tagExhibitionist & VoyeurA Ruthless Tease Ch. 03

A Ruthless Tease Ch. 03


Ruthless 3: Sabrina and Tequila

Oh, Sabrina, how you torment me. My next door neighbor, the luscious and indescribably built woman I have now been the "victim" to twice, has captured my complete attention. I plan my days around when she may or may not leave the house, or when she might be tending to something in the back yard...but I digress. If you are joining me for the first time in this tale of Sabrina and her merciless teasing ways, you might want to catch the first two parts (Ruthless Tease and RT2)...if not, not a problem, hope you can relate and enjoy.

I was staring at the note, handwritten on a pink tablet of paper, and folded into the crack of my front door when I got home from work.

"Scott, bored out of my skull, and no husband to torture...drop by for a cocktail or two?" Sabrina, it was signed. And scented. Oh hell.

I realized I had been re-reading it for a few minutes, my workbag still draped over my shoulder, and the door ajar. I felt the nervous rush in my blood and the imaginations of my fertile dreams dancing in my mind's eye as I pictured her...again. For those that don't know already, Sabrina, the wife of my next door neighbor, is a fantastically wicked tease, loving my desire for her...from ANY man I might add. And with her impossible body, gorgeous, huge and firm breasts that are copper-brown tanned, a waist so tiny that her tits stood out from the sides of her tiny rib cage, and a teenager's ass that is so firm and round that it looks like it would fit in one outstretched hand, it's easy to see why. Her long dark hair with auburn streaks and her smoldering eyes and full lips, were only complimented by her sexy tongue piercing and belly piercing which she always showed off.

Maybe this was the time it would be more than a tease? Perhaps that was all just an intricate foreplay designed by her to get the lust at a fever pitch before giving in? But to tease me so much...so ruthlessly, until I could not control myself and squirted huge ropes of cum into my pants...all with her knowing eyes watching...well, maybe I was really dreaming after all. The only thing I knew for sure: I was absolutely going to see her every chance I had. Period.

Frankly, I was more than a little excited by the idea. Perhaps with the mewling husband out of the way, I could receive the direct attention of this sexual force all to myself! I hurried into the living room, dropped my bag and darted upstairs to change. Some loose fitting khaki pants, a light polo shirt and sandals and I was ready for what she might bring.

I grabbed a bottle of tequila, and zipped next door, clearing my throat and pressing the buzzer. Seconds later the door opened, and there she was in a towel! I lost some concentration, as her hair was wet and dripping on her shoulders and down her unbelievable cleavage. The way her forearm was pressed to them made her breasts look even bigger...amazing.

"Got any salt and lime?" I said.

"Sure Scooter...come on in and make comfy! I'm going to dry this mop of mine and I'll be right down. Horrid day at the gym today...ugh...men!" She was off and bounding up the stairs at the last comment.

I put the tequila on the coffee table and tried to act comfortable on the couch waiting for my dream woman to come back in. I never know just what she is going to do to me, only that it will surely dominate my every fantasy for weeks to come. I was totally on edge. When she came back down she was in a neon green bikini top that was BARELY there, and a matching thong bottom, covered with a sexy gauze sarong which was wrapped low on her hips showing her sexy tummy to its fullest. The top was a miracle in Lycra. I think MINI is too big. This was mini-mini. And the contrast of the green on her perfect tan was devastating, not to mention her firm tits were capped by irresistible nipples that were hard under the thin top. I was in trouble...but I loved it.

"Let's catch up in the hot tub, I'll bring some limes and salt...want beer too?" she offered. "Absolutely, and yes, please", I came back. When she turned to walk away, I was hypnotized by the sight of her perfect ass bouncing playfully in her thong, clearly visible through the transparent wrap. She had never looked so sexy, and I imagined her on the beach, oiling herself and watching the world fall in lust with her. Powerful sexy woman.

"I'm over here!" I heard her say around the corner, towards the back of the house. I found the rear door and saw her heading toward a beautiful sunken hot tub, clouds of steam rising above it. She set the beer and limes down and turned towards me, arms folded, one hand playing with the dangling gem on her necklace that kept falling between her luscious tits. "So what are you going to wear?" she asked.

Oh crap! I had not thought of that. "uh...well", I stammered. She grinned and slowly walked towards me, rolling her hips. I tried not to look, but my eyes danced across her amazing curves. "Well, Scooter, I guess you could peel off those pants and that shirt and jump in before I look...", she was now close enough to smell (rose petals and coconut cream). "But maybe that might be inappropriate, right?" She pouted a little and I think I got a bit dizzy.

"Well, Sabrina, I think.." I wanted to grab her so badly, just one time.

"No, Scott, you might get the wrong idea about me, you being naked and all. I know we are friends, but maybe that would put to much pressure on us, yes?" I was watching in awe as her nipples hardened even further, and she did nothing to hide their arousal. "I have an idea...open our beers and I'll be right back!"

I fumbled with the beers, and poured two shots of tequila into the glasses she had brought out, and cut us some lime wedges. Taking a big gulp of beer I slowly calmed myself a bit. Damn she was hot, and I always seemed to lose it! I can't tell if it is how sexy she is, or the fact she KNOWS I want her that gets me so aroused...to hell with it...I love it either way.

"Here you go Scooter," her voice was right in my left ear, tickling me there. I stood upright and was about to turn around, when she said, "hold on...let me see something." She then pressed up behind me, squashing her tits firmly into my back. I could feel their weight and feel them flatten into me, then she brought both of her arms around my waist from behind, holding some light blue swim shorts. She then held them in front of my crotch and "tested" the size against me, still whisper-talking in my ear.

"My husband is a bit smaller than you Scooter, but these fit him big" as she stretched the material across my waist, covering my hardening groin. With one arm she held the waistline against mine, and with the other she pretended to be flattening the material and brushing away folds and wrinkles. In actuality it was brushing and rubbing right across the cock that I was trying to keep from getting too hard in front of her...again. "Is this OK, Scott?", she asked still brushing the growing bulge under her hand.

"Um, yes...ok, I think," I managed to say. With that she giggled, backed away from me and said, "good! Then slip off your stuff and slide these on, and no one will be the wiser, yes?" I was in a bit of a bind, a good half hardon trying to jut out from my pants, and this dream vision doing her best to get me that way, AND I was supposed to strip and change. She read my mind: "Is it embarrassing to change in front of a woman Scott?" She was biting a lime and knocking back a tequila as she smiled at me and questioned my braveness. One eyebrow was arched in challenge.

"Well, no, of course not...just didn't want to offend you, Sabrina..." I thought it sounded good.

"Then get in the shorts and join me, silly! I won't watch you showing your thing, I'm getting in myself." She turned only sideways, showing me her amazing tits and began to undo her wrap. I was trying to hurry through the strip and change as fast as possible, but the view was killing me. The wrap dropped to the ground and she bent to get it and lay it over a chair, and watching her tits spill out of the top of her suit was an incredible sight. Then she put a band around her long hair, arms overhead, making them dance and wiggle under my view. Quickly pulling up the shorts, I realized that even these were kind of small, and there was no lining in them either. This was going to put my situation on even brighter display. I'm sure she knew that all along.

Before jumping in, I grabbed my tequila shot, threw it back and took my beer to the tub and sank in, relishing the heat AND the coverage.

"So, Scooter, let me tell you what happened at the gym today...fucking pigs...I showed them though." She was agitated, but lost nothing in the hot department. The water line was slicing her right at the nipples, which would bounce above it every once in a while, and let me see her glorious tits, sexy neck and shoulders.

"There I am doing my own thing, my 30 minutes on the stationary bike, and I can see these three guys wandering around behind me, faking like they were looking for weights. I know what they were looking at all right, I could see them!" She wiped some moisture from under her eyes and she then darted a glance at me. Seeing me looking directly at her eyes seemed to soften her...for a moment. Then she went back to her story, and I, of course, basked in the presence of the hottest body on earth, and tried to not get too hard over it.

"So, this one guy, who apparently doesn't know how mirrors work, grabs his crotch, you know? Like he is horny for me. I mean, I know that happens, I actually like that men want me, think about me after I have walked by...whatever. But this was different, it was like he was playing macho to his friends and I didn't know any better." She smiled then, and took a swig of beer. "That's when I decided to teach him a little bitty lesson about the fairer sex." She then looked at me, still smiling, and tilted her head a bit...damn she knew how to get to me. I was starting to really get hard being this close to her, and hearing another one of her sexy tales always gets to me too. "Hey Scott, can you pour us two more shots please?" she asked with a twist in her grin, and a quick lick of her lower lip, breasts still bouncing and visible.

If I got out, in these wet, unlined light shorts, as I was now, it would be very obvious how I was reacting to her. But I couldn't NOT do as she asked, so I tried to jump up quickly and walk away from her to the table. "Wow, those shorts are a bit small on you, aren't they?", she asked. I poured our two shots and tried to walk back without much notice, but I could see the outlined ridge of my cock as it was trying to press down my thigh, and knew she would see it too. Ah well, nothing I can do about it now. "And it looks as if it fits you a bit tight through the middle, yes?", she was looking directly at my crotch, which made me twitch. Her grin flicked a notch bigger and she said she was ready for her shot. I waded through the water to hand it to her, and she stood to receive it, putting her right in front of me, and her wet, sexy chest inches from mine, but her tummy brushed against my dick making her back away quickly and smile at me.

"To pleasant dreams, asleep OR awake," she toasted, and sat back down, straightening her straps on her top. This knocked me backwards to my seat and I thought I could see part of her nipple showing at the edge...damn! I had to reach underwater and straighten my pained cock, so it could stretch freely as it rose to its full length. She saw the movement and shifted slightly closer to me along the wall.

"So Scooter, let me finish what happened today. I am now finished with the bike, and slowly got off the seat and looked directly at the rude bastard who had rubbed himself behind my back. What he hadn't seen was I was wearing just a thin white tank top, you know, with the big holes for arms and neck?" She showed me how low the top went with her fingers along her neckline, watching me watch her. "Now, I know how much attention these babies get in public," she said as she grabbed both tits in her hands and bounced them, causing me to sigh slightly. "So, I arched my back, like this," she demonstrated, it was brutal. Her tits thrust up, cleavage so deep, and nipples screaming to be sucked, "and pretended to stretch. He had stopped laughing with his friends and I saw him staring right at them!" She giggled, still rubbing her breasts inadvertently, softly.

I was now rock hard and throbbing over her at this point, and I'm sure she saw the lust in my eyes as she continued. "I knew I had him then. He swallowed hard, and I saw his crotch start to bulge a little. I thought, let's show this fuck how to really rub himself in public! I love when I know a man is in over his head with me, and that I can make his cock do whatever I want! I walked over slowly to him, lifting the edge of my tank top to pat my moist lips and cheeks, showing him my firm tummy. That got him good Scott!!" She then smiled at me and touched my arm, like a lightning bolt on my skin.

"I bet!" I managed to blurt out, feeling the head of my cock edging out the bottom of the shorts, and staring at her breasts.

"Mmmmm, can you picture the scene, Scooter?" She was raking her nails on my arm and my right hand had to try to cover my throbbing cock. She saw my arm go under water, smiled and began again.

"So, right there in front of his buddies, I walked right up to him, got about this close..." she stood and walked between my legs, her thighs brushing mine, and me looking up through the cleavage I loved to cum over so much. "...and said, hey bud, ever even see a woman with tits this hot before? And I stretched the top of my tank out and away, making him crane his head forward trying to steal a look at my sexy nipples." She leaned in towards me, the first time I think that I was able to directly stare at my objects of pure lust, her thighs pressuring mine. I had not a chance to think about the way it looked, and grabbed my cock head and squeezed it while staring at her body.

"uhhh, Sabrina, I ummm" was all I got out. She smiled and said, "hey, I'm just telling a story here, are you paying attention, or just turning into the guy from the gym??" She leaned back and looked into the water, where she could clearly see I had a hold of my cock. I was frozen there. She looked back at me and slowly ran her fingernails in circles around her nipples. "So the guy swallows hard and can't even answer me! But his dick sure did, it was rock hard and sticking sideways, throbbing over these titties, and my sexy little tease. I wanted to go for the kill, Scott, because nothing is hotter than making a man want me, and getting his cock to shoot for me without doing anything but being sexy. Do you know what I mean, Scooter?"

I couldn't take it anymore, so I moved my hand along my length slowly once, then a second time. Her eyes flicked toward my situation and then she went on. "So I stepped up right against his body...he could feel my tits on his chest, my tummy pressed against where his cock was hard and trapped, and I felt him twitch in lust...like this Scott." She pulled me to standing, making me drop my aching cock, and leaned in against me. Forgive me, but I would sell my soul to feel that body against me all the time.

"Mmmmmm, good re-enactment Scott, glad you enjoy talking with me as much as I do..." She was cooing in my ear and my dick was thumping with my heartbeat against her firm tummy, her tits pressed in to me. "So in his ear I said: so little stud...you going to show my tits what that cock could pour onto them? Hmmmm? Or can't you do a little girl a favor by squirting your load out for me...you want to make me happy, right? Right then, Scott, I moved a little bit side to side...poor guy wanted me soooo much!" She giggled and demonstrated on my tortured groin, making me almost shudder and climax, but pulled back slightly, and looking down at my swollen, exposed cockhead, it dripping precum wildly, and pushed her tits together and licked her lips.

"OH jesus, damn..." I said and grabbed my cock in hand and began jacking off right in front of my sexy tease neighbor. I could not help myself. She looked from my eyes to my cock, and I saw her look of satisfaction as I went over the edge. With a scream, I began to unleash torrent after torrent of sperm, all over my hand, my stomach and arms, never letting my eyes leave her neon green bikini top, barely holding back her sexy tits. When I subsided, I felt a wave of embarrassment and shame sweep over me, as I was a spermed mess, and was reduced to jacking off in front of my neighbor because of her teasing story.

She was leaning back and massaging her breasts and watching my cock pulse over her. I sank back down into the water and she finally looked me back in my eyes. "That's what little stud did in the gym...my tits and tease made him jerk his silly cock off into his shorts, shooting a big load right in front of his buddies. I walked away before he could speak...feeling like the lesson had been learned well." She looked back at my dick under water, and saw I was still fairly hard...something I personally was not surprised by.

"Are you ok over there Scooter? Looks like you got a little out of control there, eh? My story got to you that much? Maybe I'll be more careful when I talk to you about my little incidents." She pouted at me again, causing me to twitch. "I mean, I thought we were friends...that I could trust that. But if you fantasize about me, maybe I should be more careful? Do you? Do you think of me when you are alone and horny? Do you masturbate over me...over my body, Scott?"

I was in a tough spot...lie and she might keep talking with me, but then again, she might know it's a lie and toss me out. Tell the truth and she might do the same. I decided on the truth. "I can't lie to you Sabrina, I do fantasize about you. You are perfect to me, the most amazing woman I've ever seen or known."

"And you masturbate while thinking of dirty things about me?" She said, now sitting up straight.

"Yes. I came five times one day after seeing you in your red halter top and white shorts, Sabrina...I've never been more excited by a woman...ever!" I was in uncharted territory, and was barely breathing.

"Hmmm. I do like the way you look at me...like you have never seen a woman you want so...desperately..." She lingered on that word. I was dying and at the same time growing excited all over again. She saw the look cross my eyes. "Are you getting hot over me again? Didn't that jerkoff settle you down at all? Wow, you really do love my body, don't you?" She giggled, stood up and came close to me. I throbbed to full erection again, seeing her body rise out of the water, so like a dream.

Standing between my legs again, and looking down at my twitching rod, and lust-filled eyes, she thought for a second, then pulled me standing once again. My naked dick was thrilled to feel her tummy skin to skin, and throbbed wildly. She pulled me towards her and for one second I tasted her lips, her tongue and fell headlong in love with Sabrina.

She broke the kiss and ran a fingernail along the length of my cock, and closed her hand around the end briefly, saying "but Scooter, you know I'm a married woman, and my kink is the tease. Can you stand that my horny little boy? I could let you into that world, but I will never...hear me on this...change. I like to make men want me. I like to own their lust. Cocks that get hard for me, well, they flatter me. Like your sweetly hard cock does right now." With that she kissed me quickly again, and began to climb out of the tub, grabbing a towel and drying the body I would die to have.

She looked back at me, now absently jacking off to her again, and watched as I shot another ribbon of cum from my dick. She mouthed a big "O" and licked her lips, then smiled and walked off with her beer.

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