tagExhibitionist & VoyeurA Revealing Summer Ch. 01

A Revealing Summer Ch. 01


==Part 1: Running==

My name is Amanda, and this is the story of my crazy summer between high school and college.

During my senior year of high school, I finally started to come out of my shell a bit. I had always been rather reserved, but my best friend, Michelle, kept pushing me to try new things. She got me going to parties most weekends; nothing too crazy of course...no drinking or anything...that stuff could wait till college. For my 18th birthday that fall she had even gotten me a vibrator, which was super embarrassing at the time, but turned out to be a lot of fun a few nights later when I got the guts to try it. I also had my first boyfriend that year, and lost my virginity to him on our prom night. Honestly, he was nothing special, and we broke up a few weeks before summer started. As the year drew to a close, I had decided that I'd be attending a private college four hours away, and would finally be away from home and free of my parents (not that they're particularly bad or anything...but still, they're parents).

I'd been a runner for years. It was a great way to work out, and kept my legs and ass looking awesome. I wasn't on the track team or anything (as much as Michelle, who was a track star herself, tried to convince me to join). The idea of running competitively just didn't appeal to me. For me, running was a way to relax; whenever I was stressed out or depressed, I could run few miles and just leave it all behind.

As the summer after graduation began, I started running outside again. It's so much better to be able to feel the sun on your face than to be cooped up in a gym on a treadmill. I ran about four miles every afternoon, starting at my house and running a loop that took me through some of the nicer neighborhoods. It was a beautiful route that took me through the town's two parks and past some obscenely wealthy houses.

The only problem with my run was MacArthur Road, or more precisely, the landscapers that worked there. On the right side of the road were half-a-dozen houses, and on the left was a golf course. Mondays and Tuesdays, six landscapers would be working on the golf course. Wednesday and Friday, those same six tended the lawns and bushes on the houses across the street. So four days a week I had to run past them, and every time they would leer and yell inappropriate comments at me. They weren't even particularly creative, mostly it was "Hey Tits! Looking for a good time?" or "Take a look at that ass!". I tried to ignore them, but it was just so disgusting. Although, even if I didn't want to admit it to myself, deep down part of me was flattered that they thought I was hot.

The first Monday after summer vacation started, I heard the doorbell ring. My older brother, Jason, who was home from college on break, answered it.

"Mandy! Michelle's here!" he yelled upstairs.

"Hey Michelle!" I said, bounding down the steps.

"So what are you guys up to today?" Jason asked, his eyes running all over Michelle's body. He'd had a crush on her for awhile. I thought it was stupid, but Michelle enjoyed it, and liked to tease him a bit. Today she was in a mid-length skirt and a tank top. It was pretty clear that she wasn't wearing a bra, based on how her nipples poked through the cotton, and the way her breasts shook as she moved. It was also clear that Jason had noticed.

"Michelle and I are gonna go for a run."

He turned towards Michelle (well, his head did...his eyes had never actually left her). "Really? I thought you were on that summer track team. Don't you guys have training all summer?"

"Tuesdays through Friday we have practices, but nothing on Mondays, so I'm gonna run with Mandy." She said, with a wicked little grin on her face. As she talked, she leaned forward a bit to give him more of a view down her cleavage.

"Oh come on," I said. "Let's go get changed." I grabbed her hand and pulled her towards my room. She gave my brother one last look, while he tried to get a peek up her skirt as she went up the the stairs.

I closed the door to my room, and looked at Michelle. "You really shouldn't tease him like that. It's not like you're ever actually going to show him anything anyway. You're just encouraging the little perv."

Michelle laughed. "I'm just having some fun. Besides, it's nice to be wanted." As she talked, she pulled her shirt over her head. We'd seen each other naked tons of times, and it was nothing strange for us to change in front of each other. Still, I couldn't help but admire her toned body. She was about 5'5'', with a tiny waist. Her breasts were on the smaller side, probably about B-cup, but they were perky, and capped with cute brownish nipples. As I watched, Michelle pulled down her skirt and the lacy thong underneath. She was completely shaved down there, something she had convinced me to do a few months ago too. I had to admit, it did feel nice having completely smooth lips.

My now naked friend tossed back her long black hair, and laughed again. "Ya know, with the way you're staring, you could give your brother lessons."

I stuck my tongue out at her, and looked away. I started to undress, quickly pulling off my t-shirt and bra. Catching a view in the mirror, I admired my own body for a minute. I'm a bit taller than Michelle, around 5'8''. I have to say, my breasts are pretty awesome. They are between a large C and small D. Even though they sag a bit more than Michelle's, it made them bouncier (something I think the landscapers on MacArthur had noticed). My nipples hardened from the sudden exposure to the air; my areolas were bigger and more pink than Michelle's. I pulled off my jean shorts and underwear, and looked at the closely groomed red hair between my legs (yep, the carpet matches the drapes). Lately, instead of completely shaving, I had been leaving a small landing strip (although I still shaved my lips smooth).

I quickly pulled some old underwear and baggy gym shorts, and started digging through my drawer for a sports bra, breasts jiggling all the while. Michelle was already dressed, wearing super tight spandex running shorts (which showed off her great ass, and even a little camel toe), and a tight grey tank top/sports bra.

Suddenly, there were two quick knocks on the bedroom door. Before either of us could respond, the door opened. "Hey, I grabbed you guys some bottles of water for your run..." Jason said as he threw the door open.

I screamed, and snapped my arms up to my exposed breasts. "What the hell are you doing in here!?" I yelled at my idiot brother.

Jason stammered, "I, uh, thought you might....uh...what some, uh...water...water, for your run...."

Michelle was cracking up, as I yelled at him, "And that couldn't wait until we were downstairs!?" He stood there awkwardly, but his eyes were staring at my chest. I looked down, and realized I wasn't doing a very good job of covering up; my left nipple was almost entirely exposed to him. "GET THE HELL OUT!" I screamed, covering myself properly.

Jason fled from the room as fast as he could, and I walked over and slammed the door. Michelle was still laughing at me. "Well, who's teasing your brother now?" she cackled.

"Shut up! He obviously barged in to try and see you naked! See why you shouldn't flirt with him like that!" I was pretty pissed, but was starting to get over it. It was kinda funny, I guess. I grabbed an old white sports bra, and threw on a baggy t-shirt over it. "Come on," I said to Michelle, who was still giggling a little. "Now I need a run to forget about this."

As we walked down the stairs, Jason was standing awkwardly at the kitchen door, still holding the bottles of water. "I, um, I'm sorry, I, um, I just..." I glared at him, grabbed the bottles, and walked towards the front door.

Michelle gave him that wicked smile again. "Hey Jason," she said, "now you won't need to barge in with some flimsy excuse!" She then lifted up her shirt, exposing her cute breasts to my older brother.

I looked back in shock. Jason's jaw had literally dropped, and he stood there stupidly, staring at my best friends tits. She giggled, and waited a few more seconds before pulling her top back down. "Come on," she said with a laugh, and pulled me out of the house, leaving Jason staring in her wake.

"What the Hell was that?" I asked, in awe of what she just did.

"Well, now you can't say that all I ever do is tease him." She stuck out her tongue, and then started to jog down the street.

"Slut!" I yelled after her, jokingly, as I ran to catch up.

We ran along my normal route, going through the small park down the street from my house. It was very hot out, and it wasn't long before I was sweating buckets. "God it's humid today," I whined. Michelle looked and me, and said, "Of course it is. Why are you wearing that huge freaking t-shirt? Just run in your sports bra."

"No way," I replied, panting from the heat. "We're coming up on MacArthur Road, and those damn perverts are going to be out ogling us."

She gave me an annoyed look. "So some lawn-mowers are gonna take a look. Who cares? Why work out this much if you aren't gonna show it off once in awhile?"

We came out of the park, ran down the street, and turned right onto MacArthur. Sure enough, the landscapers were working on the golf course. Three of them were on lawnmowers, a couple were trimming the hedges at the edge of the course, and one just standing around having a smoke. The smoker was the first to see us, and yelled, "Wooo, look at them titties!" All of the others turned to stare, and started calling out their own lewd comments.

They were clearly enjoying the way by boobs bounced under my shirt; the bra I had grabbed was pretty old and stretched out. They also took notice of Michelle's hot ass in those tight shorts. My face turned red, and I tried to ignore them as I ran past. Michelle looked at them, and flipped them the finger. Soon we were turning the corner off the street.

"I hate those pervs!" I said angrily.

"Oh come on, it's not that big of a deal. So they think you're hot? It's not like they were trying to rape you or anything. Besides, admit it, you kinda like them checking you out. Otherwise, why wouldn't you just change routes?"

I glared at Michelle, but didn't say anything. She sort of had a point. "Anyway," she continued, "if you wanted to make them stop, you should have just showed them the goods." She laughed, and made a playful grab at my tit.

"No thanks," I responded. "Unlike some people, I don't just flash everyone I meet."

Michelle pretended to look offended. "Hey, your brother doesn't exactly count as 'everyone'. Besides, he saw your tits too."

I shook my head at her, and we kept running, entering the towns larger park. By now the heat was really starting to get to me. "Well," I thought, "we're already past the perverts. Might as well be comfortable." I stripped my t-shirt off, showing my white sports bra.

Michelle gave me a grin. "Ooh lah lah!"

"Shut up, it's too hot out for this damn shirt."

"Haha, I know, I'm just kidding. Although the material on that bra has worn kinda thin, huh?" I looked down and realized she was right. If you looked hard, you could see the dark spots of my nipples under the bra, as my tits bounced up and down. At least the park was fairly deserted; it was just too hot out for most people. We did pass a few other runners, and some couples out for a summer stroll. I got some appreciative glances, which I must say made me feel pretty good.

After we exited the park, we were only a few blocks from my house. "Hey, isn't that Brian?" Michelle asked, pointing at a house on the right. "Yep, that's him. Look's like he's washing his car. Let's go say hi." I replied. Brian was in our group of friends. I think he had a crush on me for awhile, but nothing ever came of it. He's cute, but I didn't want to mess up our friendship with a relationship.

"Hey Brian!" we yelled when we got to his driveway. Brian was holding a hose while he washed his car. As we approached, he turned off the hose and dropped the sponge into a bucket of soapy water.

"Hey girls! Out for a run?" he asked. I noticed that his eyes had caught sight of my tits, and wondered just how clearly he could make out my nipples through the thin material. I felt a little stirring down below as I thought about him looking at me. "Isn't it too hot out for exercise today?"

"Sure is!" Michelle replied. "Even those bottles of water Amanda's brother got us didn't help." We looked at each other briefly, reminded of the circumstances surrounding those bottles. "Hey, maybe a spray from that hose would cool me down." she joked.

I'm pretty sure Michelle was kidding about the hose, but that didn't stop Brian from aiming it at her, grinning.

"No, wai--" was all she could say before he was spraying her with the cold water. She screeched, but didn't move out of the spray. "Actually, that's pretty nice!" she said, and proceeded to do a turn to maximize how wet she got. She even started to joke around and do some sexy poses before Brian finally stopped the water.

"Hey, you asked for it." he said with a smile.

"It felt good. Much cooler." Now completely soaked, Michelle looked simply gorgeous. Her already tight tank top/sports bra combo now clung to her skin. Every detail of the shape of her breasts was totally showing, even the small bumps on the areolas surrounding her tight, hard nipples were visible. Her skin-tight shorts had a similar effect, and her camel toe was now very pronounced. She seemed to enjoy the appreciative stares from Brian and I.

"Okay, now its Amanda's turn!" Michelle said with an evil grin, and before I could protest, Brian was shooting me with the hose.

The sudden spray of cold water was shocking, and I gasped. I could feel my nipples instantly harden. But Michelle was right, it felt really nice to cool off. I enjoyed the spray for a minute before saying, "Okay, that's enough."

Brian turned off the hose, and openly stared at me. Michelle was giggling, looking at my chest. I looked down, and realized that the water had made my thin, white sports bra much more transparent. It wasn't completely see-through, but the pink of my nipples was definitely visible. And since my nipples were also very hard, and poking out against the tight, wet material, Brian was getting a pretty good look at my tits.

I resisted the urge to cover myself, not wanting to admit that it bothered me. Actually, it didn't really bother me that much at all. I was beginning to get turned at at the attention I was getting from Brian, and could feel myself getting wet in ways that had nothing to do with the hose.

"Okay, revenge time!" I said, and leapt at Brian. Michelle jumped in too, and pretty quickly we had wrestled the hose from him, and sprayed him too. Honestly, I don't think he fought too hard. Instead, he was taking the opportunity to cop a few feels. I saw him get a good handful of Michelle's ass, and his hands definitely brushed over my breasts a couple of times.

Now that all of us were soaked, we stopped for a minute. "Hey, I need to get a picture to remember our epic water fight!" Brian said, and ran to the garage to get his phone. I think "epic water fight" was perhaps over-exaggerating what had happened, and I'm pretty sure he just wanted a picture of our wet tits (mine particularly, considering how see-through the top had become).

"No way", I said, while simultaneously Michelle called out "Sure!" I crossed my arms across my chest to obscure my nipples as Brian returned with the phone. "Come on you two, pose for a picture!"

Michelle posed with her arms in the air, and her legs slightly spread. Still soaking wet, her clothes were skin tight, and the picture was definitely going to show her hard nipples and camel toe. Not to be outdone by my friend, I decided "what the Hell", and let my arms fall to my sides. My barely-covered breasts were now exposed to the camera, and Brian took a whole series of pictures (which, I found out later, he showed to his other friends as soon as he could).

"Okay, that's enough. Time to go home." I said. "See you Brian!"

"Bye girls! Feel free to stop by after your next run too!"

As we started to jog away, I turned to Michelle, and said loudly enough that Brian could hear, "Hey, I'm surprised you didn't flash him too!" She laughed, and responded "Well, maybe if we had stayed a bit longer..."

Brian, who was already reviewing the pictures in his phone, looked up and yelled, "Wait, what? Hey, wait--" But we were already turning the corner onto my own block.

As we ran down my street, it occurred to me that I was heading home wearing a nearly transparent wet sports bra; my tits were essentially exposed for anyone to see. I was about to put on my t-shirt, but then my driveway came into view and I saw that my parents cars weren't there yet. So all I had to worry about was Jason, and he had already taken a look at my bare boobs that day, so the see-through top wasn't that big a deal. Honestly, it was kind of a thrill running down my street so exposed.

We were coming up to my house, when Michelle called out, "Oh, hey Mr. DeMaldo!" I snapped my head to the left, and realized that my middle-aged neighbor, Mr. DeMaldo, was weeding his front flower garden. Mr. DeMaldo was a history teacher at our former high school. I had him junior year for US History, and thought he was pretty cool. At least he wasn't one of those teachers who liked to stare at the teenage girls all the time. Well, normally he didn't stare; but with two hot 18 year olds jogging past him, completely soaking wet, you can't really blame him for taking a look.

Mr. DeMaldo turned at the sound of Michelle's voice, and said "Hi girls!" He faltered, taking a look at Michelle's skin-tight outfit, before settling his eyes on my semi-visible nipples. "Um, how's your summer going?"

Michelle looked ready to stop and have a conversation (she probably thought it would be hilarious to show my tits off to a former teacher). I was less eager to let my neighbor look at my bouncing boobs for too long, and decided we should get going. "Good so far, but we can't stop and talk now. We gotta go dry off." I grabbed Michelle's hand, and pulled her along without giving any further explanation.

We jogged up my front walk, and went into the house. "Well, that was a fun trip!" Michelle said, bursting into laughter. "I thought Brian was gonna go off in his pants when he saw your tits!"

"He didn't really see anything! The top is just a little see-through!" I defended myself.

"You guys are showing your tits to more guys?" said my brother, walking into the room. "Aw, and here I thought I was special." I was still annoyed with him barging into my room earlier, and I didn't want to give Michelle any more time to flash him again. She was giving him that sly grin again, while his eyes bounced between her hard nipples under the tight, wet top, and her obvious camel toe under the spandex shorts (and occasionally, at the visible pink of my nipples. I guess it didn't matter that I'm his sister, when there are boobs nearby, the perv just has to look).

"Hey Michelle, you can take the first shower. Towels are in the linen closet." They both looked a bit disappointed, but Michelle begrudgingly walked upstairs. Jason's disappointment faded as he watched her ass climb the steps. The spandex shorts had started to ride up her cheeks, and I have to admit she looked pretty damn hot.

I decided not to stand in front of my brother with my breasts on display anymore, so I followed her upstairs. Jason followed right behind me. I glared back at him, "Why are you following us?"

"Hey, my room's up here too!" he said, unconvincingly. Michelle glanced back as she reached the bathroom door, and realized she had an audience again. Standing in the bathroom with her back to us, she stripped her top off. I'm pretty sure Jason couldn't see any nipple, but he got a good look at her smooth, toned back, and some nice side-boob in the bathroom mirror. She closed the door behind her, ending the show. I turned and strode into my room, mildly irritated at the way my best friend seemed to love teasing my brother, although I admit I thought it was sort of funny too.

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