tagSci-Fi & FantasyA Samhain I'll Never Forget

A Samhain I'll Never Forget


NOTE: these characters are completely out of my imagination! If they share the same name as someone else, it's not on purpose and not meant to reflect badly or whatever on person with said name. If you take offense, go ahead and spout about it, I'm not going to pay any attention, after it's here, it's permanent.

* * * * *

I was walking down the street, my cloak pulled close, my witch's hat in my right hand, my besom in the other. In my case were my cauldron, athame, boline, bells, herbs, and other stuff for my Samhain celebration. I loved wearing the hat for this because it was just fun to do, but the wind just kept taking it off, and then I'd chase it across the road. That's not an easy thing done when you have your entire altar on your back!

I sighed as I walked closer to Mother Owl's. I promised her I'd check in on her Shoppe today, "Ye Olde Things and Witch Supplies". I wasn't looking where I was going, but no one was on the street at this time of day anyway at 4 AM, I had fallen asleep on the forest floor after my ritual. I looked through my key ring, looking for the owl shaped one, and just as I got to the door, I had found the key and realized there was a yellow/lime glow coming from under the door. I stood still for who knows how long trying to figure out what in the hell that light was from.

"I distinctly remember turning everything off, the lamps, the lights, could be something fell catching the moon like that." Deep in thought and without realizing what was happening; my hands were drawn to the door and lock. I had the key in the lock, and

turning it as I pulled myself out of that deep almost trance, and before I could take a breath, the yellow/lime color surrounded me, and then swirled around me; I got dizzy, and a little nauseous. Just as suddenly as the light had surrounded me, it disappeared, but it wasn't Mother Owl's "Ye Olde Things and Witch Supplies" that I looked at.

I had to take a few minutes to focus; everything had that yellow/lime hue to it, making me think I was dreaming. I looked around and saw large lush trees all around me, big grey rocks, and miles of soft clover-specked grass. The sky was a wonderful blue, not like where I had just came from, just a little more blue, or so it looked. I reached for my case and found that it was gone, in its place was a quiver, I looked at my left hand, and there was a bow. I put my hand over my shoulder and touched the feather of an arrow, and froze.

"Ok, that was weird. This is a dream but I felt that."

"No, Sarah, it is not a dream." I screamed, no wait, that couldn't have been what I did, because it was much louder than that. And I just about flew into the air. "Witches can fly!" I grabbed an arrow, and put it in the bow and turned around; hell whoever it was wouldn't know that I couldn't use the damned things.

"Who are you, and how in the hell do you know my name?"

"I am Starlight; I know more about you than you may think, like you really don't know how to use a bow and arrows."

"That's what you think." I said, still not relaxing the bow.

"For one, that's not how you hold it, you're supposed to use three fingers, not two." I put up my third finger, "for another, your posture is all wrong."

"Well if it shoots, that's all I care!"

"Fine, But I'm not going to hurt you. In fact, I need your help, that's why you're here."

"Why me?"

"You are trusted." Immediately I thought of Mother Owl, she set me up.

"Yes, Mother Owl had you check on her store purposely. I have been waiting a while, but I knew you'd come along. I know her quite well." Then I heard hooves stamping on the ground, and looked at where they came from, Starlight's feet. Not feet, really but hooves. Almost black hooves, and then was his coat, blue with stars the same color as the light that surrounded me. Then I realized that his hair on his human head was the same color as his coat, even a few flecks of the stars' color in it. Amazed beyond anything, I lowered the bow and arrow, dropped it and walked toward Starlight.

"Holy shit! You're a centaur!"


"I'm dreaming."


"Uh yeah, or I'm psycho, this only exi-"

"STOP!" Starlight cut me off, "Please! Every time someone says that, a part of this world dies, and that is what I need you here for. I need you to fight Maldade, she's what's become from humans saying they don't believe in this world, mostly their children, because they watch those horror shows instead of the ones that keep their imagination going, their pleasant dreams of visiting us and playing. That's how we exist. Maldade came to be not long ago, a couple of days really, and she started sucking in things, growing, making this world disappear. One of the older centaurs, Ice, found out what she was made of, then died. We don't usually die, but she's causing it to happen. We need your help, Sarah."

"And what can I do that you can't?"

"Not die. Because you are human, she can't kill you."

"You're kidding me, right?"


I slapped myself on the arm hard, "Ow! yeah, I'm awake."

"I told you."

"Yeah, but I had to make sure it wasn't a dream. So what do I have to do? How do I find her?"

"I'll journey with you as far as I can, and then it will be up to you from there, but with all the information I will provide, you will be strong enough to fight her on your own."

"I like the immortality thing, knowing she can't kill me, but can she hurt me?"

"Unfortunately, humans can still get hurt, quite badly."

"Do we have time for sleep?" I yawned, "It is 4 AM my time, and I got up 24 hours ago."

"Not really, but climb on my back, lay your head on my flanks, facing back, and I'll take us our day's journey while you rest."

"Sounds good to me!" I climbed Starlight's back, facing away from him, and lay down; my arms crossed looking at the ground. And as I fell asleep, I thought, "Damn he's hot!"

"And you're beautiful." I heard just as I fell asleep.

I woke up some time later, a few hours judging by the light, "What the? Oh yeah, I'm living in a dream."

"It's not a dream." corrected Starlight

"That's what I meant, I just was being sarcastic it's a human quality."

"I know what it is; Breeze picked it up quite quickly."


"Mother Owl. Breeze is her centaurian name."

"She's a centaur?"

"She is my sister. You NEVER wondered why her store sometimes smelled like a horse?"

"I figured it was the light blue horse tails."

"Her tail hairs."

"What? She took hairs from her tail and sold them?"

"Not just her own. Remember the navy and yellow one you bought?"

"Oh my Goddess! It's yours! Is that why I was chosen?"

"That's how I knew to find you. I told you already that she trusts you, and that's why you were chosen."

"Gotcha, hey, is there any food to eat?"

"We got grass, straw, and hay." Starlight said with a smirk.

"You seriously eat that stuff?"

"Well we are part horse, so it doesn't taste as bad as it sounds. Anyway, we have some human food too. I bought some just a little while ago, it's behind you." I slipped off of Starlight's back and started rummaging through the saddle bag for some food as I walked along side him.

"Apples, apples, any meat?" I smiled at the double connotation with that.

"Down at the bottom." I couldn't help but laugh. "You have a perverted mind."

"Great minds think a like!" I grabbed the meat, and peeled off a piece. "Want some?" I offered, holding up a mouthful to Starlight.

"After it's been referred to like that, I'm not sure."

"Meat tastes good no matter what." I put the piece up to Starlight's mouth, he bit next to my fingers, holding it in his mouth, then licked my fingers and let go. "Ok, I have a few questions. M... I mean Breeze is your sister, but I've seen her not behind the counter, she doesn't have the horse part. Is that because she lives in my world?"

"Part of it; what would happen if someone saw a centaur? They'd think they were crazy, or the centaur would get dissected. She lives most of her life as a human, except when she's 'riding her horse'. When the first human fell in love with the first centaur, the result was a costume that the centaur that moved to his world could wear. It looks real, but what it is, is a stuffed horse head, and stuffed human legs attached so that the centaur can run as they love to do. They're not real, Sarah, don't worry. There was a spell put on them only so that the look and feel real."

"I was fooled! I usually can tell when something's fake."

"But Centaurian magick is strong."

"So is my attraction to you becoming."

"And mine."

I stood there for a moment, a smile on my face, and Starlight kissed me deeply and passionately.

"But how would I live here?"

"If I were to get you pregnant, you would have no option but to have the child here. A human having a centaur child would not survive, not as large as the child would come out, and also, without its mother's care, the child would die."

"K, so that takes care of the pregnancy, but what about the rest of the time?"

"You would be given the option of living as a centaur, or just being pregnant as one."

"Oooh! I see, so I could become a centaur. Wow."

Starlight and I talked for a long time, then we sat for a while, both our feet were sore.

"Wait, you don't have feet."

"I have had feet since you slid off my back."

"No, cuz I kept taking food out of the pack."

"I had put it over my shoulders like a nap sack. Now let's stop rhyming"

"Aw c'mon it's fun."

"No, it's not."

"I'm thirsty. Is there anything to drink in the pack?"

"Yes, and I have something else you could drink." And Starlight wriggled his eyebrows and grinned at me.

"Just like a human."


"Good thing I like you enough not to be mad."

"I agree." Starlight then leaned forward and kissed me again. Every touch, every place of my body was heightened. Starlight had started rubbing my nipple lightly underneath my leather armor that I was wearing. I wrapped my arms tightly around Starlight, holding him close rubbing my body against his.

"Wait, we can't." I said breaking the kiss.

"Why can't we?"

"We just met."

"No, that is not entirely true."

"What do you mean?"

"Remember when Breeze didn't want you dating her brother anymore?"

"That was you! I remember now! Why didn't...never mind obvious reasons. Too bad we never went past the fourth date."

"I know, but we didn't know how you'd handle us being centaurs. She didn't know you that well then."

"True. I'm glad I found you again!" I threw my arms back around Starlight and kissed him deeply, rubbing myself against him again. I couldn't help it, I had to have him in me. I needed to feel him inside my body.

I stepped back, and took off my armor, then kissed Starlight hard, holding him to me, I could feel his erection pressed against my lower abs, I lifted myself to put it between my legs and he moaned. His fingers found my nipples again, pinching them, twisting them, rolling them around in his finger tips. I was so horny, I needed for him to release my orgasm. My body trembled when he started sucking my left nipple and my knees buckled. Starlight grabbed a hold of me and laid me on the ground underneath himself.

True to a horse's rumor, well it would be centaur now wouldn't it? True to a centaur rumor, Starlight was HUGE. I definitely was not a virgin, but it HURT when he went in. I back pedaled as much as I could, and yelled in pain.

"Are you ok?"

"Not really, that thing is HUGE."

"I thought humans liked it big."

"To a point, but it always hurts when it's bigger than any of the ones the woman's already had."

"So I'm the biggest then?"

"What clued you in?"

"I promise to go slow." And Starlight moved over me again, this time though he sat back and kneeled, and slowly pushed himself inside, moving forward as he eased himself inside of me, but he was panting very hard.

"How in the world is it hurting you?" I said with a tinge of pain in my voice.

"You're so tight, I'm trying to stop myself from coming before you." I laughed and Starlight moaned, and I felt him cum inside me.

"I guess you weren't joking."

"No, I wasn't."

"I'm sorry."

"Not as sorry as I am. But then again, I don't mind the implications." I thought Starlight was talking just about me getting pregnant. I wouldn't find out until after all this happened what he truly meant.

"If you can cum again, go ahead!"


After Starlight and I made love, we laid together underneath the stars. We slept and I used him as a pillow and he laid his blanket over the both of us. I awoke in the morning to Starlight lightly shaking me. "I was dreaming about him again." I said as I opened my eyes for a second then closed them, still half asleep.

"You were dreaming about whom again?"

"Mother Owl's brother. Every time I dream about him..."

"Every time you dream about him what?"

I yawned then sat bolt upright. "I was talking in my sleep, wasn't I?"

"Yeah, you were."

"You were trying to get information from me that I really didn't want to give. That's why I woke up so suddenly, and so fully."

"So I can't ever get information from you?"

"Not unless I willingly give it."

"There goes that idea. Well anyway, climb on my back, I can get us where we're going faster, and we need to because Maldade has expanded a lot over the night. Wrap your arms tightly around me; we need to get going, and fast." I did what I was told.

"How much longer until we reach Maldade?"

"After today's journey, we'll be outside her gates."

"How am I supposed to fight her? You said yourself that I can't shoot a bow and arrow!"

"Because I had sex with you, I passed to you my knowledge, my abilities to shoot a bow and arrow to you. No, that is not the only reason I had sex with you. Since we dated, I have thought of nothing else but you. The time we spent together, I developed deep feelings of love for you that was the reason I had sex with you. But now because you have that knowledge, you can get rid of Maldade twice as fast as we were all hoping." I sat quietly, trying to discern if it was the truth that Starlight was telling me. Somehow, I just knew it was the truth.

Finally night came and we could rest. Starlight was exhausted and his back hurt, luckily there was a near by stream. "Come with me, I'm going to help you feel better." I grabbed Starlight's hand and pulled him to the stream. "Lay down, I'm going to put water over you to get the sweat and dirt out of your coat."

"I can do it!"

"I want to because I'm part of the reason your back is hurting, and you have that huge wet spot on your back."

"I'm sure it's more than just sweat."

"Well leather underwear sure as hell isn't comfortable! Now lay down!" Starlight did as I told him to, and I splashed cold water on his back, rinsing it out of his coat, making sure everything from us having had sex the night before was out of his coat too. Some of it had dried, and I made sure I worked it out of his coat without hurting him. I then washed his human half.

"Lean back, I need to wash your hair too." And Starlight leaned back against me, and I washed his hair in my lap. That time spent together had to be the most bonding experience I had ever had with him; even more so than sex. When I was done, I realized that he had transformed himself into his human form, and that he had a huge hardon from me washing his hair. But he didn't try to have sex with me; he laid on my lap until I said my feet were freezing from the cold water.

We then laid down, and Starlight wrapped his arm tightly around my waist. He still had his hardon, and I was expecting him to try to get sex then, but he didn't. He laid behind me; let me have the pack as a pillow and we slept peacefully until dawn.

"Wake up, Maldade knows we're here. She just sent spies out, and they'll be back to her within minutes. She will be looking for a human and a centaur; we need to change you into a centaur so that she has no clue who we are. Concentrate on a color; that will be the color you turn, but do not choose mine." I concentrated on a bright red coat, and an orange-yellow tail, and gold hooves. The hair on my head turned the orange-yellow as well. While Starlight was changing me, I felt like someone was pouring warm fudge on me from head to toe.

"You had to be difficult, didn't you?"

"That's me!"

"Well we don't have much time, we need to go." Starlight and I managed to get to Maldade's front gate with hardly any problems. We hid behind the wall.

"I wish you would have chosen a less bright color."

"You said I couldn't use yours, otherwise I would have."

"Because she'd know that we: that we're closer than just two centaurs coming to fight her. She'd try to kill one of us to weaken the other. And since it can't be you because you are really human, it'd be me. Trust me when I say it's more likely to save my life. Or at least if I do, it won't be for a non-noble reason."

We entered Maldade's gate, Starlight knew it was futile to keep me and my brightly colored lower half secret, so we just walked straight up to her.

"Welcome...you cannot be the two that my pets have seen. Where's the human?"

"Waiting, ready to fight you if we need her to."

"I'm sure you will, after I kill the both of you. Any last words?"

"I have some." I piped in, Starlight glared at me, "I'm only going to do this once, I give you the chance now. I'm asking you to leave, to save yourself from us destroying you."

Maldade laughed, a purely evil and ground-shaking laugh. "You puny centaur, you think that because you ask that I will leave? I feel my powers growing, taking shape, forming, I am finding new powers every moment. Why would I give that up?"

"To live peacefully, as the centaur you once were." I caught a look in Maldade's eye, I had hit the nail on the head. It had been a centaur, "Make peace with who you were, and you will find happiness. I'm giving you your absolute last shot, leave, Maldade."

"How dare you speak my name!" Maldade roared, and a large yellow bolt came at me, I dodged it in time, it just barely got my tail, I rounded the corner and attacked Maldade full force from the front, because of the rage Maldade had for me, Starlight took advantage of the situation and went behind it. A scream of pain came from Maldade, and it shrank some. "We'll know how damaged it is...up to a point at least. I can't imagine Maldade letting itself get to a size that it would be at a disadvantage." I thought to myself.

I barley finished the thought, when I saw Starlight sailing in the air. Maldade must have grabbed him and thrown him over its shoulder. I was torn between saving Starlight from more hurt than needed, or getting a shot in at Maldade. My mind was made up for me. Maldade threw a spear at me and it hit me in the arm. I wretched the spear from my arm, and cantered full force at Maldade with the spear pointed at her. My arm was bleeding quite bad, but the blood blended in with my coat. Faster, harder, hope to the Gods that it can't doesn't stop me. I didn't realize it but Starlight had started firing at Maldade's face just after the spear hit my arm. Maldade's attention was focused no where near me. I got a good clean shot in, and Maldade started wobbling, I shoved the spear upwards and it shrank quite a bit, it was now about the size of a large man, instead of a mountain troll. Maldade swung its arm, and threw me against a stone slab, and I landed on the ground.

Maldade was pissed, we had gotten two very good shots in, and it had only gotten my tail, and Starlight was up and running still. I couldn't tell if I was hurt or not, I didn't care. I needed to get rid of that damned thing. Starlight and I converged on the same point, and in a fit of child like rage, Maldade struck. Something surrounded Starlight and I. It felt warm around my body, and I couldn't see Starlight anymore. I felt him touch me, and I heard him say, "I give my powers to you." I didn't have time to comprehend, because we were tossed back a good forty feet. I got up but Starlight remained where he was.

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