A Reluctant Nudist Ch. 09


"Don't you reckon your sisters got just the nicest nipples you've ever seen."

Came Brian's unexpected comment out of the blue.

I had to admit that although he didn't say too much, when he did, he didn't mix his words. Turning my head sideways to look, Sarah stuck out her chest and with her spare hand, proceeded to pull on those juicy brown nipples until they were both even firmer and harder.

"Yes, I would have to agree, they're very nice."

My next comment surprised even me.

"They've got suck me written all over them."

"Go on then, I dare you." Came a remark from Helen who was now laying in a floating inflatable seat close by.

"Suck on your sister's titties."

I looked at my sister in disbelief at this suggestion only to find her turning towards me and cupping her hands under her breasts and projecting them towards me. I bent forward slightly and with puckered lips took the closest one into my mouth and gave it a good hard suck. Moving on to the other one, I gave it some even rougher treatment, biting it gently with my teeth before sucking on it like I was trying to draw milk. Not since I had sucked young Jane's tits on the houseboat had I tasted such lovely nipples. I could feel every bump and indent as I ran my tongue all over and around them and I didn't miss any of those goose bumpy bits that were around the outside of the actual nipple. I even replaced her hand with my own in an effort to get a better angle on one of them and it's absolute firmness amazed me. Eventually pulling away from me, Sarah laid back on her elbows slightly and gave a little shiver all over.

"Christ, I nearly came there, they're so sensitive at the moment, probably because they got a little sunburnt today."

My attentions had been entirely concentrated on what I had been doing but looking up after hearing some sighs I noticed that Sue was treading water behind Helen's floating seat and had her arms around her, her hands fondling Helen's tits and pulling on her now hardened nipples. Helen's legs were now straddled over the sides of this chair and she was making no bones about the fact that she was giving her clit a good work over.

"I dare you to touch your sister's fanny like I'm touching mine." She challenged me, using her other hand to open herself up even wider.

Looking at Sarah, I hesitated only to be met by a nod and her moving her bottom back away from the edge of the pool a bit so as to open herself up to me. Taking the almost finished last inch of the durry in one hand and having a long deep inhale, she used her other hand to open her lips in the same fashion that Helen was doing. Even in this light and with her abundance of pubes I could see a bead of white creamy juice oozing out of the bottom of her fanny hole and above her beautiful engorged lips sat a clitoris that stuck out at least half an inch from it's protective hood. I licked my middle finger and rubbed it around her protruding hardness before starting to flick it gently in a rapid motion. Now laying her head and shoulders right back and raising her knees, she started to gyrate her hips rhythmically. Brian, who had been studying my actions closely, decided to join in and poked a couple of fingers inside her now very wet pussy hole and proceeded to move them in and out vigorously. Seeing her nipples standing up with their suck me sign almost flashing, I bent forward and whilst keeping up my attentions to her clit, took the right one into my mouth and began to suck on it hard. Brian's mouth soon took possession of her other one and immediately she began to climax, her hips bouncing and making it hard to stay on target as her bottom rapidly moved up and down on the terra cotta pavers. As she began to move a bit less and her sighing started to subside, Brian pulled away, leaving just my two fingers touching her still erect clit. I sat up a bit and an urge came over me to feel her inside. I pushed a couple of fingers inside and felt a warmth and wetness and even some residual contractions from her now subsiding climax.

From over my shoulder an almost identical racket could be heard as I turned around, just in time to see Helen reaching her own orgasm almost on cue. Sue was still assisting her by fondling her breasts, but I knew that she probably needed no extra help in getting to her desired destination.

Needing to cool off a bit, I stripped off my tee shirt and pants and even though I now had a very firm member, dived into the deep end, surfacing with my head popping through the hole in the floating seat between Helen's still spread legs.

With my arms wrapped around the outside of this seat, I was in a perfect position to part her lips again with my hands and my tongue soon located that very sensitive spot that I knew so well. As I did this, Sue came around behind me and took my member in hand, being just a little bit rough in her efforts as she began to massage it to and fro. I could feel the warmth of her body as her breasts squashed into my back. Because I had already come not too long before, I knew that I would be able to hold back for quite some time so I made no effort to prevent Sue from getting on with her chore. Pulling one of Helen's hands down to assist me in keeping her nicely spread I managed to reach down and behind me to locate Sue's fanny and quickly was able to insert a few fingers into her warm entrance way. Helen was also pacing herself and just gently moving back and forth a little, as I maintained my tongue lashing of her innards. Sue slowed down her wrist action and whispered in my ear that we should change places.

Releasing my grip I let myself sink, surfacing next to the seat. Helen looked at me with a surprised look on her face but it soon disappeared when Sue launched her self over the top of the end of the chair and soon had her head planted where mine had been just before. She instantly knew that she was being made welcome as Helen parted her own lips again for Sue to reach her as I had done before. With Sue now floating in front of me with her legs spread as she held on to the end of this floating chair, it was not too hard to work out where she wanted me to be. With one arm around her waist and my other hand guiding me in, I was soon choker block up to my balls inside of her. The water made a peculiar splashing sound as I started to pump at her with all my strength and you could actually see a wave going down the pool each time her arse met my groin as our bodies came together. I really wanted to squeeze her lovely big tits but they were perched just above the waterline and resting on the end of the clear plastic seat so I used my spare hand to give her fanny a good rubbing instead, only guessing where her clit might have been. I must have picked the right spot because she started to moan like a cat on a hot tin roof as soon as I started, lifting her head from where it had been working hard for the last couple of minutes. Helen didn't seem to mind and I could see over Sue's head that her own fingers were now busy where Sue's tongue had just left off.

Giving it all I had, I kept the rhythm going knowing that I was in full control of myself and nowhere near reaching the point of my own climax.

Glancing sideways, I noticed that Brian, although still sitting where he was before, was now nude like the rest of us and my sister was kneeling beside him and giving him a head job like a professional. With her head down and her arse in the air, knees parted, I could see that she was also in the process of pleasuring herself with one hand between her legs as she held his thin but stiff dick like a lollipop with the other. Seeing her touching herself this way got me even more excited and just momentarily I felt the start of a small contraction that I knew if not checked, could have made me spend myself more quickly than I had wanted to. I needn't have worried though as Sue let out a scream that would have woke the dead, signifying that she had come.

Still rock hard, I decided to pull out and was a bit surprised when Sue asked me to point her towards the pool stairs. I curiously guided her over.

"Don't worry, she can't see properly for a short while after she comes, she'll be alright in a while." Said Brian as I pulled myself onto the end of the floating seat.

I don't know in all the excitement if Helen had got there again too but I asked her if she was ready for me now. She just glanced over to Sarah and Brian who were still in the same position.

"No, I think you should do your sister next, go on, do your own sister, I dare you." She replied.

I don't know how much effect the dope had had on me but looking over at that lovely arse still perched in the air with fingers feverishly massaging that now soaking wet fanny I just robotically got out of the pool with my hard member in hand and knelt down behind my sister. Before I even had a chance to reconsider, Sarah's hand reached up from between her legs and grabbed hold of my hardness, guiding it between her lips and at the same time pushing herself backwards onto me. As a result, and with very little effort on my part, I found myself all the way in with her hand wrapped around my balls trying to force me in even further.

Looking down at myself as I pulled out after this first involuntary lunge, I couldn't help but notice just how covered in creamy juices I was but Sarah gave my balls a hard squeeze and a tug so I knew that my short distraction was not appreciated. I put my right hand underneath her and around her chest and took hold of one of her firm pointy titties and started to squeeze that lovely long nipple between my fingers. As I did, I could feel Brian doing the same with her other one and an almost surreal feeling of camaraderie came over me. I guess I probably had nothing to be proud of, being right up there inside my own sister but as a girlfriend once told me, a stiff dick has no conscience and at this point in time I really didn't care anyway.

Helen had now got out of the pool and had crouched down beside me. Using my left hand, I reached down and inserted my middle finger up inside her, using my thumb to caress her clit area as I did. She, in return, put her hand between my dick and Sarah's lips. For a moment I thought that maybe she had had a change of heart but instead she gripped my dick at the base tightly, wrapping her thumb and forefinger around it and helped it on it's way each time I lunged forward.

This did stop me going all the way in as I had been before but none the less, the tightness of her grip made up for any loss of friction that had occurred.

Forbidden fruit tastes so sweet and with one hand playing with my own sisters tit whilst being choker block up her and with my other hand finger fucking my wife at the same time, I was in heaven. I don't think that I had ever felt myself so rock hard down there what with one of them squeezing my dick and another squeezing my balls I became even more aggressive with my thrusting. Very soon I could feel Sarah coming, long before she started to moan, probably because she had her mouth full at the time. As she raised her head and pushed back on me even harder each time I pushed in, I still kept up the rhythm of my pumping so that I got to feel every last contraction of her tight pussy as she now let out a long, satisfied sigh.

Brian had also shown great control and even though through no lack of trying on Sarah's part, he had managed to stay unspent, his thin hard dick still standing up to attention, albeit now held in his own hand.

Having now succeeded in satisfying two out of the three girls present I gently eased my still hard member out of my sister and indicated for Helen to lay down on her back which she did. At the same time, Brian came around to take over my position behind Sarah who had stayed in her head down, arse up pose and was quickly up to his nuts inside her. Helen seeing this decided that she would prefer it that way too and turned over forming a matching pair of book ends with my sister, side by side. Brian and I then in the same spirit of camaraderie as before again synchronised our actions until both the girls got off again, incredibly almost at the same time, and like Brian and I, even moaning in unison together.

Feeling the heat of this hot summer night, I needed to cool down again and after slowly and almost sorrowfully pulling out, I just fell sideways into the cool water of the pool. This soon brought my hardness down to as more normal flaccid appearance and with a bit of splashing around, I managed to climb aboard the floating chair. I felt good, relaxed and overall, quite pleased with myself.

After what I had just done, I guess I should have been feeling the guilt that would normally have accompanied such an exploit, but I felt nothing of the sort, only a high level of total elation.

Sue had since recovered from her temporary fit of blindness and had brought out a couple more bottles of wine and also a nice cold beer for me which I paddled back to the shallow end to retrieve.

"A toast to our new libertine friends." She declared, holding up her glass.

"To who?" Asked Helen inquisitively.

"To whom." I corrected.

"To our free spirited and uninhibited new friends."

Everyone raised their glasses, me my bottle of beer and joined in the toast.

There were some sun loungers lined up along the edge of the shallow end of the pool and Sue plonked herself down in one with Helen and Sarah following suit.

The air was warm with that summer heat that I have only ever experienced here in Australia and although there was not a stitch of clothing between us, there was absolutely no reason why we would have to wrap ourselves in anything more protective than just our skins.

Brian lit another hand rolled cigarette and it wasn't long before it was making it's way down the eagerly recipient line of female hands. Looking around I had time to admire the outdoor surroundings for the first time. Although there were houses on either side of this one, the pool still maintained absolute privacy, not just because of the high fence all the way around the garden but more so because it was built into the courtyard between the two wings of the house. They were both lowset houses either side of this one and no one could see in to this garden at all. I complimented both Sue and Brian on having such a lovely place and both Helen and Sarah added their support to my sentiments.

"Yes, we both love living here and especially not having to wear clothes when we don't want to." Sue replied, thanking us for our praise.

"Where do you live in Melbourne?" She asked.

Helen went on to tell her about our flat and said that it was like an armpit compared to their home but it was still a lot better than what we had in London.

After some more general small talk, Sue went inside for a while, coming out after a few minutes with a small gaily covered cardboard box in her arms.

"It's play time boys and girls." She declared laughingly as she took an assortment of objects out of this veritable Pandora's box.

Some were instantly recognisable as vibrators but some were a bit more mysterious.

"These are for all of us, but just in case you need any instruction, I will demonstrate some of them for you." She said.

Taking hold of what looked like a vibrator, she lay back on the bed and instructed both Brian and me to come a little closer. Paddling over, I could see that as well as the normal dildo shaped part, there was another, smaller rubbery looking stem protruding forward out of the same shaft with a Y shaped forky thing at the end. Turning the end it started to make that familiar buzzing sound and spreading her legs either side of the chair, Sue placed the toy in what I would have thought was an upside down position between her thighs. With one hand parting her lovely large lips, she pushed the vibrator up inside of herself so that the Y shaped pronged end fitted either side of her clit area with the main shaft insert snugly below it. Because the rubbery stem bit was flexible, it maintained its grip around her clit as she slowly moved the main part in and out of her fanny. Her nipples soon became hard and like Helen's when excited, shrunk to about half their normal size as the teats extended out. Licking her lips to lubricate them, she soon started to buck her hips and plunge the thing into herself harder and harder until she came almost violently, giving even Brian a bit of a surprise I think.

"Wow, can I try that thing?" Asked Helen taking possession of it before Sue had a chance to turn it off.

Without even wiping any of the love juices off, she soon had it positioned exactly as Sue had done and it was buzzing away like a good one. As Helen got in to it, Sue laid on her side and using a smaller vibrator she had taken out of her toy box, gently played with herself, encouraging Helen by telling her how sweet her pussy looked shaved and smooth like that. Sarah, passing the still smoking durry back to Brian, agreed saying that she was going to get me to do her's the same way Tomorrow.

"Do it now, so we can all watch," sighed Helen as she began to move her hips up and down.

"Yes, do it now, and do me as well why you're at it."

Added Sue.

Getting out of the pool with a full boner on display, I said that I'd love to if only I had a razor handy. Brian got up and unlike me, his appendage was not real hard. He went inside and quickly returned with a shaving brush and a bowl of warm water. Sarah who was now as high as a kite and watching Helen touching herself, passively parted her legs and swung them either side of the lounger as Helen was doing.

Brian had soon worked up a lather on the brush by swirling it around in a rubber cup full of hard looking soap and covered Sarah's full fanny area with the suds.

Giving me a very expensive looking, ivory handled razor, I started to shave off some of her hair around the outside area but it proved too course and painful so Brian disappeared inside again, emerging with a pair of scissors.

Wiping off as much of the lather as I could, I trimmed a lot off her longer hair to the point where only a more manageable stubble remained and asked Brian to apply some more lather. Now it was much easier and a lot less painful and soon I had her fanny as smooth as Helen's was and did not lose any of my stiffness as I pulled and maneuvered her inner lips out of the way as I did it. Cleaning off the residual soapsuds with a towel, the sight of her now bare fanny was truly a sight to behold. Her inner lips parted almost naturally and she almost definitely didn't need gum to keep them apart. Her clit stood up like none I had ever seen and protruded out just like her constantly erect nipples did. Like them, it also had suck me written all over it and without a second thought my tongue and lips took hold of it and I gave it a flick and suck with such enthusiasm that it was as though like my life depended on it. Sue and Helen were both watching me do this and soon the both of them started to buck and move as if trying to reach climax at the same time. Sarah was not far behind and I just hoped that my tongue could last the distance. I'm not sure which of them got there first but it didn't mater anyway as all three of them eventually came in unison almost like it had been rehearsed and choreographed.

Brian who now was hard again, immediately went over to his wife and started to lather her up.

"Shouldn't we trim her first with the scissors?" I asked.

"No need, her hair is as soft as a baby's." Replied Brian.

He was right and in no time her's was like the rest of them and as smooth as a baby's bottom. Knowing that I would probably not get rejected, after I had wiped off the soap, I took the liberty of running my tongue over her clit area whilst inserting a couple of fingers inside of her at the same time. Brian did not seem displeased either and stood next to the lounge and presented his hand held member to his wife's mouth. She took hold of it with one hand and took it down a length that I'm sure would have choked most women. She then pulled my head up by tugging on my hair, away from where it was with her other hand so that I was now virtually sitting down in front of her and between her still outstretched legs.

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