tagRomanceA Rewarding Marraige Ch. 01

A Rewarding Marraige Ch. 01


Approaching 35 years of being married, Bobbi and Joshua Greenberg reflect on their time together. Each of the partners will give you their perspective on why their romance has lasted so long.

This is Part 1 of a multi-part series. Give it time to heat up.

This is a work of fiction where I have taken some historic liberties and a few suggestions from the woman who has been married to me for almost the same amount of time as has Bobbi and Joshua.

The Past - Part 1: 1972

While my given name is Roberta, I haven't been called by that name since I was four. I've always answered to Bobbi. A dark haired girl on a medium frame, I was fairly typical except for one thing...my tits. My tits turned men into blubbering fools. Invariably while talking to me they had a hard time concentrating looking at me, as their eyes inevitably found their way to my glorious tits. I was a firm 38D, rarely supported by a bra and not caring who stared at me, especially when my super sensitive nipples got hard. I was truly a child of the 60's. It was only through the stupidity of one New York City's policeman did I meet the man of my dreams.

It was love at first sight, at least on my part, when I literally knocked my husband Joshua to the ground some three years ago. I was part of an anti-war protest in June of 1972 and was pushed against the police barricade by one of New York's finest. The barricade collapsed and I fell into the lap of my future husband.

"I'm sorry, but that cop over there took his frustrations out on a few of us. He pushed us until the barricade collapsed."

"This is the best game of musical chairs I have ever played," the man said as he smiled at me. "I usually have some older guy who has hair in his ears wind up in my lap. You, on the other hand, are a big improvement. You are the best looking girl I have ever seen."

I was silent. When you get a compliment like that there is nothing to say, nothing at all. I struggled to get to my feet and the guy assisted by taking the liberty of pushing on my butt to get me off his lap.

"Thank you. I have to run to catch up with my group." I was hell bent on catching up with my friends and to assemble at City Hall. "Bye, catch you later." Knowing full well that I would probably never see Mr. Blue Eyes again.

I could barely make out the guy's final words to me which he spoke in a voice just above a whisper, "Thanks for the abbreviated lap dance!" As I turned to him, I smiled back at him but I was walking in the opposite direction.

The rest of the afternoon was typical for these type of protests; plenty of speeches, each person who spoke seemed to have their own agenda. Finally, the protest ended at five o'clock. Reflecting back on that protest, I don't know if anything was accomplished.

My friends and I retreated to the local pub. It had been a long day, especially walking from mid-town Manhattan to City Hall. We found a table and enjoyed a few beers, talking about the day, talking about what else we can do to end this silly war sooner. The two beers had its normal effect on me. I needed to pee.

The bathrooms were in the back of the bar and to get to them, you had to walk through some swivel doors. I pushed in and hit something hard.

"Shit" was the reply from the other side of the door. "I wonder if my nose is broken."

I pulled the doors back, only to find my fellow musical chairs partner once again on the ground.

"What is it with you, whatever your name is? You weren't satisfied by crashing into me, almost killing me earlier in the day. You decide to finish the job with these doors" the man said as he was touching and twisting his nose to inspect any damage. No blood was a good sign.

I was about to respond, ready to apologize profusely, when a great big, wide smile appeared on his face.

"I think the nose will be fine, but my movie star days may be over. If we are going to keep meeting like this, at least let me know your name, so I know what name to put on the lawsuit. My name is Joshua."

He was still smiling so I guess he was not that angry.

"Roberta, but everyone calls me Bobbi." I was staring at those blue eyes and he was staring back.

"Well Bobbi, I think we can settle this lawsuit out of court. Buy me a beer."

"Agreed," I said as we made our way back to the front of the bar. Some of my friends had retreated to other tables, so we found a small table just big enough for the two of us. We made small talk at first, as I stared into those blue eyes. His eyes met mine, but occasionally they drifted down toward my tits. Always the tits.

I found out that Joshua just graduated at the top of his Business School class at Wharton and was going to start his first "real" job at the end of the summer. He was going to be a junior executive for a large investment banking concern located in the Wall Street area.

"Two months to enjoy yourself is not a bad deal," I remarked, "especially if you can afford to do it."

"Actually, I leave shortly for Japan then to other countries as my boss wants me to get a head start on my international responsibilities. I will squeeze in some down time, but most of the time I will be in a suit and tie. At the end of the summer, before I start in the New York office I may have a week without responsibilities.

"Wow, that's going to be a great learning experience."

Joshua asked, "What about you? What do you do?"

"Well, I graduated Columbia and I've just finished NYU Law."

"You don't look old enough to go to law school."

"I'm 23. Not to brag, but I skipped a few grades in high school and graduated Columbia in three years. I am doing some pro-bono work this summer at the Legal Society and then in the fall I'm going to be one of their staff lawyers."

"I'm out of my league here," as Joshua reached over and ever so lightly traced his fingertips on the top of my hand. The sparks were instantaneous. "So, you're going to save the world?"

"No, I'm only going to help those who can't help themselves. If I can save a little part of the world I'll be very happy. I'm an admirer of the founder of the Society and can't wait to work with him."

Joshua reached across the table, pulling my face toward his and said, "Can I buy you some dinner?"

"Sure, why not. Where'?

"Small little cozy place, not too far from here. Checkered tablecloths, good wine, and great pasta."

With that Joshua grabbed my hand and off we went. His touch was still electric, and he held my hand and I never wanted him to let it go. "How far are we from the restaurant?"

"Only a few blocks" replied Joshua looking very coy.

We walked up the narrow streets of the west village, not a restaurant in sight. We stopped at a small brownstone when he said "We're here!"

"Here. Where's here? I don't see a sign for any restaurant."

"Who said anything about a restaurant? Joshua lead me up a few steps and we went inside.

"This yours?"

"No, I just rent the bottom apartment from a big time attorney. He's rarely in the apartment above this apartment and my rent is reasonable. It's quite comfortable, one bedroom, living room, and kitchen. I don't need much more. Make yourself at home while I put on a pot of water for the pasta."

"You actually cook?"

"I'm pretty handy around utensils and a stove. I always watched my mom growing up and to me this is very relaxing."

The apartment was very elegantly furnished, some art work on the walls, clean furniture, not bad for someone who is just starting out.

"Come and sit down, dinner is served."

Dinner was suburb. There was more small talk on why I was going to work with the Legal Society and why he was joining corporate America. As I was cleaning up the table and putting the dishes in the sink, Joshua came up from behind, wrapped his hands around my waist and whispered in my ear, "You are the most incredible beautiful woman I have ever met."

I spun around to face him and without hesitation, pulled him toward me and kissed him ever so gently on the lips. He responded with a greater urgency pulling me closer to him, placing his hands around my neck, and then I returned the kiss. The dishes were forgotten as we stood in front of the sink, groping each other.

His hands reached inside the back of my jeans and squeezed my butt, at the same time he was grinding his pelvis into mine. There was no mistake that he was very excited and to me, it felt as though his cock was huge. We stood in the kitchen and kissed for what seemed like hours, burying our tongues in each other's mouths. He began to caress my tits through my shirt, causing my already hard nipples to the bursting point. I reached for his cock and through his pants stroked him ever so slowly. Joshua had a hard time keeping his erection from splitting his pants. I lowered his zipper and freed his very hard, sizeable cock. I started to move my hands up and down its length, drawing sounds of excitement from deep, down in Joshua's throat.

He started to unbutton my shirt and also move me toward the couch, but I grabbed his hand and dragged him into the bedroom. I pushed him on the bed and told him, "Stay there. I want to undress for you."

Joshua made himself comfortable, removing his pants and finally getting naked, exposing his fully erect cock. I proceeded to unbutton my shirt, never taking my eyes off the prize. When I came to the last button, I undid it and left the shirt on. My tits were moving back and forth as I pulled my jeans off. Here I stood, in tiny panties and an open shirt before a man whom I had met just a few hours ago. By choice, I am very hairy and my bush was peaking through the sides of my panties.

"Let me see those tits. Please."

I pulled my shirt apart and my tits were fully exposed. My aureoles are large, almost covering my entire tit, and my nipples stand out about ½ inch when they get hard. It was the end of June, the apartment was hot, but my nipples were like diamonds. Joshua approached me and removed my shirt. I was now standing in just my panties. He placed his arms around me and then began moving them to the front of my chest. He played, no toyed with my nipples with his hands. Egging them out further than they have ever been. With his mouth he began biting, with his hands he continued to pinch my nipples till I started moaning.

My nipples are very sensitive and there were times I could cum just by having them played with. I didn't want that to happen now. I wanted to feel his cock in my cunt.

As my moaning grew loader, with his mouth playing with my nipples, he lowered my panties. My thick auburn bush was pushed away from the panties and Joshua moved back to take in this now nude woman standing in front of him.

"I have never, ever seen anyone as beautiful as you. I love the way your nipples stand out and I love your hairy pussy." I spread my legs apart giving Joshua a full view of my bush. Without thinking, my right hand went to my cunt and I began to play with myself.

His cock, standing straight out from his own thick bush of hair on his groin was huge, about 7" in length and thick, pointing at me.

"Come here," Joshua commanded.

I jumped onto the bed and came to him, face to face. We began some very slow kissing, lightly touching each other in those special spots. By now, my cunt was not only on fire, but was very, very wet. You could smell the excitement. Joshua moved toward the foot of the bed and began caressing my feet and then legs. He gently pushed my legs apart. I was totally exposed and I didn't care. My previous lovers were nothing but high school kids and a few boys in college, but I never felt like this with them.

Joshua backed away from me. "Magnificent" was the only word he said for what seem like the longest period of time. "You are so sexy. Your bush and your tits are amazing. "

I guess being a child of the 60's meant going natural in many different ways. I loved the way a woman looks with a full bush. A few of my friends experimented by shaving their entire bush off, some kept a little hair on the top of their slit. But to me I liked the feel of my cunt with its full bush when I play with myself. In college, my roommate Kim was even hairier than me. She had dark black hair and her bush went from the bottom of her navel to past her asshole. It was wide, thick and unruly.

The first time she caught me staring at her, she grabbed my hand and forced me to feel her cunt, play with her clit to the extent that I made her cum. After that, from time to time, we did share our passion for mutual masturbation. She was a wizard at getting me off and when she did, she wasn't satisfied with me cumming just once. She made me cum a second and some times a third time within a very short time frame.

Joshua placed his tongue all around my pussy, coming close to, but purposely avoiding my clit. He slipped one finger into my cunt, then a second and then he began to finger-fuck me. Slowly at first, then he picked up the pace to the point I was bucking against his fingers moaning and crying out load. "It feels so good. Oh, fuck me, fuck me with your tongue, eat me. Please on my clit. My clit, my clit please"

Neglecting my wishes Joshua continued to finger-fuck me with two fingers from one hand, and then he began to stroke my clit with the thumb from his other hand. Now I had two distinctive feelings, one bursting from my clit and one from my cunt. I was now wailing and bucking against his fingers. "Oh, Oh, faster, faster. Move your fingers faster in my cunt. Oh yes, yes." I was so close, very close.

Joshua sensed my approaching climax, and he did what any thoughtful man or woman would do in a situation like this. He replaced his thumb with his tongue. The effect was immediate. "Cumming. Cumming" I cried out. "Cumming, yes, yes, yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesss, cumming." And I exploded all over his face. My cunt was soaked, my bush was matted from my pussy juice and now I was basking in the aftermath of the best orgasm I ever had.

Joshua sensed my need to relax so he moved next to me and we cuddled. I must have fallen asleep but when I awoke it was dark outside and the clock on the dresser had 2:20 glowing in the otherwise dark room.

Joshua turned to me. "Hey, sleepy head. You were really out. I guess all that protesting did you in." He reached for me and pulled me closer. I felt his hardness against my thigh.

Grasping his cock in my hand, I guided it to my still wet cunt. Joshua had no problem fitting his cock into me. I spread my legs, hooking my arms my legs allowing him greater access and deeper penetration. I was so ready but Joshua took his time. As Joshua moved rhythmically and purposefully, his tongue found mine and we kissed all the while Joshua continued to plunge his cock into my cunt.

I was on fire as he drove his cock deeper into my cunt. At times, teasing me by pulling back slowly and plunging back in to my cunt equally as slow. After a while he turned me over and put me on my knees. He took me from behind.

This time, there were no preliminaries. He stuck his cock into my cunt and began to move very quickly. "Deeper, I need you deeper," I cried out. Joshua did not deny me. He picked up his pace and when I thought I would die from the fucking he was giving me, he reached around and began to massage my clit with his finger. Once again I had two conflicting sensations, one from my cunt and one from my clit. He pushed me down on the bed with my ass sticking in the air. He grabbed my cheeks and pulled them apart totally exposing my bottom to him.

"So fucking sexy, so fucking wet and so fucking hairy" Joshua said. My bush did extend beyond my cunt and it appears as Joshua loved the look. Joshua pulled my ass back toward his cock and continued to pound his cock into my hairy cunt.

"Oh, going to cum again, again. Cum with me. I want you to cum with me. Oh, yes, almost there, almost there," Bobbi began to wail in earnest again. "Please, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me. Make me cum, I love your cock, cock, cock........." My nerve endings were on fire. My cunt was on fire. My nipples ached. They bounced, the nipples rubbing against the sheets as Joshua continued to fuck me from behind.

Joshua began to shake as he was about to cum. He panted, "Going to cum, going to cum."

"Cum with me, Joshua, cum with me. Stay in my cunt when you cum"

He exploded into my cunt. I exploded over his cock. We came together.

In the afterglow of our mutual satisfaction, no words were necessary, and none could be spoken. We were both spent. The clock on the dresser said 3:00. We had been fucking for almost an hour.

Exhaustion took over. We slept.

Sunlight crept through the windows when I finally woke from my sleep. The sound of the shower was the trigger. Two minutes later Joshua walked out of the bathroom with just a towel wrapped around his waist.

"Don't get dressed." I jumped naked from the bed into the bathroom and turned the shower on. I think there is nothing better than to have your pussy eaten just after you come out of the shower.

Five minutes later, after scrubbing last night's sex from my pussy, I walked out of the bathroom, also with only a towel. But my towel was on my head, drying my hair.

"I guess you approve," I asked Joshua as his erection tented his towel. He quickly removed the towel. "See, I knew it."

"Come here," Joshua said. "I want to taste your pussy."

"And I want to suck your cock."

We fell into a "69" position with Joshua lying on his back. I lowered my cunt onto Joshua's face and took his cock into my mouth. We stayed in that position for a few minutes as he explored my pussy with his tongue and fingers. I took his cock into my mouth, forcing it down as far as I could without gagging. I began using my tongue on his very sensitive underside and then just on the tip. He started to buck his hips. Sensing he may cum, I stopped as I wanted this to last.

"Come sit on my face," Joshua said.

I scooted up to the front of the bed where Joshua had placed a pillow under his hear. I straddled his face and dropped my wet and hairy cunt onto his face. He couldn't get enough of my cunt. He separated my lips and drove his tongue into my cunt, not touching my clit, but still making me see stars. My clit came out from its hood and he began to snack on it and, at the same time, reached u and started to play with my nipples. I reached back and started to jerk his cock very slowly, teasing him, making him want more. I sensed that he could not last much longer so I pulled away from his face an impaled myself on his cock.

I road his cock as he squeezed my tits, pulling on my nipples making driving me crazy as I was fucking him.

My orgasm hit like a run away railroad. Joshua came first, depositing a full load of his semen up my cunt. That triggered my own orgasm. "God, I'm cumming, cumming, cummmmmmming. Yes."

After a few minutes we separated. My bush was matted with Joshua's cum, the cum that did not reach my cunt. My clit was very sensitive and my nipples still were on fire.

I thought to myself that I have never been so thoroughly fucked in my life. Nor had I enjoyed it as much.

We rested and finally had brunch some hours later.

"I want to see you again," I said. Can I repay the favor and cook you dinner tomorrow night?"

"That would be great. One problem."

"What's that?"

"I leave for Tokyo at 10 pm tonight."

"What," I cried. "You're leaving tonight? I thought you said you were leaving shortly."

"I didn't want to upset you."

"Well, you haven't done a good job of it. When will you be back?"

"I don't know. But what I do know is that I want to keep in touch."

"Keep in touch. What kind of phrase is that from someone who just gave me the fuck of my life? Keep in touch." I reached for my clothes, began putting them on and continued the one-way dialogue. "Are you going to give me a handshake goodbye?" I stormed out of the apartment before I could hear him plead for me to stay.

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