tagBDSMA Rude Awakening Ch. 2

A Rude Awakening Ch. 2


Lynn wasn't sure how much time had passed before she saw Al walking towards her once again. It could have been minutes or hours, as time seemed to have stood still. He smiled at her, stroking her cheek and said, "You have done so very well, little one, that I am going to cut your punishment time down to just one minute. What do you say to that?" Lynn cleared her throat and managed to croak, "Thank you, Master."

Her mind reeled. If being bound to a circular metal frame with clamps biting into both nipples and her clitoris wasn't the punishment, then what was? She watched in apprehension as Al plugged an electrical lead into the side of the frame supporting the circle to which she was attached. Al went and sat on a nearby chair and picked up a small black box. Lynn watched as his fingers hovered over a dial. She was jolted back to reality as Al reminded her once again that she must not utter a sound. For every sound she made, he would increase the punishment. What on earth did he mean? she thought, but no sooner had the thought formed than she found out. She felt her legs rising and her head sinking as she was moved from the vertical to the horizontal once again. Then it was back to the vertical – like some crazy seesaw. Lynn found that this wasn't too bad and she could just about cope with the pull on her nipples each time her body righted itself.

This happened half a dozen times and Lynn was just about to congratulate herself on coping when she found that, after the next horizontal phase, rather than returning to the vertical, her body continued to move backwards and she was going head downwards. Soon she was at 45° and gravity began to pull her breasts down towards her chin. The movement of her body started to increase in speed and the bite of the clamp on her clit was such that she gave a moan. Al immediately stood and pressed a button on the control box. Lynn was left suspended upside down. "Did I hear you moan, bitch?" Al said in a voice that was so quiet that it was all the more menacing. Lynn managed to give an answer, "Yes, Master. Sorry, Master."

"You will be," he said as he returned to his chair, "You now have 70 seconds to go."

Lynn took a deep breath as the wheel began to turn again. One circuit, two circuits, three … Lynn found that by controlling her breathing, she was able to control the waves of pain. She counted the seconds. A circuit lasted about 10 seconds … she had done four – only three more to go. Just as she congratulated herself that she WOULD get through this without making a noise, the speed increased. The wheel seemed to be going much faster and Lynn lost her breathing pattern. The first circuit at the increased speed was completed, but Lynn found herself panting and gasping – unable to gauge when to breathe in to control the pain cause by the pull on the clamps. She somehow remained quiet during the next but then lost all sense of timing. The next fall backwards seemed so sudden and unexpected that before she knew it, a scream had formed and escaped her throat. Once again the machine stopped. Al came over and squatted down so that he was able to look into Lynn's sweat drenched face. "You know what that means, don't you?" he asked coldly. Lynn swallowed and whimpered, "Yes, Master. I am so sorry, it won't happen again."

Al tugged at her hair and laughed as he said, "Very well, my pet. I can see that you are trying, so I will only increase the time by 50 seconds this time – your time now stands at 65 seconds." Lynn remembered to thank him as she inwardly groaned. Another minute plus to go … she didn't know how she was going to survive. Al disappeared from her view and she heard him sit down. Lynn took a deep breath and willed herself to face what was coming. The machine started slowly but soon gained speed. It seemed to be going faster than ever and Lynn found herself panting and running with sweat in an effort not to cry out. Tears began coursing from her eyes, flying off in all directions as she spun over and over. Everything became a blur and Lynn found herself drifting – no longer sure of which way was up. Things started to go dark and all she was able to hear, or sense, was herself gasping for air. She began to feel really sick and felt as if she needed to pass water. Just as she thought that she couldn't control herself any longer, the machine came to rest. Lynn's head told her that she was still moving, but the lack of pull on the clamps told her otherwise.

Al swam into view, smiling warmly. He patted her arm before moving down towards her feet and releasing the clamp from her clit. Lynn was shocked by the surge of pain she experienced as the blood began to flow once again and she just managed to stifle a scream. Her entire body shook from the effort. Al came into view again and reached over her to release the first nipple clamp. Lynn screwed her eyes tight shut and clamped her jaws together to ensure she didn't utter a sound. Finally, the last clamp was removed and Lynn felt the blood throbbing back into the tips as she heard the tinkle of the clamps and chain landing in a heap on the floor.

At last she managed to open her eyes, to find Al staring at her intently. "Are you ready to resume your role as my slave, precious? Think carefully before you answer." Al spoke to her gently and began to rub her nipples. Lynn felt warmth invade her entire body and found she wasn't really capable of coherent thought. "Yes. No. I don't know…" her speech trailed off as Al moved down and stood between her legs. He began to rub her mound, occasionally running a fingertip up between her lips. Lynn felt her body begin to respond and heard Al ask her again, "Are you ready to resume being my slave?" Lynn didn't know what to think or say. She wanted to be set free but she didn't want this wonderful feeling to end either. "You may speak freely, willow."

Without thinking, Lynn breathed a "Oh yes, Master. Thank you" and then heard herself telling him that she needed to cum. That she couldn't wait much longer. "I know you can't, my sweet – but you will NOT cum until I give you permission. Remember that … wait 'til I say."

"Yes, Master, I will try"

"No, precious … you WILL wait!"

Al began to flick at her engorged clit and then slid a finger inside her. Lynn started to shake. A second finger was inserted and then Lynn felt his thumb at her anus. Lynn began to moan as she was being pushed ever closer to the edge. When Al's free hand commenced really playing with her clit, Lynn began to yell, "Please Master, pleeeease … " There was no response from Al and Lynn thought she would burst – so great was her need for release. As the pressure reached crunch point, Lynn began to buck uncontrollably against the restraints. Not a second too soon, she heard Al say, "Now, little one, cum for me now!" Lynn's body responded as if floodgates had been opened and she felt a terrific shudder overtake her.

Wave after wave of intense orgasm gripped her and she began to scream as his continued pressure sent her crashing over the edge. Lynn was totally unaware of events happening around her; so intense was the sensations racking her body. She vaguely sensed a change in her position but was still so disorientated that she couldn't decide which direction was which. As her body was still in the throws of the after shocks of her orgasm she felt her arms being released from the chains that had held them. They now hung loosely at her side and she looked at them in puzzlement, almost as if she wasn't sure what they were doing there.

Then she felt hands at her ankles and her legs being moved together. A voice reached into the fogs of her brain. It was telling her to get ready to stand, but she couldn't work out quite what they meant. As her waist belt was removed, Lynn found that her legs were unequal to the task of supporting her and she crumpled to the floor. The mere movement of her thighs against each other caused another spasm and she lay there gasping in pleasure.

Seconds, or was it hours later, she just couldn't work that one out, she heard Al saying something about resting. Lynn felt herself being lifted and carried away from the wheel. Soon she sensed herself being lowered and wondered what would happen next. She really didn't care. She was totally spent. She sense she was back on the bed and felt Al stroking her face, crooning quietly, "Sleep now, willow, sleep."


Lynn gradually drifted back to full waking state and wondered for a moment where she was. Hew body felt as if she had just played a tough game of hockey and she went to stretch her aching muscles and sit up. For a horrible moment, she experienced blind panic as she found she was unable to move her limbs more than a couple of inches. Then her brain kicked in and the events of the morning came flooding back to her. She was locked in a secret room above Ann's flat in London. Her 'friend' Ann, whom she had met on the Internet. Lynn wondered if Ann was really her name – were she and Al really married. How many times had Lynn's husband told her that you could never really know a person until you had met them? This was her own stupid fault – she had always been far too trusting; always taking people at face value; believing all they told her.

Lynn heard a sound and snapped her head round to locate the source. She saw Ann standing beside the bed fiddling with the chain fastening her ankle cuff to the bedpost. Before Lynn could draw breath to speak, Ann moved and released the other ankle, then quickly moved to release Lynn's wrists. "I will help you sit up, but take it slowly" said Ann in her soft melodious voice. Lynn sat on the edge of the bed feeling a little light headed. Ann was back, sitting on the low stool. She looked calm and poised, sitting there in a slip-on cotton summer dress, her body beautifully tanned. Lynn could stand it no longer. "Why? Why didn't you tell me? Why are you part of this?"

Before Ann could answer Al appeared, and Lynn watched in amazement as Ann immediately sunk to her knees. "That, dear willow," Al said, in a matter of fact voice, "Is easy to answer. She was doing MY bidding. I instructed her every step of the way." Lynn was speechless. She looked down at Ann and saw she was gazing up at Al with something approaching worship reflecting in her face. Lynn was drawn back to looking at Al as he continued to speak. "You two had already become friends, sisters in submission, in sexchat. You shared secrets; you opened your heart. It may have started as a game, a pastime for you, but it was clear to us that you have a truly submissive nature, and it pained us when you stopping visiting. My treasure missed her English friend terribly, and you were getting there as a submissive – so we set about finding you. It was only a matter of searching out the site you had mentioned as to treasure in your chats … and Ann began searching all of them, I took over when she needed to rest. Eventually we found you and the rest, as they say, is history."

Lynn was stunned that anybody would go to so much trouble. She admitted to herself that she HAD missed her friend treasure, but it had only taken about ten days before Ann came into her life. Although she had not share the sort of intimacy she had with treasure, and Lynn blushed at what they HAD shared, she and Ann had found they had much in common. Over the weeks, a real friendship had grown, or so she thought. As if Ann had read her thoughts, she placed a hand on Lynn's knee and said simply, "I DO like you – I wasn't pretending. Everything I told you about myself IS true." Lynn didn't know what to say, and flinched slightly when Ann rose from the floor and came to sit next to her on the bed. Ann withdrew slightly, looking hurt. Lynn looked down at her own naked body and blushed. Once again, it was as they could read her mind, as Al said, "treasure … strip! It is a little insensitive to be clothed when your guest is naked. Willow – don't be so self-conscious about your body … we think it is beautiful. Lynn almost laughed at this last comment, as it would have been the last adjective she would have chosen to describe herself.

Ann stood and slipped her dress over her head. Lynn was amazed that she had been naked under the thin material. Ann laughed and said, "Master doesn't like me wearing panties, and I don't have much of a bust … I envy you yours!" Ann sat on the bed again and put an arm round Lynn's shoulder, cupping her left breast in her free hand. Lynn gasped at the touch of another woman and Al said sharply, "treasure – manners!" Ann dropped her hand and apologised, looking very shamefaced. Lynn found her mind wandering, trying to sort out all the information that had been forced upon it so recently, but was bought back to the present by Al's voice, "OK, you two … you had better get going. Be ready for my return – I will give you an hour. DON'T keep me waiting." On that note, he turned and walked away. He moved so silently that it seemed that one moment he was there and the next gone.

Once he was out of sight, Lynn couldn't help but ask all the questions that were crowding her mind demanding attention. Ann laughed and said that all would become clear soon, but they really ought to go and shower and get ready. They must NOT keep Master waiting. Ann stood and grabbed Lynn's hand, pulling her to her feet. Ann led the way to what Lynn had thought was another huge cupboard off to one side of the huge room. Once there, Ann slid open the door and Lynn gasped as she saw a luxurious bathroom. She eyed the half-sunken bath with longing, but Ann led her firmly to a large shower in one corner. Ann told her to hold her hair up off her shoulders and quickly turned the jets on, soaking Lynn. Just as she was enjoying the flow of water on her aching body, the water was turned off and Lynn found Ann applying a thick lather all over her. Lynn started to protest, but was told to hush as it would be much quicker this way.

Soon Lynn was covered in soap. She found that she quite enjoyed the sensation of Ann's hands sliding over her body. Lynn closed her eyes for a moment to savour the many new signals being given by her body, but snapped them wide open as she felt something cold against her skin. Ann was holding an old-fashioned cutthroat razor against her underarm and Lynn instinctively flinched. "Don't move!" Ann cried, "Master would never forgive me if I cut you!" Lynn opened her mouth to speak, but Ann placed a finger on her lips and was told to hush; that it was 'Master's orders'. Lynn sighed and allowed her mind to wander as her friend quickly and skilfully shave all the hair from her armpits. Lynn had meant to do that herself this morning, but had been running late, so had left it. Lynn trembled slightly as Ann knelt and began to shave her legs. This wasn't so bad, Lynn told herself – she could cope with this, though it did feel very odd being in the shower with another woman. She had hated showering with the girls at school after their games lessons. They all used to stare at her enormous breasts and make comments about them. Lynn had always been big breasted and had hated it.

Lynn was rudely awoken from her daydream as she felt Ann's hand on her mound. She gave a startled yelp and went to move away. Soon she was back into a corner and Ann's hand was still in place. "Please don't move Lynn," she begged, "I really must get this done without the slightest nick on your skin." Lynn glanced down at her friend's frightened face and sighed, "OK, but why do you HAVE to do this," she asked in genuine puzzlement. The answer she got was one she half expected by now, "Master wishes it." As Ann made a start on shaving every hair from Lynn's mound, Lynn asked another question, "Do you do EVERYTHING Al tells you to?"

"Gosh! Don't call Master that. Not here! Unless we are in public, He is always addressed and referred to as Master."

"Hmmm, that's as maybe, but do you always do as he asks?"

"Yes," said Ann in a voice that sounded surprised that her friend need ask such a question. "He would never ask me to do anything beyond my capability. Not without training."

Finally, Ann had finished and asked Lynn to follow her. She led her to the bath and asked her to sit on the edge with her legs apart. "WHAT?" asked Lynn, in a state of shock. "I need to finish shaving you," said Ann. "Please, Lynn, I have to finish." Reluctantly, Lynn did as she was bid and tried not to think too closely about what Ann was doing as she knelt between her open legs. Finally, Ann was satisfied and began to run a bath. She set out soaps and oils and told Lynn that she could bathe – but warned her that she only had 15 minutes. Lynn sank gratefully into the warm water, and wasn't that surprised when Ann stepped in to join her. Lynn quickly washed herself, wincing as she hands brushed against her sensitive nipples. Ann saw the wince and said that she had some cream that would help. When it came to washing her labia she gasped – she felt so swollen, though she had to admit to herself that her newly shaved mound and lips did feel good.

All too soon, Ann pulled a level and the water began to drain. Lynn stood and Ann handed her a huge fluffy towel. "Pat, don't rub," warned Ann, "You will be a little tender, still." Soon Lynn was dry and Ann handed her a small jar of cream. "Rub this into your nipples," she said, "It will help a little." Lynn tried and gasped as her nipples began to tingle and then feel as if they were on fire. Pleasant warmth that soothed soon replaced this feeling, and she smiled gratefully. Ann beckoned her to follow and invited Lynn to lay face down on a raised padded table. Lynn frowned in puzzlement but soon did as Ann suggested when she was told that Ann would give her a quick massage. Ann started on her shoulders and Lynn sighed as her muscles un-knotted themselves. Ann moved her wonderful hands down to her back and Lynn found that she could quite easily fall asleep. This feeling was short lived as Al's voice boomed out, "TREASURE! WHAT do you think you are doing? Did I tell you to give willow a massage?"

"No, Master" stammered Ann, spinning round and dropping to her knees. "I got carried away. I am sorry Master."

"Not good enough. Fetch me the large paddle."

Lynn struggled into a sitting position and watched as Ann went to the cupboard she has seen Al at earlier. She saw her friend return carrying what looked like a large hairbrush with no bristles. Ann knelt and offered the paddle out to Al, who took it casually and then barked; "Position!" Ann got to her feet and then bent double, her hands grasping her ankles. "Turn round, I want willow to see this." Ann shuffled round until her back was towards Lynn. "Spread" Out came the next answer and Ann immediately spread her legs, giving Lynn a view of her pussy. Lynn looked away in embarrassment, but turned her head back when she heard Al say quietly, "You WILL watch, willow, or else I will continue until you do. I want you to watch and learn."

Al swung his arm up and bought it down with a whoosh. The crack as the paddle landed on Ann's upturned backside sounded like the starting pistol of a race. Lynn heard Ann grunt and gave a muffled gasp. A second after the sound of the smack came Al's voice, "NOT". He finished his slowly spoken sentence, emphasising each syllable with another smack. "UN TIL I SAY SO" He stood back to admire his handiwork and Lynn heard Ann say, "Six, thank you master." Lynn looked in horror at her friends flaming red arse and was about to speak when she saw Ann glance at her with a smile on her face and give her a wink. "OK treasure, you may sit down if you wish," Al said in his normal, gentle speaking voice.

He chuckled as Ann stood and said, "Thank you Master, I think I would prefer to kneel.

(To be continued)

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