A Round of Drinks


"I'll never forgive you for this Drew!" Sam finally said, getting her mouth away from his bruising one.

"I'm heartbroken!" Drew laughed pushing her suddenly away.

Being released so quickly had Sam off balance, she stumbled to regain her balance. Drew grabbed a handful of her soft red curls and yanked her to her knees.

"Ouch! That hurts! Let go damn it!" Sam yelled, bringing her hands to the back of her head, attempting to dislodge his hand from her tender scalp.

"It's time to open up your mouth! I swear Sam if you bite me, I'll make sure it's the last thing you do!" Drew threatened while pulling out his dick and pushing it in Sam's unready mouth.

He never let go of her hair, even when she did start sucking his thick length. Drew wanted her to feel every single inch of his dick down her tight throat. He'd waited to long for this. Pushing her head down on his dick, he felt her gag around the head of his dick and felt the excitement thrill through him. "

"Yeah that's right bitch, fucking gag around my dick! Just know that it could have been so much different for us, if you hadn't played your games so many times." He said to her bobbing head.

"He's going to make me throw up!" Sam screamed in her head.

"You just need to breathe, just breath slowly, through your nose Sam, you can do it, and it'll be over before you know it." She chanted to herself.

"God I hate him; I can't believe he's doing this to me!" Sam said, unable to believe what was happening to her.

Forcing her head again up and down his shaft, he felt himself getting close. It was too much for him to hold back, his Sam finally at his feet gagging on his hard dick!

"Oh yeah, here it comes, you better swallow every last bit!" He groaned out.

He made sure she would, by hold her had all the way down to the hilt. Knowing she was gagging and probably couldn't breath mad it all more the better of an orgasm.

"He's going to kill me!" She panicked in her mind. While she gagged around his head being pushed down her throat then spurting warm liquid in spasms. The only thing she could do was swallow his semen, so she could breathe.

Sam fell to the ground once he let go of her hair. She just lay there, gasping for air into her starved lungs, her head feeling light headed from lack of oxygen. She felt him moving her, but unaware of where, she didn't care when he laid her face down over a tree trunk. Sam tried to sit up once she felt his fingers on her pussy lips. He just held her down with a hand between her shoulder blades.

Drew slapped first one upturned butt cheek, and then the other, stopping to admire his red hand print being left behind. He rubbed the skin, just to start again, ignoring her screams and pleas to stop. He slapped until his hand hurt from the effort and both her cheeks were a bright cherry red. He could hear were her sobs and smiled. Taking again his now hard dick in his hand, he shoved it into her pussy uncaring if she was wet or not. He knew her body would make it lubricated enough to welcome his thrusts.

Surprised to find her actually very moist; Drew held onto her hips and pushed hard and fast, loving the slap his body was making against hers'. He could hear her moaning, felt her body clenching around his throbbing cock. He wanted to draw out every moment of it. Drew knew Sam's body was betraying her; it was opening, softening, wetting, and welcoming his rock hard, thick cock, into her tight pussy. He slammed into her hips, wanting to brand her memory forever of this, to always remind her, who owned her now. He wanted her to never be the same again; he wanted her to be his, only his. With that thought he came for the second time, pushing deeper with every jerk of his dick inside her. Breathing hard, he slipped from her still body. Sam's whole body shook. She didn't know from shock or from pleasure, she just knew she didn't want to move, couldn't move.

Her last thought before passing out was "I can't believe I actually enjoyed that!"

Emily groaned, rolling over to her side, she opened her eyes. Trying to remember what happened, she saw trees. Everything coming back she jumped up. The movement making her head spin she looked around, seeing Stacy still curled at the bottom of the tree, she frantically looked around for Mike or Frank. Seeing no one, she ran over to her friend and began pulling and ripping off the tape holding her.

"Stacy! Wake up, it's me Emily! Are you alright?" Emily cried.

Stacy slowly opened her eyes, looking up at Emily; she focused and stood up as best she could while Emily was trying to untie her.

"Yeah I think I'm ok. Are you ok?" Stacy asked.

"I'm alright" Emily shakily said.

"Have you seen Sam?" Stacy asked.

"No not at all." Emily replied while looking at her friend. Finishing with the tape, Emily ran over to her friends clothes, to help her get dressed. Diverting her eyes to the trees while she got dressed, she asked "Are you sure you're ok?"

"I'll be fine, I'm sure, let's just get out of this place." Stacy said, finishing getting dressed.

Sam woke up with a jolt, she heard leaves crunching and someone shouting her name.

"Here! I'm over here!" She screamed back, while pulling up her ripped pants. Turning in the direction of the noise she saw Emily and Stacy running towards her.

All three of them were crying at once, hugging each other tightly, they just stood there for a moment, letting one another comfort the other.

"Ok let's get moving. Maybe we could get out of here by dark." Sam sniffled.

They took off holding each others hands, running through the trees. They came up to a road and flagged down the first car they saw.

It was a gentle faced older man, with a look of surprise at seeing the three girls he said "What are you ladies doing so far out here?"

"We just went on a little camping trip and got lost in the woods when we strayed from camp." Emily surprisingly supplied.

The man looked from one girl to the next; they all looked at each other nodding.

"Well I'll gladly take you three into town, that's where I'm headed anyway." The man said unconvinced.

"Oh thank you so much Sir." Stacy beamed at him. He just smiled back. They climbed into the car and drove away from the woods, each a different person than before.

They still go to Mccann's every once in a while, all for their different purposes. Always ending up in different places each time they go for a round of drinks.

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