A Royal Sacrifice Ch. 05


Drest looked down at the woman who had spoken. "Got your wits again?" he asked Rebecca. She frowned, but nodded her head, as if Drest had been right all along and it wasn't the Wizard that had taken the Queen's loved ones lives. "Good, take one of the village boys and have him take you home. Inform the Chancellor and Lady Muriel of what has transpired and tell them I will be bringing Evelyn back with me."

Rebecca nodded her head and quickly found one of the women that often sewed for those of the lower class servants of the castle. Two men from the village accompanied them and soon Drest had ordered the remaining men to search out the unknown enemy of Vix. The women returned to their homes, where they would be required to protect not only themselves, but their children as well. The stories of the 'Spectre That Walks' were already circulating.

Drest approached Cedric, crossed his arms and studied the couple. "Just friends?" he thought to himself. Cedric's fingers brushed away the red locks that earlier Drest had been admiring. Unbeknown to Evelyn, her braided bun had come loose and little curls were falling across her brow and neck.

"Evelyn, it is time to go," Drest demanded, pushing back the bite of jealousy he had experienced when Cedric cooed words of devotion into Evie's ear.

Cedric frowned, but rose, urging Evelyn to her feet. He passed his friend off to the Prince and then glanced around. "Where did the other one go?" he asked.

"The other one?" Drest questioned back, "What other one?"

"The other girl. Her handmaiden?" Cedric replied.

Drest's brows rose. "Lady Rebecca has returned to the castle."

"Oh, that is good."

Drest felt a part of him relax. If the young lad was asking about Rebecca then surely there really was no relationship between him and Queen Evelyn. "Your name again?"

"Cedric, Your Highness." The young lad bowed. "Cedric, what do you do?"


Drest glanced down at Evelyn, still quiet and lost in her grief. "You do not work within the walls of the keep. What is it you do?"

"I am an apprentice to my father. He makes shoes."

Drest smirked as he thought of the lowly station the boy had and how a threat to his wooing of Evelyn was not going to be an issue. The lovely Queen would surely want a Prince over a shoemaker. However, just to sweeten the deal, he opted to aid young Cedric in pursuing another instead of his childhood friend. "From this day on you will be appointed to the Royal Guard. I am sure Chancellor Benedict will agree with me that having another lad, a strong one, and one very familiar with the antics of the Queen is wise. You will report to me her comings and goings, this also means you will protect her and her handmaiden with your life if the need arises. Have you been trained in the art of swords, knives and other weaponry? Can you fight with your fists?"

Cedric blinked. He had always been a simple peasant lad. Now, before him stood the man that everyone feared would be the downfall of Vix. It was known far and wide that Drest was a womanizer of the greatest ilk. Or so that was the rumor. The lad, this being Cedric's first encounter with the Prince, found him to be a wise and strong man, a perfect leader for the people of Vix and the way that Evelyn had seemed to accept being in his arms and allowing him lead, showed that perhaps he would be good for Evie as well.

"I shall report first thing come morning, My Lord. I have not been trained like a warrior, but I have learned a few tricks from my father," Cedric said, puffing his chest out wide.

"Good. I will return to the castle with Evelyn. Report to me in the morning. Your official training will begin then." He turned to Evelyn and scooped her up. Once more she curled herself into him. Drest wanted to believe it was because she adored him, but he knew it was the need to feel comforted by someone and after what she'd seen, anyone would probably do.

When they reached the castle, it seemed to be bathed in light. Muriel was in the courtyard, freighting and wringing her hands together. Rebecca was there at her side and the Chancellor stood staring angrily at the woman in Drest's arms. Drest noted John and indicated for him to come forward. He gently deposited Evelyn into the big man's arms, dismounted and then quickly reclaimed his wounded bounty.

"In the morning," he said to Benedict as he walked past, ignoring the litany of words that spilled from the grumpy man's lips. He then walked casually, as if he owned the keep up the stairs that led to the balcony, then turned toward the hall and steps that would take him to Evelyn's private chambers. He heard Muriel and Rebecca's whispers following him. A guard pulled Evelyn's bedroom door open and Drest stepped inside. His eyes fell on her bed and his sex stirred to life. He frowned at his basic desires and set the quiet woman on the covers. "Tend her," he said, then turned away, closing the door and leaving Evelyn with Rebecca and Muriel.

"I do not know how she slipped by you," he said to the guards, his anger evident in the way he stared at them and spoke, "however it will not happen again. You both will meet me in the lists tomorrow where you will learn what it means to be a guard to my Queen," with that said he turned and left the guards both fearing the morning sun.

Vivian leaned against the balcony that overlooked the ground floor of the keep and watched her brother descend the steps that led from the Queen's chambers. She couldn't help but notice her brother's lack of interest in her as of lately. It bothered her, but she knew in the end it was good. . .for her. She thought of visiting his rooms, pushing her magic against him and making him worship her again, just as she had so many years ago. It wasn't until he was of age that she finally delivered enough magic to make him come to her and confess his undying love. It had been fun, but she also knew to bed her brother again would in time bring about their downfall.

"It's for the best," she told herself and slunk back to her room. "There are others that are more than willing to service me." She thought of Eric and how having him deep within her would bring her more pleasure than any other cock she'd had before. "Yes, let little Evie have baby brother. After all, they should be happy - while they can," she told herself as she slipped back into the warm bed, where her current lover, a nobody guard of some lackluster Earl, lay waiting.

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