tagLoving WivesA Remote We Can Share

A Remote We Can Share


I knew tonight would be fun. She told me earlier that she had a special surprise for me and she couldn't wait to try it out. I had noticed the $65 charge to our account from an adult catalog she enjoys buying from earlier last week but didn't want to spoil her secret. She has the best sexual surprises for me when I just let her go.

It seems lately that she's more interested in sex and in the enjoyment of letting herself go a little bit wild. For the first part of our marriage she was reserved and preferred the lights out, under the covers, missionary position over anything risqué. Recently though, she's begun to notice the great feeling of sexual empowerment that comes with getting "in to it" more. I couldn't be happier. She's always been a closet exhibitionist but has started to come out of her shell. I can't wait to see what she's got planned for tonight.

We go to our usual Mexican restaurant and order margaritas from the bar while we wait for a seat. It's mariachi night so the place is loud and packed. She looks as hot as ever with a classy skirt, tight long sleeve shirt, plunging collar, and small necklace dangling in her ample cleavage. The waitress calls to seat us. I always walk about 3 steps behind her so I can watch her amazing ass and see all the other people checking her out too. I can smell her perfume as I lean across the table to kiss her red lips. She can see I'm admiring her and lifts her leg under the table to rub gently on my crotch. I massage her smooth leg just as the second round is getting to our table. She takes a big gulp of hers, winks at me (I can tell she's tipsy because our food hasn't arrived yet), and then reaches for something in her purse. Could this be my surprise?

What she hands me is ... a small remote control. It's similar to one you might use with a video camera or CD player. "What does this go to?" She smiles and says that I'll find out soon enough. It seems to only have 2 buttons on it. She's got that look in her eye, the one she gives me while she's giving me a blow job, the one that says, "I'm hot and I want you!"

My curiosity finally gets the better of me and I can't wait any longer, "Can I turn it on?" She tells me that I can do anything I want with it. I pick it up and immediately press the on button. Her leg leaves my crotch and returns under the table. She sits back briefly then leans forward in her seat; I lean in to kiss her. Her kiss is passionate and daring. My hand moves instinctively to her neck and hair. By now I can tell what's going on. Beneath the loudness of the room and the people all around us I can just barely hear the low hum of a vibrator. Her eyes are locked on mine as she finishes her margarita and, without missing a beat, orders another. "Do you like?" I whisper to her in my best low voice and she nods her head with approval.

I look down at the remote again and remember that I haven't tried the other button. Finding it with my finger I look at her and press the button once - her mouth opens slightly and her breath quickens. I can see her erect nipples straining against the tight fabric of her shirt. I reach across the table again to kiss her passionately while I let my hand slide discretely down her chest and brush against her willing nipples. I press the button again and her head falls back while one of her hands disappears under the table. I'm sure the people around us have noticed our little display but they can't possibly know what's going on ... can they?

I've seen her cum a thousand times and I can tell she's very close. She leans forward again to look deeply into my eyes and I meet her in the middle. We're not so much kissing now as touching lips. Her eyes are open, her pupils dilated, and breath heavy. I hit the button again and she starts to cum immediately. "O Chris, O Chris, Oohhhhhhhhhh" she says breathily into my mouth. She shudders twice and leans back slowly in her seat. I turn off the remote and she thanks me with her eyes.

We finish our food quickly when it comes and leave the restaurant holding hands as usual. She needs a bit more support from me after 3 margaritas and laughs drunkenly about a funny thing I say. The remote is in my pocket now and as I reach for the car keys I turn her vibrator on again. Her walk slows and as we approach the car she pins me against it and kisses me passionately. She presses her body against mine and I can feel her vibrator now as she straddles my thigh. She grabs my hard cock through my pants and strokes it brazenly. I grab her ass firmly and pull her into my leg harder. With my free hand I reach down and hit the other button on the remote, the vibrations increase intensity as she slowly starts to ride my leg -- dirty dancing style.

The light is low in the parking lot but I can see that daring look again "Make me cum again," she says to me demandingly. I quickly hit the button a second time and can feel intense and deep vibrations through my leg. I free my hand from my pocket and grab her breast through her shirt. I slide my hand past her bra and find her nipple fully erect and wanton for my touch. As I gently roll her nipple in my finger, I move my kisses down her neck. She leans her head back and begins to cum wildly squeezing herself onto my thigh. Her previous restraint and discretion in the restaurant are now gone as she proclaims loudly to the parking lot full of cars - "O God, O God!"

Again I reach into my pocket and turn off the vibrator and she thanks me with a tender kiss. I let her into the car and ask her what's next. "You said you were going to buy me a new dress, so let's go." Not exactly the answer I was hoping for but I comply because I know my turn is coming soon. We hurry over to the mall next door and wander into one of her favorite department stores. It's busy with pre-season shoppers and bargain hunters of every type. She's the most beautiful woman in the store, red hair and svelte figure the envy of every woman in the place. She stops to look at shoes and I decide it's time for some fun.

I hit the switch just as the saleswoman returns from the back with her shoe selections. She looks over at me and I pretend not to notice anything as the attentive saleswoman talks about size and comfort for these shoes. I can tell she's worried that the woman will hear so I turn off the remote. As soon as she goes back to get another size for her, I turn it on again - this time on the second intensity level. She's trying to remain composed with half a dozen shoe boxes scattered around her and I turn it off just as the woman returns with 2 more boxes.

I stand and wander over to the men's shoes ... I wonder what the range on this remote is? 15 feet away, let's try it. She looks at me with "shit in her eyes" and I simply smile and show her the remote and mouth the word "mine." This is getting fun. I wander further away towards the women's clothing and, sure enough, it still works. She catches up to me in the dress section, grabs something off a nearby rack and practically pushes me into the dressing room with her. It's the middle stall in a group of 3 and right in the busiest part of the store. The music is loud and I can hear women's voices on either side of us.

She throws the dress she grabbed down on the bench and proceeds to rip my pants down to my ankles. She coaxes my throbbing cock out of my underwear and bends down to take me into her warm mouth. Her technique is flawless and I think she can sense that I won't be able to take much more because she stands and kisses me enthusiastically while her fingertips gently tease the tip of my cock.

I reach down to her ass and begin to pull up her skirt. She takes a step back and lifts it so I can see what she's been hiding under there. It looks like a large pink butterfly situated directly over her clitoris. I kneel down and investigate with my hands. It's been on for the last few minutes and I can see her wetness all over the straps that hold this little beauty in place. "I want you to fuck me with this on high!" she whispers into my ear. Now there's an order I can't refuse.

I reach for the remote from my trousers and she turns away from me toward the built-in bench. She locks her knees and bends over at the waist pulling her skirt up to expose her inviting pussy. From this position I can just make out the butterfly vibe humming away on her erect clit. I stand and enter her fully on the first push - she is so wet. She moans out loud and I can hear the other stalls getting quiet for a moment. I begin thrusting slowly at first and can tell I've found her G-spot when she lets out another higher pitched moan. I press the button on the remote for level 2 and begin to increase the speed of my thrusts. She arches her back sensually and moves her hand to the vibrator to press it closer to her clit. I can feel the vibrations in the shaft of my cock now and it makes me wonder what level 3 is like.

She turns her head and I can see she's in heaven. Her eyes are closed and she's totally into this moment. She doesn't care who hears or what else happens she just wants this feeling to continue. I hit the remote for level 3 and I can see her mouth the words "fuck me, fuck me harder!" I can feel and hear the strength of the vibrator as I grip my hands around her to increase the depth of my thrusting. The sounds of our bodies coming together is louder than the ambient noise of the room but she continues to mouth the words "fuck me, fuck me, make me cum!"

I hit the remote one more time, the maximum setting, and now I can feel the vibrations from my balls to the tip of my cock. The sensation is overwhelming and she moves her hand from the vibrator to her stiffened nipple. I feel her orgasm start deep within her hungry pussy. I can see her toes curl and feel her pussy tightening in wave after wave of glorious orgasm. Her wanton moans are inescapably erotic and I'm sure the neighbors can tell what we're up to. I cum too and lean forward on her supple back to embrace her, my cock still buried inside her. I turn the remote off and we stay there holding each other for a minute or two. We can hear giggling in the booth to the right; hope they enjoyed the show, I know I did.

"So are you gonna buy me the dress and shoes?"

All I can manage to say is, "Uh huh."

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