tagExhibitionist & VoyeurA Revealing Summer Ch. 02

A Revealing Summer Ch. 02


==Part 2: The Landscapers==

The next day, Tuesday, I woke up after my parents had already gone to work. I went downstairs to grab breakfast, and saw Jason in the kitchen. I was still wearing the skimpy nightgown; normally I wouldn't have worn it without underwear, especially in front of my brother, but after yesterday it didn't seem like that big of a deal. He had already seen me naked, and besides, I was still pretty horny from last night, and teasing him seemed kinda fun (Michelle would be so proud).

He looked up as I entered the room, and his eyes immediately found my tits. I ignored him, grabbed a glass, and went to the refrigerator to grab some orange juice. I bent over to reach into the fridge, and felt my nightgown slide up a little. The draft I suddenly felt let me know that the bottoms of my ass cheeks were now showing. "Well," I thought, "I guess he might as well enjoy the show." I smiled, and intentionally bent forward a little more. I heard him shifting in his chair behind me, trying to get a better view. His view was pretty damn good, I think he could even see a hint of my shaved pussy lips. I stood up, and drank my orange juice, smiling a little.

"What are you up to today?" he asked.

"Oh, probably going to lay out by the pool for a bit, then go for a run. How about you?"

He gestured at his old t-shirt and shorts. "I'm helping Mr. DeMaldo finish his basement this summer, remember? We're starting today." I had forgotten he'd be doing that. Well, at least he won't be around ogling me all day. A few minutes later, Jason went next door to start working. I put on a bikini and tanned for a while. Later that afternoon, I decided it was time for a run.

I went to my room, and took off my bikini. I looked out my window, wondering again if Mr. DeMaldo had ever watched me naked. Well, he certainly couldn't see me during the day, so I walked over to my dresser to get ready for my run. I pulled on an old pair of panties, and some running shorts (a bit shorter and tighter than yesterday's, but still nothing too showy). It was another extremely hot day, so I decided to forgo the t-shirt entirely and just wear the sports bra. I was digging through my drawer looking for a top, I found one of my sexier sports bras. It was bright pink, and a bit skimpier than most of them. Instead of a single amorphous breast area in the front, it had two well defined cups (almost a push-up sports bra, strangely enough). The straps that crossed around my back were much thinner than my other sports bras. It was still less revealing than a bikini, but I had never worn it without a t-shirt before. It was definitely pretty sexy. I hesitated, then wondered what Brian might think if he was outside when I passed today. That was enough for me, and I put the bra on.

I started my run, turning left down my street and heading towards the small park. Several people I passed took notice of my outfit. The pink bra only let my breasts bounce a little, but they looked large and perky, and my taut stomach was on display. I smiled, and realized that I was starting to enjoy the attention. I wondered what the landscapers would think when they saw this top.

I didn't have to wait long to find out. As soon as I turned onto MacArthur Road, I could see them. All six were at the far end of the street, tending to the lawn and trees at the edge of the golf course. They hadn't seen me yet. Running towards them, I couldn't help but remember what Michelle said the day before: "if you wanted to make them stop, you should have just showed them the goods." I seriously doubted that showing them my tits would make them stop ogling me, although it probably would shut them up for a minute. I smiled, thinking about how shocked they would be if I just ran by topless. Of course, I would never do it. Maybe Michelle would, but not me. I hated the way those perverts leered at me, didn't I? But then why was I getting turned on at the thought of it?

One of the workers finally noticed me as I reached the halfway point along the street. He was hispanic, pretty young, very muscly, and I must say rather cute. "Hey chica!" he called out, and the others looked over. They must have approved of my revealing outfit, because they all stopped working and gathered at the edge of the street. They all began yelling various catcalls. "I'd love to get me some of them titties!" "Take a look at that ass!" "Nice top! It would look better on my floor though!" "Hey Chica, show us what you got!" "Oh yeah, I'd tap that!" "Do the carpets match the drapes, baby?"

Today their shouts, uncreative as they might be, didn't bother me; instead, I felt myself getting turned on at the way they were checking me out. Uncontrollably, I thought again about what they would do if they could see my naked tits bouncing along, capped with my sexy pink nipples. I just couldn't get that image out of my head. "Don't be stupid," I thought to myself. "You don't need to give these perverts anything else to leer at. You'd just end up getting yourself raped."

But my hands were already rising towards my chest, and my thumbs hooked under the front of the bra, pressing against the bottoms of my breasts. I was getting close to the landscapers now, and a few of them seemed to notice what my hands were doing. Almost unconsciously, I lifted my hands. The pink sports bra slipped upwards, first revealing the lower globes of my breasts. I could feel the material as it slowly slid across my nipples, the stimulation sending shock-waves through my body. Then the bottom of the bra was over my nipples, and I felt the sudden rush of air on them. They had completely stiffened, despite the heat of the day, the pink areolas standing out against the white skin of my breasts, nipples pointing out directly at my audience. My hands finished their ascent, bringing the bra up above my breasts. Now unbound, my boobs began to bounce erotically with every step I took.

I ran forward, with my tits now completely revealed to the landscapers. The six men all seemed in shock, their eyes never leaving my heaving chest. I will say this, Michelle was right; the sight of my breasts had stopped the catcalls. Silently, with their jaws dropped, the landscapers stepped closer into the road, partially blocking my path. Their eyes followed as I passed quickly amongst them. I thought that maybe one of them would try to touch me, but none did (although I think that was more out of shock than any gentlemanly reservations).

I passed the landscapers and continued to run, my breasts still out to the world. One of them (I think it was the gangly white smoker of the group) called out "Beautiful, babe. How about you show us the rest tomorrow?" I glanced back over my shoulder at them; they all looked shocked and thrilled by what they had just witnessed. I realized that my boobs were still exposed, bouncing along as I ran. I quickly pulled down my top, and turned the corner into the park.

My pussy was dripping, I was so horny from what I'd just done. I couldn't believe I'd flashed those guys! The thought of their stares was driving me wild, and for a brief moment I actually considered stepping into the trees and pleasuring myself in the park. I restrained myself, promising my desperate pussy that I'd use the vibrator as soon as I got home (thank God Jason was working next door today). The first twinges of guilt were starting over the slutty way I had acted, but they were still completely drowned out by how turned on I was. Hell, every time I passed a cute guy running in the opposite direction I considered flashing him too. I left the park, and continued my run home. Brian wasn't outside today when I passed. Too bad for him; with how horny I was, I probably would have stripped off and fucked him right in the front yard.

My street was pretty much deserted; it was just too hot to be outside. Part of me was a little disappointed that no one was around to see my skimpy outfit. I ran down my driveway, and cut around the side of the garage. Since nobody was home, I would need to use the hide-a-key for the backdoor. Jogging down the little path along the side of our house, my horniness got the better of me. I stripped off my top, and ran bare-breasted into the backyard. Our yard was fairly large, and had a number of trees and a tall fence around the borders (my parents joked that the fence was from their skinny-dipping days before we were born...at least, I liked to think they were joking). So the backyard was decently private, although neighbors could probably see in through some of the upstairs windows. I bent down to grab the fake rock where we kept the spare key, my breasts dangling as I did so. As I unlocked the back door, my left hand started playing with my nipples. After I got inside, I stripped off the rest of my clothes, and went upstairs.

I didn't even close the bedroom door behind me as I rushed to grab my vibrator. I laid on the bed, and slid the toy inside my hot pussy. The vibrations tore through me, and I started thrashing on the bed. The stimulations deep inside me and on my clit were driving my crazy as I pinched my nipples. The image of the landscapers watching me as I jogged by them with my breasts exposed ran through my head as I moaned uncontrollably. My orgasm built quickly, and waves of pleasure passed through me.

After I finished, I re-hid the vibrator and took a short nap. I was still pretty horny, but guilt was building up. How could I have been such a little slut? Why the Hell would I show those strangers my boobs? Still, another part of my mind was saying, "so what? It was fun." Conflicted, I dressed conservatively before my family got home from work. Part of me wished that Michelle wasn't so busy this week so I could talk to her, but another part of me was way too embarrassed anyway. Granted, she would have applauded my flashing (Hell, she had encouraged it, hadn't she?), but still. As ashamed as I was starting to feel, I still masturbated again that night, thinking about how hot it was to show my body off like that.

The next day was cloudy and drizzly all morning, so I couldn't go outside and tan. I still couldn't believe what I had done yesterday, and was feeling an odd mixture of shame and arousal. I think Jason knew I was feeling somewhat down, although he had no idea why. He wasn't helping Mr. DeMaldo that day, so we spend the morning watching movies. My big brother really could be sweet when he wasn't trying to peep on my friends. That afternoon, the rain stopped, although the clouds remained. "Hey, why don't you go for a run? That always makes you feel better," he suggested. I nodded, and went upstairs to get dressed. I had sort of been hoping to avoid going for a run today, but he was right, running cheers me up. I decided that just because I showed some strangers my tits yesterday didn't mean I have to do it again. It was a single, crazy, and really rather fun event, but it didn't have to be a habit. Today when they started their catcalls, I would just run by and ignore them like I always did. I threw on a conservative sports bra and big t-shirt (thank God the heat wave had broken), and a pair of baggy shorts.

Jason was right, the run helped me feel better and push away some of the guilt from yesterday. Still, as I turned onto MacArthur Road, I had no intentions of repeating my flashing adventure. The landscapers were working on the second house down the street, and they saw me as soon as I got to the road. They all dropped what they were doing, and gathered near the sidewalk, obviously hoping for another show. They didn't start in with the usual cheesy and rude catcalls; instead, some of them applauded, while one, an enormous black man, called out, "Hey beautiful! Back for round two?"

I tried to ignore them, and just ran past. Again I was worried one of them might try to grab me, but none did. They all cried out "awww, come on!" when it became clear they weren't getting another show. Perversely, part of me almost felt bad! A pang of arousal struck me, and for a brief second I considered flashing them again, before pushing that thought away. Just as I passed the group of landscapers, the smoker amongst them called out "Aw, come on baby! You made our day yesterday! Just one more quick show!"

Almost unwillingly, I came to a stop. I turned towards the six men who were staring at me with wanting eyes. "What are you doing?" I thought, "Just keep running!" But another part of my mind was saying, "Give them a show! Come on, Amanda, drive them wild!" Of course, it was the horny part of my brain that won. Facing the group, I raised my t-shirt until my fingers found the bottom of my bra. I paused for a minute, while they stared longingly at my flat stomach, before raising the shirt and bra the rest of the way. My breasts popped out of the sports bra, exposed to the landscapers for a second time. I was only about six feet away from the men, and I wasn't running this time, so they were getting terrific view of my teenage breasts. Their eyes bored into the white flesh and pink nipples, as if trying to remember the image forever.

I was about to lower my top, when the cute young hispanic guy said "Hey chica, those are real nice. But how 'bout the rest?" My pussy was already becoming wet, and his begging to see my body drove me to new heights of horniness. I left the shirt and bra above my breasts, and lowered my hands to the waistband of my shorts. Grabbing both the baggy shorts and underwear at the same time, I lowered them slowly. The red hair of my landing strip came into view first, and I heard an audible gasp from one of my fans. Next, my smooth lips came into view; they were very wet now, and had opened up to expose my swollen clit. I lowered the shorts to my knees, and spread my legs a little. The landscapers now had an unhindered view of my naked tits and pussy, as I stood nearly naked on the otherwise deserted street. They were all staring at me, clearly loving my exposure.

The huge black guy was the next to speak. "Nice babe. Now show us that tight ass." I couldn't believe that I was taking requests now, but I slowly turned to show them my naked butt. As I turned, however, I thought I saw movement behind one of the curtains in the house we were in front of. "Shit, there's someone home?" I exclaimed. For some reason, the landscapers seeing me naked was turning me on, but the thought of someone in the house seeing me terrified me. I quickly pulled up my shorts, and was running down the street as I pulled down my top. I heard the landscapers cursing that their show was interrupted, but soon I was out of earshot and was turning the corner.

As I ran into the park, I slowed down. I was hornier than I had ever been, not even feeling any guilt this time. I couldn't wait to pleasure myself, so I left the path and walked about twenty yards into the trees. When I decided I was isolated enough, I pulled down my shorts, and started to rub my clit. I was soaking wet, and when I slid two fingers inside my pussy they went in easily. Unable to stand any more, I laid back on the muddy ground. I began to thrust my fingers in and out, while my thumb rubbed my clit in rapid little circles. I stifled a moan, and slid my left hand up my shirt. I pulled my breasts out from the bra, and squeezed my nipples. I orgasmed quickly and hard, and wasn't able to stop from crying out. Thankfully, the area was deserted, so no one heard me. I adjusted my clothes, and jogged home.

It was just starting to rain again as I ran up the front door. Jason took a look at me as I entered, and said, "What the Hell happened to you?" I glanced down at myself, and realized that I looked pretty disheveled. My face was flushed, my wavy red hair was a mess and had leaves in it, and my clothes were twisted a bit from being pulled on and off, and covered in mud from my detour in the woods. "I slipped in some mud as I ran through the park," I lied. "I'm okay, but I need a shower." Without another word, I headed upstairs. I pulled my t-shirt off as I climbed the steps, and reached the top in just my sports bra. This caught my brother's attention, and he followed me. Realizing I had an audience again, I took a page from Michelle's book. As I entered the bathroom, I stripped off my sports bra, exposing my naked back to my brother. I turned as I closed the door, giving him a quick glance at my pink nipples and jiggling breasts. He stood dumbfounded in the hallway as I locked the bathroom door.

I played with myself again in the shower, reaching a small orgasm. I wanted to use the vibrator, but my parents were home by the time I got out. Jason kept giving me weird looks during dinner. I'm not sure if it was from confusion about my behavior, or if he was just hoping for a repeat. Later that night, I went to bed early, and was able to masturbate properly.

The next day, Thursday, it was raining really hard. No running that day (not that the landscapers were on MacArthur on Thursday's anyway, although I tried to convince myself that didn't play into my decision to stay in...I just didn't want to run in the rain, right?) My parents were at work, and Jason was next door helping Mr. DeMaldo renovate his basement, so I spent much of the day naked in bed, putting my vibrator through a workout. I had sort of come to terms with my flashing ways. As long as I was having fun and not hurting anyone, what was so bad about it? It's not like I was having sex with all those guys. I was just giving them a show, and they could take all their pent up arousal home to their wives or girlfriends. I was certainly crazy horny the past few days, and I wished I had a boyfriend to fuck afterwards. But my purple toy would have to do. I still felt kinda slutty, but flashing was becoming too much fun to worry about that. Michelle would be so proud of me, considering how much she loved to flash too. I still wasn't sure if I was going to tell her everything, but I was guessing she'd love to join in when we went for a run on Monday.

Friday morning I woke up to a beautiful sunny day. I went downstairs, wearing a white wife-beater and a pair of boxers. My nipples were pretty visible through the shirt, and the leg holes of the boxers would definitely show my naked pussy if I didn't sit carefully. Jason was home, and immediately took notice of my outfit. "What are your plans for today?" I asked. "Working at Mr. DeMaldo's again?"

"Nope, not today. Probably gonna play some Xbox. How about you?"

"Tanning and running. It's nice not having a job this summer," I said, sticking my tongue out at him.

After a quick breakfast, I put on a bikini and tanned for a while. Jason came out, and read with his feet in the pool. I considered going topless, which would eliminate my tan lines and drive my brother crazy, but I decided not to. I couldn't bring myself to show off so obviously to Jason yet (apparently my shows were for landscapers only, at least at that point). As a compromise, I laid on my stomach, and untied the the strings on my top. It was a bit uncomfortable to lay on, so I pulled it out from under me, and lay with my breasts directly on the towel in the lawn. That caught Jason's attention. He got a lot of side-boob views that afternoon, but I don't think he saw any nipple. He may have had a quick peek as I awkwardly tried to hold the towel to my chest as I stood up. "Well, time for my run," I said. I dropped the towel, but kept my hands covering my breasts, and ran inside. Jason must have thought his little sister was going crazy, although since it involved exposing my hot body to him, he wasn't complaining.

I went upstairs, feeling extremely excited about the prospects of flashing the landscapers again. It scared me a little that this turned me on so much, and I was worried that I was going to get myself into trouble. But my pussy was already getting wet at the thought of going for my run, so I pushed those concerns aside. I put on some cute pink panties (cuter than I normally would for a run, since I expected to be showing them) and some tiny little white running shorts. They were pretty tight, and short enough to show the bottoms of my ass cheeks. On top, I put on a black sports bra; it wasn't as sexy as the pink one I wore Tuesday, but it was still pretty hot. "If I'm going to keep this up, I'll need to buy some more sexy sports bras," I thought with a smile. Over the bra, I threw on a light blue tank top. It was essentially a wife-beater, with large armholes that showed off a lot of the bra. I let Jason know that I was going for a run, and then I was out the front door.

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