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A Review of "Being Ron Jeremy"

byDecayed Angel©

"Being Ron Jeremy" written by Brian Berke and Rich Willams and directed by Brian Berke is a short (38 minutes) comedy parodying the widely successful "Being John Malkovich." While the film spoofs Ron Jeremy and the porn industry in general, Jeremy played along, starring in the film along with a number of current female porn stars. Much like Malkovich in his film, Jeremy let his life and career become fodder to the prying of comedian Brian Berke and Rich Williams as they took a quick, but often hilarious, look into this star of gigantic proportion. In fact, in one of the more sensitive moments of the film Jeremy says, "I'm not just a guy with a big dick, I'm an artist."

After an initial snippet of Ron Jeremy waking from a nightmare shouting, "I'm not gay. I'm not gay," the movie opens with Brian Pickle (played by Brian Berke) setting up his sound gear along a Venice Beach, CA. type setting and beginning a pitiful comedy routine. Pickle is your fairly routine loser, geek complete with horn-rimmed glasses and curly, unruly hair who has no chance at going on a date, much less scoring with a woman. As his comedy routine fails miserably, the moving cuts to him returning a huge stage of porn films to a very hot, video store employee.

Yeah, yeah, no one this hot would ever work in a porn shop, but let's just play along and see where it goes. The clerk (played by Mia Crowe) is Pickles' obsession, but she will not have anything to do with him, not only because he is a loser, geek, but also because she won't have any cock less than eight inches.

While introducing the audience to Pickles and his love, the film also cuts back to Ron Jeremy as he gets coached in acting and sex by his friend Andy Dick (played by himself). Dick adds some interesting comic insight into porn acting and Jeremy throughout the film as he coaches Jeremy and takes advantage of some if the perks in the industry as he goes.

Pickles' and Jeremy's lives suddenly clash together when Pickles, while sitting down to view some porn at a video arcade, stumbles into an odd passageway that carries him into Ron Jeremy's head. Through a small portal, Pickles can see what Ron Jeremy sees and, even better, can experience what Jeremy experiences. For the virgin Pickles, the act of walking onto the set of a porn movie and seeing three beautiful and naked women waiting for Jeremy proves simply too ecstatic and he immediately comes. Of course, for Ron Jeremy, experiencing a premature orgasm before he even gets his pants off is complete disaster. His embarrassment increases as just after coming, Jeremy cannot help but fart, completely destroying any chance of filming.

That fart also deposits Pickles, completely naked and immensely satisfied, into a large dumpster behind the video shop. After cleaning up, Pickles returns to the video shop and confides his experience to the hot video clerk. The two get together and begin selling "trips" into Ron Jeremy's head to every virgin geek, loser in town for five dollars a pop. Of course, while each of these virgins experience some incredible sex with porn stars, Jeremy's career is falling apart as he finds he cannot last more than just a few seconds before he shoots his wad and then farts.

As director, Brian Berke cuts nicely between each failed sex scene and Jeremy's discussions with Andy Dick as they continue their analysis of his acting and sexual prowess, or sudden lack thereof. The film continues spiraling through Jeremy's failed sex scenes until he discovers the passageway and climbs into his own mind with incredibly intriguing results.

Obviously Ron Jeremy is beyond his prime, but with the costuming and camera work the audience sees a reasonable facsimile of Jeremy trying what he was so famous for doing all these past years. Jeremy's willingness to be laugh at himself and the porn industry along with Andy Dick's supporting performance as his coach and Berke's convincing portrayal of Brian Pickle carried this film beyond the standard "Nerd's Revenge" films audiences have seen so much of. It's parody of "Being John Malkovich" also works well, but viewers not familiar with the Malkovich film should enjoy "Being Ron Jeremy" as a sharp, but gentle spoof of the porn industry.

I saw the film on DVD, which had some additional features including spotlights and interviews with the porn stars that made cameo appearances during Jeremy's many failed sex scenes. The porn stars are: Guage, Kendra Jade, Kira Eggers, Monica & Mary, and Teri, Kerry and Alexandra. This version of the film was unrated, but the sex scenes and content throughout should not rate any heavier than a solid R rating. Even the spotlight and interview spots would easily fall into that rating. I recommend this film to anyone familiar with "Being John Malkovich" or interested in a funny look into the interesting porn legend of Ron Jeremy. If you are looking purely for triple X porn you'll be better off to skip this one.

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