tagLoving WivesA Rural Town

A Rural Town

byA Firm Gentle Sir©

The short buzz finally came. Picking up the phone, I smiled at the announcement.

"Kelly Stewart is here."

"Thanks Mary. Tell her to come in, then you can lock up and go."

I busied my hands with the paper work in front of me, glancing up as the door opened.

"You're late."

"I-I'm sorry. I had trouble finding a cab."

I looked at her then, absorbing my good fortune. Kelly Stewart, husband of James; thirty- three, five one, maybe five two, hundred five pounds give or take...

"I like the outfit."

"Y-you said the red suit I wore."

Gone was the arrogance that her beauty and station in life afforded.

"Fix me a scotch rocks. Make yourself something if you'd like."

I watched her heart shaped ass under the snug fitting skirt she wore. It was that ass and her legs that first got my attention in the courthouse. The rest of her was just icing on the cake. She had to stretch a bit to reach the scotch, drawing the red wool skirt tight. Damn she was hot.

"Where's the kid?"

She tensed.

"At m-my Mothers."

"Good. That'll give us all the time I want."

She froze for a brief moment. I loved it.

"You take care of the other things I wanted?"

She poured the drink.


Turning, she crossed over to my desk and offered me the scotch.

"You're not drinking?"

Her dark eyes met mine.

"I can't right now."

"Why's that?"

Her upper lip trembled.

"I took a val... some medication."

I ran my eyes over her, enjoying her discomfort as she stared at the floor.

"Take off the jacket Kelly."

She looked at me then, wanting to say something. Then swallowing hard, slowly undid the three buttons. Her hands were small, their tips freshly shaped and colored to match her outfit. Slipping it from her shoulders, her cotton covered chest pushed forward making my pulse quicken. Folding it, she started toward the leather couch.

"You can hang it on the rack by the door. We'll be using the couch."

Shaking now, Kelly moved slowly to the door and hung her jacket.

"While your there, get rid of the hose."

Turning to face me, she stepped free of her heels and lifted her skirt, allowing me a quick look at her pale thighs before sliding the hose off quickly. After smoothing her skirt, she started for her heels.


She looked at me.

"Unbutton the blouse."

She shifted her weight from one delicate foot to the other before reaching up and opening the first button. I let my eyes linger on her feet for a moment longer. Perfectly shaped, her toes too had been colored the same red as her fingers. Returning my gaze to her face, I wondered how much time she had spent at the beauty salon.

"Did you enjoy your time at Renee's?"

She nodded her head.

"I didn't hear you."


"Did they do your legs for you?"


"And your pussy?"

I wanted her humiliation... I needed it. She squeezed her eyes shut as she shook her head.

"N-no. I did that myself."

Nodding, I watched the last button undone.

"Now the skirt."

"Can... Can I have that drink now?"

"After the skirt."

She nodded her head slowly. Fumbling with the catch behind, her chest again pushed forward. I saw a dime-sized nipple peek through her open blouse. Her breasts were larger than I had thought, possibly a C. When the skirt finally loosened, Kelly slipped it almost to her knees before stepping free. Turning, the open blouse almost covered her near perfect ass and accented her well-shaped legs. Hanging her skirt, she looked at me before padding to the bar. She poured some scotch and drained the glass before refilling it again.

"Easy. If I wanted some drunk bitch I'd go to Joe's around the corner."

I got up and moved around the desk. She stepped back when I did. Chuckling, I leaned against the edge in front of the worn oak.

"Come here."

She put the now half-empty glass on the small bar and crossed the short distance between us. She didn't even reach the top of my shoulders. Reaching out, I lifted the side of the expensive cotton that hid her from my eyes.

"Great tits...Yours?"

I saw the color fill her cheeks.


I cupped her right breast, circling her nipple with my thumb.

"Very nice. You didn't breast feed?"

"N-no... I couldn't."

I tweaked the tightened bit of raspberry colored skin. She tensed slightly before willing herself to relax again.

"How'd a nice piece of ass like you end up with a shit like Jimmy?"

I saw the flash of anger in her eyes.

"He is not a shit."

She tried to relax again.

"What do you call a guy that rips off his employer?"

She inhaled deeply as I slid my hand across her soft skin to explore her other breast.

"We j-just got in over our heads is all."

"And if he hadn't fucked up, you wouldn't be here."

I knew that would hurt. I meant it to.

"You like to fuck Kelly?"

Her right nipple was as tight as her left now and she was trembling.

"N-not like this."

I released her breast.

"You don't have to you know? You can take that cute little ass of yours, get dressed and get the fuck out of here if you want to. Let that dumb son of a bitch rot until trial. I don't to need to lower his fucking bond."

Her eyes met mine and I knew she was thinking about doing just that. Shrugging my shoulders, I straightened, making me tower above her.

"No wait. I'm here aren't I? I did everything you told me too. I wore the suit you wanted. I didn't wear a bra. I went to the beauty salon and did everything you wanted. I-I'm going to keep my end of the deal."

I turned and looked at her. Her cheeks were starting to color again.

"Much better. Now, where were we?"

She stepped closer and taking my hand, placed it back on her breast.

"Y-yes. I like to fuck."

Her eyes held mine as I enjoyed her tight little nipples.

"You ever fucked just to fuck Kelly?"

She shook her slowly.

"Not even in that fancy college you went to?"


She bit her lower lip, her snow-white teeth almost breaking the skin.

"You like to suck cock Kelly?"

She caught her breath before nodding slowly. I gently pushed on her shoulders and she slid to her knees. I watched her small hands fumble with the gold buckle on my belt before slipping the lizard skin through it. Then she moved her fingers to the button holding my slacks.

"Look at me Kelly. I want to see your face."

She tipped her head back slightly shaking her blonde hair, allowing it to fall back from her face as she drew the zipper down. I think she was surprised when my cock sprang free, unencumbered by any underwear. Letting my slacks fall around my ankles, she stared at my prick. Her shoulders fell as she accepted what she was about to do. She reached for the stiffening flesh that almost touched her cheek. Slowly her fingers enveloped my growing erection. She was shaking now as she looked up at me.

"You like that Kelly?"

Closing her eyes, she nodded her head. She worked her small hand up and down its length, her fingers barely reaching halfway around. I leaned forward, the lemon-sized tip touching her cheek. She turned her head slightly before her tiny pink tongue slid over the very tip.

"Look at me Kelly."

Her eyes opened then, her surrender showing. I reached down and placed her face where I wanted it.

"Please, I'll do it. Just give me a chance."

The submission in her voice caused my prick to jerk in her hand. Slowly she opened her mouth, slipping the entire head inside. I relished her tongue as it circled the rim, occasionally probing the leaking tip. She began using both hands as her red painted lips stretched over the first few inches of my cock. When I touched the side of her hollowed cheek, she tried to take more of me inside. She gagged around my thickening shaft that filled her mouth. Shaking my head, I moved my hips back slightly. She got the message and concentrated her efforts on the first few inches that she could handle nicely.

"That's good Kelly. Now lets get started."

Shaking, she struggled to her feet. I slid her blouse off her shoulders, allowing it to collect around her waist, the sleeves almost to her hands. I moved her between the desk and myself. With out a word I laid her back on the scarred desktop. Catching the silk covering her hips in my right hand, I jerked the lace straight up. It resisted briefly before tearing at the tiny corners.

"Nooooo... Please..."

Reaching inside her legs, I caught her behind each knee and raised them until her ass rested on the edge of the desk She started to struggle, but the blouse held her hands close to her sides. Forcing the pale flesh of her thighs wide, I admired her freshly shaven pussy. Like the rest of her, it was small, even delicate. Not much more than a vertical slash of pink, her folds slightly swollen.

With my hands locked behind her knees, I slid to my knees before inhaling my lightly scented prize. It was more than I had ever expected. Beautiful and almost virginal, I slid my tongue along the length, lingering at the top of her slightly open folds. The tiny knot there began to swell as I flicked at it before tasting her entire sex again with the flat of my tongue. Working my mouth tightly against the moistening inner skin, I thrust my tongue deeply into the warmth inside. It was perfect, warm and smooth and so alive. Her struggling slowed as I searched as far I could before lapping at her again. As I reveled in her dampening sex, Kelly's thighs softened under my hands. Her feet soon settled on the edge of the desk, allowing my hands to enjoy the back of her thighs before slipping my finger inside. Her long, low hiss told me what I needed to know. Using my mouth, I centered my attention on that little knot at the top of her while my finger slowly opened her insides. When her hips rose ever so slightly, I slipped a second digit in.

I wasn't sure if it was the Valium or the booze or just plain need, but she was getting almost sloppy wet now. Straightening, my thumb replaced my mouth as I curled my fingers inside up toward it. She moaned loudly. Looking down at her, I saw her as she tried to work her hands free.

"Leave your hands where they are Kel. I like you like this."

I bent to capture one of her swollen nipples in my mouth. I sucked the raspberry colored skin before lifting the soft flesh by its tip with my teeth. She cried out. After letting it slip through my teeth, I nibbled and lightly bit her other breast, reveling in her soft protests. She was close. I could feel it from inside. I could see it as the muscles in her neck. I wanted her to cum. Slipping my wet fingers free, I opened her tight folds and began rubbing her swollen clit hard. Her hips rose against my hand. Her thighs tightened. A long, low groan slipped from between her lips. I smiled down at her tightly closed eyes and slowed my play with her open and dripping pussy.

"You like that Kel? Some old bastard like me making you cum like the slut you are?"

She shook her head. I began rubbing her clit again. She tried closing her thighs. I slapped the soft flesh. She cried out and let her knees fall open. I knew she needed this as much as I did now. Filling my hand, I ran the head of my cock up and down her slippery, open folds. She rose up slightly, offering herself to me. I eased forward, enjoying the slight resistance her sex offered. She gasped as the warm tightness enveloped the first few inches.

"F-fuck me you black bastard!"

I lunged forward.


I ground against her upturned ass. She whimpered and opened her thighs wider. I filled my hands, squeezing her breast flesh. She groaned loudly, her entire body tensing under me.

I lingered deep inside her, leaning forward and tasting her nipple. She was struggling to catch her breath...

Sheriff Nick Segan lowered the video camera and chuckled from outside the window. He knew how the rest of it would go now. Old Sam, the counties Bailiff would wait until she said it was ok and then he'd fuck the shit out of the Honorable Judge Kelly Stewart. It was like this every time her husband the Mayor would leave town. He wondered how long it had been going on? If it hadn't been for Sam's nephew Leroy needing to get off a DUI last month he would have never known...

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