tagExhibitionist & VoyeurA Revealing Summer Ch. 03

A Revealing Summer Ch. 03


==Part 2: Brian==

I only ran to the end of MacArthur road before slowing to a walk; my breasts were just bouncing way to much. Besides the fact that anyone on the street was gonna get a great show, it was also pretty uncomfortable to have my big boobs slamming up and down like that. I entered the trail into the park, and saw to my dismay that there were a lot of people out today. Pretty much every man of every age (and even a few women, I must say) were staring hard at my jiggling breasts, nearly-visible nipples, and exposed side-boob. Most of the women I passed gave me looks that said they thought I was a little slut, and part me agreed with them. I was feeling a little guilty and whorish about the way I had acted (I fucked myself with a shovel in front of those guys!), but my horniness still outweighed my guilt. "Whatever, I had a great time, and so did they. No one got hurt. As long as it's fun, who cares?" I thought to myself. When a group of guys whistled as I walked quickly by, I even considered flashing them, but I decided against it.

Unfortunately, there were too many people for me to make my detour into the trees today, so my hot pussy would just have to wait until I got home for relief. I continued on my route, jogging and holding my breasts when there wasn't anyone else around, walking slowly when there was. I neared my block, focused only on getting home to relieve my pussy, when I heard a yell, "Hey Amanda! What's up?" It was Brian calling to me from his yard. I stopped and turned to walk over to him, before remembering my exposure. It was too late though, he had already seen my outfit. "Fuck it," I thought, and strode confidently towards him.

"Hey Brian! How's it going?" I asked, and smiled as I saw his saw his expression falter at my appearance. He had been tanning on a towel in his yard, so he was only wearing his shorts. Brian wasn't exactly ripped, but he was still in pretty good shape, with a thin waist and fairly muscular arms. My pussy reacted to this new view.

"Wow, you sure do pick interesting running outfits," he said with a grin, staring openly at my chest.

I stuck my tongue out at him. "It's a long story that I'm not going to explain. Suffice it to say that yes, I lost my underwear, and I'd rather if you didn't tell anyone."

"Hey, secret's safe with me. Have a seat," he gestured to the towel. "Wait, all of your underwear? Not just your bra?"

I realized I had revealed too much, and sighed as I sat next to him. "Yep, all of it. So what are you up to today?" I glanced to my right, and saw that he was staring at the exposed side of my breast through the large armhole of my shirt. I smiled, and waited for him to answer.

"Just tanning and reading. Probably should mow the lawn before my parents get home from work, but meh." We chatted about about how our summers were going and what are plans were and how excited we were for college. As we talked, I leaned forward slightly. The tank top pulled forward away from my breasts, giving Brian a better view down the side. He could see most of my right breast, but probably couldn't quite see my nipple. He was barely concealing his staring; I guess after my wet top on Monday and my braless state today, he figured I didn't mind. Honestly, I didn't. The way he was checking my out was making my hot pussy even wetter, and I wanted very badly to start touching myself. I looked again at his bare chest, and imagined what it would feel like to have my naked breasts pressed up against him, and how his neck would feel against my lips. I wondered what his cock looked like; until today, I had only seen one (my ex-boyfriends, which had been less than spectacular).

Now that I had seen a total of seven, I wondered which his would be more like, and how long and thick it would be. I imagined sucking on it, and sliding it into my pussy. I'm pretty sure that he'd had a crush on me for awhile. I'd never felt the same about him, but he certainly was attractive...maybe it would be fun to have a little fling. Our friendship had held me back from flirting too much with him in high school, but next year we'd be away at different colleges, so maybe I could risk that friendship after all. I shook my head to scatter these thoughts; Brian was one of my close friends, and I couldn't just fuck him because I was horny...could I? "Why not?" that mischievous part of my mind asked.

"So, are you gonna tell me why you went out for a run without a bra?" he pried with a smile.

"I didn't go out without a bra, I took it off along the way. And that's as much of the story as you're gonna get." I retorted smugly. Almost unconsciously, I twisted my body a little. From his quick intake of breath, I could tell that my new position finally gave Brian a view of my pink nipple. For the first time, one of my close guy friends was seeing my naked breast. Sure, I had shown a lot more to some random landscapers, and even my brother, but somehow this was different. After sitting that way for a few seconds, I returned to my original position, obscuring his view.

"Fine, fine. Want some lemonade?"

"Sure," I said. It was pretty hot out, and maybe the cool lemonade would chase away some of my horny thoughts.

Brian went into the house through the open garage door. While he was gone, I carefully slid a finger up the leg of my shorts to feel how wet my pussy was. It was completely soaking, and I was lucky that there wasn't a wet spot on my white shorts. My finger lingered a little, stroking the inside of one of my lips. I was extremely horny, and knew I needed to get home to my vibrator soon, or I wouldn't be able to control myself. As I heard Brian coming back, I withdrew my hand. A wicked idea came into my head, and I turned on the towel such that my legs were now facing towards Brian's spot. I sat with my knees bent and up, feet flat on the ground, legs slightly spread.

As he passed, Brian got another nice view of my breast from the side. He looked a little disappointed to have lost that view, but he took his new position in front of me. He sat facing me, and handed me my glass. Doing so, he looked down, and realized that he had an excellent new view. The position of my legs had opened the leg holes of the shorts a bit, and my pussy was completely on display. He could see my open, wet lips, my aroused clit, and my pussy opening itself. "The lemonade is delicious," I said seductively, and Brian tried unsuccessfully to stammer out a response. He seemed to realize that he was staring openly at my pussy, and immediately averted his eyes back to mine.

Our conversation started back up again, but it was clear he was distracted. His eyes kept darting down, but he didn't seem to want to be caught ogling me too much. I decided to cut him a break; I laid back in the grass, leaving my legs in their position, opening them just a little more. I stretched my arms up above my head, which pulled the top up across my flat stomach. I looked gorgeous, with my breasts pulled upwards, sexy stomach exposed, and pussy on display. With my new position, he could stare unabashed up my shorts without worrying that I would catch him. Brian must have been able to see how horny I was. I glanced at him, and saw that he had a rather large bulge in his shorts. I wondered again what his dick would look like, and how it would feel.

We were talking about some comic book movie that had just come out, but honestly neither of us were paying any attention to what we were saying. I was so horny that I couldn't stop myself from pushing things even further. I reached down with my right hand, and started to scratch my inner right thigh as if I had an itch. In doing so, I spread my legs more, opening up my lips and displaying more of my pussy to him. Slowly, I slid my fingers along my inner thigh, until they reached the bottom of my shorts. I scratched slowly, gently running my nails over my smooth skin. Soon, my finger was running along the outside of my shaved pussy lip. All pretense of conversation seemed to have dropped, as we both sat breathing heavily. I slid my finger slowly up my lip, and crossed into the pink area of my pussy. I gasped a little as shock waves of pleasure shot through me, and I began to stroke my wet pussy. My finger found my clit, and began to rub it.

Brian stared intently, I saw that his right hand had moved to his crotch, which he seemed to be squeezing slightly through his shorts. His left hand touched my knee, and I swear I nearly orgasmed at the contact. Slowly, he slid it along my inner thigh, and began to lightly touch the area right next to my pussy. I spread my legs further, and he took the invitation. His fingers moved softly forward, and touched my hot, wet pussy. Slowly, he pushed two fingers into my wet opening. I moaned, and bucked my hips involuntarily. I kept rubbing my clit with my right hand, while my left began to squeeze my breasts through the thin shirt. He was wiggling his two fingers inside of me a little, and it was driving me crazy, making me moan some more.

At that moment, we heard a couple walking down the sidewalk towards Brian's house. He pulled back, sliding his fingers out of my wet pussy, leaving it feeling empty. We both sat unnaturally upright, and I closed my legs tightly, as both of us realized that he was just finger-fucking me on the front lawn of his house. The couple passed as we sat there awkwardly. They gave us an amused look; with my face flushed and breasts nearly exposed through the tank top, and Brian unsuccessfully trying to cover his erection, they must have known they'd interrupted something. Once they were gone, we looked at each other.

"Wow, sorry about that, things got a little out of control there..." Brian started, clearly thinking that the moment had passed. Under normal circumstances, he would have been right. But after showing my completely naked body to six strangers, letting them touch me all over, fucking myself with a shovel while they jerked off over me, then having one of my best friends finger me on his lawn, I was far too horny for things to stop.

"Come with me," I said, and stood up. I walked towards his open garage, pulling my shirt off as I went. I continued across the lawn topless, and looked back at Brian. He was staring open-mouthed at my bare back, shocked at the turn of events. I turned towards him, fully exposing my breasts, which jiggles slightly from the motion. In the bright sun, he had an amazing view of the white globes capped with erect pink nipples. "You coming?" I asked, and I turned and entered the garage. Brian leapt up, and chased after me. I had pulled my shorts off before he got there. I flipped on the light switched, and told him to close the door. He did, and then stared at my now completely naked body. His eyes took in my large breasts, heaving with each breath, and my wet pussy, highlighted by the red landing strip above it.

I walked over to him, put my arms around his neck, and kissed him deeply. As our tongues danced, he put his arms around my back, and pulled me in close. I felt my naked nipples press against his bare chest, and moaned a little. He dropped his hands to my ass, and squeezed it as we kissed. We must have made out like that for five minutes, before I stepped back. There was a folding chair open next to Brian's car, and I guided him towards it. Before he sat down, I unbuckled his belt, and lowered his pants. His hard cock sprung out; it was probably six-and-a-half inches long, and quite thick. I couldn't wait to feel it inside of me.

I pushed him back onto the chair, and straddled his lap. We made out some more, as I rubbed my wet pussy along the length of his hard cock, not yet letting it slide inside. It still felt great having the head of his cock rub against my swollen clit, and based on the way Brian was moaning, he completely agreed. He reached up, and his hands found my breasts. He squeezed the large mounds with his whole hands, and slowly pinched my pink nipples. His thumbs rubbed circles around my areolas, and I let out a soft moan. I pulled away, and stepped back from the chair.

Kneeling in front of him, I grabbed his cock with both hands, and stroked it up and down for a second. Then, I slowly leaned forward, and licked up the length of his shaft. I could taste my own wetness from where I had been rubbing my pussy on him; it was a strange taste, but not unpleasant. I would have to keep that in mind for later. He moaned loudly as I reached the top of his shaft, and circled my tongue around the head of his dick. Slowly, I lowered my mouth around the head, and began to suck. His hands dove into my wavy red hair, and guided my head up and down. I brought his dick deeper and deeper into my mouth, while my hand found his balls and began to play with them. Brian was getting worked up now, breathing quickly and moaning a lot. I kept sucking his cock, running my tongue all over it, until I thought he was getting close to finishing. I wasn't ready for him to be done yet, so I stopped, and stood up.

I straddled his lap, and guided the head of his cock to the opening of my pussy. As I slowly slid down his length, I leaned forward to kiss him. It felt amazing to have his dick sliding into me, stretching me open. I lowered all the way down, and now he was completely inside me, with the tip of his dick hitting the back wall of my pussy. I moaned loudly, and started to slide up and down on his hard cock. His hands were running all over my smooth skin, alternatively squeezing my ass and my breasts. We were both breathing heavily now, as I picked up the pace. On my down thrusts, I could feel my clit press against him, and it was driving me crazy. He leaned forward and took my nipple into his mouth, licking and sucking on it and tugging at it with his teeth. All of these feelings became too much for my overly-aroused body to take, and I began to orgasm. As waves of pleasure tore through me, my body convulsed on top of him, and I was screaming uncontrollably.

But even after I climaxed, I didn't feel done. I started to fuck him even more fervently, and he grabbed my waist to guide me up and down faster. It felt so amazing, but I was tired of taking the lead; I wanted to let him have his way with my, and do what he wanted to my body. I stood up, and felt his dick slide out of me. God, I wanted that thing back inside. Turning around to face his car, I leaned forward, resting my elbows on the hood. It was an erotic sight, with my body bent over, displaying my ass and pussy from behind, while my tits hung below me. Brian wasted no time, and was quickly behind me. His dick found my pussy again, and he slid in with no resistance. As he fucked me from behind, he reached forward and pinched my nipples. I moaned loudly with pleasure; I hadn't enjoyed doggy style the one time I had tried it previously, but today it was so sexy and passionate. Brian started pounding me harder, and my tits swung back and forth. He grabbed my waist as he started to ram his cock into me as fast as he could. I collapsed forward onto the hood of the car, feeling the cold metal against my naked breasts. As he continued to fuck me hard I reached a second, smaller orgasm, and cried out. The sounds of my pleasure drove Brian over the edge. The thrust into me a last couple of times, and I felt him stiffen up as he orgasmed. I could feel his dick twitching deep inside of me, filling me with his cum.

After a minute, Brian withdrew, and slumped back into the folding chair. Slowly, I slid onto the dirty garage floor, sitting there naked and staring at my friend's now softening cock. Although my body was exhausted, I was still a bit aroused; the day had been so crazy, and I had done so many new and sexy things. I leaned forward, and took his shrinking penis into my mouth again. I could taste the mixture of cum and pussy juice on it, and again found it to not be unpleasant. I licked his dick clean, sucking on it a bit. But I stopped when I felt it starting to get hard again. I was shocked he could be ready for another round so soon, and I knew that my body couldn't take any more today.

We both stood up, and kissed briefly. There was an awkward silence, before Brian spoke. "Well, that was..."

"Amazing?" I finished for him.

"Well, I was going to say 'crazy', but yes, it was also certainly amazing." His eyes were still running all over my naked body, as if still unable to believe what had just happened. I smiled at him.

"Look, I don't know what any of this means, or what I want from it," I told him. "I'm going through some stuff I think, so I don't know if I'm looking for a relationship or just some random fun or what. I'm sorry if I'm confusing you or anything..."

He grinned, "Hey, you take your time and figure it out, and I'll be here when you need to let loose a bit."

"Thanks, Brian." And I gave him another kiss, pressing my naked breasts up against his bare chest. We dressed in silence, and as he opened the garage door, I asked him "So, want to come by my place tomorrow afternoon for a swim? I think Michelle will be there, and maybe John and Susie."

"Can't." he said with a frown. "I'm leaving for my vacation with my brother tomorrow." I had forgotten. Every year Brian's older brother and his roommate would go to some island in the Caribbean for a week or so. This was the first year that their mom was letting Brian join him.

"Well, that should be fun!" I said, wishing I was going to some paradise beach. "We'll hang out when you get back, right?"

"Of course." And we kissed again, as I started to walk down his driveway.

I turned back towards him, and said "Have fun with those island girls, but don't forget what's waiting for you at home!" I raised my top up, and flashed him my breasts one last time. He grinned, and waved as I dropped the shirt, and ran down the street.

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