tagBDSMA Ride On The Iron Horse

A Ride On The Iron Horse


This is based on something that actually happened when we were younger and much less careful. I don't recommend it today, except for getting pretty little subs all wet just thinking about it, which is always a good thing to do.

When she woke, she found my message: "Hello little slave, you have a lesson to learn tonight. I have noticed that you do not appreciate and embrace some parts of my life, and therefore fail to completely serve me as I know you hope to. For example, you don't seem to appreciate my motorcycle the way I do. When I spend hours polishing it, or working on it, you are jealous and unhappy with the loss of attention.

Perhaps you have not been introduced well enough to appreciate "her" finer qualities. To correct that, we will be going for a very special ride tonight.

Prepare as follows: Strip and clean yourself comepletely including your anus. Insert a butt plug to begin opening yourself for me. You may use a dime sized drop of lubrication if necessary, but it would please me to know you suffered instead.

Do not wear any nipple jewelry as I have a special new pair of clamps ready for you. Put on that soft little pink sweater / shirt and tie it under your chest with your breasts exposed.

Lightly oil your upper legs, ass and crotch; do not play with yourself.

In the package at the foot of the bed, you will find leather chaps made exactly to your lovely curves. This is the reason I forced you to stand for that fitting when we were in Mexico last month.

Do you remember how the man had to raise your skirt to take all the measurements? Do you also remember the fucking you received as a reward; and that I had to satisfy myself in your ass afterwards because your pussy was too wet? Putting on these chaps and remembering that should make you into the panting little slut I love to own.

I think you can figure out the buckles and straps... yes it doesn't cover your pussy or ass at all. Rest at ease, slave, I won't ask more of you than you can give; you may wear your short black pleated skirt.

Put your hair up in a secure bun and ensure you can fit it into your helmet.

Put on soft, long tube socks and get your thigh high boots ready.

Lay out the wrist restraints with the velcro quick release.

Finally, find your leather riding jacket in the closet and clean it well with saddle soap then rub it dry.

Be ready, wet and in position at 8pm when I arrive.

Best Wishes, your Master Baiter."

The key turning in the lock must have triggered a fresh rush of wetness in you because I can see the juice running down from your cunt to the inside of the chaps. They frame your lovely ass and the little black butt plug nicely. The red wrist restraints that hold your hands in the small of your back are a perfect counter to your swollen red pussy lips just below.

After thinking about this all day, it takes every bit of my self control to keep from just fucking you senseless where you kneel.

"Get up, slave!" I order in a harsh voice, thick with desire and anger at my own lack of control. I know this night will push you farther than you have ever been taken and my mind must be clear and open to your feelings and fears.

Turning back to the garage door where I came in, I say "Put on your boots and jacket, button only the bottom two snaps, bring the cuffs and meet me in the garage."

Just as you open the door, the motorcycle starts, and I twist the throttle to fill the small space with the ungodly loud roar of the engine. "Don't cower, slave, it won't hurt you." I say in a dry voice. "I'll help you with your helmet to protect your ears."

"Come here and get on while I hold the bike for you. Slide back a little... (smack) No! I said SLIDE back. Move up again, put your cunt down and SLIDE back. Does that seat feel cold against your clit? Good, you can warm it up. What about the vibration? Reach down and spread yourself so your clit is directly in contact with the leather."

"Lean forward so I can attach these nipple clamps. The are soldered to solid wires that are clipped to the cooling fins on the side of the engine, so you will feel the heat through them in a little while. I've checked to ensure they never get hot enough to burn, even after riding for a long time, but you are going to have a very direct connection to how hard I am pushing the bike when we go up the mountain."

"Now, here is a pillow over the instruments for your head, so the helmet won't vibrate too much. Lay down with your bare chest on the tank. Feel the filler cap pressing into your chest? I expect you to have a very sore spot there by the end of the night, and most likely an impression of the logo framed between your tits. It will make a good picture."

"Give me those restraints. Hands above your head, time to strap you in place."

"Now to remove the plug from your behind and unzip my pants... Ahh... there, I just have room on the "bitch seat" to sit if my cock is in you. Push back and take it in. Good girl."

"Are we ready? Is your heart pounding? I'm going to close your face mask, you may feel like you are going to suffocate, but rest easy, you have plenty of air, if you just remember to breath. Here we go... hopefully no one is outside, because if they are, I'll have to trigger the garage door to close again quickly."

"Good, no one in sight. I won't be able to hear you so if you need something, squeeze my dick with your ass three times quickly."

Judging from the long slow contractions on my dick, the little slut came twice before we got out to the country. Once the roads were open and more or less straight, I opened it up and used my free hand to tuck the back of her skirt up under her jacket and administer a very solid spanking to her bare ass, turning it cherry red, triggering several O's and eventually causing her to pass out. I know that because her left foot slipped off the peg and I damn near wrecked putting it back up and holding it with my boot.

I went soft and slipped out of her, then found a place to pull over, well off the road.

She was awake by the time I stopped and whispered over and over that she was my slut, my slave, my property, that I could do anything I wanted to her and she would never question me. I can still see her sweet, soft, smile. Eventually she raised her head, shuddered, and said out loud that she loved "our" motorcycle.

I started the bike and told her she could come again, which she did with a long squeal as she lowered her self back down on the bike. At that point, I started to smell something burning and fearing for her or that we were ruining the chaps against the engine or pipes, I pulled her leg back to find that she had soaked the seat clear down to the point that her juice was dripping on the hot muffler!

The ride back was un-eventful except that sanity had returned and I was scared to death that a cop would see us and pull us over.

I was spent from the stress of it all, but had not cum. She later told me she had come several more times on the return, and had wished for another spanking or some form of pain to increase the sensations even more. She had pressed her upper chest into the gas cap so hard that she had torn the skin slightly in places and had a horrible bruse for weeks afterwards. I never did take a picture.

It had been my plan, once we returned, to make her lick the seat clean while fucking her from behind, but instead I carried her to bed, removed her leathers and treated her chest as best I could.

Our room mate at the time was a good little house boi bitch and gave me a blow job to ease my tensions so I was able to sleep.

She cared for my bike with me like a good little "biker bitch" from that day on.

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