tagChain StoriesA Royal Sacrifice Ch. 21

A Royal Sacrifice Ch. 21


Muriel was floored by what she had learned, seeing Lynzie had been strange enough but hearing her revelation was another thing entirely. She decided to leave Evie with Grams. The older woman had told her to go find something to distract herself, perhaps find someone she cared about and spend some time with them. It was her own little way of meddling, something she wasn't afraid to do with those that she cared for.

She wasn't paying attention to where she was walking, didn't notice that she had taken a few turns that would lead her to where someone was thinking about her. She wanted to tell someone, but at the same time she knew it was not her place at all to do so. She walked slowly down the castle corridors with that dilemma in the front of her mind.

The path she walked led her straight to his door, a door that she had seen a few times when cleaning. She had not been there in so long, to her it felt like forever as she began to stare at the door. She was not even sure if he was there. He had been gone, away with John, so more than likely he had not arrived yet.

"Muriel!" An excited call was heard from behind the woman, a warm smile on the face of a man who normally wore no smile at all. "I was hoping to see you again." Benedict's voice turned soft and sweet as he walked up behind her. The woman stood at the door, turned around and looked to him with a smile.

"I did not mean to, I was just walking, I ended up here..." Muriel started rambling, however she was hushed by the man before her as he placed a soft and gentle finger across her lips.

"I wish to speak to you, if you are comfortable enough we can go into my room and speak in there." Benedict looked to her with a smile, the smile only grew when he saw her nod in agreement.

She could feel his hand brush against her side as he reached past her. With her bodice on she could not feel much but just enough to know that it had been done. The whole time the two looked into each other's eyes, even as the door behind her opened neither shifted their focus. But when she took a step back he took a step forward, her entering his room and him following her. He wanted nothing more than to be close to her.

"You seem distracted my dear. Is there anything that I can do to help?" He spoke as he closed the door behind them. Muriel's attention remained riveted on him even while he completed such a simple action.

At first she did not seem to hear him, which was made clear by her silence. A little worried he looked into her eyes, a soft hand placed upon her cheek as she looked down to the floor. As she closed her eyes the caress began, his thumb softly rubbing circles against her milky soft skin. It was the type of behavior that one would not expect from a hardened man like Benedict, but something that got her to look up to him with a sweet smile newly formed on her lips.

"There is something on my mind, but I just can not speak of it. It is not because I do not trust you, it is just not my place..." Her words were interrupted, once more his hand raising before a single finger was felt gently across her lips while at the same time the caress of her cheek continued.

"You have given me much more than I needed to know. If you say that you can not speak of it I trust you my dear." Benedict spoke softly, an actual smile crossed his lips as he looked into her eyes.

He had only done this once before, so there was a moment of anxiety. Benedict couldn't help but to be nervous, only one other woman had this effect on him and she was now gone. Before him was a fiery redhead, one that caused him to do things that he normally would not do, one that caused him to feel things he had long since forgotten.

But before the man could act, the woman did. Muriel knew just what it was that he wanted and it was the same thing that she did as well. Reaching up she softly clasped his wrist, she had to pull his finger from her lips before she could do that which she wanted to do. She leaned forward, her lips softly pressed against his, her head tilted slightly so that their noses wouldn't bump together.

His soft moan was heard loud and clear, Muriel blushing slightly at the sound. Even though she was wearing a bodice she could feel his arms snake around her, not only holding her but pulling her closer so that their bodies were practically pressed together. Mouths opened as the kiss continued, passion became a major part of the kiss though it remained as gentle as Benedict could keep it, considering his building lust.

He did not stop looking at her. Even with her eyes closed he continued to watch her. Despite the way he had acted in the past, she was still willing to give this to him; a treasure that he would not likely forget soon. Still it left the man wanting more, left her wanting more as well despite her inexperience. But who was going to make the move to bring the kiss to the next level? Neither of them would know until it actually happened.

It ended up being a joint effort. The tips of their tongues met where their lips entwined with one another. Benedict's moan was louder, however in the very back of Muriel's throat a soft sound that mimicked his, formed and escaped into the kiss. His arms around her tightened, the woman now brought as close to him as possible. It was then that her hands came to rest on his shoulders. The kiss brought them closer than they ever had been before.

The two of them spent what seemed to be an eternity sharing this moment; the most perfect piece of time between the two of them to date. Neither of them wanted to see it end, however it had to as breathing was required for both of them. The end of the kiss was a process in itself; a slow one that reflected on their desire to keep the kiss going. Tongues stopped dancing, retreated into their own mouths. Next their mouths closed, but still their lips remained pressed together for a few moments longer. Finally a series of small pecks, but the pecks ended as Benedict loosened his grip and just watched her and the expression on her face.

Muriel took a moment to gather her wits, and to recover from the heart pounding experience of the kiss. She finally opened her eyes and looked into his. The look in her eyes spoke of joy, the same joy that Benedict felt at that very moment. Her hands did not drop but remained rested upon his shoulders. She felt safe in his arms, safe pressed against him. Forgotten was whatever had been distracting her, only to be replaced with her feelings of fondness for the chancellor once more.

"Muriel, there is something I have been wanting to tell you for quite some time." Benedict's grip around her then loosened, his hands slid to her waist as he continued to look into her eyes.

"Whatever it is Benedict I am sure it is unimportant. I can not imagine much needing to be said right now." Her hands slid down his shoulders, her hands now taking a rest against the crook of his elbows.

"No Muriel, this needs to be said. If I did not tell you now I would be lieing to you and I can not continue to lie to you or myself for any longer." He looked into her eyes apologetically, as he kept his grip he slowly took steps back to lead her toward his bed.

"If it is to apologize you need not do that. But if you have lied to me..." Her heart sunk as she thought of it, automatically she allowed herself to think the worst.

"Sit down my dear, sit down." He whispered softly to her as he turned the two of them around, which allowed her to sit down on his bed.

He then knelt before her, placed a hand on each knee and looked up and into her eyes. This was not easy for him, he had something he wanted to say but was afraid to say it. Muriel could tell by the look in his eyes that this wasn't easy, which made her wonder so much more what it was. It did not occur to her that he was about to confess to something she secretly hoped for, then again she had never allowed herself so close to a man and was not fully sure how to read them.

"Muriel..." Benedict took a deep breath, his eyes stared directly into hers. "I am falling for you, hard and fast. I find myself changing, wanting to do anything necessary to keep you. I do not care what it is, anything I need to do in order for you to love me back I will do. No matter how hard it will be because I want nothing more than to be with you and to show you just how much I do love you." He spoke rather quickly, not realizing that he was rambling as he spoke.

Her eyes went wide as she looked to him still on his knees before her, incredibly surprised in the short time since they had spoken that he would feel such a thing. She did not think herself worthy, nor did she think that he would ever be capable of feeling such. Her heart fluttered as she sat there, unable to think of what she could say to that. Coming from a man like Benedict nothing she thought of could do such a confession justice.

Muriel let out a sigh, closed her eyes and bowed her head, which left Benedict to wonder what he had done wrong. He looked up to her, desperate to hear the words start to flow from her lips. His thoughts started to get carried away with him. He could not help but to think that she was going to reject him. That feeling made his heart sink, almost enough to make him regret confessing to her.

"Muriel, please. Say anything, anything at all." Gently the older man reached up, carefully placed his hand upon her chin to lift her gaze and get Muriel to look him in the eyes. "I do not care if you reject me, I do but I would rather hear that then silence between us. I need to know where I stand, I can not bare it any longer my love."

"Benedict..." Muriel spoke softly, almost pleading with him for something as she looked to him but avoided looking him directly in his eyes. "I have always been alone, never known anything about love. I have waited for so long, waited for years to have the chance to feel the way you say you do. I am not saying no, I am simply saying that I do not know how love feels." She hoped he would understand, but judging by the way his hand dropped from her chin and the way that he bowed his head he was disappointed.

"I see." Benedict then stood up, looked down to her and sighed. "I shall leave you be then and push my feelings aside." It hurt him to say this, however as far as he could tell it needed to be done.

"NO!" Muriel's voice raised as she, too, stood up, almost angry that he would think of doing such a thing. "Please do not do that Benedict, I am begging you."

That definitely got his attention, once more his gaze sought to look into her eyes. She was slightly angry, he had seen as much before, though this time it was different. It seemed to hurt her that he would consider doing such, that he would take such a chance away from her. Was it possible that she did feel something for him? The very thought made his heart flutter with excitement.

"I do not know how to describe what I feel, nor do I know how to show you what I feel. There is something there. Every time I see you my heart flutters and my mind begins to wander. I am begging you. Please do not take that away from me. It could be love, but I have never felt love. All I know is that when I see you like this, and see you as you are now, that I feel this intense feeling that I have never felt before." Muriel spoke in her normal tone, her mouth opened as if to say more but Benedict got the message and was not about to let the moment go to waste.

His head tilted in and once more his lips pressed against hers, his arms gently placed upon her hips while her hands found their way to rest upon his shoulders. The kiss started out as a nice and sweet kiss, nothing but their lips massaging the other's. But quickly it turned into a kiss of passion, a loving kiss that spoke of their feelings for one another. The two of them shivered in one another's arms. The sparks flew and excited them both.

"Please Muriel, let me show you how I feel. Let me make you feel the way you make me feel with just a simple kiss. I want you to let me give you myself completely, I want to be yours and I want you to be mine." He spoke after breaking the kiss, wanting so much to please her.

"Benedict, are you asking me to share myself with you or are you asking me to give you my hand?" Muriel was a little bit confused, two implications to his words.

"I guess I am asking you for a little of both." He smiled and then chuckled softly. "But you come first my dear, if at any point you feel uncomfortable then you have but to say so and I will stop. If I do not then may the gods strike me down where I lay." He was deadly serious about that part. He could only hope that she would trust him.

As her eyes went wide, he pulled her closer. The move allowed him to reach his hands behind her. That put them in a position to be able to undo her bodice, the thought of that alone started the process of making the man excited. But no move was made yet, there was no way he was going to risk anything with her. If she was not ready then she was not ready, but he hoped to be able to at least show her how much she meant to him.

"If you wish me to be yours than I shall. Perhaps if we..." Muriel looked down and blushed a little, taking a slight pause before she continued to speak. "Maybe then I'll discover just what this is that I feel for you. I want to give myself to you as I have no other man." She looked up to him with a smile, a little nervous but her words honest.

Those last words surprised Benedict, he knew that she had not married before but until now he had no idea that she was still a maid. This made even Benedict nervous, for he had never been with someone untouched before. His previous love, many years ago, had lain with another man and it was something he had never held against her though perhaps he should have. At the same time this made him smile, mostly because this meant that in all senses of the words she would truly be his and his alone.

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

Benedict let out a sigh as he felt the naked form of Muriel lay against him, her head resting on his shoulder while she snuggled up close. Softly, a kiss on his cheek was felt, something which made him smile. She had never imagined he would be so selfless, nor had she thought that her first time would be as incredible as it was.

"So my dear, should I expect for you to come back or shall I expect to never see you again?" He whispered softly as he kissed the top of her head, his arm around her and pulled her closer.

"You think I would never come back?" She was a little surprised, as she lifted her head and looked to him so that he could definitely see it in her eyes.

"Women are as unpredictable as the weather, often deceiving men despite their best efforts." He sighed, then gave her a kiss on the forehead.

It had been incredible for him. While he knew pleasing her had made her feel incredible he wasn't so sure about the rest. Not to mention he knew the pain she had felt, something he was afraid would deter her despite the pleasure he had hoped she felt. Benedict would be heart broken if she never came back. Just thinking about made him shudder.

"I never imagined it would be like this, I have heard so many horror stories..." In his arms, he felt her shiver, this only made him hold her closer in an attempt to comfort her.

"Then I will look forward to our time together. From this day forward there will be no other woman for me than the beautiful woman I am now holding in my arms. That is if she will have me." Benedict whispered softly, his heart beating rapidly because he was now more anxious of how she would reply.

"I will be yours and only yours, from this day forward I belong to the one and only man that I have ever loved." Muriel whispered softly in response. Only then realizing how exhausted she was physically and even then it was because she let out a soft and discrete yawn.

"Rest my love, you have much to do on this evening and while you do such I shall watch my angel sleep and wake you when the time is right." He couldn't help but to smile, Benedict had never been happier in his life as he was now.

Muriel relaxed. She had no other choice as her body wasn't going to let her do anything else. Her breathing slowed. Benedict pulled up the covers with his free hand so that she would not feel any chill. When she fell asleep a short time later he kissed her forehead. In a few hours he would wake her, but for now he would watch her resting comfortably in his arms as he thought about how perfect they had proven to be for one another.

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