tagExhibitionist & VoyeurA Rose in Bloom

A Rose in Bloom


Sean rolled over and glanced at his alarm clock. The red digits glowed 11:18 a.m. He stretched and smiled. With only three weeks left before he headed to college for his freshman year, he was going to take full advantage of every opportunity to be lazy. And with his parents gone to Boston for a work conference this week, he was going to get a lot of those opportunities.

Sean rolled out of bed and pulled on a pair of athletic shorts over his boxers. He walked to the window to open his blinds and let in some of the sunlight that was already blasting around the edges, casting a rectangle of light on the opposite wall.

As he opened the blinds and looked outside, Sean did a double take. In the pool below, his step-sister Rose was slowly pulling herself up the ladder, exiting the pool, water dripping from her flowing red locks. Sean's eyes were immediately drawn to Rose's ample bosom, encased in a tight green and white striped bikini top. Rose's breasts bounced as she ascended to the pool deck above, glistening with moisture. Sean knew he should turn away, but he couldn't help staring at his hot older step-sister, now living at home and looking for a job after finishing college two months prior.

Rose rounded the corner of the pool and walked back toward the diving board, turning her back to Sean in the window, unaware of his presence. Sean's cock immediately hardened as he watched Rose walking away, her round ass accentuated by her matching green and white bikini bottoms. She turned again and stepped onto the diving board. It was already 85 degrees, in early August in the South, and she was happy to have her parents' pool to help her cool off.

Rose bounced once, then twice, then dove into the pool. Sean could not believe his luck. Rose's bikini could barely contain her breasts, and they bounced with every movement. He backed against the wall next to his window, turning his body so as to hide himself from view as he continued his voyeur activities out the now partly open blinds.

Rose swam to the end of the pool and again pulled herself up the ladder. As she wiped her eyes and shook the water from her hair, she caught a glimpse of movement in Sean's room. For the moment, she thought nothing of it, and again turned to walk toward the diving board. As she rounded the final corner, she again saw the blinds move in Sean's room. She proceeded steadily to the diving board, curious as to whether her younger step-brother had awakened and was watching her from above.

Rose stepped onto the diving board again. She bounced once, then twice, then thrice, appearing to stare straight ahead but actually watching Sean's window. Yes, there was clearly a shadow there. Sean was peeping down at her. Rose smirked as she dove head first into the pool once more, remembering how often awkward little Sean had shown his infatuation with her in the past.

Sean couldn't believe his luck, watching the gorgeous form of his scantily clad step-sister down below in the pool. Their parents had gotten married when he was 13. By that time, Rose was an 18-year old high school senior, and already a knock out. She had been a regular subject of Sean's almost nightly teenage hormonal imaginings, until moving away to college the year after their parents' marriage.

Rose again swam across the pool, thinking about Sean watching her from above. If he's going to be watching, maybe I should give him a little show, she thought. Over the last couple years, she had developed a taste for exhibitionism, sometimes going out in public braless or even walking around her co-ed apartment at school in only a towel. This could be another opportunity for some excitement. But what to do? I could "accidentally" lose my top on my next dive, she thought, but she then realized with the tie around her neck that would be fairly difficult to make happen by accident. She climbed up the ladder, and stepped again onto the pool deck. Turning to walk again towards the diving board, she adjusted her bikini bottoms, again drawing Sean's eyes to her firm ass.

Rose again walked to the diving board, lost in the thought. As she stepped onto the board, she began softly bouncing, and looked around the pool. She noticed the chez lounge pool chair against the pool's security fence nearest the house, and had an idea. She bounced one more time, before diving deep into the depths once more. By this time, Sean's hand was already in his pants, massaging his hard tool underneath his boxers.

Rose pulled herself up the ladder once more, water dripping down her glistening ivory skin. She walked over to the chez lounge, and began rearranging the furniture. The pool had a five-foot high security fence. Even though the pool essentially backed up to the house, the security fence ran all around it, to ensure that no small children could enter without supervision. Rose glanced around and located a place next to the fence nearest the house which she was certain was shaded from view from any of the windows above. Because it was late morning, it was still receiving sunlight. It was perfect.

Sean began to grow impatient, with Rose partially blocked by the fence as she moved furniture on the pool deck. His cock began to soften, but he kept his sentry, in the hope that the view would once again improve.

After positioning her chair with the back against the fence and the legs running diagonally towards the pool, Rose stepped away from the fence and turned her back to Sean's room. The back of her head down to her bikini bottoms was clearly visible from above. She stretched her arms above her head. Sean moved in the window to get a better view. His eyes bulged as she reached behind her back, unstrapped her top, and then untied the knot at her neck.

Rose slowly lifted her bikini top from her body. Her breasts sunk slightly down, having lost the support of her top. From behind and above, Sean noticed the slight change, as the side of Rose's boob shifted lower and expanded. He was frustrated though, unable to see all the "good stuff" with Rose facing away from his window.

Rose moved her right arm across her chest, holding her bikini top in her left hand. She turned, and walked back toward the chez lounge. Her arm blocked her nipples from view, but Sean could see the swell of her breasts above and below, until Rose moved again toward the fence.

Rose sat on the Chez lounge, now totally blocked from Sean's view by the security fence. She got one last evil thought, and reaching up, placed her bikini top on top of the fence to "dry." She laid back, and stretched her legs below her.

Sean looked down from his window in shock, his brown eyes growing wide. He saw the bikini being placed on the fence, and then saw Rose stretching her legs in front of her. All he could see from his position at the window were Rose's legs, from her milky white mid-thigh down to her feet, but it was clear Rose was laying on her back, her breasts exposed to the morning air. Sean thought a second. He needed to get inside the pool area if he wanted to see more. But, if he ran outside right now, Rose would know he was watching.

Sean decided he couldn't play it too safe. He would throw on his swim shorts and go outside for a normal summer swim. There was nothing unusual in that, and even if Rose suspected, he would be able to easily explain why he was outside.

He quickly moved to his dresser. Ripping off his shorts and boxers, his seven-inch cock sprung free, bouncing in the morning air. Sean pulled on a pair of black board shorts that he usually wore to swim at home. He looked down, and noted the clear bulge of his cock evident in his shorts. He decided to grab a drink in the kitchen and wait a minute or two to hopefully allow his manhood to soften slightly, before it gave away his rationale for his "swim" this morning.

Rose sat on the chez lounge, exposing her chest to the world around her as the moisture from the pool slowly evaporated in the heat, leaving her with a slight chill. She looked down at her breasts, pushed down by gravity, with her pink nipples pointing upwards. She could see why guys were enthralled by them, right now she herself wanted to tweak them and watch her nipples grow. She laid in silence, all of her senses on high alert, attuned to every sound and movement. She felt her body growing warmer, a low buzzing arising from within, her head swimming with excitement.

After maybe five minutes, Rose heard the door to the house softly open. Sean tried to be as quiet as possible, but Rose's hyper-focused senses would have noticed that sound a mile away. Rose quietly but quickly rolled to her stomach, resting herself on her squashed breasts, her nipples hidden from view.

Sean opened the gate to the security fence and looked inside. Damn it, he thought, I'm too late. I better announce myself now, or she'll definitely know I was trying to perv' on her.

"Hey Rose," Sean called. "How's the water this morning? I thought I'd go for a swim."

Rose smirked, recognizing the awkwardness and disappointment Sean was trying to hide in his voice. She turned her head to face Sean as he walked in the gate. "Hey Sean, it's great. The water is warm but feels great in this heat."

Sean didn't want Rose to read anything on his face, so he quickly walked around the pool to the deep end. "Sounds good. I'm going to cool off for a little. Don't let me bother you."

He jumped in, head first, and swam a few laps back and forth across the short pool. Each time he came up at the edge nearest Rose, he glanced up to see if she had shifted. She laid still the entire time, her eyes closed, her body warming beneath the rays of the sun.

Sean thought through his next moves as he swam for the next five minutes. There was another chair near Rose. That would be his play, he'd saddle up next to her and catch some rays herself, there at the ready if she decided to move.

Sean exited the pool and walked to the chair next to Rose. Adjusting the chair so it directly faced the sun, Sean pretended to get ready to catch some rays. He laid down on his back, about three feet from where Rose herself lay topless, on her stomach.

Rose chuckled inside. He is pretending like nothing is going on, like he doesn't even realize my top is off. Little step-bro has gotten smoother as he's aged.

She turned and looked at him. "I'm so glad I came home to find a job. Being a poor college kid sucks. It's much nicer to have a house with a pool that I'm not paying for. I hope my Mom lets me stick around for a while."

Sean looked over at Rose. She was chatting as if it was nothing to be laying there topless. Of course, her breasts were hidden from view, but still... If she moved just right...

With Sean lost in thought, Rose prodded. "Anyway, are you excited for college this fall? Ready to get out of here for a while?"

Sean realized that he was going to make this awkward really quick if he didn't respond. "Oh yeah, I am," he answered. "I mean, I'll miss having this pool and everything paid for, but it will be nice to get out and meet some new people."

"I know what you mean," Rose answered. "It's nice to finally get out, get away from people you've known your whole life. It lets you really be you. College would be perfect, if it just didn't cost so much money."

"Yeah, my Dad's been on me about having to find a job and partly pay my way," Sean answered. "I'm looking forward to college, but not necessarily looking forward to that."

"Oh, he's a big softy," Rose laughed. "He said that kind of crap to me too when I was about to leave, even though I'd only known him a couple years. I was really worried, and asked my Mom about it. She told me not to worry, that she'd talk to him. Whether she did or not, I don't know. But, in the end, whenever I needed anything they helped me out. I'm sure he'll be the same way for you."

"We'll see," Sean responded. "His bark is worse than his bite, so maybe it won't be so bad."

Rose caught Sean's eyes and smiled, "You'll be fine. You're going to love college."

As Sean looked into Rose's eyes, he was captured again by her classic beauty. Any makeup she might have had on had been washed away in the pool. But her features were nonetheless striking. Her hazel eyes were awash with color, with hews of green, grey, and even blue interspersed within. Many a boy had gotten lost in those eyes, drawn in by the allure that emanated from them. Her small nose came to a point, giving off a child-like quality to her face. But her lips were all woman, plump and pink. All of that was framed by a feminine diamond face, and red hair, that contained a slight wave when not wet.

Rose again noticed Sean lost in thought, and imagined it probably had to do with her topless state. She decided to escalate things a bit. "Hey Sean, I'm a little worried that all my sunscreen washed off in the pool. My light white skin can only take so much sun. The curse of being a redhead. Do you think you could rub some into my back?"

Sean's cock immediately twitched. "Umm, sure" he responded, not wanting to appear too excited.

"Great! Thanks! There's some SPF 35 lotion right there on the table," Rose answered, pointing toward a table a few feet away. "I prefer the lotion to the spray, because it has some moisturizer in it too."

Sean grabbed the lotion, and moved to Rose's side. He poured a dollop of the thick white lotion into his hand, and rubbed his hands together before pressing them against Rose's skin. Rose shivered from the cold lotion -- or was it from something else -- as his hands made initial contact.

Sean slowly rubbed Rose's shoulders, then her shoulder blades. Rose's skin glistened from the mixture of sunscreen, the remaining moisture from the pool, and the beginnings of sweat from being out in the hot sun. Sean stared at the glistening sheen on her ivory skin -- damn, even Rose's back was sexy. His cock twitched.

Sean couldn't believe he was having these thoughts about his step-sister, although to be fair, they had lived together for less than a year before Rose left for college. After that, they were only together part of the following four summers. She was more like a distant relative or even a friend at this point. Sean's hands moved to Rose's lower back, and he began to rub the lotion there. As he worked on her lower back, his eyes were drawn to the rounded contours of her ass and hips beneath her green and white striped bikini bottoms.

"Mmm," Rose moaned, almost involuntarily. "You're a pretty good masseuse, Sean. That feels good."

Sean continued to rub the lotion from one side of Rose's lower back to the other, reaching down each side of her taut stomach, pushing his hands until they almost met the top of her bikini bottoms. Her stomach was small and firm, from consistent workouts at the gym.

Sean considered sliding his hands higher up Rose's front, to the soft flesh above. Before he could do so, Rose interrupted, "Can you do my shoulders and arms?"

Sean quickly complied, moving up to Rose's shoulders and rounding them with his hands, before reapplying more lotion to his hands. He lifted her right arm, and slowly rubbed around the entire circumference of her upper and lower arm. Rose's eyes remained shut this entire time, and Sean snuck surreptitious looks at her breasts pushed against the chez lounge below. Even this minimal peek at the soft outsides of Rose's breasts pushed against the chair further hardened Sean's member below.

Sean moved around to Rose's opposite side, and began his work on her other arm. As he reached her wrist, Sean admired the glistening result of his handiwork and began to stand, to move back toward his chair.

Rose's eyes popped open. She loved having Sean's hands on her, knowing what she was almost certainly doing to him. She decided to go for it. "That felt amazing. Can you do my legs as well? I'm afraid all the sunscreen washed off during my swim, and I burn really easily."

If Rose's eyes had been facing Sean, his face would have given away the answer to that question. There was almost nothing he would rather do. His eyes grew wide, and his face flushed red at the thought. Before the silence grew too long, he managed to gain partial control of his emotions, and offer a throaty "um, sure."

Rose noticed the catch in his voice, and smiled inside. She slid down the chez lounge, and slightly parted her legs. She kept her face facing away from Sean, wanting to sense but not see what she was doing to him.

Sean again squirted a copious amount of sunscreen lotion into his hands, the image of a white gooey substance landing on Rose's skin not lost on him. He moved to Rose's left ankle. Sitting beside her chair he began to work the lotion first into her calf. He massaged her calf muscles, rubbing the lotion deeply into her skin, lifting her ankle so that he could reach the front of her shin, and leaving her skin shimmering.

Sean stared at Rose's ivory skin, her absolutely gorgeous legs, and lost track of what he was doing. He paused with her shin in hand, and Rose turned to look at him, questioning him, prodding him on.

Sean squirted more lotion into his hands, and again set to work, moving up to the back of Rose's knee, before quickly proceeding to her thigh. His eyes were drawn to a small mole about halfway up her inner thigh.

Sean rubbed up and around her leg. Massaging her left inner thigh, his knuckles rubbed against her right thigh. Rose responded by shifting her legs, parting them for better access. Sean massaged Rose's inner thigh and the back of her leg right up to the fabric of her bikini bottoms. As he did, Sean gawked at the two inches of fabric between Rose's legs, clinging tightly to Rose's sex. Sean saw a clear indention in the middle of the fabric, outlining the lips and slit of Rose's pussy. Sean's cock was now rock hard, straining against his board shorts.

As he continued to rub her inner thigh, Rose moaned loudly, and spread her legs even more. As she heard herself moan, she realized she was losing control of the situation. She forced herself to let out a breathy "do the other leg now."

Sean smiled. He couldn't believe his luck. Rose seemed to be as turned on by this activity as he was. He moved to her other leg, and began the same process, pouring a copious glob of sunscreen lotion into his hand before starting at her ankle and calf and massaging up Rose's leg.

This time, Sean spent less time on her calf and shin. He was quickly at Rose's right knee, and then her right thigh. He positioned himself to again gaze between Rose's legs as he massaged her inner thigh and the back of her leg deeply with his hands. He was impressed to see no stray hair pushing out from the fabric of Rose's bikini, and was excited to see what appeared to be a small spot of moisture on the indented fabric between Rose's legs.

Sean's left hand rubbed the inside of Rose's leg, inching ever closer to the fabric of Rose's bikini bottoms. Rose moaned softly, and again inched her legs involuntarily apart. Sean decided to go for it. As he massaged Rose's inner thigh, he allowed his knuckle to drag across the fabric covering Rose's pussy. Rose stopped breathing, as her mind raced. The touch felt amazing, and she longed to have her quickly moistening clit exposed and fondled.

Feeling no objection, Sean continued this new pattern, massaging Rose's thigh while dragging at least one finger down the indentation in the fabric covering Rose's pussy.

Rose's chest began heaving. This felt amazing, but she needed to stop it from escalating. She wasn't sure she could, however, as Sean increased the pressure of his movements across the fabric covering her most sensitive areas.

Sean's cock was now rock hard. He was also beginning to feel the daze that had overcome Rose. As he again massaged Rose's thigh, he attempted to wedge his finger underneath the fabric of Rose's bikini, feeling for the plump, moist skin of her pussy lips.

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