tagBDSMA Royal Visit

A Royal Visit


As I awoke, I felt a presence beside my bed. I looked up to see the king. He had divested himself of his royal garments and stood there in all his majestic glory - scepter drawn to its full length. I knew why he was there. I was to begin working in the castle as one of his maids. He had come to test me and make sure I would be a willing subject in whatever he desired.

As he stood there, stroking his already hard shaft, he pulled my covers aside, exposing my scantily clad body to his gaze. I felt the heat of those eyes as they traveled down the length of my body...taking in my rounded breasts barely covered by my flimsy camisole. His look lingered at the V-shaped shadow showing through at the hem of my nightclothes. As my eyes widened, he reached down, grabbing the material resting between my breasts. With one forceful pull, I was naked before him. I felt my nipples begin to harden as the cold air hit them. My hands instinctively went to cover my private areas. He shook his head and moved my hands to my sides indicating that I should remain still. As he continued to stroke his stiff cock, his other hand began moving across my body...stroking, rubbing, and manipulating my breasts firmly.

I began to tingle as I imagined that thick, glorious scepter plunging into the depths of my hot pussy. As if reading my thoughts, my ruler came onto my bed, spreading my legs so he could settle between them...gazing at my swelling outer lips and seeing the beginnings of my arousal. He continued to handle his cock in such a way that made my mouth water...wanting to please him but afraid I may displease. He touched the head of his scepter against the opening to my treasure. My king met with some resistance, though. My entrance is tight and well guarded...even as my juices began to flow and he felt the slickness on his royal manhood...he realized he must thrust harder to gain access to the warm treasure he knew was below the surface. I spread my legs wide...sliding my hands down my body to let my fingers touch my throbbing clit. My king shook his head again...he does not want any assistance.

He reached for my hands and grabbed my wrists...placing them over my head...he told me to grasp the metal of my headboard. I did as I was told - to displease the king can encourage immediate punishment. As I held on as instructed, his hands traveled down my body to my breasts...taking the aroused nipples between thumb and forefinger, he began to roll them roughly between his fingers - causing me to gasp with the pleasure and anticipated pain. As he continued to pinch my nipples he pulled one towards his mouth. Leaning over, he took it between his teeth and applied just enough pressure to make my upper body rise up to meet him. I felt his hard cock pressing into my pelvic bone...so close to my treasure.

As he watched, my eyes closed in anticipation as I felt his other hand leave my breast and move to my waiting clit - exposed and throbbing - aching for his touch. Oh - the sensation of his bite on my nipple and his touch on my clit - I began to thrust my hips upward - wanting the invasion of his thick hard cock. In my eagerness, I forgot my instructions and my grip loosened from the metal poles of my headboard. This displeased my king and he expressed this by delivering a stinging slap to my pussy and telling me to hold on - he's not finished with me. I felt the effects of his hand punishing my pussy as he struck it again for emphasis. I renewed my hold and breathlessly awaited my ruler's pleasure.

He reached down and took my stockings from the floor and began to lash my ankles to the corner supports at the foot of my bed. Now I was exposed - open to his eyes, his fingers, his tongue. He leaned down and kissed the spot he had slapped. I caught my breath and raised my hips - my body now responding involuntarily to his ministrations. He slowly put two fingers in my mouth and drew them out...using the dampness on them to open my outer lips and begin to tease me...sliding them in just enough for me to feel the invasion then withdrawing them as I moaned in disappointment. He slid them in again just a bit further. It felt good and I wanted more. He must have sensed my need as he used his fingers to distribute my stickiness -- using it to lubricate his fingers.

He knelt between my legs, stroking me from my inner thighs up over my pulsing clit, past my waist and back to my breasts. He began to knead them with his fingers...roughly grabbing the nipples and pulling upward. He smiled as he realized how excited I was. He slid up my body and brushed his hard cock against my lips. My mouth opened like that of a baby bird - eager for its hunger to be sated. My king looked down into my eyes and quickly thrust his scepter into my waiting mouth. I try to take the fullness in my mouth and hold it...savor it...but my king is impatient. He begins to pump his rigid manhood into my mouth - fucking it like it was my pussy. As he stroked in and out I used my tongue to reach out and lap at his balls. His movements became faster...more heated. I so wanted to feel his cum - taste it - let it slide down my throat. But he had other ideas....As his balls tightened in anticipation of the explosion about to cum, he abruptly pulled out of my mouth and drew his hardness down between my breasts.

He straddled my waist and again grasped both nipples - hard. He pulled my breasts together over his shaft and slowly began to fuck my tits wrapped tightly over his cock. I bent my neck upward and used my tongue to tease the tip of his scepter when it was within my reach. I believe this pleased my king as he maintained position, rubbing my nipples along his shaft as my tongue did its dance on the now purple head of his cock. He reached behind his back and began fingering my clit as the other hand held my tits over his cock. Finally, he pulled away from my chest and with a mischievous grin, slid his scepter down to the entrance of my pussy. I was hot and wet - wanting to feel him inside me.

As he looked into my eyes, he pulled back slightly and, with one demanding thrust - pushed his entire length into my waiting, dripping box. Oh! The fullness of it - the instant filling of my pussy - I could not help myself - I began to buck against him...I'm going to cum...I cannot stop. As he realizes that I am to the point of no return he begins to fuck me unmercifully...pounding his throbbing cock into my juicy wetness. As I begin to cry out in ecstasy he slams his fullness in me to the hilt and pins me down with its strength. When my muscles begin to contract around his cock he grabs my breasts again and pulls them downward. Now I can barely move as my orgasm throws my body into wild convulsions against him. At that point he begins to cum, his cock pulsing and spasming in my narrow opening - pinning me down even further. I feel the heat of his cum shoot deep inside me - filling me with warmth. Such a glorious feeling!

After he pumps the last of his juices inside me, he slides out of my pussy's tight grasp and again slides up my body. It is clear what he wants...I open my mouth as he puts his scepter at my lips and slowly use my tongue to lick him clean...tasting the mingling of our passions.

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