tagLoving WivesA Roman Party

A Roman Party


Joy, my wife and I had been in the party for some time and were enjoying ourselves loads. Friends of Claire and Steve from the sailing club had invited us and we had accepted. Although we didn't know many people there we felt comfortable and were getting on well with everyone.

The party theme was "Roman" and we had gone as a roman patrician and his female slave. Joy had sorted the costumes. Mine was the usual boring toga and she had made a slave's outfit from strips of cloth cut quite long. I had thought the skirt part a bit long and when she wasn't watching had cut a few inches of the bottom! When she put it on it was too late and she squawked about it being too revealing! OK, so it did show the tops of her hold up stockings when she sat down but then again how many slaves had stockings and high heels on when they went out?? Oh and as you all know, her legs are well worth a glance now and then... We had finished her outfit off with a length of rope tied loosely round her neck.

I had just lead Joy back to our drinks after a dance or two when a man dressed in a toga with purple edging walked smiling up to us. He introduced himself as "Marius" and asked if he could borrow my slave for a dance. Joy giggled and I handed the rope over to "Marius". Intrigued, I sat with my drink and watched them head to the dance floor.

After a few moments, I was distracted by a rather attractive dark haired woman who came and sat next to me. She introduced herself as Petra, "Marius's lady" and we chatted easily. As we spoke, I couldn't miss the long shapely legs and inviting cleavage she was exposing to me. I was occasionally glancing in the direction of the dance floor and noticed that Joy and "Marius" were clearly getting on well. He had her pulled closely to his body and she had moulded herself to him. She does get quite carried away with herself and the music...

"Petra" was fun to chat with and the time passed quickly. I didn't notice Marius and Joy as they came up to us and stopped for a drink. Both of them seemed flushed from the dancing and I saw that my wife had a familiar sparkle in her eye. She had had quite a lot of wine by now and her breathing was a little laboured.

Joining us they sat down and Joy whispered in my ear, "He has a hard on all the time we danced!" Giggling, she smiled knowingly at me. Marius had just said something quietly to Petra and he was grinning too.

After another drink Marius leant forward and said, "Dan, I want to buy your slave for the rest of the evening."

I paused for a moment and looked at Joy. She was slightly flushed and her nostrils were flared. Her neat breasts were lifting in time to her breathing and she was running her manicured hand along her exposed leg. She was turned on.

My heart increased its beating as I looked back to "Marius" and said, "what's your offer?"

A squeak came from my wife. "Dan" she began but I cut her off with "Quiet slave". She grinned and sat back obediently.

"Petra", Marius's "Lady" grinned as well and sipped provocatively at her wine.

"Mmmm" said Marius", "How about fifty pounds?"

"Fifty!" I scoffed, "do you think that's all she is worth?"

Marius grinned and took a long look at my wife. "OK" he said, "seventy five then."

My turn to grin and reaching across, I pushed the strips of fabric clear of my wife's long legs. The tops of her stockings were clearly in view to Marius and he gulped visibly as I eased her legs apart. The thin fabric of her knickers showed a wet patch around her pussy. Marius gulped again. Joy moaned softly and Petra stared at my wife's exposed body.

"Two hundred and fifty, cash, not a penny less and before you take her." I said quietly, knowing it was probably too much but a little disappointed too.

Marius, his eyes locked onto Joy's dripping pussy, slowly rose from his chair and turning, moved away.

Silence followed. Petra looked at Joy and said, "He wants you, he will be back."

My wife was by now totally turned on at the fact I was about to sell her to this man and she wanted to be taken as soon as possible.

"God, if he isn't back soon I'm going to fuck the first thing I get my hands on," she moaned.

Petra reached forward and put a small hand on the top of Joy's leg. "Don't worry, I'll take his place." My heart leapt again at the thought of this dark haired woman pleasuring my wife. I wouldn't mind fucking her as well! Joy closed her eyes as Petra continued to keep her hand in place and even began to massage her inner thigh. As I watched her fingers working on my wife my cock got stiffer and stiffer. Eventually Petra's busy fingers began to tease the wet patch on Joy's knickers and both women moaned softly.

Our pleasure was interrupted by the return of Marius. In his shaking hand was a bundle of notes. Silently he held out the money and I took it from him and put it inside my toga. Joy rose from her chair and I held out the end of the rope to him.

Taking the rope he said in a shaking voice, "she's mine, she's really mine?"

I grinned, "Yes, she's yours for the rest of the party, use her well." I turned away and asked Petra to dance.

As Petra's body moulded into mine on the dance-floor, I felt my cock stirring inside my toga. The warm womanly heat from her groin was noticeable as she slowly ground her pussy against me. Her perfume filled my flared nostrils and my cock got harder.

Out of the corner of my eye I saw Marius leading my wife out of the room by the rope around her neck. She was following willingly as he lead her off to do as he pleased with her. Afterall, he had just bought my "slave" for £150 for the rest of the evening...

I felt Petra nuzzle into my neck and she started to nibble at my skin as we danced. I was now totally erect and we ground ourselves together in simulated fucking as we danced. She started to moan softly and said, "Dan, do you want to fuck me?"

Smiling, I replied, "Oh yes I'd love that."

"Good," she whispered. "Marius is fucking your woman so its only fair you fuck his." She took my hand and led me from the dance-floor.

Leaving the room we passed a half open door in the hallway. I could clearly hear the sounds of sex coming from the room and we paused to listen.

"Oh God, Oh god yessssssss!" Came a woman's voice from the room. A regular slapping sound of flesh on flesh accompanied it and I recognised my wife's voice. I looked at Petra and she grinned. "Sounds like she likes it!" She laughed.

I grinned again and started to move toward the door. I wanted to see Joy being pleasured. Just before I got to the door I heard another voice. "Here, hold her head up, that's it, oh nice girl." The slapping hadn't stopped and I could now hear a man groaning. Unsure as to what was happening I looked quizzically at Petra and we both peered inside.

The sight that met our eyes wasn't the one I had expected. Marius was sitting in an armchair playing casually with his limp cock. Joy was naked on the floor on her hands and knees with a man at either end of her. The men were also naked and one was fucking her pussy doggie style and the other had his cock in her mouth!

"Lucky bitch" I heard Petra sigh next to me and felt her hand reach for my rock hard cock. She got her hand inside my toga and started to stroke my cock gently. In the dark room I could make out other bodies behind the group fucking on the floor but I was unsure how many.

Petra was by now panting and as we watched Joy being fucked she turned to me and pulled me from the room. As she did, I glanced over my shoulder just as the man fucking my wife was pulling from her cunt and another was taking his place...

We only went a few paces down the hall before Petra dragged me through a doorway and into the next room. Immediately she grabbed me and kissed my mouth violently. Her tongue explored my mouth and her hands were scrabbling at my toga. In seconds we were both naked and backing up her legs made contact with a bed and she dragged me down on top of her.

Easing her legs apart I lined my rigid cock up on her dripping pussy. She was totally shaved and her swollen cunt lips were open and ready for me. With one easy thrust I was right inside her and she screamed with pleasure as my groin slammed into her mound. Long legs were wrapped around my ass and her finger nails raked my back.

We began a frantic fucking with Petra hanging on to me and thrusting her cunt hard against me in a crazy rhythm of pleasure. It didn't take long before I went rigid and emptied my cum deep into her hot pussy. She clung to me and as I shot jet after jet deep inside her, her orgasm hit her hard.

Screaming "Oh Fuck, Oh fuck," she came in a wave of lust. My back and ass were being constantly raked by her fingernails and lines of blood oozed from me. Finally she subsided and held me close as we both recovered from our frantic fuck session.

Lying there quietly I was slowly becoming aware of the sounds from the next room. My wife was in there and she was obviously still being fucked. I could hear her moans of pleasure interspersed with strange voices grunting and giving instructions.

"That's it, hold her like that."

"Right, now get it in her,"

"Oh wow what a fuck!"

"In her ass, that's it get it in her ass now."

"Come on bitch, suck me baby."

"Oh Jesus, you bloody star!" "Lets get two in her cunt."

"Turn her over, I want her like that."

"Oh bloody hell! I never thought this possible!"

As I listened to my wife being used like a plaything my cock began to respond. Petra stirred next to me and before I knew it she had got my cock in her hand and slowly began to go down on me. I closed my eyes as she sank her hot mouth over my throbbing tip and listened to my wife being gang banged next door.

Petra was an expert at cock sucking and soon my whole body was responding to her mouth. Again and again she brought me to the point of orgasm and then gently let me down. I tried and tried to hold her head on me and cum in her mouth but she cleverly kept me just below orgasm.

Slowly, almost without my noticing at first, she worked a finger up my ass. I moaned in pleasure and felt my climax raising again. By now she had got her finger right up inside me and with her cock sucking I came shooting my cum straight down her throat.

With a grin on her face she swallowed every drop as I spurted in her mouth. She pulled herself up my naked body and I reached for her cunt with my hand. Petra was wet with lust and I found the inside of her cunt easily. Without any gentleness, I fingered her cunt mercilessly until she was close to cumming.

As I worked on her I heard Joy scream from next door as they did something wild to her again and I jammed my free hand up Petra's open asshole. Her pussy juices had run down her ass and lubricated her nicely. It was easy to get three fingers up her ass and match the three in her cunt.

Doing her like this soon had my cock stiff again and I wanted more of this woman. She was writhing on the bed with her legs wide open as I had both hands up her. I pushed her round so she was infront of me and on her back with her legs wide open in the air. Gently I lined my cock op on her asshole and slowly pushed it into her as I eased my fingers out.

Petra opened her eyes wide as I penetrated her asshole with my cock and she panted, Oh fuck yes, fuck my ass you bastard!"

I grinned at her and slammed my cock a full six inches deep into her asshole. She screamed again as I ravaged her asshole and fucked her hard. I gripped her legs tight and rammed her harder and harder. She began to climax in seconds.

"Yes, yes, yes," she cried as I fucked her ass as hard as I could and at the same time I could hear my wife being fucked hard next door. I came and pumped my cum right up inside her ass.

I had collapsed onto Petra after filling her ass and we cuddled together for warmth. She kissed my ear and whispered her pleasure to me. Grinning at her I thanked her for a wonderful fuck and asked her if she came to these parties often.

"Oh, yes" she replied. She was Marius's wife and they owned the place. Still giggling she said she was shocked that Marius had paid the money for Joy, he normally used her for his orgies. But by the sounds of fucking still coming from next door he was getting value for money all right!

After we had cleaned each other up, Petra and I made our way back to the main party room. We had a few drinks and danced a little. Some time in the early hours, Marius brought my wife back into the room.

Joy was quite a state. The rope was still round her neck and her slave's dress was torn more than just a little. Her hair was full of cum and her dress covered in stains where they had cum over it. Her stockings were laddered and as she walked it was clear she was knickerless.

Arriving at where Petra and I were sat Marius stopped and turned to everyone there. "I think you guys will all agree that this woman has been a truly wonderful sport and made this a party to remember! I think a kiss of thanks is in order." There was loud agreement from the men in the room and I began to wonder just how many had had my wife that night. Marius then sat her on the edge of a table and lifted the hem of her tattered dress up exposing her pussy. She has just started to grow her pussy hair back and the wispy blonde hairs did little to cover her swollen cunt. Her hole gaped wide open and her lips were red and gorged after so many cocks. Despite the fresh cum leaking from her, Marius bent down and gave her pussy a kiss. Wickedly he tongued her for a second or two and I saw her eyes close, ready for more. With a smile Marius stopped and stood up, my wife exposed still for all to gaze at her well-shagged cunt.

"Dan," he continued, "I thought your price was too high at first but you undersold your slave tonight and next time I expect you'll charge a hell of a lot more!"

I looked at my wife and she was nearly out on her feet. "Sounds good to me but I think the slave will need some time to recover before I sell her again."

Hoots of laughter and agreement followed and Joy leant across and whispered in my ear, "give me a month and I will make you some serious money here!"

I kissed her tenderly and we left the party. Happy and both well and truly fucked!

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