tagErotic HorrorA Ritual Promise

A Ritual Promise


Bethany held the ivory handled knife tightly, the glinting, angular blade of the dagger pointing straight down. Her eyes were glazed and the knife blurred out of focus, obscuring the view of the pretty girl lying naked on the table. Her hair was blonde and it's golden curls shimmering in the candle light that illuminated the forest glade, splaying around her head like a shimmering halo. Bethany stared down at the pale, perfect flesh she was preparing to rend. Her head lolled a little, the drug induced haze making the knife shake in her hands. It's sharp tip wavered forward just enough to catch on the victim's perfect, rounded breasts. It pierced the ivory skin near her nipple, the little cut bubbling with droplets of scarlet blood which ran, slowly across the mound of her breasts and pooled at the centre of her body.

"Shit," Bethany cursed, her head spinning as the smell of the blood hit her. The confusion in her mind made her pause. She placed the knife down on the stone table, the image of the beautiful woman's naked flesh before her eyes swimming in her head. Bethany staggered around the table and placed her hands flat down on it, her face inches from the flawless virgins skin. As she began to stabilise mentally, she bent forward and instinctively licked the blood from the blonde's nipple. The girl stirred from unconsciousness, still heavily drugged and Bethany licked the blood gently from her chest, in a line down between her breasts, lapping up the bright red pool on her skin.

Goosebumps pricked up all over the victims body and she groaned, her arms straining against the ropes holding her down with her legs spread-eagled at the four corners of the table. Bethany felt wetness grow between her legs from seeing the innocent woman's nipples stand up hard and wet. Her fingers reached out, running gently across the curve of the blonde's breasts. They felt soft and moved gently with the pressure until Bethany was engulfing them with her hands, her nails digging in. Blood pumped harder to her own small, pert nipples as she reached forward gently circling them with her tongue until the girl was moaning in her unconsciousness.

Her face, Bethany noticed, was laced with sweat, her lips pale from all the drugs they'd had to give her to make her cooperative. With her legs spread on the table, she looked divine, so pale and flawless that Beth found herself running her long fingernails gently across her captive's stomach and down over her soft, curvy hips. Her legs were toned, shapely and Bethany's heart rate grew faster as she trailed down the beautiful body moving around the table until she was at the bottom, between the girls legs.

She had a perfect view of the girls cunt. It wasn't shaved but neatly trimmed and small, tight and neat looking. Gasping with desire Bethany pulled the red cord that secured her robe and dropped the heavy, satin cloth that was covering her nudity onto the ground. Her own body was strong, muscular and didn't strain at all as she lifted her knee, pushing herself up onto the table between the victim's legs. Tensing her muscles she lifted herself, her hands and feet at the corners of the stone table, holding herself straight above the blonde. Their breasts touched gently, pale flesh contrasting to Bethany's tanned skin as their nipples brushed against each others. Beth's dark hair fanned around them like a curtain, framing the blonde's pretty face, her pouting pink lips and her long, elegant neck. Beth's lips found the pale skin of that neck and kissed it gently, her tongue licking around, tasting the gentle saltiness of sweat.

As she traced her tongue gently across the girl's pale lips her captive gasped, opening her mouth to Bethany's tongue. Beth pressed forward, biting gently on the girls' lip as she flicked her tongue around, tasting the girl she was going to kill. As they kissed Beth lifted one of her hands and continued to run her fingers across the pale flesh beneath her, causing little jerks and gasps from the girl. She breathed in those gasps, licking and sucking and biting at those soft, pale lips.

The girl's breath started coming short and hard as Beth played with her nipples. They were fully hard, pert and hot as fresh beads of sweat from straining against the ropes started to spring up across the woman's skin. Beth lowered herself down until their hips were touching. Her shaved, smooth mound was tickled as it pushed against the other girls cunt. Beth smiled, kissing away the gasps on the girl's lips. Her legs entwined with the other woman's, pushing their hips hard against each other. Beth felt her own heat rising, watching herself as she touched and controlled the other woman who was so out-of-it she couldn't help herself from responding. Beth's fingers found the girl's clit and explored her hungrily, quickly circling and vibrating over her wet skin causing the unconscious girls back to arch and her hands to ball into fists. Seeing the response she was getting Beth's skin grew hot with need. She wanted to take the little virgin, own her and, quivering with anticipation, she pushed three fingers deep inside the virgin's pussy.

It was tight, so tight, but the girl was wet and eager in her slumber. She started pushing her hips subconsciously against Bethany's hand, helping her push inside. Beths fingers delicately explored inside deep, then shallow her thumb pushing down hard on the girl's clit.

Beth watched the girl's flesh flush, her cheeks rosy and pink as her eyes flickered briefly open and rolled upwards. The blonde was gasping and moaning with each thrust of the hand inside her. Beth pushed herself upwards - though it pained her to pull her cunt away from the girl's wetness - her nipples cold in the breeze as she moved down between the blonde's legs.

Kneeling, she pushed the girl's knees further apart with her own and sat forward, spreading the blonde's lips apart with her thumbs. Her flesh, underneath the trimmed hair, was pink, moist and smooth. Bethany leant closer, inhaling the gentle smell of the girl's sex. Her tongue reached out, the tip of it pressing gently against the swollen clit, gently massaging it back and forward then exploring deeper. Her long, strong tongue penetrated the girl, pushing into her cunt and Beth drank in her wetness eagerly. The girl began to murmur louder, her knees lifting from the table and thighs hugging Bethany's shoulders, urging her deeper inside with her tongue tensing her bonds to their limit. Beth's fingers reached inside the girl, two fingers pushing in and out slowly at first, then harder as the girl grew closer to ecstasy.

With her free hand Bethany reached between her own legs, rubbing frantically at her clit in time with her movements on the girl. Her cunt grew hotter, wetter and soon she was moaning herself, her lips gasping against the girls wet lips.

Hearing her captive's first orgasm echo through the clearing drove Beth over the edge, and soon she was screaming, her tongue still trying to lick and suck at the clit between her lips. The electricity that vibrated through from their orgasms slowly subsided, Beth staying perfectly still with her tongue licking teasingly at the girls oversensitive clit, her fingers still deep inside the little virgin's cunt.

"That was not part of the ritual," a woman's voice from behind rang out, and she sighed, rolling her eyes. She pushed herself up to sitting, and slowly extracted her dripping wet fingers from the girls pussy, but instead of glistening clear liquid due to the girl's excitement, Beth's fingers were dripping with blood. It fell onto the stone table and pooled underneath the pale girl's ass.

"Shit," Beth muttered, moving off the table and bending down low to reach for her robe. As she stood, the woman who'd been watching came up behind her suddenly and wrapped her cold hands around Beth. The hands encircled her gently caressing her nipples. One hand let go then, and took Beth's bloody hand by the wrist. Turning her around the woman, Gayle, reached out with her tongue and licked the blood off, drop by drop.

Gayle muttered with a smile, her hand seeking out Beth's cunt and letting her fingers flick fast at Beth's clit, causing her to gasp and recoil. But Gayle pulled Beth closer, her fingers probing into her soaking wet pussy as she whispered in her ear, "I remember when you used to look at me like that."

"Yes," Beth stammered as she was allowed to pull away and place her robe over her shoulders. "I'm sorry." Looking upwards at the night sky Beth grimaced. The realization made her stomach cramp and contract, her shoulders hunching over with the sensation. "It's too late."

"I know." Gayle smirked. "You're going to be in trouble. Tomorrow night, that's your last chance."

"Why didn't you..." Beth started as Gayle began to walk away.

"What?" Gayle interrupted, her voice sharp. "Why didn't I interrupt you? Well," she grinned, "I was enjoying watching far too much. And this way, it might not just be the blonde bitch that ends up on the chopping block when we succeed."

With that, she turned and continued off into the dark, leaving Beth with a moaning, wet little virgin - who was going to wake up soon - and Beth had run out of drugs.


The cave where they'd settled together - all five of them - for the duration of their little rendezvous was close to the area with the stone table, so Beth didn't have to carry the little bitch very far. She was starting to wake up, worryingly enough, so she almost walked on her own, her head lolling and eyes rolling. Beth had thrown a white robe over her body covering the pale, goose-pimpled skin from the cold night air and had the candles, knife and other ceremonial trinkets with her in a simple red bag slung over her shoulder.

When she got back to the cave, hidden from the forest by a thick layer of undergrowth, the candles around the area were already lit casting soft illumination on the scene. The others sat around naked, drinking wine from ceramic cups, a large bowl for burning herbs and other strange substances was lit in the centre of the space, the fumes and smoke from it filling the room. Gayle looked up at Beth with a raised eyebrow and a shake of her head, then took the hands of the girls beside her and they started to talk quietly.

Beth sat the woman in white down on a pile of blankets, and checked her eyes. She was almost lucid, her arms beginning to search around her and her eyes blinking, trying to focus. Biting her lip, Beth turned to the four girls.

Leila, the youngest at a mere 21 and yet most focused of the group, sat back on her hands and looked up at Beth. Her breathing barely stirred her small, pointed breasts despite the influences of the herb-bowl. "You failed," she said simply, her face stony and straight in stark contrast to her youthful appearance, "You are going to suffer tonight. Tomorrow is-"

"The last chance, I know." Beth sighed, "Gayle beat you to it."

"This is no time to joke, sister," Freida whispered, her eyes wide and large chest heaving as she breathed in the smoke. "You won't be joking when you feel the agony."

Beth ignored their comments, there was nothing to be done now except try again tomorrow and succeed. Her chest heaved as she sighed, wondering what had come over her to make her fuck it up. No matter how hot the sacrifice was she wasn't worth the agony that came with failure.

"What do I do with...?" Beth ventured, turning her head to the pile of blankets as her captive stirred.

"Bring her here!" Gayle barked, stilling any quiet chatter among the women. Margaret - the quiet sister - stood to help Beth lift the girl from her rest. Margaret took one arm, placing her other hand on the blonde's ass and guiding her towards the circle. Beth helped, steering her as she staggered forward, then placed her down right in the centre, beside the billowing smoke that obscured everyone's thoughts.

"She will comply, when he comes. She might even enjoy it," Gayle added with slight smile.

Beth nodded silently, taking her place at the last space around the little five-point circle. She had the girls to her, the pale skin and flawless curves looking smooth and perfect in the low candle light.

The women took each others hands gently, enclosing the girl in the circle, eyes searching each other for any hint of doubt. The fire from the burning bowl suddenly gushed hotter, causing each of them to flinch and lean back from the flames. The girl jumped, startled, rolling to her side and scooted away from the bowl. Her ass cheeks pushed against Beth's crossed legs, her hands flailed trying to fight her way through the circle. With a snarl, Leila broke her grasp of Beth's hand to grab that pale jaw, the delicate jaw that Beth had so recently been kissing and shoved it roughly against the floor, holding her still like a disobedient dog.

The girl bucked, yelping and Leila covered her mouth. Looking deep into the girls eyes, Leila held her gaze for a few moments and something passed between them that Beth couldn't quite make out in the smoke. But when Leila took Beth's hand again the girl in front of them was still. She was alive, Beth was sure - they couldn't complete the ritual tomorrow night without her - her breasts were rising and falling quickly with her ragged breathing.

"It's time," Leila said quietly, the women all closed their eyes, inhaling deeply.

Beth opened her eyes a few seconds later, realising that something was wrong. Her breath wouldn't come, the smoke choked her it seemed to congeal in her throat like tar, thick and clotting. The girls on either side of her held her hands tightly, refusing to let her move. With wide eyes, Beth felt the smoke accumulate in her throat more and more until she started to feel pressure build up in her head. Tears sprung from her eyes as she realized she couldn't breathe; realized she was going to die.

Struggling against the hands holding her, she began to feel her head swim and all her strength faded. Slumping forward, the last thing she saw was her blonde 'victim's' ass before she fell, sweat beading up on her face with the pain in her head the pain of her one thought, she would die.

Suddenly she could breathe. She gasped the air in, filling her lungs desperately before her subconscious felt the presence, before she realized that she wasn't alone. The sudden sense of it was vast, so much bigger than the space inside her head but she could feel him there, on the edge of her perception. And she knew he was mad.

"I'm sorry..." she started, but was instantly quietened as an unseen force squeezed around her throat, choking her. Something pressed down on her from all around and she gasped as the feeling of sharp, cutting slices, like an invisible whip opened the skin of her back, her legs, her arms and her breasts. The blood - she didn't know if it was real or imaginary - started to flow, red lines criss-crossing this way and that, patterns forming all over her skin.

The pain was intense and made her breathing shallow and ragged, as she felt something wrap around her wrists and ankles. Trying to open her eyes, she saw only blurs of fire and skin in the candle light, before the darkness took her again. She could feel his displeasure at her for trying to escape him and instead she focussed on the pain. It was what she deserved anyway. She'd almost fucked everything up for him and he was everything to her.

What would she give for the pain to stop? The question came to her as something long, oily and wide forced its way inside her mouth, going to her throat so far that again she struggled to breath. She tried to breath through her nose but it choked her and she gagged, trying to vomit, trying to cough, trying to breathe but it was stuck, as though with barbs, securing it in her throat. It pushed further inside her until she thought she might burst and then retreated, the small, thinner end slithering around in her throat.

She tried to think wildly. What would she give, what could she give? How could she prove that she would do it right next time?

But nothing came to mind. She had nothing, no-one, to give. Wrong answer, she realized as something pulled her limbs apart painfully, dragging on her hands and feet until they where totally outstretched from her body. Again she wondered if it was real, feeling more blood drip over her skin as the small slashes opened with the movement of her skin.

What would she give?

But the longer she waited the more anger she felt from Him and the more punishment she knew she would endure. Something else thick and strong and alive wrapped around her leg. It was slimy, cold, and stole all of the warmth and comfort from her skin. Whatever it secreted caused the cuts on her skin to sting harder. It wound its way up her leg like a snake, squeezing her flesh hard. She tried to cry out around the thing in her throat, but couldn't move.

Something writhed against her clit, and Beth jumped, struggling involuntarily. It started to move up inside her, thin at first then thicker, like the thing in her throat. It slid inside easily, but soon got so thick that it pushed harder and harder against her to get inside. The walls of her cunt started to strain, tears ran freely down Beth's cheeks as she started to bleed, her skin splitting around the thing penetrating her hole.

Finally she realised that, though the pain was very real, it couldn't be true. She hadn't taken a breath in minutes and though her chest ached and her head so full of pressure as though she would die, she hadn't. But without death, she realised, the pain could be eternal.

What would she give?

Frantically, she fought against the things holder her arms as she felt another slimy intruder wrap around her other leg, oily and slippery against her skin. It felt thicker, heavier than the other one, and when she realised where it was going, her ass cheeks clenched shut. 'No!' she pleaded in her head, knowing that more unbearable pain was to come. Little sharp spikes pricked out all over the thing around her leg, and she finally realised what she would give.

'Myself!' she thought, 'If I fuck up, I'll sacrifice myself. I'll die for you. I'll do anything you want me to. I'll give you my love..."

She just wanted the pain to stop and, gradually, it did. The thing didn't stop winding up her leg though, and the others didn't leave her throat or her cunt but suddenly they didn't hurt so much. It felt more like something was fucking her mouth. A thinner member, penetrating her mouth and retreating, rhythmically, tiny suckers sticking to her tongue and caressing the inside of her mouth.

Similar bliss happened around her clit, the little suckers from the thing filling her pussy tickled her mound, sticking to her sensitive clit and pulling it, penetrating deep inside her as the other one - thinner and smooth now - slowly slid inside her ass.

The things holding her arms let her go, and Beth realised the others were there too, even the blonde.

'My name is Krista,' the girl whispered as she leant forward against Beth, her pink lips curling up in a lazy smile. Her eyes seemed all black, her pupils were so full from the substances in smoke. Gayle, Margaret and Freida were near too, Beth knew that they were there even though she couldn't see anyone beside Krista. She could feel them kissing, fucking she could hear their moans of pleasure echoing around the dream. Around them all a long thread of power started to twist up, wrapping around Gayle's leg and followed her skin up to where it touched Freida's. Their cunts were pressed hard together, grinding, and Beth could feel it as the thread of power reached upward and delved inside the women. Gayle screamed with pleasure as another tendril wrapped around both of their waists and pushed them closer together, bringing Margaret against Gayle's ass.

Gayle's nipples pressed hard against Freida's ample tits and they rolled around, all teeth and nails. Margaret nudged downwards, spreading Gayle's cheeks and licking her puckered little asshole whilst her arm reached around, playing with Freida's clit.

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