tagNovels and NovellasA Sacrificial Lamb Ch. 02

A Sacrificial Lamb Ch. 02


Although I think each chapter can almost stand on its own, it is worth reading from the very beginning. As always your comments and votes are always appreciated. Sx

* * * * *

A hand pushes behind my head, which forces me to straighten. A wet finger presses upon my chin, then my cheeks and finally my forehead. The blindfold is swiftly removed as my Master declares: 'She is now a servant of Satan!'

My vision is blurred, and my heart almost stops as I hear his words. I am shaking my head as many hands run over my body. I try to fix my gaze upon my Master but I am surrounded by men in long black cloaks, with black masks covering their faces.

'Master?' I whisper; my throat is drying with fear.

A repetitive 'hush' escapes the cloaked men's mouths. A dozen hands slide down my body and push my legs wide apart. I lose my balance as they clamp heavy anklets upon my outstretched ankles. Moaning with pain as my arms take the strain, my head falls forward.

A knife glints in the light flashing before my eyes, and it is run over my face, the steel leaving a cold trail upon my feverish flesh. The blunt side is pressing into my hips as it cuts way the flimsy material of my thong. Despite my fear, I can feel my body responding to the pain and the excitement of the precarious position I am now in. I gasp as the rough leather handle of the knife is pressed between my fleshy lips, grazing over my clitoris.

I writhe against the knife, not caring that each movement causes my arm muscles to spasm. The hypnotic chant resumes and absorbs me into its will. I am moaning as I rub myself desperately over the rough leather; crying out in protest as it is taken abruptly away from my soaked pussy.

With a click, the chained cuff slips from the hook that suspends it. I begin to fall. I have no control, terrified as I fear the harsh fall onto the floor. My breath is taken away; as suddenly I am caught and lifted up by many hands. My head falls back.

The low guttural chant resumes as I am carried forward; the walls flicker with candlelight. My body aches, my arms shiver and tingle as the blood pours through them again. I am carried away upon a wave of emotion. Fingers press against my body. I have the sensation of floating, and my eyes close as I succumb to the spell that is being weaved. My world is slipping into the darkness that I cherish; that I have longed for.

I feel the cold marble as I am laid upon a tall altar. My revived arms are once more drawn above my head. I hear the sound of metal being wrapped around a hook, which makes me shiver. Hands stroke my hair, and then pull it up to spread it over the black altar.

Soft lips press against my own; a tongue invades my parched mouth. I return the kiss eagerly, not knowing whose lips I am kissing; this mystery evoking a carnal pleasure inside of me. Then in my ear my Master whispers:

'This is what I have been waiting for Sally; for you to truly belong. This is not a punishment my pet, it is your initiation into Satan's service.'

His voice leaves me; the lips still press hungrily against mine, and my head is spinning.

Confused by my Masters words, I try to stop the kiss. I twist my head away, crying out:

'Master I don't like this game! I want to use my safe word!'

A hush descends upon the room, Master's recognisable chuckle begins as he moves to my side, his face still covered. I look up at him.

'Please Master, release me, I will service all the men you chose for me as you desire, but this talk of Satan, it is silly, you're scaring me.'

A slap stings my cheek. His hand grips my jaw painfully, forcing me to look at his blank face again. His eyes burn like blue fire. I whimper.

'My safe word Master, your scaring me.'

The rhythm of wood upon stone begins again, accompanied by the low chant. The candle flicker as a warm breeze pervades the room. His free hand strokes my forehead soothingly.

'I am sorry pet your safe word is of no use now.'

His jaw clenches, his grip loosening on my jaw.

'You have been chosen Sally, it has been decided. You have no choice, but I suggest you submit willingly to your future, it will be far easier for you.'

His voice is hushed and tense.

'For once bend your beautiful will, for I will be unable to help you.'

He releases my jaw and kisses me softly.

'Remember I do love you.'

'Master, Master please I don't understand.'

My words have no effect as he turns his back on me, walks around the altar and stands before the crowd of men. Master raises his arms, palms turned upwards. He speaks over the chant that has grown louder:

'Gentleman the time has come to offer up the sacrifice to Satan. Our gift to He who has given us so much. Without him we would all be nothing.'

The chant is so loud now. I struggle desperately against my chains as Master's voice grows louder. His head falls back as he calls out to Satan. I scream at him to stop, but my protests fall on deaf ears. The chains clash heavily against the cold stone as I writhe.

'Satan take this sacrifice as your own, use her for your pleasure, and assuage your lust upon her mortal form.'

The candles flare and then extinguish, plunging us all into darkness. The chanting stops. I turn my head. My eyes grow accustomed to the dark, as I see the men fall down to their knees, covering the floor with the black velvet of their cloaks. A single torch light flickers and moves between the men. Some collapsing down onto their sides with audible groans.

'Master, please Master, Master!' I cry.

The light drawing closer and suddenly I feel such relief, the ordeal would be over soon. A light throws shadows over one face, which is still recognisable.

'Henri, oh Henri, thank God, Master has gone mad.'

I look over to my Master who is now also kneeling in supplication to his own Master: Satan.

'Please Henri, release me, I'm scared.'

Henri walks towards me steadily; his feet making no noise on the velvet cloaks.

'Don't worry my Cherie, your perfectly safe now, so hush child.'

I rest my head back down on the marble altar, knowing that Henri's words are true. He has always been there for me. He will save me from my master's insanity. My breathing steadies as Henri draws me close to him, stroking my face with his soft hands.

'Tsk, tsk child, always getting into trouble, what am I going to do with you?'

I laugh in relief, half aware that the slow chant is starting again. I try to pull my hands up so that Henri can see that I am cuffed.

'Please Henri release me quickly, I don't know what is wrong with Master, but I want to leave here as soon as possible.

'Hush, hush child, all in good time all in good time.' Henri turns his back on me.


I notice the chant rising louder, as the men stand up from their knelt positions.

'Henri, quickly please release me, I don't think we have much time.'

He turns back to me as the candles are re-ignited.

'We have all the time in the world Sally.'

His voice is no longer soft and gentle as he draws the torch down; the shadows play tricks with my eyes.


Panic fills my heart as Henri's face changes, his features becoming more angular, his eyes deepening. Gone the kindly face of a faithful butler.

'Oh God, Henri!'

'There is no God Sally, only Satan,' he laughs.

I scream with all my might, doubling my efforts to escape from the constraints.

'No, no, not you Henri, not you.'

Tears stream down my cheeks as he moves towards me. My Master stands just behind him. Taking the torch from Henri, Master holds it high above his head as he moves towards me. My body wracked with sobs, and I turn my face away, hoping that if I just close my eyes, shut it out, it will all be a bad dream. That's it, a bad dream.

'Please God someone wake me.'

A dark heavy breath dances over my ear.

'There is no God to help you Sally, this isn't a dream,' Satan growls. 'You have brought this upon yourself Sally, your spirit is far too strong to be ignored. Your Master chose well and I have waited long enough for you, it is now time for you to become mine.'

Henri's face draws close to mine, and some irrational impulse forces me to break into hysterical laughter; tears stream down my cheeks. Shaking my head, Henri pauses. His hand hovers by my cheek. I gasp for breath and turn my face to look at my Master, who is still holding the torch aloft.

'It's alright Master I understand now, I've learnt my lesson, and I will be a well behaved servant to you Master.'

I lift my chained hands up to Henri again, waiting for him to release me, but my submission is met with only silence. Henri still stares down at me.

'Master you can release me now that I have learnt my lesson.'

Silence is again the only answer. A note of uncertainty enters my voice.'

Master? It's over now. I understand, you can let me go.'

I shake my heavy chains, trying to get some sort of reply.

Henri's hand rests upon my cheek, stroking it softly.

'Please Henri, the joke has gone far enough, don't you think?'

A quiet hush comes from his lips, as his hand strokes my skin softly, tenderly; his thumb runs over my lips; I press my cheek into his hand.

'Please Henri, I'm tired, I want to go to my room.'

Henri's thumb slides past my bottom lip, and presses against my tongue. His hand grips my chin, which he sharply tilts up. Leaning forward his tongue slides over my lips and nose. I try to move away from his tongue, but his thumb presses harder down upon my tongue and his fingers curl tightly under my chin. His breath is heavy. Henri removes his tongue from my face, but does not relieve the pressure of his hand upon my chin. The thumb curves down into the soft flesh of my tongue. He makes me squirm with discomfort, which forces tears from my eyes. I cry out as he drags his thumb nail over my tongue. My back is arching up, until a hand presses against my stomach, forcing me down again.

Henri releases my jaw, and his thumb leaves my mouth. I watch as he puts the finger in his mouth and sucks it. A strange taste of copper fills my own mouth, as suddenly I almost choke as my own blood slides down my throat. True fear hits me hard. I whimper.

'Henri, please.'

His slap upon my already tender cheek is so hard that I start to lose consciousness. Just before blackness consumes me totally I hear Henri order:

'Make the girl ready...NOW!'


What will happen next to poor sweet Sally?

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