tagExhibitionist & VoyeurA Revealing Summer Ch. 04

A Revealing Summer Ch. 04


==Part 4: A Day By the Pool==

I stopped running pretty quickly, as passers by were giving my bouncing breasts too many looks. I walked the last block home, and as I neared my house I saw that Mr. DeMaldo was in his garden again. He saw me too, and started to wave, although his arm stopped in mid-air as he saw my outfit. I grinned, and waved back, my tits shaking obscenely with the motion of my arm. I didn't stop to chat, and walked up to my front door. Jason took a look at me when I entered, and said, "Okay, so what happened this time? Cuz it doesn't look like you 'fell' today." I looked down at my obviously braless breasts, and the smudges of dirt from the garage floor on my arms and legs. I gave him a smile, but didn't answer his question. Instead, I pulled the tank top over my head, exposing my sexy breasts to my brother again.

"Consider this payment so you don't tell mom or dad about any of this." I said, and walked up the stairs topless without another word, leaving him standing open mouthed behind me. When I got to my bedroom, I closed the door and stripped the rest of the way naked. My body was exhausted from being touched and fucked all day, so I flopped onto my bed. Laying on my back, I caressed my pussy lightly, running through the day's events in my mind. I was still a bit horny, but too wiped out to use the vibrator. I must have fallen asleep lying there naked.

I awoke to the sound of soft knocks on my bedroom door, and a soft voice saying, "Mandy? You awake?" I figured that Jason was trying to sneak in for a peep at my naked body. Deciding to let the little perv have his fun, I pretended to still be asleep. But I was wrong, and it wasn't Jason. The door opened slowly, and I heard my father's voice saying "Come on Amanda, time to get up, dinners read---" He cut off as he saw that I was naked. For a brief second, my body was totally exposed to him. He could see his daughter's C-or-D-cup breasts, white against the rest of my tan skin, topped with sexy pink nipples. My pussy was still wet and swollen from my fuck with Brian, and I'm sure my dad saw my shaved lips and the tuft of red hair in my landing strip. I sat up quickly, throwing my arms across my breasts. He turned his head away as fast as possible, and said, "Oh God, I'm sorry honey! I was just trying to tell you it's dinner time...come on downstairs when you're ready." He closed the door, and walked away.

Embarrassed, I threw on some sweatpants, a bra, and an old t-shirt. I ran downstairs, and sat down to a very awkward dinner. My dad's eyes kept glancing at me, and then quickly moving away. I think he couldn't get the image of my young, naked body out of his mind. It was definitely weird, but it kinda turned me on too. And my brother kept giving me longing looks too. I'm sure Jason was confused about my behavior lately; things had escalated from me getting angry at him for "accidentally" seeing me naked on Monday, to me openly flashing him on Friday. "God, what the Hell is happening to me?" I wondered with a little smile. I fought off the feelings of guilt at being a little slut with the phrase that was becoming something of a mantra to me: "As long as its fun, and no one gets hurt, what's the harm?"

During dinner, my mom informed me and Jason that she and Dad would be visiting her sister tomorrow, and they probably wouldn't be back until late that night. They asked if we wanted to join them. Jason immediately declined, saying that he would be working with Mr. DeMaldo all day. I also said no, because I wanted to see my friends at some point this weekend. Michelle was working that night, but she'd be coming by the next morning. I was excited to talk to her face-to-face finally. She'd been so busy all week with work and her summer track team that we'd barely even texted. I had decided that, while we were tanning by the pool tomorrow, I'd tell her everything I'd done all week. Flashing the landscapers, letting them grope me, masturbating with them, fucking Brian, everything. I was a little worried she'd think I was some sort of whore, but I was pretty sure she'd be a mix of shocked, proud, and jealous. Either way, I needed to get all of these crazy new horny feelings off of my chest, and isn't that sort of thing exactly what best friends are for?

Later that night, I went to my room to get ready for bed (and maybe put my vibrator through a workout...I had recovered a bit after my romp with Brian, and thinking about it was getting me wet again). As I closed the door on the dark room, I noticed that light was on in one of Mr. DeMaldo's upstairs rooms, the one nearest to my own window. I'd only been into his house a couple of times, but I was pretty sure that room was his son's. Mr. DeMaldo and his wife were divorced. They had a son a year older than me, but he lived with his mother and commuted to college from there. He rarely stayed the night at his father's anymore, so it was strange for that light to be on. In fact, I was sure he wasn't home; his pickup truck wasn't in the driveway last time I checked. I shrugged, and figured that Mr. DeMaldo must be doing something up there. Maybe he was renovating it, like his basement. I walked to the window, and I could see Mr. DeMaldo sitting on a chair, reading a book. "Strange place to read, but whatever, I guess that answers that." I thought.

But as I turned on my bedroom light, I saw the light in the window go out. Suddenly it occurred to me that maybe Mr. DeMaldo was waiting for my light to turn on, signaling I would be getting ready for bed. As soon as he saw my room light up, he darkened his own, so he could see me, but I couldn't see him. I shook my head at the thought. It was crazy, and a little paranoid...just my horny mind wanting someone else to show off too. Still, the thought of him watching me was turning me on again. I considered closing the blinds, but decided not to. The rational part of my mind said I left them open because there was no way my old history teacher would be watching me change, but the horny part of my mind (which had been speaking up more and more recently...) hoped that he was there, waiting for me to get undressed. I stepped within clear view of the window, and pulled my t-shirt over my head. I stood in my bra and sweatpants for a minute, and turned my back to the window. Reaching behind my back, I unhooked the bra, and let it fall to the floor. I stood, letting my possible peeper see my naked back, before slowly turning towards the window. My teenage breasts were now reflected in the glass on my side, but would be clearly visible to anyone watching from the opposite house. Next, I dropped my sweatpants, and stood in my full naked glory in front of my window. I couldn't decide which thought was weirder: that I might be stripping for my history teacher, or that I might be stripping for an empty room, but was desperately hoping my history teacher was there. Pretending to use the window as a mirror, I reached up and cupped my breasts, as if admiring their reflection. Slowly, I let my hand slide down, running down my stomach and through my landing strip.

I stopped just short of my pussy, and decided that if I had an audience, he had seen enough. Without closing the window, I walked over to my bed, out of Mr. DeMaldo's potential view. I pulled out my vibrator, and plunged it into me. My pussy was very wet, and accepted it willingly. After such a long, horny day, it didn't take long to reach an orgasm. I stifled my cries, and lay naked for a minute. After putting away the vibrator, I stepped back in front of the window. If he was still watching (if he ever had been), he got another good look as I threw on a nightgown, raising my hands above my head and stretching my body out as I did so. Afterwards, I turned out the light. I waited near my window, watching to see what would happen. The neighboring light didn't turn back on, but a small sliver of light appeared in the room. I realized that a door had opened briefly, letting in light from the hallway. And I knew that Mr. DeMaldo must have been watching me naked. The thought made me horny again, and I smiled before going to sleep.

I awoke the next morning to my door opening. "Mandy? Honey? You awake?" my dad asked, walking into the room. I sat up and looked at him, before remembering that I was just wearing a fairly skimpy nightgown. I had slept on top of the sheets due to the heat, so he had a pretty nice look at my barely-clad body. The nightgown had twisted a bit, and the right shoulder strap had fallen down my arm, exposing the upper portion of my breast (although my nipple was still hidden). The bottom hem had slipped up pretty high, and was only about an inch or two from exposing my pussy. Embarrassed, I started to reach for the blanket to cover myself, but stopped. I felt a bit dirty showing off to my dad, but lately I just couldn't stop myself.

I sat up further, and said "Yeah, I'm awake Dad." As I did so, the strap fell further down my arm, allowing the front of the nightgown to slide, exposing more of my breast. The material caught on my nipple, preventing it from falling any further, but the upper portion of my areola was visible through the lacy edge. "What's up?" I asked, as my father stared at my nearly exposed tit.

"Your mother and I are heading to your aunt's now," he said, tearing his eyes from my breast and looking into my face. "Are you sure you don't want to come? Last chance."

"I'm sure. Michelle's coming over later, and we're gonna hang out by the pool." I replied with a yawn. Unintentionally, the deep breath for my yawn dislodged the falling nightgown. The material slip over my nipple, and ended up under my breast. My entire right tit was now exposed to my father, my soft pink nipple slowly stiffening with arousal.

"Well, um, okay then," my dad stuttered. "Um, honey, your nightgown..." He pointed at my breast. I looked down and pretended to be shocked. "Oh God, sorry Dad!" I said, pulling the material back up over my breast. In doing so , I felt the entire nightgown shift and the bottom hem rise. A quick glance revealed that the very bottom of my shaved pussy lips was now exposed. Having just woken up, I hadn't had much time to get horny, so my lips were still mostly dry and closed. Still, if Dad didn't get out of there soon, he'd see his teenage daughter's pussy getting aroused.

"Okay, honey," he said awkwardly. It was clear he'd seen my exposed crotch, but decided to make a quick escape instead of mentioning it. "Remember, no boys over while we're gone."

"Of course not, Daddy."

"Okay, um, be good. See you later tonight!" And he ran out of the room quickly.

I smiled, and laid back down. After I heard their car leave, I went downstairs. Part of me was hoping that Jason would be around so I could tease him, but he had already gone over to Mr. DeMaldo's. Realizing I was home all alone, I had a naughty idea. I stripped off my nightgown, and stood naked in the living room. Sure, I had walked through my house naked before, but I had never spent a long period of time at home in my birthday suit. I spent the rest of the morning watching TV nude, touching my breasts and pussy when the mood struck me. I was really starting to enjoy being naked and showing off my hot body.

Around noon, the doorbell rang. I got up from the couch, still completely naked, and went to the door. Peeking out the window, I saw it was Michelle, so I opened the door without covering up. Michelle gasped, seeing me naked in the open doorway like that. "Wow, like the outfit babe" she laughed, and came inside. "Aren't you afraid that Jason will see or something?"

"Nope, I'm home alone today, so I decided to have a bit of naked morning," I explained with a smile.

"Oh, a naked day, nice!" she said, and suddenly started to strip off her own clothes. It didn't take very long; she had only been wearing a light sundress, a lacy thong, and some sandals. We giggled, standing naked together in my front hall. "So how has your week been?" she asked as we sat on the couch.

"Oh man, do I have a story to tell you." And I told her about my week. About how horny I had gotten with her flashing my brother, Brian wetting my top, and her exposing me on Monday. About flashing the landscapers on Tuesday and Wednesday, and letting them feel me up while I masturbated on Friday. About fucking Brian in his garage. About flashing Jason all week, and letting my Dad and Mr. DeMaldo see me naked. When I was done, my face was bright red. Sure, I had rationalized all this stuff as being harmless fun, but when I listed it out like that, I really felt like a dirty whore. I was afraid to look at her, worried she would hate me. When I finally did, I saw the surprise on her face.

"Wow..." she said slowly. "I can't believe you did all that. You're serious? You actually flashed those guys? That's so awesome!" she finished excitedly.

"Really? Awesome? You mean you don't think I'm a slut?" I asked nervously.

"Oh, well of course you're a slut, but all of the fun girls are!" she declared with a laugh. "Hell, I'm sitting here naked with you right now, aren't I? So are you and Brian a thing now, or just messing around? And do you think the landscapers will be there when we go for our run again on Monday? What are you gonna do?" She was listing questions faster than I could follow, but I didn't care. I was so happy that she was being supportive that I almost cried. I leaned in and hugged her tight, and she returned it. As we were still naked, our breasts were touching, which was a new and interesting experience. Hers seemed firmer than mine, and the feel of her soft skin against my large breasts was curiously nice. We shifted a little, causing our nipples to rub across each other. I felt a shock of pleasure, but we both pulled back quickly; things had gotten a bit too weird there. Although as I looked at her naked body, I thought again about how her breasts felt, and about tasting my own wetness when I licked Brian's cock. For the first time, I wondered what it would be like to be with another woman. But I pushed those thoughts away; I'd come a long way in just a week, but that was a bit too much...right?

We talked awhile longer, Michelle demanding all of the details of my adventures. As the conversation came to a lull, I recommended we go out back and tan a bit. "Just like this?" she asked, gesturing at her naked body.

"Haha, no, I think we should put on bikinis if we are going to be in my backyard." I said, shaking my head.

"Pssh, you've been showing your tits and pussy all over town, but your own yard is off-limits?" she scoffed.

"Well, yes, actually. I don't really want my neighbors seeing. I mean, Mr. DeMaldo is one thing, but the others would probably be pissed, or at least would tell my parents."

"Come on, the yard is pretty well enclosed!"

"Arg, fine, how about this? We put on some bottoms, and we can tan topless a bit?" I offered as a compromise.

"Fine," she said with a smile. I ran upstairs, and grabbed my bikini. I put on the bottoms; they were blue, and a bit skimpy. They fully covered my pussy and ass, but the front and back were only connected on the sides by two thin strings that were tied in bows. I grabbed the top too, in case I needed to put it on. It consisted of two thin blue triangles that covered most of my breasts, but showed my nipples off nicely. The rest was just a string around the back, and one that goes around my neck, both tied with bows. I went back downstairs, and saw what Michelle was wearing as her "bikini". Her sexy yellow string bikini was lying on top of her bag. Instead, she had put back on the lacy pink thong she had worn over.

"That doesn't exactly look like a bikini," I said with a mocking glare.

"Hey, it covers the important bits," she grinned. We went to the back door, and stepped into the yard topless. The warmth of the sun felt great on my naked breasts. We laid our towels by the pool, and jumped in for a quick swim. This was the most naked I have ever been in my pool, and I loved the feel of the water sliding unhindered around my boobs. After swimming and splashing around for a bit, we climbed out of the pool. As we walked to the towels, I looked towards Michelle; she looked simply gorgeous, with her wet hair hanging down her face, water dripping off her sexy tits, drops forming on her hard nipples. Her thong had become essentially see-through from being wet, so I could see her smooth pussy pretty well. We dried off, and sat on our towels to tan.

I squirted some sunblock into my hand, and tossed the bottle to Michelle. "Here, wouldn't want to burn any of your fun parts." She giggled, and started to apply the sunblock. As we covered ourselves, I noticed that we both spent more time rubbing the lotion into our chests than was probably necessary. My rational mind said it was because those parts don't usually see the sun, and we needed to protect them. Of course my horny mind knew that it was simply so sexy to be lying in the backyard, rubbing my naked tits next to my best friend.

As Michelle finished with her legs, she pulled the thong down to her knees, fully exposing her sexy pussy. "Hey," I said with a laugh, "I thought we agreed to keep the bottoms on?"

"First of all, I never agreed to any such thing," she replied, sticking her tongue out at me. "Second, this thong is pretty transparent, and I don't want to burn anything under it!" And she proceeded to rub the sunblock into her pussy lips, again lingering longer than was probably required.

"Oh man, poor Jason is missing quite a show." I observed. Michelle giggled, and pulled up her thong. We lay in the sun, letting our white breasts tan for awhile, talking about all sorts of random things. Looking around, I decided that the only neighboring window that could probably see us was at Mr. DeMaldo's house. Periodically, I glanced up there; at one point, I could swear I saw the curtain move slightly, and wondered if perhaps Mr. DeMaldo (or maybe Jason, who was working over there) might be taking a look at the nearly naked teenagers next door. We actually heard the two of them in the neighboring yard a few times, seemingly carrying trash out of the basement they were renovating. After a while, we rolled onto our stomachs to tan our backs a bit. As we rubbed sunblock on each other, breasts jiggling, I thought again about the show that Jason was missing.

Later, when we were taking a quick dip in the pool, splashing around and laughing, Michelle whispered to me, "Psst, Mandy, did you see that?"

"See what?"

"At the fence...it looked like someone was watching us through the slats." She said, seeming more excited than upset at the thought. "Think it was Jason?"

"Maybe...or Mr. DeMaldo. Remember, he's taken to watching me change at night. Well, it was probably time to head inside anyway, right? I think I've had enough sun."

"Aw, no! I mean, I think we should tan a bit more. Who knows when we'll get a chance to go topless again," she whined. But I think her protests were less about wanting to tan, and more about wanting to show off. To be honest, the thought of giving a bit of a show was getting me turned on.

"Fine, we can lay out a bit longer." I said, climbing out of the pool. We lay back on our towels, and Michelle grabbed the bottle of sunblock first. She started to rub in on her breasts, taking her time, putting on a show for any potential peepers through the fence. She worked her way down her thin stomach, and down her shapely legs. As she was finishing, we heard the back door of my house open. Quickly, I snapped my arm across my breasts, and reached for my top. I looked over, and realized that it was Jason coming into the backyard. He was wearing work clothes, and looked pretty sweaty.

"Hey girls! Man, do you ever wear clothes any more?" he said with a big grin. I still had my top in my hand, and was planning to throw it on, but Michelle had leaned up on her elbow, showing off the full length of her gorgeous body. Her breasts were perked up, and her nipples were very hard. The thong had become nearly see-through from the recent swim, and her camel toe was very pronounced. "Oh well, I guess we're showing off again..." I thought, dropping my arm from my breasts and exposing my pink nipples to my brother again.

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