tagExhibitionist & VoyeurA Ride in the Boat

A Ride in the Boat


My wife Anne and I have had many exciting sexual experiences while staying at our cabin in the Northwoods of Minnesota, and last summer we had a fantastic encounter one afternoon on our boat.

During a visit to our cabin about a year ago, we awoke to an absolutely fantastic July morning. The sky was bright blue and cloudless, the temperature was in the mid 80's and there was no wind at all, not even a hint of breeze. As a result, the lake was like glass, or more accurately, like a mirror reflecting the blue of the sky.

"Today would be a great day to take a long boat ride," I suggested to Anne over our morning coffee.

"That would be great," she replied. "We really haven't had a chance to see the big part of the lake yet this trip."

Our cabin is on one of the biggest lakes in the state and so on those occasions when Anne does accompany me in the boat we often stay on our section of the lake, and only rarely do we venture out onto the biggest parts. Today was the perfect day, since if was so calm, to explore the other parts of the lake.

After breakfast, I loaded up the cooler with some bottled water and a few beers and then went outside to gas up the boat. If we were going on a long, maybe hours long, boat ride, I wanted to make sure we had plenty of fuel. I had just finished gassing up and prepping the boat for the trip when Anne came walking down the dock.

She was wearing a long version of a wife-beater T-shirt, you know, the sleeveless tank top type of shirt, although this one was yellow, and came down the middle of her thighs. She had a large floppy straw hat on her head, sunglasses and flip flops. She was carrying an over-sized beach bag stuffed with towels and who knows what else.

Her dress was tight fitting so it was obvious that Anne was not wearing a bra, but then again, this was a period in time when Anne had basically stopped wearing any type of underwear; bra or panties. Anne had just turned 50 years old the previous Fall, but still had the body that would make a woman in her 30's envious.

She is 5 foot 2 inches tall, weighs 115 pounds, has firm 34C breasts (all natural) that stand out from her chest in defiance of age and gravity, a flat stomach, nicely rounded hips, a tight little bubble butt and very shapely legs. Her 10-mile long runs, coupled with Pilate's and yoga several times a week had enabled Anne to sculpt a gorgeous body. Her auburn hair is shoulder length; she has very pretty green eyes, a cute little nose covered with a dusting of freckles and very sexy lips and mouth. In short, Anne has a very pretty face.

This also was the summer that Anne obliged me by keeping herself completely shaved clean, not a hair anywhere to be found near her pussy or ass. As she walked down that dock I knew that Anne was wearing nothing at all under her long, yellow T-shirt dress.

We boarded the boat, I fired up the motor, backed us off the boatlift and steered us onto the lake. We started our trip in our section of the lake, slowly motoring along the shore looking at our neighbor's homes. Things always look differently from the lake for Anne since it's a perspective she rarely sees because she tends to stay on shore more than I do. After 45 minutes or so of touring our part of the lake, I kicked the motor into high gear and took us out to the big, main part of the lake. It was amazingly calm, even on the big part of the lake, so we decided to go all the way to the southeast end of the lake. It took us nearly 30 minutes to get there, and after another 30 minutes of exploring the area we decided to head back toward our part of the lake.

About half way back across the lake I slowed the motor down to almost a crawl, and then turned it off altogether. "What's up?" Anne asked.

"I thought we could just kick back here for a while, enjoy a beer and soak up some rays," I replied as I opened the cooler and pulled out a couple of ice-cold beers.

"I'll just have a water," Anne said.

We opened our drinks and took in the beauty around us. There were a few loons and pelicans sitting on top of the water near us, but they were the only creatures we could see in any direction. Where I had chosen to stop the boat was literally a mile or so from any land. It was a Tuesday, so there were few boats on the lake, and there were none that we could see at the moment. I sat back in my seat, took a long pull off my frosty beer and the pulled my shirt up and over my head. "The sun feels great, doesn't it?" I said.

"Let's see," Anne replied. She took off her floppy hat, set it down on the deck of the boat, she stood up and pulled her long T-shirt dress over her head. She shook her head to straighten out her hair, which had gotten mussed up when she removed her dress, and stood there completely naked in the boat.

"You don't think anyone can see us out here do you?" she asked.

"Not even with a pair of binoculars," I assured her. I wanted her to be comfortable being naked out here on the boat.

I decided that since Anne was naked I should join her. I stood up, undid my belt and pulled down my shorts and boxers. I stepped out them and pushed them underneath the driver's console. I sat back down, completely naked, took another sip of my beer, and looked over at Anne, who was also completely naked.

She was a vision. Her round firm breasts, the size of large grapefruits, stood out from her petite body. Her nipples were already erect and blushed a deep pink color. She had her legs parted just enough to where I could clearly see her smooth, hairless pussy, the lips of which looked like two pink tulip petals. My cock was starting to stir and harden.

"Look's like you enjoy being naked in the boat," Anne said, noticing my ever-growing erection. "Let's see if I can't give you some relief."

With that Anne slid off her seat and knelt on the floor of the boat next to me. I turned my seat to the left so I was facing her. Anne took my cock in her right hand and slowly started stroking me. "I bet you wanted to get me out here in the boat so you could fuck me, isn't that right?" she said with a wicked little smile.

"Well, I'm not going to lie to you. It was certainly something that I'd hoped would happen." I replied.

"Then let's see what we can do about that," she said. Anne lowered her sexy wet mouth over the purple head of my rock-hard prick. Anne gives great blowjobs, and enjoying one of her great hummers out on the lake, under the warm summer sun, was pure heaven for me. Anne bobbed her head up and down on my cock, her saliva coating my cock with enough moisture to where her hand could move smoothly up and down the entire length of my stiff shaft. With her left hand Anne fondled my balls and gently stroked my "taint," that bit of skin between my balls and anus. I reached down and took Anne's beautiful tits in each of my hands. I squeezed her tits and twisted her nipples while she continued to suck my cock and massage my balls. I was getting very close to blowing my load, but I wanted to make this encounter last, especially since Anne hadn't had an orgasm yet. "Ok, ok," I said to Anne. "I don't want to cum quite yet, so let's switch positions.

Anne removed my dick from her mouth, looked up and me with her wet, pouting lips and said, "Ok, I guess it's my turn."

Anne sat back down in her seat on the passenger side of the boat and positioned herself so she was sitting low on the seat with her butt and pussy hanging off the edge. I knelt down in front of her and slowly started kissing her puffy pink cunt lips. I put my hands on her tits and started tweaking Anne's nipples. She has always had very sensitive nipples, and when I tweak and twist them, especially when we're making love outside, it really sends her headfirst toward an orgasm. I hadn't even inserted my tongue into her steaming hot twat yet when she started shaking with her first orgasm. "God it feels good to do this outside," Anne cooed.

No sooner than her orgasm subsided than I began lapping her pussy with my tongue; long wet strokes covering the entire slick opening of her womanhood. My hands were still giving her big boobs a workout when I plunged my tongue deep into her twat. My mouth was pressed hard against her full, pink pussy lips as if I was giving them a hard passionate kiss. My tongue darted in and out of her wetness, lapping up every drop of her hot, sweet cum. Slowly I began to break my kiss with her twat and moved my attention to her tiny, but swollen clit. I flicked the tip of my tongue over her clit as rapidly as I could, and just as she was about to totally lose it and have another powerful orgasm, I locked my lips around her little bud and sucked firmly, but gently.

That was all it took. Anne grabbed the back of my head, started shaking and called out, "Fuck yeah, that feels so fucking good. Yeah, yeah, suck it, suck my clit." Hot, thick cum poured out of Anne hairless twat into my mouth. I drank it up as quickly as I could, and went back for more. Eventually her orgasm slowed and I felt her body relax. I sat back on the floor of the boat, my face covered in my beautiful wife's pussy juice, my rock hard cock standing at attention in the warm sun. With her head thrown back and her eyes still closed Anne said, "I need you in me."

I took Anne's hands in mine and lifted her off her seat. I then turned the seat around and had Anne lean over the back of it, her back facing me. Her tight little ass was naked to the world and just inches in front of my steel-hard prick. Stepping forward I pushed the full length of my rod into Anne's dripping wet cunt. I grabbed Anne's hips with my hands and started rhythmically sliding in and out of her hot slit. I pumped in and out of my wife's smooth, hairless pussy for a several minutes until she turned her head around facing me and said, "Do it hard. I love it when you fuck me really hard."

As ordered, my pace quickened until I was furiously pounding my cock into her twat doggy-style. Anne leaned further over the seat and spread her legs wider giving my complete access to her inner most regions. The sound of the gentle lapping of the water against the boat was matched by the sound of my dick sloshing in and out of Anne's dripping wet hole while my balls slapped against her stomach. There was a strong smell of sex in the boat as Anne began groaning and shaking. She was starting her orgasm and I wasn't far behind. "Oh fuck yeah," Anne cried out at the start of her orgasmic convulsion. Soaked in sweat and quivering with intense sexual excitement Anne screamed, "I'm cumming, I'm cumming, cum with me, damn it. Shoot your cum in me right now."

My balls tightened up and the bottoms of my feet were tingling. Here we were, both Anne and me completely naked standing in our boat in the middle of the lake, fucking like teenagers. I couldn't hold out any longer and exploded with thick streams of hot creamy cum into Anne's hot, hairless and thoroughly drenched cunt. We both climaxed hard, and then I fell forward, exhausted, onto Anne's back. We rested in that position, with me leaning on Anne front to back, with my dick still in her pulsating pussy, for several minutes until my cock shrank enough to pop out of her tight hole.

I stood up and took a couple of steps back so Anne could stand up. She straightened herself from the seat, turned around and stepped into my arms. We stood naked in the boat under the warm summer sun, kissing. She then dropped down to her knees and took my semi-hard cock into her mouth and began to delicately lick it clean. Once she had lapped up all of our love juices, Anne stood back up, gave me another long passionate kiss, and suggested we slowly make our way home.

Both of us remained completely naked as we motored back to our cabin. When we were a few hundred yards from shore, Anne slipped on her T-shirt dress and I put on my boxers and shorts. We got the boat onto the boatlift, unloaded our gear, and hiked up to the cabin with the memory of some great on-water-sex still fresh in our minds.

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