tagExhibitionist & VoyeurA Ride on the Mechanical Bull

A Ride on the Mechanical Bull


My pretty wife Sherry and I didn't go out that often normally, for one thing she is best described as a cheap drinking date so going to bars can be a short night out. Then of course with two strapping young pieces of mayhem around the house all the time, we stayed pretty close to home turf.

Two mixed drinks and Sherry is well on her way to a nice 12 to 14 hour session in bed, and I don't mean sex. She goes out like a light and stays that way.

I concede to having been tempted after stripping her down and snuggling the blankets up around her, but no reaction from my partner sex just doesn't do anything for me.

I am a shade over 200 pounds, in shape but it does take one extra tug on my belt to keep my pants from slipping. Sherry on the other hand has never been over 100 pounds in her life, at 4' 9" she is tiny.

Except for her boobs, she measures just 32" up top but the "C" cup looks like they are enormous on her. Add in an honest to God 18" waist and flaring hips that came in handy when she dropped those two fine young sons for us and she gets attention everywhere we go.

After mayhem number two, David, arrived, she measured her waist at 20" and I almost died as she worked out furiously to get back to her vision of normal. Why I had to work out with her I don't know but I either did...or else.

Yep, cute as the proverbial bug's ear and tiny, plus as naughty in the bedroom as a woman can be, I have to say I was a pretty happy hubby.

More than once I have had to step in as some jerk decides to claim her for their own, I never quite understood why a tiny woman typically attracts the more aggressive types, but Sherry seems to anyway.

Maybe her manner? She looks and acts naive, trusting, vulnerable. She isn't, not in the slightest, but it doesn't show. So when she sends a bright smile someone's direction, just because she sees them, sometimes a guy will think she is coming on to them when in fact she barely noticed.

So I usually stay pretty close, and being on the big side they mostly back off when I tell them she is my wife.

Some women pack on weight when they are pregnant, Sherry looked like she did, especially when her navel was sticking out a full inch and a half. That was a kick, I often played with it, plus her boobs became monstrous so I played with them a lot too.

It was just to make sure that she knew I loved her, that was important as her body grew.

I rubbed her down every single night with Cocoa butter, she dropped one 7 pound son and 14 months later out came an 8 pound, 2 ounce boy with more hair on his head than I have.

Both times she was 93 pounds the day she got pregnant and 95 pounds the day she came home from the hospital.

The deliveries were just a matter of bearing down a little and out they came, yelling their heads off. I was there and saw the whole thing the 2nd time, that is a bit intense, let me tell you.

I watched as number two, David came right out through there and it looked to be impossible. I realized that I was damn glad to be a male after seeing that.

Women in the movies screech and holler and carry on, all Sherry did was grunt and sweat a lot, then when the mass of brat came flooding out of there she gave me that silly grin she gets when she thinks she has done something good.

Danny was first and David was right behind, both of them took after me in the size department. By the time they were 10 they both were far bigger than their mom.

When Sherry turned 38, our youngest went off to college, that left the two of us in a bit of a shock, just because the house was so damned quiet.

Then David went into the service, running around rooting terrorists out of buildings as near as I could tell. All we saw of them for months was a letter and a photo now and then. I worried at first about David but he ended up 240 pounds and I knew he could take care of himself. Danny was somehow a bit nerdy and into business law, it was obvious he was headed places.

So no real worries, there, except now it was just us once again.

The truth is we got a little bit jaded, perhaps bored would be a better word? We did things like go to parties, we had missed out on most of that while the kids were growing up. We tried camping but that got old, fishing too. I even caught one once, that was about it. It had spines sticking out, when I grabbed it to get the hook out it nailed me and that was enough of fishing for me.

So we joined a bowling league which was fun. I got pretty good at it, shooting 170's right along. Sherry of course beat me regular as clockwork, how she could wind up a 14 pound bowling ball and send it sailing down there like that is beyond me.

That was kinda fun to watch, to be honest. I noticed lots of the other guys spent a lot of time watching her, too. Her boobs seemed to bounce up and down a few times after each shot since she quit wearing her bras under her bowling shirt. She said something about the straps cut into her if she wore one.

I muttered a little bit about that but got used to it. I guess the truth is I did have a bit of a jealous streak in me and I saw the way some of the other guys were always checking her out.

Sherry even talked me into joining a square dancing group, which turned out to be a mostly swingers club as we found out accidentally in just a few weeks.

That wasn't our thing, Sherry and I were best described as totally faithful to each other. The square dancing thing came to a head one night, we had already been getting suspicious even though nobody had come right out and said anything.

A couple we didn't know came in one night, I guess they just assumed?

Anyway, some hands went where they didn't belong and I ended up with a bloody nose but you should have seen the other guy. When the guy's fat wife reached out and grabbed me by the hair as I had her hubby on his back, Sherry waded over the top and drilled her, all 175 pounds of her.

So we had nice matching bloody noses, Sherry had a black eye and fat lip, too. But the woman she took off of me got the worst of it, plus it would have been even worse if several others hadn't bailed in and got us apart. Sherry had tried to pull her hair out but that slid right off her head, then she had used both hands to rip open the woman's blouse, revealing a huge black bra.

She had raked her a few times trying to get the bra torn off but it was made out of reinforced steel or something. Instead she belted the much bigger woman several times.

I would have interfered but the guy I had down was trying to gouge out my eyes as I bonked him in the head. The fucker even bit me on the arm so I punched him in the teeth a few times. I had learned how to use elbows from watching those cage fighters on TV. That works pretty darn well, too.

Man did I have a sore elbow, though.

Anyway, my tiny little Sherry is just plain hell on wheels when she gets started, like the time a neighbor lady accused little David of throwing rocks and breaking windows (which he did.) The neighbor lady's mistake was catching him at it and taking a belt to him. Sherry went over there, knocked on the door. The woman answered and they had some words, then the lady (I say loosely) slapped Sherry, next thing I knew hide was flying and I was trying to get between them to calm them down, I gave up on that real quick and retreated to a safer place.

Sherry threw a combination that would have put George Foreman down and it was mostly over. Then the gal made the other mistake of trying to get back up and got a Bruce Lee shot in the forehead, that did it.

When things got quiet I came out from behind the big slider chair to assess the damage. The woman's hubby came out, looked at me and then at his wife sitting there on her fat fanny, then he checked Sherry out, grinned and went back inside.

"Put your tit away, honey!" I laughed. In the scuffle her blouse had gotten ripped and tugged over, she had one hanging out in space and didn't realize, busy wiping blood off of her face. She tugged the torn material over her boob, of course it fell right back out so she turned and stomped back to our house.

Later she spanked David herself but she was rather gentle about it, then grounded him "until he was 65 years old!", she said word for word. Of course he screamed like he was being killed, but he minded better after that.

David didn't throw any more rocks, watching his mother chop down the neighbor lady that was twice her size seemed to scare the piss out of him. I just took half his allowance to pay for the damned windows.

Needless to say, after the other incident at the club we didn't do any more square dancing. We didn't need to be in any more silly scuffles, not at our ages.

Hell, I was two full weeks recovering and I won.

I think.

Still, the asshole would probably think twice before walking up behind someone's wife and grabbing her tits from behind.

We more or less stuck to ourselves after that.

Then Sherry saw a flyer about a Country band that would be playing at a night club not more than a mile from our house. I had never heard of them but she had, Sherry always had a local country station on at home while I was at work and these guys were getting some air time.

I knew the club, they had live music on Friday and Saturdays, the rest of the week it was mostly just a country night club. I knew from stopping in for a rare beer that the patrons did that line dancing stuff, it brought back memories of the square dance club so I wasn't all that excited about going.

But we did, we even danced a little, it was fun and the band was good. Sherry drank just two little glasses of my beer, I think I had three all told.

Of course she was drunk as a hoot owl when we got home, even to the point of puking outside in her Rose bushes.

Like I said, she was bit of a lightweight when it came to booze. That got a little bit better over time but not much. We started dropping in right along, just to play pool, listen to the music then one evening we went in and they had one of those huge mechanical bulls.

That changed things, it didn't take long for the crowd to get younger and a bit more rowdy. At first it was mostly guys getting up on the thing. The slow setting was a bit lame, like riding one of those hobby horses that used to be in front of grocery stores. But they had a guy who operated it, and more than one "cowboy" found himself on the padded floor.

It wasn't long after that and some of the more active gals got in on the action, and the man running the thing delighted in making them bounce.

The truth is it delighted me some, too. Sherry would even give me the elbow when someone a bit more spectaculer climbed up there, and every once in awhile one of them would get a bit tanked and act nasty up there.

Things progressed over a few weeks, next came some contests with small prizes for "best ride" and "best show".

Since the people there picked the winners it didn't take very long for the women to catch on to the fact that the best bounce got the loudest applause.

The club's female patrons began to wear halter tops and shorts, skirts and dresses in the mix. A few guys got up and rode too, the cowboy types with the typical western hats and long lanky look to them. The club got even more country than it was before.

Hell, I even got in the act, buying myself a Stetson and some shirts that were in the style. Sherry usually wore a pullover top and jeans, a few times she wore a blouse with a vest and a levi skirt that was a bit short but looked good on her.

It didn't take her very long to start going without a bra and next it was T-shirts, which at first I griped about when I noticed it, but that night she had the vest on so I decided it was OK. It guess I was almost used to it from the bowling alley but there she wore a bowling shirt, those Thin blouses didn't hide much of her shape.

She just mentioned that all the other women ran around without bras, what could I say?

Sherry could get away with the look anyway, she didn't have even a trace of a sag, even after two kids. To this day I am not sure why, but everything on her just stayed in place. Other than the fact that she colored her hair to hide a few spare gray ones, Sherry still looked like the was in her mid twenties.

That's what I kept telling her, anyway.

Her being tiny had a lot to do with that, I think. New bartenders always checked her ID which she got a kick out of since she was coming up on 40.

Nobody even noticed her going braless, so she progressed to T-shirts with nothing underneath and still no one paid any real attention, not any more than normal anyway. I got used to it, and in fact I liked the way she would press against me when we danced to the slow numbers.

There was one couple that came in that we got to be friends with, the guy was called Lodi since his real name was Lee Dye. He was a few years younger than me, his girlfriend was a typical bleached blonde type we all called Kath. Her name was actually Catherine but she hated that, she also hated being called Kate.

She spent a lot of time on the damn bull, and a few times she even won because she certainly had the ability to bounce nicely. Lodi also was on the thing a lot, acting up and slapping his hat as the thing spun circles and jerked back and forth. For some reason they just could not shake him off of the thing, he was more or less the house champion.

A few times he tried to get me up there but no way would I. I knew I would bounce all right, the part right above my belt. They also teased Sherry about trying but she refused, the thing was huge and she was tiny.

Plus after feeding the Rose bushes a few times she was being careful about the booze, it was tough to get her inhibitions down much.

So we had our circle of friends, a place to go and be one of the bunch, things to do.

Then came that silly "Annual Champion's" contest.

Five hundred bucks for first and two hundred for second.

Sherry showed me the flyer when I got home from work.

"We don't want to miss that." I told her, heading for my chair and newspaper.

"Yea, it's Saturday night, we need to get there early to get a good seat."

I nodded and clicked on the news.

"I can do that!" She blurted out.

"Do what?" I answered.

"Ride that thing."

"You are kidding, you have never even been on it." I protested.

"Oh, it's easy, everyone has been teasing me trying to get me to try anyway. Besides, it's $500!"

"I am not so sure it's so easy, and besides, you probably can't win. Not against Kath, she is good at it."


"Oh, yeah?" Sherry bounced up and down on her tiptoes, standing sideways to me. Her magnificent boobs did a nice hop and roll, all I could to was stare at her and blink. Then she grinned at me and headed for the kitchen.

Good grief.

I figured she would chicken out so I wasn't too worried, but Saturday arrived and she insisted I get ready at about 3 in the afternoon.

"Hey, why so early, the contest won't start until around 10 or 11 tonight?"

"I want some practice, I already called and they told me it was ok so go get ready!"


I went and showered, pulled on some jeans and a shirt, grabbed my hat. Sherry was in the living room waiting, she had on a black halter top I had never seen before and her levi skirt. She was all made up, her hair brushed out.


"You are going to wear THAT?" I asked.

"Sure, what's wrong with it?" Her lower lip stuck out.

"You will be climbing up on that thing in a skirt, that's what's wrong. And your tits will be out of that top in ten seconds!"

"Oh, don't be silly, they won't either, and I have my sizzler bottoms on." She hiked up her skirt to show me. She had a blue panty set that went with another outfit she sometimes wore, they were called sizzlers and the bottoms were designed to show I think.

I had thrown a fit when she bought it so she only wore it around the house when she was feeling naughty. They were shiny and felt slippery, like silk.

I shrugged and gave up.

We got to the club, there were two people sitting at the bar. Sherry went over and said something to the bartender, then Tom, the club owner came out.

"Hi, guys! So you want to give it a try, huh? Come on!"

He headed over to where the huge machine sat.

"Go ahead and hop on, I will give it a gentle run so you get the feel of it." He told Sherry, looking her up and down and then grinning at me.

I probably scowled, I am not sure.

Sherry tried to climb up there but it took her three tries, for her it was quite a distance but she finally got her leg up and over it. At least her leg was away from Tom when she did or he would have had one hell of a good peek at the crotch of her shiny blue sizzler bottoms. It all looked silly to me, the machine was huge even with Kath up on it and she was around 150 pounds and 5' 9". Poor Sherry was almost doing the splits sitting up there.

The thing slowly started into motion, first just rocking back and forth. Then Tom picked up the pace, he caught her slightly off gaurd and she slipped, but managed to stay on. Then the rocking and bouncing increased, Sherry got onto the tempo and her big breasts began to roll around.

I could see she was adding a bit to it, too. Then Tom picked it up even more, Sherry let out a squeal and started slapping the side of the thing like she had seen others do.

Damned if she didn't stay on it, and Tom had the machine going at a pretty good pace. Then he made it do that little fast hop motion, Sherry's bottom was bouncing off of the saddle making a slapping sound as she was lifted an inch or two and dropped.

Tom slowed the machine, brought it to a stop. Sherry slid off and grinned at me. Her face was flushed bright red, I thought about that for a few seconds and grinned.

"See? I told you it was easy." We went in and shared a beer and headed on home. Just before we left Tom put a reserved sign on our favorite table, then grinned at me.

"Gonna be one hell of a night!" He smiled at Sherry, taking another long look, then went into the back room.

We arrived at 9 PM, I ordered a beer and Sherry took a little glass of it. I could tell that she was nervous even though she was doing her best to hide it. Lodi and Kath showed up about a half hour later, Kath looked as nasty as I had ever seen her.

For one thing the light blue halter top she had on was so thin I could see her dollar coin sized nipples right through it and there was quite an expanse of flesh hanging out of the top of it. Topping that was a white pleated skirt that was so short it was ridiculous.

Kath had come loaded for bear, she planned on winning. I glanced at Sherry, saw her jaw set but she didn't say anything. Then she reached out and poured herself another small glass of my beer.

I ordered another one, Sherry took some of that, too.

"Sherry." I warned her.

"I'm all right." She sipped some more. I checked her out, she did look OK so I didn't think any more of it.

The bar began to fill, there were way more people in there than normal. It was a good thing we had a neat front row table or we would have had to stand to see, and Sherry being so short would have seen nothing but the backs of people.

Then Tom came out and did all of his hype, cracked a few bad jokes, and the contest started.

The first bunch were the men, they had a seperate contest and it was obvious in short order that Lodi won. There was only a half dozen that even tried. Several encouraged me to get up there but I kept myself planted firmly in my seat.

The first female up was a lanky brunette I hadn't seen before. She managed to last a couple of spins but ended up on the floor the instant the machine started bouncing. It seemed that her fanny was going up while the machine went down and vice versa. She had on a T-shirt and jeans, she did jiggle pretty nicely but it was over for her so quickly that all she got was a couple of cheers and a short round of applause.

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