able to consummate Helen and mine's previous intimate activity.

Overcoming my natural inhibitions, I decided not to hide myself. Sarah had her back to me still and looked like she was washing her private parts with her hand but the fact that she had been in this position since I had stepped into the shower gave me reason to believe otherwise. Mesmerised, I stood watching as I let the warm water caress my sunburnt shoulders and started to soap myself up.

Without any real sudden movement, Sarah had turned herself around slightly, now being almost side on to my view. From this angle I could clearly see that she was definitely not washing but rather playing with herself, and in a not too gentle fashion either. My member had lost none of it's previous stiffness and had in fact in anticipation, become a lot harder, now standing up on it's own at a forty five degree angle at least with the foreskin now fully retracted. Just coincidentally, my own hand was now in a natural position where soap could be applied to my own private parts and in the communal spirit of mutual exhibitionism, I let it assume it's normally preferred position around my hardness. As I continued to observe the scene across the way, I let my mind go blank and started to put on my own little show. I turned slightly side on to the window but not enough that I couldn't keep my view of the activities opposite.

My sibling had now moved right around and was facing outwards and I knew because of her slight hesitation that she could now also see me and what I was up to. I thought that seeing me would bring her self pleasuring to an instant halt, but instead she just smiled, put her right hand on her breast and started to pull on her already long nipple whilst rubbing herself down below at an even faster rhythm. Trying to seem unconcerned by our mutual displays, I attempted to return her smile but I'm sure it looked just as nervous and fake as it felt. I turned towards her but she signaled very quickly back with a small rotation of her index finger that she wanted to see me side on again. I guessed that she could probably get a better view of my now fully erect dick this way rather than it being hidden somewhat by the shadow of my torso. Obligingly, I slowly revolved around until she gave me the thumbs up sign.

With Sarah having set the parameters of this unexpected encounter and without any verbal communication, using only the lifting of one of my legs, I indicated back that I wanted her to raise one of her legs up onto the grab rail so that I could get a better look at her fanny. She went one better than even I had hoped and positioned herself back on the tiled ledge at the back of the shower receptacle so that she was now in a sitting posture and lifting and parting her legs at the same time, placed both her feet flat on either side of the outside glass pane. Now using two fingers of her left hand, she widely parted her inner lips and began to push first one then possibly two or three fingers into herself. I never imagined that I could have possibly got so turned on by one of my own sisters but out mutual displays had obviously struck a common chord between us and soon we were both equally immersed in what we were doing and I managed to synchronise my movements with her thrusting fingers, me taking the initiative by speeding up my action with her following until I knew that I could hold back no longer, ejaculating a bigger than usual load all over the inside of the front window. The strength of this orgasm was strong enough to get the first four or five spurts of spunk a height of at least eighteen inches up onto the clear glass and I knew that it did not go unnoticed across the way as I could see my sister reaching climax at almost the same moment, vigorously lowering and raising her hips in a way that showed her orgasm was at least as powerful as mine had been.

Cleaning myself off, I looked across the way and noticed that Sarah had gone.

The strange thing was that the usual after shock that I would have expected to come as a result of what we had both just done did not occur. I felt no guilt, nor even the slightest tinge of shame but something more like a huge kind of release that is hard to describe. A relief of a mental as well as physical kind.

I realised that my need for pleasure had at last outgrown my preoccupation with mere consequences. My skin was glowing and warm, probably more because of the effect of the hot water on my sunburn than anything else but in a weird sort of way that was actually quite pleasurable. For the first time since Helen and I had started on this wonderful sexual adventure, I finally felt as if I had achieved my goal of living for the moment and enjoying the excitement of it all without most of the hang ups that I had always kept with me. How strange, I thought that after all we had been through in the last year or so, it had taken an action by my sister to finally release me of that burden.

Getting the cum stains off of the glass was not as easy as I had hoped but eventually by using a sponge, I managed to clean them all off. Drying myself I put on a white tee shirt and a long pair of white cotton tie string pants and proceeded downstairs.

Everyone except Sarah was in the kitchen and I was offered a large glass of wine that had already been poured for me by Brian. I would have preferred a beer but rather than seeming ungrateful I received it thankfully. Like Helen, Sue was wearing a sarong, but her's was tied only up to her waist leaving her lovely big breasts on display. She, again like Helen now had her hair done up in a bun and somehow it made her look much younger.

"Have a nice shower?" Sue asked.

"Yes, very relaxing, thankyou." I replied thinking, if only she knew.

"Hope you didn't waste too much energy up there." She giggled whilst almost teasingly looking up out of the kitchen window to where it was quite easy to see the outside of the shower I had only minutes ago been jerking myself off in.

Trying to look up without making it too obvious, I could see that the shower opposite was even more visible and I worked out that Sarah's little performance would also have been observed by Sue or maybe all of them.

"Hope you didn't leave too much of a mess dear." Helen added sarcastically.

Knowing that it was a fair cop and there was no point in pretending otherwise I just laughed and replied that I had cleaned up after myself and hoped that I hadn't offended anyone. At this point, Sarah entered the kitchen with a wine glass in her hand wearing only a blue silk dressing gown that came down to just above her knees. It hung open and loose, the matching belt attached but undone.

Momentarily I thought that she had some knickers on under it but as she walked across the kitchen and the front of her gown fluttered open I knew that she did not.

"It's my fault that they all saw you, I was teasing you, wasn't I?" She said taking a large mouthful of wine as she stood alongside me up against one of the bench units.

"Anyway, as I've just been telling them, it's not the first time I've seen you play with yourself." Sarah continued.

"Oh?" I replied in a long inquiring way.

"And when was that?"

"When you used to live at home, don't tell me you never knew?"

Thinking back, I couldn't think of one instance when this could have happened so I sort of challenged her to tell me more.

"Well some nights when I went to bed and the bathroom door was left open, I could see through the reflection of the bathroom mirror right into your bedroom and more often than not your door wasn't completely shut and I could see the bottom half of your bed from where I laid. Many a time I used to lay there and watch you pull yourself off and I always thought that you probably knew that I could see you and that you were doing it just for me to see."

Thinking about it, she was right, she would have been able to see me but I guess that because I couldn't see the mirror from the head end of my bed it had never occurred to me that she would have been able to observe me doing what I did almost on a nightly basis. How paradoxical it was that all these years I had kept my secret about that one occasion that I had spied on my sister in the nude but in fact all this time she had kept an even bigger one about watching me toss myself off on a regular basis.

"Why didn't you ever say anything to me about it?" I asked.

"Well, I didn't want to embarrass you, just in case you weren't doing it for my benefit, and anyway, I used to enjoy watching you, I learnt a lot about what men like by what you used to do so there's no need to be worried about it now."

"The guys here all reckon I did a pretty good job myself just a while ago, so I guess we're sort of even now, aren't we?"

One surprise after another, it was all just a bit too much to take in one day.

Just when you think nothing can shock you, along comes something that almost knocks your socks off. Still life is full of surprises and the biggest one for the night was yet to come.

End Chapter Nine here please

Memories Chapter Ten A family get together

For tea, Sue had made us all a traditional English steak and kidney pudding, which although a bit unseasonal in this summer heat went down very well, especially as it was accompanied by mashed potatoes and baked beans, my favourite. It was so nice in fact that I made her promise to show Helen exactly how she made the pudding, not having had this delicacy for well over a year now.

Having already dissipated my previous sexual urge in the shower, the erotic value of sitting at a formal dining table with half dressed women was probably lost a little on me. It didn't stop me however enjoying the aesthetic value though of watching Sue's breasts as they gently bounced and flattened on the edge of the smooth French polished surface of the table each time she leant forward to take a mouthful of food. The wood was so polished that each of her large nipples had a twin reflection giving the appearance of four breasts not two. Sarah sat next and perpendicular to me as I was at one end of the table and I got a similar view of one of her long brown nipples each time she leant forward with her dressing gown falling away. This was probably the first time that in a circumstance like this, that Helen had been the most respectably dressed, if you could call only a thin sarong respectable and the fact that she was showing nothing off for once made me want to look at her beautiful body even more than usual. It was unlike her to be outdone like this and somehow I just knew that this wouldn't remain the status quo for long.

After tea was finished and the girls had helped Sue put the plates and dishes into an automatic dishwasher, the first one any of us had ever seen, we all then were invited to retire to the outside pool area where Brian generously topped up all of our not yet quite empty glasses. After this he offered us all a cigarette as well with only Sarah accepting. Sue came out a little later smoking a cigarette that I knew from it's hand rolled look and tell tale smell was not one made up of tobacco. She passed it to Sarah who took a few puffs and then handed it on to Helen. Even though we had both grown up all through the hippie era in England and had plenty of opportunity to indulge in this popular past time, neither of us actually ever had. This was not because of some high moral standpoint but I suppose that as neither of us smoked normal cigarettes, the need to go one step further never really appealed to us.

Contrary to my above statement, Helen accepted it and took a few puffs of it without any hint that this was an entirely new experience for her. In fact she looked so comfortable in the way she inhaled that I must admit that I has some suspicions as to whether she had not partaken of the weed before. She passed it on to me and I thought what the heck, why not, taking down a lung full that made me choke more than I could have believed.

Trying to get my breath back, I handed it to Brian who patted me on the back with a consolation that it was strong shit and sometimes effected people that way. Helen just laughed and told everyone that I wouldn't know the difference anyway as I had never indulged before. Both Sue and Brian appeared truly surprised and feeling a bit like a dork, I threw it back at Helen that she wouldn't know either.

"Oh contraire." She came back quickly.

"I wasn't going to tell you but Liz and I often have a joint or two when you're out playing squash Thursday nights, I just wasn't game to tell you in case you got upset about it."

"So how long has this been going on then?" I retorted

"Oh, I don't know, a couple of months maybe, since in fact doing that photo shoot that she came with me to in September. Liz gave me a few puffs to calm me down as I was very nervous and I must admit it worked so well that I now enjoy our Thursday night binges."

"Don't be such a killjoy Steve." Sarah added.

"Let her smoke a joint if she wants to."

I, not trying to sound too defensive, informed them all that I did not object to her smoking pot but I did feel that it was less than honest to keep it from me as we had always agreed not to keep secrets from each other."

"Well it's not a secret anymore, 'cos now you know." Helen came back as she untied her sarong and let it drop to the floor. The sight of her naked under the floodlights did the trick in defusing the possibly heated situation and I couldn't help but stare as she slowly walked down the pool steps until she was waist high, then casually breast stroking her way to the deep end.

"Good idea." Said Sue as she dropped her sarong as well after passing Brian the still smoking joint.

She walked around to the deep end and dived in with a loud splash. I couldn't help thinking that it must have really stung as her breasts hit the water but she surfaced at the shallow end looking none the worse for the impact. I sat down between Brian and my sister who were at the edge and dangling their leg's into the pool. Rolling up my trousers, I was handed the joint by Brian. I was about to pass it straight on but decided to have another puff or two as other than the choking fit, I hadn't found the after effect of the first ones too unpleasant at all, once I had got over the coughing. Sarah poked me as I was about to inhale probably my fifth or six breath, telling me not to be too greedy. Passing it on without choking, there definitely was a calming feeling coming over me and I even took an extra puff as it was passed back down the line to Brian. Sarah undid the now tied belt of her house coat and let it slide off of her shoulders behind her. I expected that she would then just slide into the pool but instead she remained seated, taking the joint directly from Brian this time.

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