tagBDSMA Rude Awakening Ch. 3

A Rude Awakening Ch. 3


Lynn still couldn't quite believe what she had just seen. This had been played out often enough in the chat room … but she didn't honestly think it truly happened. Once again it was if Al could read her thoughts as she saw him smile and say "Oh, yes Lynn. People do live like this. AND enjoy it. Ask my little treasure here – she will tell you." Lynn looked quizzically at her friend who nodded emphatically, a broad grin on her face. Lynn switched her attention back to Al as he continued, "Now, you didn't seem very sure when I asked you before, but now that you are rested, I will ask you again. "Are you ready to resume your role as my slave?"

Lynn looked confused and kept opening and closing her mouth. She just didn't know what to answer. The thought intrigued her, but she just couldn't see herself leaving her husband. Still she hesitated and Al interrupted her thoughts by adding, "I can see that still you waiver. No matter, I will ask again in a couple of hours and see if you have made your mind up then. In the meantime, treasure will give you the massage I had arranged for you. Just you lay back and enjoy it."

Lynn watched as Ann rose to her feet and went over to a trolley. As she began to wheel the trolley back towards the table on which Lynn sat Al rose from his chair. "I think, dear willow, that you should wear a blindfold for this. It will heighten the experience and save you from distractions around you." Lynn didn't quite what to make of this, but thought that nothing too bad would happen with Ann there. She gave a slight nod and was told to close her eyes. Lynn shivered as the padded leather blindfold was strapped tightly around her head and cut off all light. She sat very still, rather afraid that, if she moved, she would fall. A hand on her shoulder caused her to jump violently, but she quickly regained her composure as she heard Ann's voice say, "I am going to help you lay down on your front."

Lynn allowed herself to be guided and was soon back in the position she was in when Al had suddenly appeared. Once again, Ann began by working on Lynn's shoulders, but this time, she used some kind of warm oil. Lynn lay there and tried to work out the smells that where invading her nostrils, but found that though some seemed very familiar, she couldn't seem to put a name to them. The oil seemed to be soaking into her body and caused her skin to tingle slightly, though not unpleasantly. Ann moved and began to massage down the length of one arm, then the other. Soon she began on Lynn's back and Lynn gave a sigh of contentment.

She jumped a little as she felt another pair of hands touch her body and went to sit up. Ann gently, but firmly pushed her back down and told her to relax, to "Go with the flow". Lynn sank back down and tried to relax as hands ran up and down her body. One set seemed to be working down her back towards her arse while the other set were working from her ankles to her hips. After a while of feeling nothing more than the slight pressure of hands on her now warm skin, Lynn totally relaxed and felt she could quite easily drift off to sleep. She was not entirely convinced that she hadn't as she felt her shoulder being shaken and Ann's voice telling her to roll over.

Lynn was helped onto her back and told to relax. She heard the sound of matches being struck and panicked slightly as her brain went into overdrive wondering what was about to happen. She heard Ann give a little laugh and heard her say "Don't panic, I'm only lighting some candles." Lynn sank back into the padding and once again the hands began their work. Her shoulders and feet were first and soon Lynn felt as if she were drifting once more. The candles gave off a heady perfume and as Lynn breathed deeply and evenly she felt as if she were floating on a cloud. She made no effort at resisting as her arms were placed over her head and just marvelled at the sensation of hands working both arms at the same time. This was bliss and Lynn wished it would never end. She let her mind go blank as the hands now moved to her body. When they ran over her breasts and touched her nipples, the sensation was electric and Lynn moaned in pleasure.

All too soon the hands had stopped their wonderful work on her breasts and had moved down to her shins. Lynn sighed, this was nice, but she felt she wanted her breasts touched again. Maybe she would rub them herself … Oh my! She couldn't raise her arms. It was if they were made of lead. They moved about an inch and that was it. Her brain tried to make sense of it, and it was a few seconds before she realised that the wrist cuffs had been attached to the table somehow. She tried her legs with the same result and began to pull at her fastenings with some urgency.

This time it was Al's voice she heard at her ear, "Just relax and enjoy. Relax and enjoy. Relax and enjoy … ". Lynn tried to let her mind wander but found that she was now fully awake. She heard little puffing sounds and guessed that the candles were being extinguished. Soon the hands started their travels again. This time it was her stomach and hips. Every so often a hand would brush against her smooth mound and Lynn had a hard task in trying to decide whose hand it was, Ann's or Al's. She had an even harder job trying to sort out which one she HOPED it was. She began to feel excited despite herself and tried to rub her thighs together to relieve the growing ache.

As if this was a signal they had been waiting for, Lynn felt her legs being drawn apart. The table must have a split in it. Just as it began to get painful, the movement stopped and Lynn felt her knees begin to rise and move slightly to the side. This left her wide open and Lynn gasped a little as cooler air greeted her hot pussy. The hands were now moving down her legs from her knees towards her open lips. Once in a while a finger would graze against her lips and send shudders through Lynn's body. She could feel the ache worsen and began to feel very wet. This was awful. This was wonderful. It had to stop, I must never end … contradictory thoughts crowded her mind, each vying for attention and Lynn found herself panting and moaning as her need increased.

All too soon the hands stopped and Lynn let out a long sigh, which turned quickly into a gasp as she felt a tongue run up her lips. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh! She tried to lift her hips to meet the tongue but was in such a position that she couldn't move more than a couple of inches. The tongue continued to explore the outside of her lips and Lynn was hoping that it would soon go to where she needed it most – her ever-growing clit. "YESSSSSSSSS", Lynn cried as at last the tongue flicked across her clitoris, playing with the hood. Although she felt she ought not be enjoying this so much, Lynn couldn't help herself and all thought of her husband and the fact that Ann was probably watching were pushed from her mind. The sensations her body was experiencing were just too delicious.

Lynn was soon jolted back to reality as she felt hands on her breasts. From the direction they were moving, they belonged to somebody standing at her head, and from their size they belonged to Al. But … that meant … OMG! It must be Ann whose tongue she had been enjoying. Lynn started to thrash about as much as she could, yelling for them to stop. She heard Al give a chuckle. "Stop? Why do you want it to stop? You were REALLY enjoying it before you realised it wasn't me, now weren't you? Hmmm?" Lynn digested this thought slowly, savouring the memory of how she had felt before she realised it was Ann who was giving the oral sex like a connoisseur savours a wine. If she was totally honest with herself, then, YES - she had been enjoying it. She could hardly deny it – her wet sex told a different story.

She sighed, gave a mental shrug of the shoulders and answered Al in a low voice, "Yes, I was." Al gave his low chuckle again, it was like water gurgling down a drain, and said, "Good! Now just lay back and really FEEL your body." Lynn gave a slight jolt as the slow licking began again, and then seemed to melt into the table. Ohhh goodness, it felt so good. She had received oral sex before, but never quite like this. This was somehow different. It was as if Ann could read her mind and know instinctively when to suck, when to flick and when to circle. Lynn could feel herself rocketing upwards and was soon gasping and panting with the need for release. Al noticed the change in her breathing pattern and told her she was free to orgasm whenever she wanted to in this session. Lynn didn't need telling twice and with a huge shudder let her body release her juice.

Every other time she had received oral sex, this had marked the end and she had come back down to earth - but not this time. She had just regained control of her breath when she felt a finger in her vagina. It began to circle and push, circle and push … but never quite far enough, or strong enough. Lynn felt herself being bought slowly to the boil, but each time she had almost got to the point where she would get some relief, the heat was lowered until she was quietly simmering again. On and on this went until Lynn could bear it no longer and was begging to be fucked. Again she heard the gurgling chuckle and could hear Al's voice musing aloud, "I think she is ready for stage two now."

Lynn's mind couldn't really take it in … stage two – there was more to come? The feeling would be better than this? She felt a slight difference in the finger's movements, and wondered if Ann had changed fingers – this one felt a little thicker. Or perhaps Al was now finger fucking her? She didn't know, she didn't care – she just needed it to be done harder, more insistently. As she was lost in this thought, she sensed a slight difference in the air around her face. It smelt differently and it seemed to be warm. She knew the scent from somewhere but … where? She began to feel really dry and licked her lips. Before her tongue re-entered her mouth something seemed to settle on her face. The smell got more intense and she tentatively poked her tongue out further.

What on earth was that? Then she realised – Ann was positioned with her pussy over Lynn's head. That familiar smell – it was the heady aroma of a woman ripe for sex. She was in a quandary. She had often wondered, in a far off corner of her dreams, what it would be like to lick another woman. Just a short while ago she herself had been teased to orgasm by Ann. Dare she return the favour? Maybe Al would grant her release from her own growing need if she could get Ann to orgasm? She gave a lick, just a tiny one and heard Ann give a noise like a far off purr. Lynn herself was rewarded by Al's finger pushing further and faster. Encouraged, Lynn set to her task with a vengeance.

She tried to picture what she herself enjoyed so much and began to alternate between licking over and around the clit with small flicks of the hood. Ann was getting excited and Lynn felt the tiniest amount of juice drip from her. As she moved her tongue towards Ann's dripping hole she felt a finger slide up her own arse. This drove Lynn into a frenzy … she felt her own need to orgasm rise and so wanted Ann to feel the same. Her tongue and lips began to work with urgency, as she instinctively knew that she would not be granted release until Ann had climaxed. She didn't have to wait long before she felt Ann give a shuddering jolt and then a long groan. She knew that now was not the time to stop – how often had she herself been denied a really long climax before her husband had stopped, thinking that his work was done? At last she got Ann bucking and screaming with delight. Lynn hungrily licked all the flowing juice from the pussy over her face, as she herself was finally released by Al's fingers finding her G spot and pressing on her clit at the same time. Soon both women's yells and moans were joined in some type of harmony.

She sensed, rather than felt Ann roll off her. Lynn gave a huge sigh and began to climb slowly down from the new high she had reached. Lynn felt a mouth brush hers and heard Ann whisper in her ear, "Thank you. That was good." She allowed a smile to cross her face as she revelled in the aftershocks of her second orgasm in under thirty minutes, before she heard Al say "Get the things ready for stage three." Lynn wondered idly what else could be in store for her. Surely her body couldn't take another huge orgasm? She twitched as a hand began to play with her breasts. They were small hands, so they must be Ann's. Every time they passed over her nipples, she felt her engorged clit give a little lurch. Soon she felt her need beginning to rise once again. She was so lost in this feeling that she hardly felt her legs being moved.

Part of her mind wondered why they seemed to be now pointing upwards, but the main part was feeding from her growing need. It seemed to be the only thing she could think of. Although she had just enjoyed two marvellously big orgasms, she wanted more. She yearned for more … she NEEDED more. Lynn didn't have long to wait until she felt a firm bite on her throbbing clit and she yelped in surprise. That hurt. Before she could say a word, a hand slapped down on her lips. That really DID hurt and Lynn cried out in pain and indignation. Another landed; then another. Soon the smacks were coming too quickly to notice each individual strike and they began to merge into one. The pain seemed to have stopped, being replaced by wonderful warmth. Lynn began to suck and hiss as this new sensation drove her back up that magic mountain.

As her juices flowed from her, Lynn's brain seemed oblivious of anything but the core of her existence now - she wondered vaguely what was happening as Al and Ann attached clothespins to her labia and then taped her outer lips to her legs. This left her even more exposed and she gave a yelp as another smack landed. This time it caught her full on the clit and Lynn half expected her body to explode. More smacks found their target, and Lynn began to grunt – not in pain, but it seemed to be about the only noise she was capable of giving voice to. She felt her body take over, rising to meet the hand as it came down. Oh god … she wanted this so badly.

The blows stopped and Lynn almost cried in frustration until she felt fingers at her hole, spreading her juices back towards her anus. Then she felt her arse hole being rubbed slightly and something being pressed in. Oh it felt big. She couldn't take it, but she so wanted it. She thought she heard Ann's voice coming at her from some far away place, telling her to totally relax. Huh! It was in … whatever it was, was inside her. The only thing she had ever had up her arse before was a finger. This was bigger than that, much rounder and harder, and ooooh it felt good.

She had just adjusted to this sensation when she felt the thing begin to move. She had a vibrator up her arse! This was all wrong … no … it was so good. Could something that felt this good be wrong? Did she indeed care anymore? All her brain told her was that her body was being assaulted by something powerfully good. She seemed to take giant steps up that the mountain now. She had never been this high and the air seemed to be like some drug. The more she had the more she wanted.

Her need was soon fulfilled as a finger entered her vaginal opening. Then another joined it. Then Al, or was it Ann, moved the fingers in a scissors motion. A small portion of Lynn wanted to know who was now in her, but it was swamped out by the main part of her saying that she really didn't care WHO it was … she needed them. A third finger joined in. Lynn heard herself screaming in some voice that wasn't hers at all. The fingers seemed to be going in all directions at once and Lynn found herself thrashing her head from side to side as if she had an annoying noise in her ears and needed to be rid of it.

She found herself begging, "Fuck me, Oh god, FUCK me … pleeeeeeeeeease, j j just f f f fuck m m m meee." Any semblance of coherent thought and speech was abruptly cut off and a hand started to play with her clit. No higher, thought Lynn, I just can't go any higher. There was no release in sight as Lynn seemed to climb higher than ever. Suddenly, without warning a vibrator was held firmly over her clit. That seemed to break Lynn into little pieces and a sound like an animal in its death throws rang out from her mouth. This was the biggest orgasm she had ever had. Wave after wave came crashing down on her, like some winter storm along the coast, the wave driven onto the rocks with such force that their spray was lifted high into the air, only to crash down in a swirling mass.

Surely this was it? Her body could take no more. Then without warning, a finger started to press inside her and there she was, flying again. No noise now. No breath to speak with. A voice broke through … whaaaaat…? BREATHE? Oh yeah – she remembered that … she gasped in some air to her lungs, like a drowning man gasps as his head bobs above the water. Then the finger again … and again; and yet once more. Lynn couldn't move; couldn't speak; couldn't even breathe any more….

Lynn couldn't understand it. Had Ann joined her on the table? Why was she wrapped in a blanket in Ann's arms? Lynn went to move but found her body ached so much that it was all she could do to open her eyes. Oh, the blindfold was off. When did that happen? Lynn shifted slightly and the movement caused Ann to release her and sit up. She heard Ann say, "Just lay still awhile. Gather your senses before you try to move. I will stay right here with you." Once more Lynn was forced to work out what had happened to her – the last she could remember was the delicious torture of multiple orgasms. She must have been carried over here to the bed again. She groaned and lay back with her eyes closed.

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