tagBDSMA Road Diverged

A Road Diverged


Everyday she would walk the park. First it was one mile, then two miles, now it’s up to four. It wasn’t easy to get into the rhythm, but she had been determined to lose the weight. It took a long time to show, but she was now feeling trim around the hips and her buttocks were firming up. He had noticed the difference before she did and as she met her second round of goals, he decided to make one of her fantasies come true.

He waited until she started her way around the four mile trail, watched her fade off into the distance and began jogging the opposite direction. So few people actually make it four miles, he figured they would be safe. For some reason, she had picked today to wear her loosest jean dress (of course, they were almost all loose right now). All the better, he thought, as he set a decent pace. He started thinking about how he would be able to unzip the top of the dress and pinch her nipples while she sucked on him and found the jogging tougher with a hard on.

She loved to take his rod between her lips and slide over it, slipping it into her mouth inch by inch. She so loved to give head. One of his favorite things about her. She would nibble on the head of his cock with her hands around the shaft and slide them slowly up and down as she took the sensitive head just inside her mouth and work it around with her tongue.

Her mouth gently taking all of me in and down her throat as my hands grab her hair, then move across her cheeks as she pulls her head back to look me in the eye. Gives me chills over my body. Usually she moans then and pushes her mouth back onto my hardness. She alternates slow and fast, with glances upward to watch my eyes glaze over and close while she licks and sucks.

She does do that so well! I love to watch my cock leave her mouth, glistening and throbbing with pleasure, then see her lips close back around it, her eyes glint mischievously, and the pressure of suction engulfs me once more.

Sometimes she’ll turn her head back and forth across the tip with part of it rolling over her tongue, sometimes she jams her face down on it as hard and as far as she can. The feelings wash over me in waves as I reach down to unzip her dress and realize I’m daydreaming and barely moving.

I pick up the pace until I get near the point that I think must be almost halfway and start looking for a place to leave the trail.

I’d just found the perfect place when I saw movement through the trees. I walked out to the trail, hoping it’s her and alone, and it was. She reacts with surprise. First the jerk alert, then the smile and the wide eyes. She takes me in and her gaze lingers at my crotch where it is all too obvious what I am doing there.

It’s all the invitation she needs. She has told me many times how much she loves sucking my cock. She tells me about the texture and the way she enjoys turning me on and feeling it harden more and even more than she imagines it can. She loves my reaction when she takes me into her throat and tightens it around my hardness. I love feeling her excitement and the sensation all rolling together.

One of the joys of a familiar partner is that you can predict their stimulation and enhance it with little things. She loves sucking on me and I know she fantasizes about semi public places. She’s sucked me in a car and got so turned on she nearly came when I played with her tits and wouldn’t slide my dick all the way inside her. When I did get her home and let her cum that time, it was so hard and overwhelming that she fell asleep almost as soon as I let her relax.

She was on her knees fast, grabbing at my cock and pulling my pants down around my swollen member. It felt just as I imagined. Her sensuous lips parting and taking me all the way in before releasing me back out. She was nibbling at the tip before swallowing it whole and the chills it gave me kept me rooted to the spot. Each time she would pull away from my groin, she would look up at me and grin. At one point I had to lean back against a tree as my knees weakened and it wasn’t long from that before I turned inside out and pumped my load into her throat.

She made a big show of licking me clean, the open nerves on my cock making me jolt, the pumping slowing until my member would wave feebly at her if she took her mouth completely away. She started licking long, slow strokes up the underside, leaving trails of electricity and as she slowly, gently began taking me between her luscious lips, her ministrations and the open air combined to stiffen my rod “for the drive home”.

She knew what was coming next. I could see that in her glance upward. It was more of a leer, her body posturing slightly, and her chest pushed out as my hands dropped to her zippered front. Neither of us had given any thought to the trail and the openness of our situation, we were so lost in each other, and we only just realized this when the snap of a twig sounded clearly over the hushed metal rubbing as I pulled the tab down over her taught, heaving bosom.

I looked around and saw nothing, reached into my pocket and pulled out the sports wrap I’d brought with me. She gasped when she saw it and lunged at my balls, swallowing my cock. Her tongue flicked out around my hardening dong and tickled at the base where my scrotum stretched. I could feel my balls dance where they tried to contract and it made me groan with pleasure and ache.

Her fingers reached up to fondle my sac and it gave me the opportunity to take her by the wrist and wrap around and around, finishing by wrapping the other wrist and securing the two together.

Reluctantly slipping my length from her lips, I lifted her by the area of the wrap that stretched between her wrists and pulled her back into the trees.

Her tits were already straining at the loosened fabric, sensing their freedom nearing, but when I pressed her up against a tree, they positively jutted out and it was difficult to understand how they were being held inside or why the cloth didn’t just rip apart. They were bulging and straining the seams and the nipples were forcing themselves through the jean material.

I was crazed. Possessed with the urge to tear the shift off her and ram my raging hard on in her so far she would only be able to scream and cry. I wanted to hear her beg and whimper. Even as I calmly held her wrists and pulled them over her head, further pushing her breasts out at me.

One of the things I love about my girlfriend (can’t get enough of the way she loves to mouth fuck me) is her huge, rounded, firm, full, bounding, bountiful breasts. I could lick, suck, fuck and play with those big, bouncy fun bags all day, all night and on into next week.

With her arms secured to the tree by the wrists, her breath coming in gasps and moans, the zipper of her outfit partially undone and the fabric threatening to burst, the tops of those beautiful tits were shoving up and showing themselves as a force to be reckoned with.

Pressing myself into her body so hard that the tree had to be trying to enter her ass, I just nudged her neck with my lips. I know how it drives her crazy to have all this hardness all over her and at the point of entry, to make her strain her nerves trying to feel the light touches and tickles. I worked my way around her neck, barely touching her skin with my lips and the tip of my tongue. I could feel her tissue contract wherever it felt the tracing and I would shove my rock hard length at her, poking into her thigh, trying to bore a hole anywhere it could.

Moving onto the heaving mounds, I lightened the touch even more. Hardly brushing the tender flesh, my fingers started digging into her ass and working their way firmly and knowingly up toward that zipper. She was struggling to present the opening to my fingers while maintaining as much contact as she could get with my lips. She was making no secret about where she wanted my lips next, wriggling to get a boob on either side of my face.

When I suddenly pushed between her globes and grabbed at her chest, she made a noise that began as a sigh, went to a moan and nearly became a scream. A hiccough of desperation that let me know how ready she was and how urgent her situation was turning. I knew without checking that her thighs had rivulets of moisture and her pussy lips were swollen to bursting.

I knew as I nibbled and sucked at her sternum, forcing her tits apart, that when I reached my finger and thumb between her legs and pinched her pussy lips that they would be drenched, slick and silken. Quivering at the touch and slipping through the attempts to grip them. They would feel like I could grab and pop them, and at the same time like I wouldn’t be able to hold onto them properly.

It drives me wild to feel them like that. Makes me think of how it feels to shove my cock through them and into the opening beyond. How they push apart slick and soft, wrapping back around as my pole passes inside and gripping it with a fierceness that threatens to reach in and yank my sperm from me. The sensations of her tight little twat give me delights beyond a simple pairing. Just a deep hard fuck. The excitement that is her, open to me throughout her soul, bare to my thoughts and spirit, electrifies my own inner self.

I kept thinking of how I wanted to shove her to the ground, grab her ass and plunge my cock into her, ramming into her so hard she wouldn’t be able to keep her breath and stopping cold at the point that I would shoot jets of cream into her sopping pussy. Grab fistfuls of her hair and yank her around to my throbbing, straining member, purple and drumming with the need for something wrapped around it. I wanted to hold her by the hair, just away from my pulsating probe, keep her just where she could only touch it with her tongue and clean the juices dripping from it, licking at it but not sucking it. I would turn her head so that the entire surface would get bathed by her, then push her into my groin to lick and suck at the leftovers that gushed over my balls or ran down from the stem.

These thoughts were making me nibble at the sides of her tits. I was sucking wildly at the smooth softness of those inner swellings, working to get as much in as I could fit and moving to the next bit when I’d gotten as much as I could fill. She was moaning, with little exclamations that would give punctuation to my cock jumping and trying to drill through the textile covering her thigh and eventually the wet warmth I was craving.

I had managed to slip the zipper that little bit more and hook my fingers in the bra covering her hillocks to expose a nipple and as my lips slid over and my tongue flicked it, she shivered and wriggled as though she were about to cum. I had to release it with a pop to stop her from gaining that relief and she shrieked when I did.

Her legs started working to wrap around mine and to pull my cock inside. I grabbed her aureola with my lips and sucked, working my way around the nipple while her legs struggled and tugged. Her desperation was palpable now. I could feel the moist heat rising from her pussy. Could feel it scorching me through the heavy jean fibers. I was moments from tearing it off her and stabbing her hole with brutal, pounding thrusts. I wanted it so bad I was practically dry humping her, jamming my aching rod at her leg indiscriminately.

I wouldn’t be able to wait much longer and she was shivering and spasming as though she would flip to orgasm as easily as flicking a switch if I would only reach down and tick her clit with the tip of my finger. She would scream and dribble juices, shake and even drool. I’d seen her so turned on I didn’t believe she wasn’t actually in the throes of climax before, but she was beyond that now. And so was I. There was actually cum oozing from the tip of my thrumming staff. It was well past pre-cum.

She was in a rhythm of moans that were only driving me further into my thoughts. My cock was stretched out in front of me and pulling me out toward her. It would jump as it touched the rough fabric, then jerk my body into a shudder that would shake me and drive me to release her nipple or the part of the aureola I was suckling. My hands were running free, grabbing parts of her ass, smoothing her ribcage, digging fingers into her back muscles as I pulled her tits into my face.

Somewhere along the way I had released the zipper from the pressure of her breasts and loosened them from the constraint of her bra. I had no way of knowing it at the time, but the bra was torn and irreparable. She wouldn’t have been able to tell you whether it was even there or not anyway. When I finally moved to the other breast, she let out a yelp and a whimper that made my cock leap even harder and made it clear I would not be able to hold on much longer.

My hands yanked her dress up, shoved the panties aside, slid up her thighs to grab a side of her ass each and as her legs clutched at me, my tree shoved unerringly into her nest. Amazing how straight a shot can happen in such a heated moment. She was utterly sopping. Driving into her pussy was completely consuming. I could feel the juices splattering around my shaft as I pinned her to the timber. Later, we would see how the bark had scraped her back while I pummeled her, pinioned between the rock and the hardwood.

I fucked her there, in the copse, tied to the tree like I’d never fucked her before – and we had had some incredibly memorable mergers in our time together. My cock was so completely rigid it felt that if I would miss and hit the tree that I might well put a severe dent in the wood before ramming back into her. I was yanking my pole completely out of her and slamming it back in, guided by my hands fully handling her ass globes, squishing them separately while pulling open her dripping cunt. Stuffing the full length of me into that tight little spot with such force that she would bounce back at me as I would wrench it all back out of her with equal power and intensity.

I couldn’t believe we both didn’t just cum with that first stroke, but she was incredible! She held on for at least an even twenty before she completely lost it, taking me with her. Once her pussy muscles started rippling around my cock as it drove into her, I had no chance of holding back. The feeling from my organ had expanded to where I couldn’t feel just my cock without feeling the rest of me. It was so hard it completely exceeded the bit of skin allotted it. My orgasm started somewhere on another world and racked my body, shaking my bones. She was shaking so hard I couldn’t believe we were still in synch enough to be able to manage her pussy lips around my spurting and jerking member.

I couldn’t remember ever cumming so hard or with such force and she was screaming until I finally realized I needed to put my mouth over hers to muffle it. I shoved my tongue in as soon as she started to quiet a little. I reached up and unhooked her and we both collapsed in a pile in the leaves. Fluids were oozing out both of us and our breathing was ragged as we tried to just pull our clothes around us enough that we could relax in each other’s arms. There were twigs cracking and little noises all around, but we couldn’t have done more than we did if we’d tried. Later, we wondered, but that was probably part of the excitement.

It took a long time to weave our way back to the car. Turns out I had gone much farther than I thought. Anticipation does that to you. Walking back was as much a turn on as watching her out on a night. There’s a way her hips move when she’s been fucked that good that always makes me want to do it again. She kept having to stop and sit for a moment and each time she would get back up a drip or two would escape from between her legs and my cock would feel a spark.

We made it back to the cars and somehow made it home to collapse and later relive it. One more memory I see when I look at her, one more reason for the constant state of excitement I’m in around her.

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