tagNonHumanA Sacrifice

A Sacrifice


The smell of the forest was thick in the air. Quiet sounds of the forest was only broken by the foot falls of large men. The small group of large men were trackers. Their job was to track down poachers, intruders, and when necessary, a sacrifice. A sacrifice for the lion god.

The sacrifice was a young woman named Rayah, they found her camping near the edge of the forest. She was alone at the camp, easy prey for the trackers. The girl was gagged, bound, and carried deep into the forest. She didn't get a good look at her attackers, but she knew they were large and there were at least five of them.

The deeper they traveled into the forest, the less she heard the men's foot falls. Rayah guessed they were close to their destination, in more familiar territory. It kept getting hotter, her blindfold damp with sweat. She didn't remember it being this hot at the camp site.

After a while, she started to hear more sounds, more people. It sounded kind of what she'd expect if she walked into a small town. It was annoying that no one said anything, no one reacting to her being carried in blind and immobile.

It was maybe ten minutes, walking through town, before they finally came to a stop. They dropped her onto her knees, cut her bindings and ripped the blindfold off her. The light was blinding, and not just from the mid-day sun. The light was glinting off something all around her and it took almost a full minute for her eyes to adjust.

When her sight was finally starting to clear, Rayah was roughly yanked to her feet. In front of her was a massive temple. The temple was a blinding mix of sandstone and gold. She glanced at the men holding her, seeing them in the light for the first time. They were as large as she though, clad in scraps of bright fabric and gold jewelry. Every person she could see wore some kind of gold in the shape of a lion.

Understandably, she was terrified, but she refused to show it. She knew that there was no way out and refused to fight as they walked her up the stairs to the temple doors. Each of the massive double doors had a very detailed lions head on it, the gold polished to perfection.

All but three of the men fanned out, kneeling at the top of the stairs. One of the men kept a hold on her while the other two opened the doors. They were clearly heavy doors, their muscles flexing. The man holding her gave her a gentle shove inside and the doors were pulled closed behind her.

Inside the temple was a lot darker than outside. A few torches on the walls gave off enough light to see. The rest of the light in the room came from a beam of light. The ceiling was open to let in sun, the light landing on a large over hang.

The inner chamber was the entire width of the temple, only broken by two sets of stairs on the wall heading up to a second floor. The landing at the top only reached half way to the door, leaving the air open all the way to the top. Much like a cliff over hang, a piece of the floor stretched out over the floor under, directly in the beam of sun light.

What terrified her was what was laying in the sun. Laying above her, one paw hanging off the edge, was a massive sleeping lion. It's head was laying on the front edge, and the lions head was mind blowing. Living so close to the forest, she knew lions weren't that big.

The lion took a deep breath and she squeaked as it opened its large eyes, looking directly at her. Her back hit the doors and she started to shake as she watched. Large paws made no sound as the beast lazily turned and headed down the curved steps.

Rayah's nails nearly broke on the hard wooden door, trying to do anything to keep from running. Running from predators was always a bad idea. Her entire body shook as the unreal creature padded toward her. When it came up to her, she felt it press its head into her stomach, breathing in deeply.

When the lion roared, it took every ounce of her will power to keep from pissing herself. The roar was long and the power behind it vibrated her entire body. It's mouth was wide open, it's jaw stretching from shoulder to groin. Done, the beast pushed his head behind her, between her legs, and lifted her up, heading back upstairs.

The lion dumped her at a door and nosed it open, heading into the room beyond. Locked in, terrified, and unable to resist, she was left no option but to follow. The room inside was a bed chamber. The bed did not look big enough for the beast, the room full of things for human comfort.

Rayah was nudged toward the bed and she sat down, looking over at the animal in the doorway. While she was watching, the lion began to change. The transition was like shedding a coat, smooth and fast. Once second there was a huge lion, and next a very large man.

Easily over six and a half feet, the man towered over everything in the room. The dark gold mane of the lion grew long and lightened to a soft blonde color, down too his chest. His body seemed to be carved from stone, every muscle toned from a live of an animal. His eyes were still the same as his lion form, gold and fierce.

When she saw that he was naked, she sneered. All men wanted the same thing and she always enjoyed shutting them down. She doubted this was going to be one of those times. His foot falls still made no sound as he walked toward her, moving with unreal grace.

Rayah slid back from him, further onto the bed. He walked up to the bed, and without slowing, moved onto the bed with his knees. Even in human form, he moved like a wild animal, coming up on her way to fast. She was forced to lay back as he moved over her, his body too large to move or fight off.

"Stop" Either he didn't speak english, or didn't care what she had to say. Strong fingers gripped her jaw and his warm mouth found her's. He tasted like sunshine, his skin hot even in the cool room.

His tongue forced its way into her mouth and his hand left her jaw, lowering down her body. The low collar of her shirt folded up in his powerful hand and he yanked down hard, the seams breaking. His mouth moved down to her neck, biting down gently as he broke the straps on her bra, tossing it aside.

A soft gasp left her lips as he gripped her breast, his skin hot against her's. His teeth on her neck, hand on her breast, she could feel herself getting wet. His nostrils flared and he knew she was aroused. He kept playing with her small breast, inhaling her scent deeply.

Rayah knew what was coming, but she still struggled when she felt his hand slide down her flat stomach. She pushed on his chest and bucked, trying to get away. She was not a toy to be played with, but she had no power to stop him. "Please stop."

The only response she got was a growl. His strong fingers gripped the waist of her pants and his entire body began to lower. She tried to hit him, but it felt like punching stone. Lifting up some, he looked up at her and she cried out when the back of his hand caught her cheek.

Lowering his body back down, he gripped her pants with both hands and ripped them open, tearing the thin fabric from her soft body. His strong hands pushed her thighs apart and he dove right in, licking her wet lips. Even with her cheek still stinging, she moaned from the unexpected sensation. His tongue wasn't human, the surface rough like a cat. It was unlike anything she had ever felt before and even in pain, it felt unbelievable.

Rayah's fingers wove through his thick hair, torn between yanking him away from her pussy and pushing him into it. The decision was made for her when he stopped and moved over her. She felt torn again, wanting to feel his tongue again, and fearing what was to come next.

She made the mistake of looking down. The man's cock was engorged and larger than any she had ever seen before. She once against pushed on his chest, not wanting to find out if he could fit or not. She kept pushing, and hitting him, trying to get away from the monster's monster.

Rayah expected another hit when his hand came up, and was taken off guard when his strong hand wrapped around her throat. Both of her hands gripped his wrist, staring up into his eyes. A deep growl vibrated the entire bed as he held her still with his grip on her throat. Fear started to take over anger.

It wasn't lack of oxygen that caused her eyes to widen suddenly. She bucked against his grip when she felt the tip of his cock push past her still soaking wet lips. From tip to base, he didn't slow down or speed up, one smooth push into her depths. When his hips finally came to a rest against her's, she was so full it was painful.

She was beginning to become light-headed, his grip on her neck making the room spin. When he finally released her throat, she took a deep breath, her back arching. Her entire body relaxed with the rush of air, the pain between her legs fading.

Growling in her ear, he started moving his body over her, moving his thick cock inside her. Her hands returned to his chest, this time gripping him. Her nails dug into his skin as pleasure pulsed through her entire body. The pleasure was intense, her inner muscles gripping his length.

His growling grew louder, picking up pace. The thrusts grew rougher, driving his hard cock deep into her, ramming into her over and over. Rayah clawed at his back and ribs, arching against his wide chest. Every thrust was like a lightning strike to her nervous system, pushing her over the edge into a powerful orgasm.

Her scent flooded the room and his pupils narrowed, animal instincts kicking in. Rough hands flipped her over onto her stomach and pulled her up onto her knees. One strong hand took hold of her soft brown hair and yanked back, forcing her to arch her back as he pushed back into her.

Each thrust from his powerful hips caused a ripple too go over her full ass, driving his cock deeper into her than before. A loud crack echoed in the room as he slapped her ass, a cry leaving her lips. The swirling mix of a little pain and pleasure pushed her to heights she didn't know existed.

Rayah's pussy exploded over his cock again and again, his animal lust driving them both wild. As the pleasure built inside him, his mouth opened and a sound that he shouldn't have been able to make burst from his lips. The roar was deafening, but it barely registered with her as his orgasm pushed her into another one of her own.

Cum leaking onto her thigh, she felt herself being pulled back against his chest. A strong arm wrapped over her stomach, holding her close. He was asleep long before her, and she could feel him purring. The vibration she felt from his purring seemed to lull her. She started to drift to sleep, wondering what was to become of her after this.

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Very well done.

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