A Ride on the Mechanical Bull


Then there was a string of them, one gal in jeans managed the whole ride, then another one in a dress stayed on barely, showing off her panties in all directions as she hung on for dear life.

Then Kath was up there, her well practiced motions were obviously the best so far, and she got a rousing round of cheers when one boob popped out as Tom did the bouncing up and down part. She made no effort to put it back in, until she climbed down off the machine, showing off her thin white thong clearly as she did so.

Yep, Kath had plans on winning that $500, I could tell.

Next up was Sherry, she managed to get up on the thing but of course her blue undies were displayed as she had to hike her leg to get into the seat. That got a roar from the crowd.

I think Tom took it a bit easy on her for that round, she managed to last the whole ride without even slipping. Her boobs made the halter top she had on look like it was flowing, there were more cheers and her round of applause easily matched Kath's.

Her face was flushed as she got back to the table, and she had a sheen of sweat on her face.

Hell, I was kind of proud of her.

Then they did the eliminations, the one gal that had managed to stay on first did it again. I noticed the turns were more violent, the rocking increased. The next gal lasted about two seconds, ending up on her back with her legs wide open, showing off her panties again clearly. She got up giggling and stumbled off, obviously a bit drunk.

Kath went next, she swung her leg out and way higher than she needed to, letting everyone get a look at her tiny thong. I didn't even know they made thongs that narrow, there was one hell of a lot of Kath showing when she did that. I gulped a couple of times and adjusted myself in my jeans, getting a glare from Sherry as my reward. One of Kath's tits popped out on the first bounce and the other one on the second, but on one quick turn she slipped, ending up hanging on by one arm barely. The crowd was really into it now, the place was getting noisy.

I saw Sherry take another pull at her glass out of the corner of my eye, then she was up there. Sherry's skirt was snugger than Kath's, she had to hike it slightly to sit. The first time she had tugged it down, this time she just left it, her blue undies were in clear view from both front and back.

I saw the machine begin, it was almost in slow motion as one of her shoulder straps slipped down. I think Tom noticed that, too, because almost instantly the machine began to jiggle up and down. Sherry's right tittie came partly into view, then the top gave up and slid down. She couldn't let go, all she could do was hang on.

I saw the muscles of her legs clamp down as she tried to stay in place but her fanny was sliding back and forth. Then it switched to a back and forth sawing motion, she was sliding forward and then back, her legs were just not long enough to hold a grip. When the machine dipped away far forward, she reached out and gripped something on the saddle, pressing herself tight to it. I could see her blue bottoms were now pulled into the crack of her ass, her butt looked to be bare.

My face flushed and I almost got up to go help her, but by now the crowd was so rowdy I figured that would be a good way to cause a fuss.

The ride mercifully ended, Sherry worked her way back to our table, her hand tugging at her halter top and she reached down to tug her panties out of the crack of her behind.

"Had enough?" I asked her.

"Nope! I can do this!" She sat down and instantly reached for her glass. Kath was gone someplace, probably to the restroom, I had been so intent on watching that I hadn't noticed.

Lodi sat there with a big grin on his face, I wanted to reach out and pop him one.

"Sherry...." I started to say.

"I'm winning...." she managed, plopping both elbows on the table.

"I think this is about enough of that." I told her.

She gave me a look that I had long since learned meant to keep my mouth shut. Then she smiled sweetly as Kath came back and sat down. I glanced back and forth, they both had that look on their faces, there was no doubt the war was on. Lodi caught it too, he just sat there cleverly pretending he didn't notice anything.

Tom was on the microphone, he finally got the crowd settled down, then he announced that it seemed to be a tie, between Kath and Sherry, of course.

I groaned.

"Rideoff, rideoff, rideoff!" The crowd started to chant.

"Rideoff it is, let's see who can stay on this time!" Tom shouted.

They drew lots and Kath went first again. I figured the machine would be pretty violent this time. Before it was if you touched the floor you were out, then the crowd voted with applause for those who managed to stay on.

This time they set a timer for 4 minutes.

"Wow, it's a four minute ride this time, are you sure?" I whispered to Sherry. The others had all been 60 seconds or less.

"Four minutes per ride or whoever stays on the longest!" Tom spouted over the loudspeaker.

Kath climbed up on the bull, she did that slow reach out with her leg again. There was no white thong under there this time, it was just Kath under that little white pleated skirt. I sat there in surprise as she settled into the saddle.

"That fucking bitch!" Sherry snarled as the crowd went nuts. Then the machine was in motion, and it wasn't gentle at all. Kath's top was off her boobs in the first 5 seconds and she was flopping all over the place. She was tossed forward almost over the end of the thing, then it reversed. At one point she had a death grip on the saddle and was hanging over the side, somehow she stayed there. I was thinking the operator actually reversed it just in time to catch her because he was enjoying the show.

But I saw her begin to tire, her reactions got slightly behind and she never recovered, finally she was dumped onto the pads on her side. She lay there gasping for several seconds, then got up and tugged her clothing back into place.

She sat down, her face bright red, then she glanced up at the timer clock, she had lasted just 2 minutes and 17 seconds.

"Beat that!" She challenged Sherry. I spotted a guy that ran out and sprayed the saddle down with what looked to be Lysol or something like that, the saddle was actually shiny where Kath's bare beaver had been planted on it.

"Sherry!" I started to protest.

Sherry didn't answer, she just got up and climbed up on the machine. Then she lifted herself up and reached between the front of her levi skirt. I couldn't see just what she did, but suddenly both cheeks of her behind were bare. She sat back down and squirmed, it looked like she was trying to get settled into a good grip.

Then the thing was in motion. One thing I noticed quickly is the more violent motions didn't affect Sherry as much as it did Kath's larger body, still one boob popped up and out of her top before the timer got to the first minute. But Sherry seemed to actually be in control, she even let go with one hand and slapped the saddle a few times. Then she was right back to hanging on for dear life. Her behind had stayed pretty steady in the saddle at first, but now she was sliding forwards and then backwards with each thrash of the machine. It spun several times in dizzying circles, then reversed suddenly. Over the side she went, one leg up over the saddle, one hand holding on somehow. The machine spun again and she lost her grip and off she went, rolling over onto her back.

I glanced up at the timer, Kath had beaten her by just 5 seconds. Looking back, Sherry had come to her senses enough to tug her panty back in place, half of her bare pussy was hanging out one side, and one boob was out in space, too. The crowd was so noisy I couldn't make out much more than the whooping and yelling.

Finally Sherry got up and came back to the table, her face soaked in sweat.

"Almost, honey!" Kath said, shaking her hand. They didn't seem to be at odds any more.

"Best damn show on the planet!" Lodi said with a grin.

"At least I kept my panties on!" Sherry said.

"Well, almost." I told her. She actually blushed.

"Next time I will wear some panties that give me better traction, these are slippery."

"Next time?" I asked.

She grinned at me.

"Yea, I will win next time!" She laughed.

"We will see about that." Kath told her.

They looked at each other pointedly.

"I am braver than you are, honey." Kath told her.

"We will just see about that."

Tom had the two girls come up to the stage as he presented the prizes, Kath got the $500 and Sherry got $200. There were more cheers as he held up their hands.

"Let's go home." Sherry whispered to me when she got back to the table. We left, I was thinking of getting a nice roll in the hay but Sherry got out of the car and fertilized her Rose bushes.

I knew that next she would sleep for half a day. I got her on the bed, unhooked her halter and put it aside. Then I slid the skirt off, and tugged the blue panties down and off. They looked funny, I glanced down at them and realized the elastic on one side was broken. Sherry must have done that when she reached down, I realized.

I looked down at my now naked sleeping wife, pulled the covers up over her and tucked them in.

Then I undressed and slid into bed. I knew my little Sherry had an exhibitionistic streak in her, but she really did surprise me this time. The other surprise was that I really didn't feel upset or jealous, I was actually a little proud, she had put on a pretty good battle considering.

Life wasn't likely to be boring, I was thinking, as I dozed off.

Not likely to be boring at all.

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