tagChain StoriesA Royal Sacrifice Ch. 04

A Royal Sacrifice Ch. 04


This is part of a chain story. While I cannot twist your arm to go back and read the previous three chapters, I highly suggest that you do so, as, first of all, they are very well written, and, second of all, they add depth and background to this chapter.

My thanks to all the other excellent writers in this chain. To RedHairedAndFriendly for starting the chain, to SlycWilly for giving me such a need to create Viviane to thwart Bagdemus, and to DeathLynx, for giving me John and Eric.

Viviane is a real friend of mine. She is not in any way plastically altered. Of course, in real life, her name is not Viviane and she is nicer (though she still has a healthy sex drive).

As usual, please feel free to leave your comments and feedback, and don't forget to vote!!


Viviane watched the trees roll by as she accompanied her half brother to the castle of the kingdom of Vix. She was attending with him for several reasons, first and foremost because she was becoming bored with the men in the vicinity of her own kingdom, but also because she felt that her young brother needed help wedding and bedding the newly orphaned young queen of Vix. Having been raised among peasants as she had, she might just demand a "love match," rather than the usual wedding for political gain that those in the higher echelons usually insisted on.

She chuckled to herself, silently. Love. As if such a thing existed. Lust, she could believe, in fact, she commanded many a man with lust, but love? Never.

She looked at her brother, noting that he was dressed in the clothing she had picked for him to wear when meeting Queen Evelyn. His shoes were polished until they looked like black looking glasses. His stockings were snowy white and so fitted they could have been sewn to his legs that very day. His black velvet breeches were impeccably tailored, his red silk coat cut in the military style and having plenty of gold embellishments, but not so many that they would detract from his perfect figure. His cravat was neatly pressed and tied in a style that looked simple but was remarkably hard to produce.

As she reached his face, she caught his deep blue eyes watching her. He pulled a lock of golden hair out of his eyes and asked, "well, Sister, do I pass?"

"Why, Drest, I have no idea what you mean."

"I mean that you have dressed me up in all this finery preparatory to meeting Queen Evelyn, who Father hopes that I will woo and wed. Do I pass your inspection?"

"You are as handsome as ever, Love."

"I just wish--"

"I know, Drest. We promised never to speak of it again." He was referring to the fact that he had professed his love for her two years ago when he was 18 years old. She had, perhaps, allowed things to go too far that night, but he had been love struck ever since. She was cautious, because if they were ever found out they would be put to death by the local church, as incest was a mortal sin, even for royalty.

The coach pulled up, and Drest exited first, turning back to help her out. He then stood, blinking in the sun after the dim light of the coach, while Viviane looked alertly about.

She immediately noticed what looked to be a stable hand watching them from behind a tree. She began strutting and parading about, emphasizing her many charms. She was merely five feet tall, in comparison to Drest's six foot 3, but her small form was perfect for her purposes. She ran her hands up the sides of her large breasts, discretely adjusting them in her bodice to enhance her impressive cleavage: her breasts were so large as to be almost unreal looking, and she took the opportunity to flaunt them whenever possible. When she was through, she put her hands on her hips, thus emphasizing her tiny waist, which had no need of the corsets she refused to wear to make it smaller. When she was sure he was watching, she slid her hands to her round arse and parted her cheeks in a lewd invitation. While he stared longingly, she shot him a sly smile.

Her gown was of the deepest blue, while the under dress was red, both made of silk. Her long, silky brown hair almost matched the color of her eyes, and was piled high on her head. She was stunning, and she knew that she drew every male eye in the clearing.

She leaned back into the coach to fetch her brother's sword, and while she was in there, she silently signaled her dog to run straight for the stable hand. He looked like an interesting prospect.

While she had her back turned helping Drest with his sword, the little dog ran, a streak of fawn lightning, past the stable hand and into the storage shed behind the stable hand. Naturally, he ran after her, and after she finished with the sword, Viviane briskly walked in that direction. Her walk was so smooth it was as if she floated on a cloud of air as she moved.

She found the stable hand talking to the dog and trying to soothe her as Miss Daisy growled at him from a dark corner.

Viviane approached him.

"Oh, thank you for catching Miss Daisy. I don't know what I would have done if she had run off and gotten lost in these woods. She's very valuable, you know."

"My name is Viviane. I am Prince Drest's advisor and half sister. You are...?"

It was obvious that it took him a moment to remember. "Um, John, Milady."

"Well, John, I thank you again for saving my dog. If there is anything I might do for you in return during our stay, please, don't hesitate to ask." Her eyes flashed up at him. "I do mean anything." She brushed her breast up against his arm and he looked down reflexively, then was caught by the dark cleft between her large breasts. She gave the sexual attraction power she held in check a little nudge and watched as John's cock rose in his breeches.

"It looks like you do want something after all."

John hung his head shyly.

"Yes, milady."

"Well, it turns out I want the same thing. Come here, young man."

He complied, and she put her hand on his breeches, feeling his hard cock underneath them. She quickly untied the laces and freed his cock.

"Now. What are we going to do with you?"

John was still hanging his head with shame as she wrapped her small hand around his cock and began moving it, at which time he raised his eyes to meet her smiling ones. He smiled in return. Finally he began to realize that his aroused state was not offensive to this noble woman!

"John, have you ever buggered a woman?"

"I don't understand, milady."

"Have you ever had your cock up her arse?"

His eyes widened with comprehension. "No, milady."

"Well, you are about to have the pleasure. Get down on your knees and lift my skirts, and then put this nice cock into my arse. Nowhere else, mind you, just my arse."

Viviane got down on all fours in front of John in the clean straw, careful not to rumple her gown, and felt John lift her skirts in the back. They fell over her head, but she was used to that.

She felt the tip of his cock pressing against her arse, and she pressed back against it, impaling herself on John's member. They both groaned. He started to move very slowly, and Viviane picked up the pace. She had to make this quick, or Drest might come looking for her.

She felt every last bump and vein on John's engorged cock as he slid in and out of her, and she began to writhe and buck on it, impaling herself deeper every time. She was moaning happily and cumming frequently. John's cock was filling her up inside.

They worked together, bodies hitting softly together the only sounds besides their satisfied moans. Very soon, John held her hips still as he pounded out his completion. Viviane happily milked the remaining cum from his cock, then pulled it from her ass and stood up.

John knelt at her feet, looking as if struck by lightning.

"Thank you, Milady. That was the best experience I have had in my life. I would be happy to serve you again in any way, should you want or require me."

The stars in his eyes suggested that he had been bewitched, and would now do anything to get his cock back inside her.

"I will probably take you up on that, John. For now, I have to get back to my brother. He will be worried. But I am sure that I can find you if I need you."

With those words, Viviane swept out of the storage shed holding her dog. As she left, she heard the stable hand mutter something that sounded like "I've got to tell Eric about this!"

Viviane was escorted by her brother into the castle gates proper. She knew that sometimes the crown lay heavily upon her younger half brother's head. There were times when he wished that he had been his father's bastard child, instead of coming from his mother's line and being guaranteed the kingship. Viviane would inherit the throne only if Drest died without heirs, because she was merely the illegitimate child of a lusty king. She was not even granted the title of princess, but was addressed as Lady, having no real title to lay claim to. The sneers behind her back, the comments about the king bringing his by-blow to the castle to be raised like a proper lady, all of these would have stung more, had Viviane not known who her mother was.

Viviane's mother was a powerful sorceress, who, after giving birth and raising Viviane to the age of five, had gone to her father and demanded that he raise their daughter as his own until such time as Viviane had proven herself worthy of returning to her mother's side.

Her mother's blood gave her many gifts; she did not age as quickly as others did, she had flashes of the Sight, and she could work some limited magic, as well as being immune to its effects, unless it was explicitly directed at her. Her pull on all men who saw her was part of her magic, and she kept it on a low simmer, unless she wanted something, in which case she turned the heat up. She had never had the occasion to turn the power up all the way, as she feared that would kill a man.

Her father, the old and feeble King Oren, had commanded Prince Drest to court Queen Evelyn and marry her and her land to theirs, thus bringing the two kingdoms under one rule. He was holding on to life until he could see the uniting of the two countries.

Running both countries was a job for someone who was better with people than Drest. It was a job for a ruler.

It was a job for Viviane.

If Drest married Evelyn it was likely that Viviane would no longer be welcome at either court. Her sexual powers could bring her some wealth, but not the comfort she was used to as a member of the royal family.

However, should both monarchs die a short time after they were wed, before they were able to produce an heir, Viviane would then be queen of both countries, as there was no other ruler for Vix. It was possible that John the stable boy could help her with that scenario.

"I wonder why they didn't send someone out to greet us," Viviane commented as she shook out the lead for her dog from an unseen pocket in her sleeve. She attached it before setting Daisy on the ground to walk gracefully next to her.

"I wonder why you didn't think to leash that damned dog while we were in the carriage so that poor stable boy didn't have to get his clothes dirty saving her."

Viviane just huffed and kept walking, dog at her side. Drest obviously thought Daisy was as stupid as Viviane pretended she was. That was a good thing.

Suddenly, Drest stopped in his tracks as a woman walked toward them from the manor. Viviane noted that she was dressed in a gown of vivid green with an under skirt of gold brocade. Her long auburn hair was piled on her head, with a few ringlets falling down her back and a small crown was placed amongst the riot of curls. She seemed a bit breathless, as if she had been running to get to where they were. She stopped at the sight of them, looking around, as if waiting for someone, then walked toward Drest and Viviane with a hesitant smile on her face.

"Hello, you must be Prince Drest. I'm Queen Evelyn. I'm afraid my Lord Chamberlain and Chancellor must be attending to the rest of your party, who arrived just a short while ago. I am terribly sorry that you were not met immediately upon your arrival. If you would like to introduce me to your companion, I would be happy to find someone who can show you to your quarters. I'm sure you would like to rest after your journey."

All this was said with a natural grace and courtesy. Viviane was a little amazed that this young girl who had been brought up among peasants was so at ease with running a castle.

Drest bowed, indicating Viviane. "Queen Evelyn, may I present my half sister Viviane. Viviane, Queen Evelyn."

Viviane curtseyed to the queen, and the queen responded with a regal bob of her head. Someone had been giving her lessons in the short time she had been on the throne.

"Now," Queen Evelyn continued, "if you will both follow me, we will get you settled into the Manor proper, and you can rest from your journey."

With those words, she swept up the cobblestone path and into the large stone building in front of them.

Viviane watched as her brother became more and more infatuated with the young queen over the course of the next half hour as they were arranged for and settled in the neighboring guest house. She also noted that, other than being cordial, the queen did not appear to know that he existed. A fact that she needed to change, if she was to fulfill her goals.

Settled in her room, Viviane thought back on the past few days. She had done quite a bit of mayhem before leaving King Oren's castle, knowing that she would be staying in Vix for an extended period of time. She had let one of her lovers' wife know just what he had been up to (not with her, of course-- she had found out that he had been tossing a chambermaid in addition to her and had taken her revenge), and had released another from prison.

All it had taken was a little help from her magical powers, and some creative help from Miss Daisy. She reached down and petted the small, short haired dog, who in turn lapped at her hand with her warm tongue.

People looked at her small dog and thought that she was stupid, but she was almost as smart as most humans. If only people knew what mischief her dog was trained to create, Viviane would be in a lot of trouble.

She wondered what use she might have for the stable hand. He might be needed to help Drest and Evelyn be thrown together. He might just be needed for something more sinister. Either way, he would be someone good to have under her thumb. And once a man had a taste of her they could never have enough.

Meanwhile, she was feeling lusty and in the mood for someone else to fill her needs. Perhaps she would take the dog for a walk and see what-- or who-- she could find.

Before she left her room, she changed her silk dress for a finely printed calico, and removed her chemise entirely, as well as her petticoats.

Surveying herself in the highly polished metal mirror she had brought with her, she liked what she saw. The neck of her dress was cut very low, its intent to have either a chemise or a kerchief in place to hide the cleavage shown, though she never bowed to convention. The waist of the dress only served to emphasize her natural tiny waist, and the cut of the dress also made the most of her generous ass.

Judging herself to be well prepared for anything, she leashed her dog and exited her room. Finding her way back to the castle, she discovered the kitchen exit, which was more discrete than the grand main entrance. She exited, only to bump into a young man who was going the other way.

"Oh, pardon me. I wasn't watching where I was going," Viviane blushed and fluttered her long dark eyelashes at the handsome stranger. At the same time, she gave a little "bump" to her magical attraction. She couldn't give it all to him at once, lest he be suspicious of being charmed.

"No, Milady, it was I who was clumsy." The young man's eyes very shortly became riveted right where Viviane wanted them. There was an advantage to being short and busty, and she took that advantage every chance she got, flaunting her large breasts whenever she could reasonably do so.

"To whom do I have the pleasure of speaking?" She knew it was bold, but she was getting damp between the thighs just looking at this giant of a man. She was wondering if he was proportioned gigantically all over, and hoped to be able to find out soon.

My name is Eric," he said, bowing, finally taking his eyes from her cleavage and meeting her eyes with a smile. "I am guessing that you are the Lady Viviane my friend John was telling me about." He bent down and caressed the dog with surprisingly gentle fingers, "and this must be Miss Daisy. I had heard that they were breeding a smaller version of a Greyhound, but I had thought that they would look more like the terrier they were crossed with."

"She still has some traits of the Terrier, but the looks are all Greyhound." Viviane bent down to join Eric in petting the dog, giving him another glimpse of her impressive cleavage. "Hopefully, with this litter she is carrying, the Terrier traits will be gone for good and the Whippet will be a breed of its own."

Eric looked up at her quizzically. "So you bred her? Who is the sire?"

"Ah, but that would be telling. These pups, though, will be worth their weight in gold. And that is what they will be priced at." Viviane moved a little closer so that Eric could smell her sweet breath as she spoke. "Why, are you interested?" She gave another "bump."

Usually by this point men were beyond conversation and were almost to the point of ravaging her where she stood. She turned up the heat a little more, but got no reaction still.

"I might be, but I will never have those funds for a dog."

"Perhaps we could work out an... arrangement..."

"Really? Do you think that I could... work... off the debt?"

"I would be willing to let you try." Viviane's voice was breathless and low as she said the last few words. Neither of them was talking about dogs anymore, and they knew it. He took her hand and assisted her as they rose, and then, smiling, led her beyond the castle wall and into a secluded forest glen.

Viviane promptly dropped Miss Daisy's leash, and, addressing her, commanded "Guard."

"Why do I get the feeling that you taught her that for a reason?"

"Because you are smarter than most of the idiots I have had to have her guard for," Viviane replied, running her fingers up Eric's muscled chest. He gasped, then pulled her close and lifted her off her feet for a passionate kiss, tongues tangling, lips and teeth moving on each others mouths as they devoured each other. Eric finally put her down, but only to free his hands to roam over her body, caressing her curves.

Confused as she was, Viviane was also incredibly turned on. Her magic should be turning this man into a complete idiot, caring for nothing except getting his cock into her as soon as possible. As a test, she turned it on him full force, only to see... Nothing.

Her magic had no effect on this giant man. How could this be?

He kissed her again, and she lost track of what she had been thinking. All she could think of was that she wanted this man's cock in her arse. Soon.

She marveled at the strength she found in his body; the well defined abdominal muscles, the bulging shoulders and back, the tight arse, every single muscle on this huge man was tight and toned, and she could hardly believe it. She ran her fingers through his cropped red hair and felt his small beard scrape along her neck as he slowly kissed and licked the smooth skin there.

She quickly untied his breeches in order to get his shirt free and feel his smooth skin. He was fumbling with the laces at the bodice of her gown, and she finally gave in and untied them for him, allowing him to free her breasts to view.

Immediately, he sucked one rosy tip into his mouth, causing her to moan and clutch his head to her breast as the sensation went directly to her loins. She lifted his shirt, helping him remove it to reveal his firm muscles and bronzed skin.

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