tagRomanceA Rose By Any Other Name

A Rose By Any Other Name


We've been friends for a while, Jack Hart and I. Neither one of us in a steady relationship and Jack always counting on me to fix him up with someone, "like you, Rose, but not like you."

I knew what he meant by that and I was never really hurt by it. Trying to set him up with friends and acquaintances. But things were changing. My feelings began to change towards him and today of all days was my first Valentine's Day without anyone. I was in a relationship that lasted over 3 years. It was great in the beginning, but things just never really seemed to work out. Bob was a terrific guy, handsome, tall and set in his ways. He felt that Jack and I could never be friends. He was quite threatened by that relationship and that pretty much destroyed ours.

You see, Jack is gorgeous. I have never really been one to like light-haired guys, but Jack is different. He has blondish-brown hair, green eyes and always, always has a tan. I swear it's fake, but he denies it, saying, "Hey, I'm part Italian. It's in my genes."

He has a great body, too. He works out every day and has no problem flexing for anyone who wants to see his muscles, and believe me, everyone, mainly girls, want to see his muscles! Jack and I frequent the same health club in town. He goes to the Weight Room and I take on any aerobic class I can handle. When Jack's there, the women always seem to notice. Jack of Broken Hearts is my nickname for him.

I love Jack. He is always there to make me laugh and to have a shoulder to cry upon. I won't lie, I have thought about him in a sexual way, but I stood by my "Men and Women can be friends" theory. Or at least I thought I could. I treasure his friendship.

Jack and I have plans to go for drinks after we exercised, that was until Jack noticed the new aerobics instructor. He zeroed in on that Blond bombshell the moment we walked through the club doors. He said he thought she was "pretty hot". Even I couldn't deny it. She was hot. A great body and huge tits!! How does that happen? I caught a peek of myself in one of the millions of mirrors in the club. I was in great shape, but lacked in the upper body department. Jack saw me looking at myself.

"You're pretty hot, too, Rosie", Jack laughed and then insisted on taking this particular Cardio-kick class with me. I got such a sinking pain in the pit of my stomach, but what could I do or say? Actually, I did tell him not to make a fool of himself, but he just laughed, flashing those beautiful white teeth of his and winking at me. At that moment it was confirmed. I had deep feelings for him.

During the class the "hot" instructor spent a lot of her time showing Jack all the "right moves" and Jack gave her his absolute attention. Basically, the class sucked for me and I decided to just head for the lockers. Jack didn't even notice I left, he was talking to the instructor very closely. As I went through the doors of the locker room, I heard her laughing at one of Jack's jokes. Hook, line and sinker! Tonight I am definitely on my own, I thought.

When I came out, Jack was standing by the counter, the instructor right by him. I knew the drill.

"Hey, Rosie, Candy and I are going out for drinks. Do you want to come?" Jack said. I read between the lines to that question. "I really don't want you to come, please say no".

"That's okay, Jack," I say, evenly, "I think I pulled a muscle during one of...what did you say your name is, Candy? One of...Candy's routines. I'm going home to soak it a bit." Actually, I was going home to soak my heart in wine!

"Oh, no!", exclaimed Candy, (Yuck, I hate that nickname) "Make sure you put......" blah, blah blah, is pretty much what I am hearing. I look over her head and see Jack thanking me and motioning that he will call me.

I give him a smirk, thank Candy (YUCK) and leave. On the way home I say to myself over and over again, why are you so upset. He is your friend. You don't even feel sexually attracted to him. Right, RIGHT!!!??

When I get in the house, I strip down to my undies and bra. It is so damned hot in this apartment. The heat making my house feel like a sauna! I call the landlord, just to hear the same old story.

"I'll be there in the morning, I promise" He says. I looked at the thermostat, 80 degrees! I'll be leather in the morning!

I go to the wine rack and pull out a bottle of red wine. As I pour myself a very healthy glass, I head to the bathroom and turn on the shower. "Cheers" I say to absolutely no one, take a gulp of wine and remove my underthings. As I wait for the shower to get to perfect temperature, I pour another glass of wine and down it, feeling extremely sorry for myself. I check the water, pour another glass of wine and jump in.

The water feels great against my hot skin. As I begin to lather myself, I start to think about Jack. Sliding the soap across my breasts, I think of Jack touching me there. Slowly, I caress myself and close my eyes. I bring my hand lower, gliding down my stomach and then reaching my pussy, picturing Jack's tongue licking me there. I continue to caress myself, enjoying the way it feels, moving my fingers deeper and deeper....and then I hear doorbell.

"Ahh, shit," I say out loud. I do a quick rinse, jump out of the shower grabbing a towel and make my way to the front door.

I look through the peephole and see Jack standing there.

"Jack?" I say, as I open the door, "What...?"

But before I can finish, Jack says, "Hey, Rosie, can I come in?", his voice very husky as he steps through the doorway.

He looks me up and down from head to toe and at that moment I realize that I only have a towel on. I blush, gripping the towel closer, feeling a bit self-conscience.

Jack looks at me, but doesn't laugh. "Nice, very nice" He says staring at me. "Whoa is it hot in here!"

Or is it you? I say to myself. Boy, oh boy, he was looking mighty handsome. I mentally give my head a shake. How much wine did I have?

"Here, I have something for you," and he hands me a rose.

"Jack, what is this?" I ask him, taking the rose and smelling it, almost losing my towel.

"A rose? You know what that is right?" Jack teases me. His eyes not leaving the swell of my breasts above the top of the towel. I blush.

"I know that, silly, but I mean, what is it for?" I ask him, my heart beating a mile a minute.

Thinking he will probably tell me that it's a thank you for letting him go with Candy and that he and, yuck, Candy, are probably going to get married and God knows what else. I hold my breath and waited.

"Rosie," Jack starts, "I...I don't know. I went out with Candy and as I sat there listening to her, I kept thinking why am I here? I wondered what you were doing. Thinking, she's nothing like Rose and then all of a sudden, I just wanted to be with you."

At this point, I just stared at Jack and asked him to pinch me.

Jack laughs, but instead of pinching me, he pulls me close and kisses me. There was such an intensity and want in that kiss, it left me breathless, shocked and extremely aroused! As Jack pulled me closer, I brought my hands up and grabbed the back of his head. Our kiss became deeper and I felt Jack's hands go to the area where I have tucked the towel and undid it. As my towel falls away from my body, I feel Jack start to touch my body.

"Oh, God...you are so wet!" Jack said as his fingers find their way to my pussy. His fingers go deeper into me. "Rose....Oh, God...I want you!" and with that, he picks me up and brings me into my bedroom.

"Oh, Jack!...please...I've wanted you to fuck me for so long!" and with that Jack throws me down onto my bed.

I look up and Jack is undressing. His body is silhouetted by the light of my living room. I can't even believe this is happening. He bends down towards me and begins to kiss and lick my thighs. His hand goes back to stroking me. He then bends his head and using his tongue to make long strokes up my thigh until he reaches my pussy, parting the lips and gently licking, sucking my clit.

While he is licking me, I put my legs onto his shoulders, wanting to feel his tongue deeper in me. Then he stops and looks up at me, his lips wet with my juices.

"A Rose by another other name...you are so sweet, you taste so sweet", his voice heavy with lust and passion.

"Don't talk, Jack", I say breathlessly "I want you so badly!"

"Beautiful", Jack says "You are so beautiful" and starts to trail a long, wet line with his tongue up my stomach. I keep thinking that this is a dream. My body is tingling! He then reaches my breasts and encircles one nipple with his tongue, making it hard and then sucking on it. His mouth covers the mound of my breast, and then slowly releasing it, taking the nipple between his teeth, nipping it. I catch my breath and close my eyes. "Oh, God," I moan as Jack trails a line to my other breast, sucking, nibbling.

I feel him position his body over me and open my eyes to see him. His body is so beautiful! He spreads my legs with his knee as his hands find the wetness between them. I arch my back and he pushes his fingers in deeper. I reach up and pull him down on me, wrapping my legs around his waist. Wanting to feel his hard cock inside me. He enters me and my body responds to him immediately, tightening around him. The feeling is exquisite.

Grabbing me by the hips, he pulls me up so I am in a sitting position on him. We look each other in the eyes and I arch my back, moving my hips, so I can bring him in and out of me as I slowly move my clit up and down the shaft of his penis, bringing myself closer and closer to the edge.

Jack takes his hands, grabbing my hips and with such force, he brings me down on him harder and harder. I feel the sweat on his body and run my hand up his back and back down to his hips. I reach behind me and start to stroke his sack. He moans as I caress his balls. He continues to push in me deeper and harder, his tongue licking my neck going up to my ear, encircling the outside rim and he whispers to me.

"You feel so good," he moans. "I love fucking you!"

He takes his hand and rubs my clit, putting his fingers in my mouth so I could wet them and then going back to it, rubbing, massaging. I feel my body begin to tighten.

"Yeah, Baby, I feel you" Jack whispers, "Come on....you're almost there...cum with me"

With that I feel an incredible surge rip through my body and I start to grind harder on him. I feel him go stiff and then he lifts me up, pushing me against the bedroom wall and beings to fuck me harder and harder. The sensation is incredible. He's fucking me and pushing me against the wall. I tighten my legs around him, screaming for him to fuck me. He then empties himself inside me with one last, hard push and kisses me hard on the lips, his tongue caressing mine.

I stay on him and we hug each other, tightly and just keep kissing one another. So much for my theory. But what a wonderful day to prove it wrong.

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