tagNonHumanA Sacrifice Pt. 02

A Sacrifice Pt. 02


The room was dark when Rayah woke up. For a brief moment, she was terrified. The feeling passed when she realized she was alone in the large bed. Her body was sore in a number of places. She gently touched her throat as she sat up in bed. A wince passed over her face, coming to a rest on her bruised backside.

Memories from the previous night replayed in her mind. She was trapped in a temple with a beast, unable to stop him from doing anything he wanted too. Sighing, she pulled a sheet off the bed and wrapped herself in it. She stepped over the shredded remains of her clothes, exploring the room.

After a quick visit to the very low grade bathroom, she decided to explore the rest of the temple. Hopefully, the monster was out hunting. Her grip on the sheet was tight, both to keep covered and to stop her hands from shaking. The overhang was empty when she stepped out of the room and she let out the breath she had been holding.

Rayah's toes gripped the edge of the overhang, still holding the sheet as she stared at the floor below. It probably wasn't high enough to be fatal. Another sigh left her lips and she turned, going back to her exploring.

There wasn't much more to the temple. A couple more rooms, mostly storage for vast amounts of gold. She finally found the room she was looking for. A storage room for dry foods and some fresh fruit. There was no way a carnivore like the lion would eat any of this, so she decided to make herself at home with his food.

She was enjoying some fruit when she heard a noise out in the temple. Trying to be as quiet as possible, she snuck out of the pantry for a peek. It was still dark but the torches provided enough light that she was certain no one else was inside.

Turning around to head back inside, she dropped the sheet in shock. She stood there naked, looking up at the tall man from the night before. After a moment, she quickly snatched it back up and clutched it to herself.

Out of all the questions she could of asked in that moment, she spat out the one even she least expected. "What's your name?" After everything that had transpired last night, she wasn't even sure why she cared what his name was. Possibly, the only question she felt safe asking from this monster.

Never before would she have described someone's voice as a growl, but this was the only description that seemed to fit. "Kyros". His golden eyes bored down into her's, his stoic stance making her squirm. He reached out, causing her to flinch, his strong fingers gripping her jaw. The look in his eyes said more than he did. She knew that she was his, and she couldn't do anything about it.

Gripping the sheet around her was the only thing keeping her from shaking. Kyros leaned down eye level and for the first time, his stone like expression cracked. Rayah was more unnerved by the smile than anything else he had done so far. His grip tightened on her chin causing her a little pain, the gentle touch of his lips on her's a strong contrast.

As his large frame moved away from her, his fingers trailed down her chin. She felt relieved and strangely alone when his touch left her skin. She watched his back as he walked away, lost in her own confusion. Her feet shifted nervously when she saw him walk into the bed chamber. She knew what was expected of her, and some feeling deep inside her compelled her to follow.

Rayah had a master. She never considered herself the submissive type, but something about this man brought something new to the surface. Lowering her head, she dropped the sheet and followed him into the bed chamber.

Waiting for her inside, Kyros stood at the base of the bed, hands resting at his side. A soft growl vibrated the air between them. Staring at his chest, she slowly knelt before him. The anger and pain from the night before buried itself under these new feelings. This man's presence was unlike anything she had ever felt before.

Another growl caught her attention. She looked up and eye level with her was a now very hard cock. His powerful hand slid into her hair and pulled her close. The scent of his arousal made her head spin. She was unprepared when she pushed his cock past her lips, his smooth skin sliding over her tongue. He tasted even better than he smelled.

Kyros' hand slid to the back of her head, gripping her hair. She had no option but to look up at him as he pushed himself into her throat. His thick cock slid down her throat, gagging her and cutting off her air. The power in his grip kept her from pulling away and he just stared into her eyes as her air supply dwindled.

Finally, his grip relaxed and she pulled away, gasping for air. Spit dripped down her chin, her chest heaving. The spit fell from her face and his cock onto her small breasts. She had barely gotten air in her lungs before he drove himself back down her throat.

Red nail marks trailed down his muscular thighs. Spit covered her face and chest. She was gripping his thighs when he made a loud growl, pumping his seed down her throat. His cock slipped out of her mouth, followed by her coughing and breathing deeply.

The grip on her hair at the base of her skull tightened and she was pulled up to her feet. Still gasping for air, she was lifted off her feet by ass, his strong hands gripping into her soft skin. Rayah's back hit the wall with a thud. Tears blurring her vision, she cried out as he thrust his still very hard cock into her.

A deep growl vibrated her neck as he his sharp teeth pressed into her. His cock buried deep inside her and her nails clawing at his back drove him wild. The grip on her round ass tightened, her back hitting the wall hard as he thrust into her. The stone walls had no give as she was driven against it, his throbbing cock driving deep into her core.

Rayah developed a growl of her own as the pain of him hitting her cervix mixed with the intense pleasure of his cock hitting every other spot deep inside her. Being so totally under someone else's control let something inside her free and an orgasm tore through her that nearly caused her to pass out.

The juices of her orgasm dripping from his balls, he kept driving himself up into her. Each thrust was like throwing gas on the fire inside her core. Her nails drew blood, gripping him for dear life. The smell of blood in the air drove him even further into his feral side.

A powerful orgasm built up inside him, causing his thick cock to swell inside her, stretching her even more. When he finally burst, his hot seed flooding into her, she screamed. His cum sent her over board, her eyes rolling back. She went limp in his arms, laying against his wide chest.

Kyros pressed his face into her hair, breathing in deeply. He could smell their scents mixed. Never had a sacrifice actually enjoyed his touch. His long strides carried them to the bed quickly and he lowered them onto the bed. His softening cock finally slid from her as he turned her over and pulled her back into his chest.

Tomorrow would be the true test for his new little pet...

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by cantfightfate05/26/18

Interesting story

but I'd like more details. Is this a fictional world or our world? Time period? How long is she supposed to be camping for? Isn't anyone looking for her? Why is she so calm about a lion turning into amore...

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