tagNovels and NovellasA Rural Town Ch. 05

A Rural Town Ch. 05

byA Firm Gentle Sir©

Sheriff Segan looked up from the report.

“Looks good Lori. When you go home tonight, I want you to give Ol’ Juan a call and tell him you over heard I was going over to the All American in the morning. Tell him you didn’t get it all, but you listened after I got a call from a woman you never heard of before. You think there might be something going on.”

Her green eyes danced as she nodded her head in agreement.

“Thanks again Sheriff. I can’t tell you how…”

He held up his hand.

“Now don’t go getting to excited. There’s still a long way to go. All I did was open the door for you. You have to do your part now. The success of this little deal depends on you.”

He took two of the hundred dollar bills off the report and handed them to her.

“You might need to get some clothes or something…”

He handed them across the desk.

“… and while I’m in Court this morning, you write a new report and change the bribe amount on the report to three hundred. The department budget can’t handle the extras you might need, so this’ll be our little secret.”

He was surprised that she didn’t question him as she slipped the money into her breast pocket.

“Yes Sir.”

“Go on now, I have to review this case before going in front of Judge Stewart.”

“T-Thanks again…”


He chuckled. She smiled and left the office. Picking up the Townsend file, he glanced at the clock. This would be the first time he would see Judge Stewart since she knew that some one had the video. Slipping the original report from Lori into the file, he put both into his briefcase. Some days were just better then others…

May Vincent drove the old green pick-up toward the All American Motel and thought about Dill Rogers. She remembered him from high school. His father owned the biggest farm in the county. That was the only reason he stayed in school. Well, that and to play football. He’d be there most of the time during football season and then slowly disappear after the season ended. Years of work on the farm added a lot of muscle to his six-foot plus frame. He never said anything, just nodding his head if anyone tried to talk to him. Some said he was learning disabled, most said he was just retarded

She had actually met him once in her junior year. Some guy in typing class had not realized Dill was standing behind him when he started making fun of him. The kid had just said what a dumb ass he was when Dill wrapped his massive arms around his arms and chest. The guy was white as a ghost before three of Dills teammates finally got Dill to let him go. The kid never did come back to school, transferring to Lakeland thirty miles away. During the melee, Dill had dropped a small wooden box. May had picked it up as the teacher sent Jerry to the office for help and Dill was led off by his teammates. She hid it in her purse not saying anything to anybody, including Jerry. Later that day, she saw Dill sitting on the wooden bench outside the main offices and returned the box to him.

She never forgot the way he looked at the box and then at her. Looking at the floor, he struggled with his words.


His entire body tightened.

“Th- than-ank… Y- you.”

He looked up at her and smiled. Then Jerry was pushing her away, telling her in a harsh whisper she should stay away from the freak. After that, she would catch Dill looking at her every so often, but he always looked away from her when she did. When the season was over, Dill slowly disappeared. She and Jerry had gotten married that summer when she found out she was pregnant and never did get back to school. Now she was on her way to fuck Dill and that prick Jenkins…

“Dammit Glen, I told you noon?”

“Take it easy Fred, you know how the boy gets when he knows you called.”

Fred Jenkins looked past the tall man and saw the kid sitting on the back of the flat bed truck. Gawd he was huge. He knew there’d be nuthin left of the bitch once he got done with her.

“Why don’t you go on over to the Till’s and get some breakfast?”

“Already did that. Dills been after me since six this morning.”

Fred Jenkins looked at the clock. She’d be here any minute.

“Come on Glen, I ain’t even had a piece of this yet.”

The tall mans eyes darkened.

“What kinda game you playing here Fred?”

The former Deputy looked up at Glen Rogers and knew he’d fucked up. This man could make life miserable real quick. He knew you didn’t play with his boy and you certainly didn’t fuck with him.

“I’m s-sorry Glen…”

Then he saw the green pick-up turn in the gravel lot.

“I’ll be dammed, she’s here already!”

The tall man looked over his shoulder and then back.

“That her?”

“Yes Sir, She’s…”

He fell silent under the harsh glare now pointed in his direction.

“I’ll take it from here Fred.”

The motel owner and retired Deputy looked up and forced a smile.

“T-that’ll be fine Glen.”

He turned his char and rolled to the back of the desk.

“Give the boy and her number three. I remember you always liked that room yourself.”

He smiled as he handed Dills father the key.

“Then you won’t mind if I give her the money too?”

Fred Jenkins swallowed hard.

“N-not at all Glen, monies hers anyways.”

“Why thank you Fred.”

Glen Rogers took the key and headed out of the small lobby and towards the green pick-up…

May saw Dill sitting on the bed of the red and black truck. Stopping, she looked at him and then the office. A tall, lean man was just leaving and looked directly at her. Touching the rim of the hat he was wearing as a greeting, he pointed toward the long row of room doors. Waiting until he stopped, she eased the old truck in his direction. Dill was looking at her and then at the man. May was pretty sure he must be his father. Parking, she opened the door.

“Good Morning.”

She looked at the weathered face smiling in her direction.

“Good Morning.”

“You must be the young Lady that has an appointment with my son.”

“Mr. Rogers?”

“Yes Ma’am.”

She got out of the truck, collected her small purse and forced the door closed behind her.


She hadn’t thought about this, actually having to introduce herself.

“M-Ma- Maaay.”

She turned to see Dill standing near the end of her truck.

“Hi Dill.”

She smiled. He looked at the ground, pushing at some gravel with the toe of his boot.

“May is it?”

She turned back to his father.

“Yes Sir.”

“Glen Rogers.”

Stepping forward, he extended his hand. She took it


He tossed the younger man the key to the room.

“I need to talk to the Lady for a minute. You don’t mind do you?”

Dill Rogers shook his head and after looking at the key, moved towards room three. He didn’t look at her or his father before slipping inside.

“How do you know my son young lady?”

She looked at Dills father. He wasn’t quite as tall as his son and a lot thinner, but he showed years of hard work in his hands and face. He wore a pale blue shirt that brought out the warm color of his eyes.

“I went to school with him.”

The older man tipped his hat back on his head.

“Your last name Klien?”

“Used to be, before I was married.”

The man shook his head.

“I’ll be damned. Funny how things work out.”


“Makes no never mind to me, none of my business.”

He cleared his throat.

“I was told you need five hundred for your time and ahh… understanding.”

The way he now looked at her made her stomach lurch.

“That’s what Mr. Jenkins told me.”

“What else he tell you?”

“He just tried to explain about Dill and how he can get excited.”

He held her eyes.

“The boys gentle as a lamb and you should know that. It’s just some of the gals in the past say things and then he gets excited and…”

He fell silent and shook his head.

“Wasn’t his fault you know.”

He looked at her.

“That damned Doctor when he was born…”

He turned away from her. May Vincent knew to well his frustration and anger at not being able to control the things that happen in your life. She wondered if this man was ever scared.

“I-I’ll have him call later. He’ll be okay with me.”

“You sure Ma’am?”


She saw the question in his eyes before he reached for his wallet.

“That can wait Mr. Rogers.”

She turned away and headed for the room, not looking back as she opened the door.


She closed the door and took a minute to let her eyes adjust to the darkened room. The drapes were tightly closed. She saw the light shining from under the closed bathroom door. Moving to it, she tapped lightly.

“Hello Dill.”

The light went out and the door opened slightly.

“H-hel-hello M-M-May.”

She couldn’t see much in the darkness.

“You gonna come out here and see me?”

The door eased open.

“How have you been Dill?”

She reached toward the dark figure in front of her. He pulled away when she touched him.

“It’s okay Dill.”

She reached again, finding his arm. Lowering her hand, she found his.

“Come in here with me.”

She felt his large hand swallow hers, his work toughened fingers gently closing. Looking toward the lighter part of the room where the drapes closed out the sun, she edged forward until she found the bed. Settling on its edge, she guided him next to her.

“I want you to sit here next to me.”

The bed sagged to the left as he sat.

“Thank you for remembering me.”

He squeezed her hand gently.

“You told your father about me too. That makes me fell special.”

He rose and started to move away from her. She held his hand.

“Don’t be afraid Dill.”

She sat there for a minute, holding the hand of the dark shape in front of her. Standing, she moved his hand to the side and moved close. Bringing his hand around her waist, she pressed against him.

“I want you to hold me Dill.”

She felt him inhale deeply.

“Hold me Dill.”

Releasing his hand, she slid her arms around him, resting her cheek against his chest. She felt the warmth through his shirt and then his hands as they touched her shoulders. Slowly they moved around her.

“Mmmm, that’s nice Dill.”

She stood there, pressed against him and listened to his breathing become shallow. Then she turned her face up.

“Do you want to kiss me Dill?”

She felt a new tension in him.

“It’s okay Dill, I want you too.”

She rose on tiptoes and kissed him lightly on the mouth. His lips were tightly closed.

She kissed along his jaw line and then his neck.

“Relax Dill.”

She moved her mouth to his again, flicking the tip of her tongue against his lips. He trembled.

“Open your mouth just a little.”

She kissed him again, this time slipping her tongue between his lips. She gently explored the inside of his mouth until he began kissing her back slowly, his tongue moving against hers. In just a few minutes, she had his tongue in her mouth. Her fingers moved down the front of his shirt, loosening the buttons before she slid her hands inside. His skin was smooth, his flesh hard. She felt his excitement growing as she broke the kiss and moved her mouth down his throat and onto his chest.

“I like the way you feel Dill. You smell good too.”

His hand moved to her shoulders again. She brought her mouth up to his. He kissed her, firmly, deeply. She eased away from him, the understanding and sympathy she felt now becoming something very different.

“Dill. I want you to get undressed now.”

The dark shadow standing in front of her turned away.

“I-It’s okay Dill, I want to get undressed too.”

The huge shadow didn’t move. May unbuttoned her blouse and tossed it past him toward the other bed. The denim skirt and white silk covering her hips followed.


She stepped forward, her fingers touching his shoulder.

“I want you to Dill. Please?”

He turned, catching her hand in his. She felt his strength. She kissed his hand.

“Yes Dill.”

He let her hand go and wrapped his arms around her, gently cradling her against him. May Vincent kissed his chest. The powerful hands moved slowly over her skin, stroking her back.

“S-so-oooo b-be-beautiful.”

He was gentle, his light touch soothing. She relaxed then, realizing how safe she felt here.

Safer than she had in a long time. She searched for his mouth, her hands tangling in his hair. He kissed her again. Caressing her back and then stroking her sides, his callused hands grazed the side of her breasts.

“That feels so good Dill.”

She leaned back, guiding his mouth along her throat, over the top of her breasts. He cupped her left breast and kissed her swelling nipple. She gasped. He stopped. She drew his face against her breast. He took the tightened skin between his lips, circling it with his tongue. She felt the warmth building in her chest, slowly spreading through her body. Dill knelt slowly, his mouth moving over the flat plane of her stomach.

May Vincent trembled. His hands slid up her back, supporting her as she lay back on the bed. His fingers ran along her sides, over her hips, down her bare legs. She slipped off her shoes. Her fingers moved through his hair. His warm breath washed along the inside of her thighs before he kissed the top of her knee. He kept touching her, exploring with his hands, tasting her with his lips. She closed her eyes and reveled in the tenderness. How long had it been? She wanted to be held, issed being loved. He kissed the arch of her foot.

“Oh Gawd Dill.”

His mouth continued over her foot as he held her the ankle. She brought her free knee back instinctively and let her own hand slip between her open thighs. Her fingers found the swollen center of her sex. He continued kissing her foot, running his thick tongue over her painted toes. Her two fingers parted her folds and moved over her clit. Using the gathered moisture, she oiled the hard knot of flesh. Slowly she circled it, occasionally tapping, sending a long missed surge through her.

“C-come up here Dill.”

He stopped. May’s was voice was tighter now. She opened her eyes and searched the darkness.


The huge shadow loomed above her.

“N-no-noooo. Hu-hur-hurt yo-you.”

She sat up, her hand searching for his.

“It’s okay Dill. You won’t hurt me.”

She took his hand and placed it on her thigh.

“Just be nice… Easy and soft… Just like you have been doing Dill.”

She felt the thick fingers relax before settling tenderly against the soft flesh. She guided his palm up and down the inside of her thigh.

“That’s it Dill. You can touch me here.”

She moved his hand toward her sex.

“I want you to Dill.”

His hand covered her entire sex. She pressed one of his fingers into the wetness, lifting her hips against it. She trembled under his touch.

“Just go real slow.”

He did, pressing against the moistened, warm skin. His finger found the entrance to her body and eased inside. May caught her breath.

“That’s it Dill. R-real slow and easy.”

The welcomed digit began slipping in and out of her very wet sex. She moved her hand up and down his massive forearm. He imitated her movement, gently thrusting inside. After a minute, she guided a second finger inside. She gasped as he pressed his hand forward.

“So good.”

He began the slow motion once again. She no longer guided his movement. She didn’t need to. Dill Rogers wanted to please her, she could feel that. Her hips were moving with his hand. The soft noises of pleasure that greeted his ears were different than any he had heard before. She locked her hands around his wrist, holding his hand still as she ground against it before crying out. Holding his hand tightly, the first climax with someone in three years coursed through her body.

“Oh Gawd yesssss...”

Dill froze, afraid to move, afraid of what just happened. She pulled on his arm, wanting him to hold her. He didn’t move. She struggled to a sitting position, reaching for him, trying to find the warmth of his body.


“It’s okay Dill. It’s okay.”

She wrapped her arms around his shoulders, pressing her cheek against his.

“It’s Okay.’

She clung to this wall of strength. He began to relax, one hand stroking her hair…

“We’ll take a short recess for lunch. Sheriff Segan, I’d like to see you in chambers.”

Judge Kelly Stewart rose from behind the bench. Sam Hunters voice boomed through the room.

“All rise.”

Judge Stewart had disappeared to her office before anyone had risen to their feet. Sheriff Segan smiled at the bailiff as he followed the Judges path through the same door. She was sitting behind her desk, the black robe already hanging behind her when he entered the office.

“I need you to find out as much information as you can about this.”

She handed him a folded page from her note pad. J.D. Segan opened it and saw the cell phone number.

“What’s this Ma’am?

“A number I’d liked traced.”

“May I ask why?”

“It’s personal Sheriff.”

She looked up at him. Her eyes betrayed the authoritative façade she presented.

“Yes Ma’am. I’ll get on it this afternoon.”

“I’d like you to get to it now Sheriff.”

He wanted to push her a bit. Years of experience told him otherwise.

“Right away Judge.”

He turned for the door.


He looked back.

“Let me know something before five.”

He nodded his head.

“Yes Ma’am.”

She picked up some papers on her desk and began reading. Sheriff Segan smiled and left the office…

May Vincent reveled in safety of the arms of the man holding her. Dill Rogers, this gentle giant would never hurt her. She ran her fingers down his chest again, stopping just above his belt. He had not allowed her to touch him below the wide silver buckle secured at his waist. Glancing at the clock, she saw they had spent most of the afternoon together: His hand always stroking her hair, the silence between them some how comforting. She also knew time was running out. Soon she’d call his Father and then have to deal with Jenkins. Yet, she hadn’t finished with Dill. She knew he was happy, but would his father understand and still give her the money she so badly needed?


She ran her hand over the cool metal at the top of his waist.

“I want you make love to me.”

“N-no-noooo. H-hu-hurt…”

It was the same answer she had heard three times already. She needed the money. She could tell Jenkins anything, but she couldn’t ask Dill lie to his father. She lowered her voice and tried to squeeze a tear from her eye.

“I want to make love Dill.”

She rolled away. He moved against her back, swallowing her in his arms. His mouth moved to her cheek. She turned her face away, burying it in the soft pillow.

“You don’t want me. You don’t like me.”

She felt him tighten against her.

“I-I do-doooo.”

She turned to face him.

“Then make love to me.”

She waited. He trembled. The darkness hid his face.


She kissed him. He held her, letting her hands explore. When she reached his belt, his body tightened again. He didn’t try and stop her this time. Her hand eased down over the coarse denim covering his groin. When she felt the tremendous bulge beginning at the center of the brass closure, she stopped.


“It’s okay Dill.”

She kissed him again, letting her hand edge lower over the swollen flesh she found there, finally locating the end somewhere at mid thigh. She trembled in fear. He was even larger than she had learned during their short time together. Much bigger then her husband, even bigger than that pervert Segan. She moved her mouth over his face, trying to quiet her fears.

“It’s okay Dill. Your p-perfect.”

He squeezed her, hugging her gently.

“I-I want you to get undressed now Dill.”

She slipped away and off the bed, now fully understanding why the room was so dark. As she heard the bed groan under his movement, she eased her way back to the dresser looking for her purse. Finally finding it, she removed the special salve Doctor Stephens had given her after her first encounter with the Sheriff. Filling her palm with the cool gel, she covered her fingers. She hated the antiseptic smell. She knew Segan would have known, so she had never used it before sex… until now. Gawd, she hoped it worked. Pressing the slimy substance against her labia, she stiffened as the cool salve covered her warm swollen folds. Giving herself a minute to relax, she eased two fingers inside her sex, coating the delicate skin inside.

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