tagLesbian SexA Remarkable Experience

A Remarkable Experience


Molly and Brooke were best friends throughout their whole high school experience. Molly was about 5'10", had a perfect dancer body, muscular, long tantalizing brown hair with blue streaks, deep dark brown/black eyes, and a voluptuous 38B cup breasts. Brooke on the other hand was 6'1", blonde, brown eyed, very muscular, full of endurance, and had 38C breasts. Molly and Brooke often spoke of their mutual admiration of each other quite frequently.

Molly never thought to act upon her lustful feelings towards Brooke. She always caught herself staring a Brooke's incredible ass or sixpack that stood out against her tight shirts. Brooke on the other hand always had a deep unquenchable yearning to be with Molly, to hold Molly in her strong arms, to caress her cheek and passionately kiss her, then to make sweet love to her.

Molly one day had entered into a dance competition, that she knew she could easily win. So Molly talked Brooke into going to watch Molly dance. Brooke told Molly that if she won, there was a surprise for her back at Brooke's house. Molly had initiative now to do even better than she had planned. As Brooke was sitting down in her seat, in the back of the theater, a beat came across the speaker a slow beat of acid jazz that made Brooke's heart jump and instantly sent chills down her spine.

Then the lights slowly faded in so Brooke could see Molly doing her alluring and very impressive dance. Molly was wearing her dance dress that whenever she spun the dress came up exposing her muscular legs and black underwear. When Brooke saw this she almost jumped through the roof. She felt a tingling sensation between her legs and Brooke's hand slowly slid into her pants.

The theater was dark and Brooke only saw Molly and no one else. Brooke slowly unbuttoned her navy blue cargo's and slid her hand into her black lacy underwear. She let her fingers slid up and down along her slit for a few seconds. Then Brooke slowly started to rub her clit in slow circles when thrusting her pelvis up and down along with the rotation of her hand. Soon Brooke slid her fingers into her twat and massaged her clit with her thumb. At this point Brooke was oblivious to her surroundings and only saw Molly coming to the climax of her performance.

Brooke didn't care that there were other people in the theater and she let her soft groans expand to full on screams of ecstasy. Brooke couldn't tell if other people were looking at her or not. She didn't care. All she knew was that Molly was doing the sexiest dance she had ever seen. The bass in the music sent vibrations through Brooke's body. Soon Brooke reached her orgasm and her screams decreased to moans. Finally Brooke slowly pulled her hand out of her soaking wet panties and licked her fingers clean of her sweet tasting cum.

Soon after that, the theater lights came on only for Brooke to see that there was no one else in the theater besides her and Molly. Molly had not noticed that Brooke had been ravishing herself due to the fact the music was blaring. Molly ran up to Brooke and asked her how her dance was. Brooke could only reply by pulling Molly onto her lap and giving her a deep physical kiss.

When the kiss finally stopped, Molly said, "I guess you liked then, huh?" Brooke then replied, "I have never been so turned on in my life!" "Then why are we still here, why don't we go back to your place?" said Molly then winked at Brooke. Then for a little more inspiration Molly lowered her head to Brooke's lips and kissed. She ran her tongue over the edges of Brooke's lips.

She then kissed her jaw and then her neck. Then Brooke pulled away and said, "Where did all of this come from? I didn't think you wanted me like this? I have yearned to kiss you and run my hands over your body for the longest time." Molly could only say, "I never knew. I never thought of it, until just now, when I was dancing I couldn't get you outta my head. It's like you were my motivation and I was only dancing for you."

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