tagExhibitionist & VoyeurA Roommate's Offer

A Roommate's Offer


Well, after submitting one experience to Literotica, I have decided to share a few past events in my life that everyone might enjoy. While these are true stories, most of the upcoming stories happened years ago, so I may have forgotten some details.

Throughout my twenties I always had roommates. Most of them were friends, but several times I ended up living with strangers. One of those stranger was Eric. He was in his late thirties (I was around 26 at the time), and he was generally a great roommate. When he first moved in, I was a little nervous of living with a strange man. I was just a little blond girl, and he was at least six three, dark and muscled. My pale skin and thin body looked tiny next to him.

The first few weeks went quickly, and I soon forgot my initial fear. In fact, I became quite comfortable with Eric, and soon noticed that he kept trying to get a peek at me. He was always furtive about it, and I was never sure he was trying to peek until I tested him. After a few drinks on a weeknight, I decided I'd wear my short pajama shorts (and no panties) and a t-shirt while we watched TV. I made sure to sit down first, and took the recliner that sat at ninety degree angle to the couch so his head would be lined up to look into my shorts.

I stretched out and Eric made his way in. As he sat down I saw him turn his head and noticed that his eyes stayed planted to my shorts. As he sat, I shifted and let him see the side of my slit down the leg of my shorts. My damp lips could feel the cool air in the room, and I knew my pussy was totally exposed. So did Eric...He could not hold a conversation all night, and I let him just stare up my shorts. I was hoping he enjoyed seeing my bare pussy, as I had shaved it earlier that day just for this. When I masturbated that night, I had the best orgasm I had ever had.

After realizing I was right, and that Eric had been trying to sneak a peek ever since he moved in, I decided to play along, I am not sure why, except that it turned me on, and Eric really was a nice guy, so I didn't mind letting him look. Of course, part of the fun was that he didn't know what I was doing, so I had to be creative in my flashes. I knew he'd enjoy seeing my panties, so I moved my small hamper to the bathroom and began leaving it open with my panties on top whenever I took a shower. All I wore back then were g-strings, and I figured Eric enjoyed seeing them. Actually, I am sure he did, as more than once I would go into the bathroom after him, and find that my most recent panties were sticky with cum. It especially turned me on when he rushed in the bathroom right after I changed, and I pictured him using my still warm panties to stroke his cock.

I also took to wearing less around the house. I didn't wear anything overtly sexual, but I would often wear short shorts with no panties, and made it a point to get my morning coffee in my towel. Eric soon took to eating breakfast around the time I made coffee, and I moved the coffee fixings to the top cabinet, which required me to stand on tiptoes every morning. This put my pussy and ass right at his eye level, just a few feet away, as I stretched to reach and my towel pulled upwards.

Now, I could have gone on like this for years, I was enjoying him seeing my body, and I had unbelievably hot masturbation sessions every night, often seconds after getting up from the couch and giving him his last peek of the night. I could also tell he was enjoying it, since he would usually run into his bedroom after getting a particularly good look. To make sure he always saw a lot, I took to shaving myself completely bald, all the time.

After a few months of this, I lost my job and all of a sudden was the "broke" roommate. I survived okay for a month or so, but didn't even have the energy to flash Eric much. Rent came due, and I realized I was about $200 dollars short. I don't know what came over me, but my first thought was to offer to let Eric watch me up close in exchange for his covering my shortage in rent.

He hadn't seen much for the last weeks, so I decided to get him ready by giving him a nice long peek. I put on my bikini and threw on a t-shirt and sat down across from him on the couch. My bikini wasn't too revealing (as far as bikinis go), but I had adjusted it so both of my lips were visible around the small piece of fabric. Eric had a clear view of everything except my clit, and if he kept staring at my pussy, I knew he would soon see my clit push against the taut fabric of the bikini bottoms.

I figured it was now or never.

"I'm about $200 short on my share of the rent." I said.

"I knew you were running low, but I didn't realize how low. Look, I can cover your $200 this month, you can just get me back when you have the money." He responded.

"I can't do that. I'd love to, but I don't know how long it will be until I have money, and I don't want to be down $200 before I even start getting back on my feet." I said.

"It's not that big a deal. Pay me when you have it, and if you can't afford it, just pay me someday down the line."

Mind you, Eric was being quite generous, and I loved him for it, but he was staring directly at my moist pussy the whole time! Of course, Eric's idea made sense and was extremely fair, but I already had another option in mind, and decided I would go for it.

"What if you paid me the $200?" I asked.

"I don't think I need any real estate services, so I don't know what I'd pay you for."

"How about what you've been staring at? Want to see more?" I asked while smiling.

Eric blushed and almost leaped off the couch. He tried to explain that he wasn't looking and became tongue tied.

"It's okay! I know you like to peek. Did you think my pussy just happened to be so visible? I won't have sex with you or use my mouth, but I would play with myself for you, if you will cover rent this month." I offered.

He was still in shock. Here he was, caught looking at his roommate's crotch like a pervert, and then offered the chance to see more in exchange for money. Like any guy with an eyeful of pussy, he only had one choice. I stood up and he followed me to my room.

"Now remember, no sex. You can watch and do what you want while watching, but that's it."

He nodded, and then he really got into it. He motioned for me to slide my bikini bottoms off. I turned around and slid them down while bending over, so my pussy spread and my ass pushed back towards him. He knelt down while I stayed bent over, and I could feel his warmth breath on my pussy.

"Just like that. I want you to bend over your bed and play with yourself from behind. I want to look right at it, I don't need to see your face." He said.

I bent over and rested my upper body on the bed. I could not see him, but I could here his pants hit the ground. I reached around behind me and began tickling the lips of my pussy as my hands gripped my asshole and spread it all open for him. I began slowly sliding one finger in and spreading the wetness over my asshole and lips.

"Oh yeah, I like that, show me that cunt." He grunted.

Surprised by that language coming from Eric, I jumped, but continued to play. By now my pussy was throbbing and dripping. I could fit four fingers in easily, but wanted him to enjoy the show, so I slowly spread it wider and wider as I slid in one finger at a time until I had four inside me. I started rubbing my clit with my other hand and really getting into it. Knowing he was there, looking at it and seeing it so close was driving me wild.

All of a sudden I felt Eric on top of me. My hands were trapped (in my pussy!) and he was much bigger than me in any case.

'Eric, No!" I sputtered.

I didn't need to worry though, he wasn't trying to enter me. He slid his cock between my ass cheeks, but not inside. His shaft began sliding up and down between my cheeks, fucking my ass without being inside me. It felt so good to have that thick heat trapped there, and my hands trapped underneath him. I stroked my pussy as fast as I could, and I could feel Eric getting even harder as his precum dripped, hot and wet, into my ass crack.

With the extra lubrication from my dripping slit and his cock, he began slamming his body into me as his cock slid up my ass. Faster and faster he slammed into me, as my hands were forced deeper into my pussy. All of a sudden he grunted and a huge mess of sticky cum erupted in my ass crack and up my back. He continued to pump after he came, and his softening cock pulled the sticky cum into every piece of my ass, and globs of cum trickled down my crack and into my fingers and onto my lips.

All of a sudden I felt a few warm drips of cum slide down my fingers and into my pussy. Eric had cum so hard that his eruption covered me. I stood up and bounced on my toes to get his cum out of my pussy.

I collapsed on my bed and felt a soft hit to my head. Eric had picked up my bikini bottoms and wiped his cock off. He had thrown the cum soaked bottoms at my head. I looked over to see him leaving the room and I smelled the salty flavor of his cum as it soaked into my bed.

We never directly spoke of that night again while we were roommates, but I came upon hard times again several years later (well after Eric and I were no longer roommates), and I earned another $200. That story may be posted sooner or later, but it wasn't as much to fun as this one, so I am not sure if I'll bother to recount it.

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