tagLoving WivesA Rose By Any Other Name Ch. 04

A Rose By Any Other Name Ch. 04



Wilford Swilley, the sheriff, met with Dixie Christmas and explained Todd Jackson's killing and the part Buddy played in recruiting Todd to murder Jack Grant.

"Buddy leaned on two of my people, and they recruited Jackson. They dropped Jackson off near Grant's home, and found Jackson dead later outside the health and human services building downtown. You understand that we can't go after Grant directly," he said.

"So what do you suggest?" She asked.

"Senator that's your call; we'll do whatever you want done," he said.

"The problem is that girl," she said.

"What girl?" Swilley asked.

"That Rose girl," Christmas replied.

"That girl is forty-two years old," he said.

Christmas thought for a long moment then said, "Get rid of her."

"In what way?" Swilley asked.

"I don't care, she can leave by boat or airplane or train or inside a pine box," She said. "I want her far away from that fool son of mine. What do you intend to do about Jack Grant?"

"You want your son tried for capital murder? Cause when he got things rolling, and Jackson died committing a capital felony, Buddy got tagged for murder one," he said. "I do not want my people going to prison for your son's shenanigans and arm twisting. That sort of thing serves no one."

"So you intend to let Grant slide, I see, " she sneered.

"No. I want him to go away without fireworks, a marching band, and a parade," he said. "I want him to go away without taking half the county with him. Do you get the part about how dangerous your boy is? I'd start with a stout chain hooked to his rhinestone collar."


Outside her home Rose opened the car door, sat on the seat, and rotated her bottom and legs inside. Jack caught a glimpse of her dress riding up her thighs exposing her sheer hi-cut lavender panties. She had changed into a poly-blend mini dress with a halter-style top with wide V neckline, multi-ruched, fitted bodice, and double ruffle hemline, wedge platform sandals with plum leather straps and an adjustable silver buckle.

Buckled in, Jack started the Cadillac, and headed for the beach.

Looks like you plan to feed an army from what I saw in the trunk," he said as he felt her leg.

"I plan to fatten you up," she laid her hand atop his.

"I didn't see many of your clothes, come to think of it," he said.

"I don't expect to need many," she leaned over and kissed him.

"What's in the bag, jigsaw puzzles?" He asked.

"Genealogy material, I ordered it and want to play with it while we're together," she observed. "There's a kit for DNA testing, too. Maybe you can send in a swab and see what you get," she suggested. "Would you mind if Melissa comes out for a few days?"

"Of course not," he said.

"I already told her it's okay," she said. "I figure she can sleep in the guest bedroom. I don't like leaving her home alone."

"I didn't object," he said.

"I love your attitude. With an attitude like that there's no place you can't go," she said.

Jack squeezed her tit closest to him. "I like the way you think," he said.

"I notice you have trouble expressing your feelings," she teased.

"Do I hear you say you're uncertain of my regards for you?" He looked in her eyes and pinched her nipple.

"I'll bet you're expert at sign language," she moaned softly.

"Naaah, Braille's my thing," he said. "I like to feel all those little nipples. Its erotic."


They arrived home a little before sunset. Jack lugged the groceries in while Rose made room for her stuff in his chest of drawers and bathroom. When she came downstairs the groceries were put away, and he had made drinks. She sat on the sofa beside him.

"Mind if I take my shoes off?" She asked.

"Please do," he replied. Rose then complained that her feet ached from so much walking all day, and asked," Would you rub them?" He then rubbed them gently while she let him explore her legs as she sipped her drink and enjoyed his hands on her.

They kissed then casually necked for several minutes. She moved her hands over his body feeling him and liked his lips on her neck. "You make me want to kiss every part of you," she said.

"Let me fix you another drink before you do," he said, when he heard the ice rattle in her glass. "You're trying to get me drunk," she giggled.

"I told you I planned to," he said, and handed her the fresh drink.

And as she sipped it he moved his hands to her tits where her nipples swelled as he teased and pulled them through the dress; she didn't complain when he kissed her neck and reached down her blouse to pinch a nipple. She didn't complain when he moved the straps off her shoulders.

She opened her mouth and welcomed his tongue as he teased her breasts with his fingers, then handed Jack her drink while she removed the dress.

On her back Jack reached up her legs to pull her thigh-highs off while she fumbled with his belt and zipper.

"Take your clothes off," she whispered.

Jack removed his clothes, pulled her panties off, then got between her legs to eat her. "No! I want you in me," she said.

She spread her legs and humped against his fingers as he explored her vulva and labia, and swabbed her with his tongue anyway. When she seemed wet enough he raised up to mount her. She felt his warm cock against her gash, and reached down to hold him and guide him in.

As he pushed in to her she felt her lips opening, and it felt good. "I love it when you enter me, it's almost as nice as an orgasm," she whispered. "You feel so good in me, baby. Don't stop."

She raised and lowered her bottom, to get more of his cock deeper inside her though it took five or six strong thrusts before he was in. "Oh, baby, that's it, it feels like you did it! It's starting to feel good," she cooed.

She pushed against Jack thrusts. After his initial break through her natural juices made the stretching of her tight pussy enjoyable rather than painful. She sighed and moaned, and humped back as Jack stroked her longer and deeper, in and out of her loosening pussy.

They soon had a good rhythm going, and she stopped thinking, to feel him in her, filling her, his hands on her skin touching her tits and nipples. They kissed and made love for many minutes, switching positions towards the end. She sensed he would soon shoot his baby juice into her, and gasped when the first hot jet spurted.

Her orgasm was soft, sweet and delicious.

Rose lay atop him, with his cock pulsing inside her, she relishing the immoral and delicious sin they consummated. She loved his seed spewing cock. It was joy to be with such a virile young man. With many lovers sex was like making quarterly tax payments to the IRS or visiting her dentist.

When she lifted her bottom off Jack, clumps of semen pushed out of her as she breathed, then dripped down her ass onto the sofa. Long strings of semen connected her cunt to his cock until the strings broke and fell.

"C'mon," he said, "let's go to bed.

"No, I want to shower, then get drunk, and fuck some more," she kissed him. "Wanna shower with me?"

In the shower they lathered each other, and explored each other's mouths with their tongues. She made him hard with her hand then knelt to knead his balls and suck him.

He turned her around and had her grip the towel bar. "Make love to me, baby," she said, ready and eager to be taken from behind. "Cum in me, baby" she whispered, and he filled her again. Then he cleaned her and put her in a robe.

In the bedroom, on the bed, Rose whispered, "Lick me first, please?" as she straddled his chest with her thighs. He held her hips with his hands as his tongue made little tentative swipes at her gash. She ran her fingers through her wet hair.

She held her breasts for Jack to suckle as she rode him. "Suck harder," she said. She put a hand on each of his shoulders as they found their rhythm. As they fucked she watched their reflection in the mirror above Jack's dresser. The aroma of their copulation perfumed the air, and she sucked it into her lungs. He fucked and suckled her until her body signaled its need to orgasm.

Through the night they made love until her hair was matted, their bodies were moist with sweat, and they lay panting and spent trying to catch their breaths. She had clawed his back somewhere in the grips of love. He had bruised her tits and neck sucking them till she climaxed.

Then Jack got up and went to the kitchen returning with a beer for him and a bottle of water for her. "Catch your breath," he said. She guzzled the water and emptied the bottle quickly.

With eyes closed, and struggling to breathe, she said, softly, "I'm putty in the hands of any man who makes me cum like you do. I become obsessed with him; it's a power over me I can't resist. I become his. I feel that way now, Jack."

Jack kissed her and his hand drifted to the heaven between her legs. She opened them for him, and his fingers found out just how true her words were. She closed her eyes as he felt her passion blossom anew.

The panting returned, and the saliva swallowing. Her breathing became muffled grunts as she pushed her head into the pillow. When Jack removed his fingers she opened her eyes to squint. Her chest heaved.

Stretched out on the bed, obscenely naked with her legs open wide, one knee was bent with its foot on the bed, the other lay straight out at an angle. One hand was feeling Jack's arm and back, and the other was rubbing her gash.

She closed her legs a little, to grip his cock, then closed her arms around his back and clung to him. She felt his cock twitch and his body jerk, and closed her eyes when she felt him swell and pause to shoot his load. She draped her arms around his neck and kissed him. She relished being his nasty girl.

Rose then fell asleep atop Jack, impaled on his cock, until he drifted off to sleep and slipped out of her.

It was almost dawn when the need to pee awoke her. She got out of bed, peed, showered, and returned to the bedroom to dress. She tasted Jack in her mouth. She put on her panties, put on a robe and tied it.

Jack awoke and looked at her, he was uncovered with morning wood. She looked at him and wanted it again.

He got up opened a drawer, pulled out a key, and offered it to her. She looked at him for a long moment and took it.

"Do you know what you're getting yourself into?" She asked. "You think you got in my pants, but you got into more than that, I can get very attached to you after what happened tonight. If you want me for your lover I'll do it. We'll manage it if you want me for more than a regular oil change and luv lube." He held and kissed her. "OK," she smiled.

"Come back to bed," he said.


Later, after breakfast, they walked to the beach to swim and sun and make love on their blanket. They fell asleep and awoke when gunshots erupted.

"Put your clothes on, I wanna talk to you!" A man wearing a Smokey Bear hat, and holstering a pistol, stood at the top of the dune shouting down at them.


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