tagNonConsent/ReluctanceA Saturday Morning Raping

A Saturday Morning Raping


As you walk through the door you smell the sweet smell of lavender mingling with what you can only guess to be the sharp smell of leather. You hesitate in the doorway, uncertain of where these things are coming from when suddenly you can only see blackness and you feel something being roughly forced into your mouth, muffling your screams. The door slams shut behind you and you hear the lock being bolted.

Once again you try to cry out, but a firm but not unpleasant voice orders that if you don’t want to be hurt you will stay still, and unexpectedly you feel a sharp pain on your back even before you hear the snap as you go to your knees in surprise.

“That’s a good position slut, but I think your just a little too overeager to suck my cock” the voice says. You feel his hands along the outside of your neck, slipping something smelling strongly of leather around it and fastening it tightly in back. Something cold dangles on your chest just below it, a metal ring you assume. “I hope you like it, I bought it just for you slave.”

You feel his hands reach around your neck, afraid he’s going to choke you but he just lightly traces from the back of your neck to behind your ears with his fingertips. “You belong to me all night tonight. I’m going to remove the gag, and god help you if you scream. Tonight you are going to be my fuck slave, do you understand?”

The gag is removed from your mouth and between your fearful, trembling lips you manage a timid “Yes…”

SNAP! You feel the sharp pain against your back and you moan. “You are my property tonight, slut, how dare you address me as anything but master!”

“Yes…yes, master” You cry, tears just starting to wet the corners of the blindfold as you realize that this man has total control of the situation. Oddly though, the blindfold isn’t the only thing starting to get damp…

You are interrupted from your thoughts by a gentle snick as something is fastened to the ring on your collar. You are jerked to your feet and led around the room, bumping into things in your blinded state. “I want you to say please rape me master. Please use all of my holes to your satisfaction and leave when you are done with me!”

“I…I want you to r..rape me…master.” You sob, feeling humiliated begging this man to use you and even more humiliated by the fact that your twat is wetter than you can remember in a long time.

”All of it, and with more conviction!”


“Good, now I don’t have to punish you” he says, as you feel him tickle the side of your face with the tails of the whip he has been beating you with. He forces open your mouth and puts the whip handle in it. “Hold this for me, if it so much as touches the ground Ill tear your ass up so bad it will make the first two whips seem like kisses”

You clamp your teeth down on the handle, though some part of you wonders what it would be like to drop it. You hear a metal on metal sound, like a chain being looped around something, and suddenly the chain on your collar forces your head up. He must be tying you to one of the ceiling fans!

You hear him leave the room and you fear, what if he never comes back? How long will it be until somebody finds me here hanging from the ceiling fan? But he returns shortly and there is suddenly a flash of light. He’s taking pictures of you! Your mind goes wild in fear. What if he posts these on the internet? What if your friends and family sees them? You want to beg him not to, but you don’t want him to be mad at you. Plus in the far back of your mind you wonder, would it really be so bad thousands of men looking at me being humiliated and jerking off to my body. You wish you could see where he was so you could know if it was safe to rub your clit, your cunts throbbing in sexual anticipation, begging for attention.

His hands wrap around your wrists and raise them above your head, tying a rough rope around your wrists, and then pulling them up around the ceiling fan as well. At this point you almost have to stand on your tiptoes to keep either the collar or the rope from digging into your skin.

After he’s done, you hear him walk behind you. His hands caress up the sides of your body, starting from your pants line and up the sides of your shirt, and finally cupping your breasts. His hands are surprisingly gentle contrasted to what he was doing to you, and you actually relax for a second as he runs his palms over your nipples under the shirt and unwillingly your nipples become rock hard.

“Mmm…I see you are liking this way too much for my liking slut…we will have to do something about that.” You gasp slightly as he gives both of your tits a firm twist sending little bolts of pain through them. “I’m afraid that you are no use to me like this slave, these clothes are going to have to come off.”

His hands reach for the shirt neck and he tears with one motion ripping most of the shirt to pieces along the hem, making short work of the rest until finally you feel the last remains of your shirt fall of, revealing your breasts, concealed only by your bra.

Once again he cups your breasts from behind, massaging them firmly. He is pressed against your back and you suddenly realize that he is naked from the waist up as his naked chest presses against your back, the smell of sweat faintly in the air. Also pressing into you is his cock, which you make out to be of considerable size. “You have great tits slut, Ill make sure I pay special attention to them.”

He unhooks the bra snaps one by one, the last one leaving the bra hanging helplessly suspended only by the straps around your arms which are promptly snipped off by what you guess is a pair of scissors. Your breasts sway helplessly in the air, open to his mercy now. You see another flash and know that he has taken another picture of you.

“Mmm, such great tits…” He murmurs close to your chest, so close you can feel his warm breath on your right nipple right before he closes his lips around it. You moan slightly, relieved that your nipple that has been hard for some time now is being indulged. His tongue works circles around your nipple, as he sucks it gently. His lips are just the perfect firmness. “Great tits…but they need some kind of decoration…ah, I know”

A second later you feel a sharp pain on your nipple, a horrible pinching. You cry out and before you can stop yourself you beg him to take it off. “Tsk tsk, if I want to attach clothespins to my sluts tits, she better just say Yessir and right away sir! Now you must be punished…”

The whip is removed from your mouth leaving the leather taste behind. You hear it snap through the air before the sudden blow comes down on your left breast. SNAP SNAP SNAP! Three more times and tears are almost streaming out your eyes now. “There, I think my slut has learned her lesson” the man says, and the whip is tossed somewhere behind him.

You feel another sharp pain on your left nipple this time, and then twice again on the right and two more on the left. Your bottom lip quivers wanting to beg him to take them off, not to add anymore. You can hear him step back to admire his handiwork, and then SNAP! Another picture.

Finally he removes the clothespins, and then you feel his hands on your throbbing breasts, something cool in them, an oil that smells of lavender that he runs over the sore nipples and burning flesh. The oil stings briefly, but calms you and soothes the lashes. Your almost disappointed when his firm hands leave your breasts and stop massaging the oil in and run the course down your stomach and to your pants line.

You shudder slightly, afraid when he finds out how wet you are he will beat you more, but as he unfastens the button to your pants a little thrill runs through your body. Suddenly part of you wouldn’t mind being used by this stranger. He pulls the zipper down tooth by tooth, and then slides your pants down slowly, running his palms, cool from the oil, along the sides of your legs, dropping your pants to the ground. When hes finished, he rubs one hand along the inside of your burning thighs, and along the front of your panties, which are now just one wet bunch around your legs.

“Well, I guess I can cut you down from there, your too much of a slut to leave now aren’t you?” You nod your head shamefully. He continues behind you “I’m going to take of your blindfold now, but if you look at me you will be beaten harshly, until you bleed. Do you understand slut?!”

You nod your understanding as the blindfold, wet from your tears, falls to the floor. You cast your eyes down as the chain is unhooked from the collar around your neck and the rope slipped off your wrists, giving you freedom.

You hear him go sit down in a chair behind you. “You are going to suck my cock now whore, and remember my warning about looking at me!”

You nod your acknowledgement and crawl towards him with your eyes locked on the floor until your between his legs on the chair. You notice that he is now totally naked as he puts one hand under your chin and pulls you to a kneeling position right in front of his cock. You close your eyes and with the tip of your tongue lick the few drops of precum off the tip of his cock, the taste vaguely sweet. You run your tongue down the length of his cock, circling his head before you open your mouth and wrap your lips around the head, slowly bobbing up and down, taking more of the shaft into your mouth. You can hear him taking several pictures of you with a strangers cock being thrust down your throat.

He wraps his hands around your hair and you realize just now with his cock in your mouth he trusts you a very significant amount as well. He guides your head along his shaft as you think these thoughts, and surprisingly the thought of hurting him is appalling. Before you know it, you are taking the whole shaft down your throat, and the way he guides you, you don’t even think about gagging. You start to get more ravenous, and speed up, hoping he will shoot his cum down your throat, but he grabs your face by the cheeks and pulls you off his cock, inches away to admire it glistening with your spit, allowing you to mind your own handiwork.

“I want you to bend over whore,” He says as he gets off the chair. “And take those panties off. I’m going to fuck you, okay slut?” You have no choice in answer so you just nod fervently.

You bend over the chair “Get your ass up higher…higher slut!” You raise your ass into full view, knowing that your sopping wet cunt and tight asshole are in full view to the stranger behind you. You bury your head into the chair cushion, eyes closed tight with humiliation. He takes a picture of your raised ass, and then puts the camera down. “Im setting this to record video, and maybe later you can watch my performance.”

His finger traces a line between your labia, avoiding your clit. “I think that’s a little to wet to bring me any pleasure…” you thrust out your pelvis towards him as if to deny that statement

He leans over right next to your ear “I guess I’m just going to have to fuck you in your ass. Your okay with that right slave? Tell me you want me to fuck you in your ass.”

You nod and stammer into the cushion “Please master, fuck me in my ass. Please I want you to so bad…”

“Well, if you insist…” He says nonchalantly, as you hear him squeezing a tube of KY. He runs a finger along the crack of your ass. “Play with your clit as I do this” He demands. You gratefully run a finger against your clit as he continues rubbing KY along your ass, making small circles around your hole and finally penetrating your ass slightly. Suddenly you feel a sharp slap and you realize he is spanking you with his other hand while working his finger into your ass. “Your such a filthy slut, don’t you realize that? You shouldn’t be getting off on some stranger staring at your cunt and putting things into your ass…tell me how much of a slut you are”

“Im a huge fucking slut, master, and I will obey every word you say…I want nothing more than for you to rape me over and over and use me like your toy. Im a huge slut, but just for you master.”

“Good, well as long as you keep it that way, than you will be the only slut for me too cunt.” For some reason his words touch you, and you fill with emotion even as you feel his palm come down on your ass once again as his finger moves in small circles inside your ass, relaxing the muscles. He squirts some more KY down the crack of your ass and works it inside, as you hear the other hand working it along the length of his cock. He stands over you, parting your cheeks as you feel the shaft of the penis work along your crack, and the tip slowly parting your asshole and sliding inside you.

You gasp over and over, working your clit furiously, the idea of some strange mans cock in your ass making you insanely horny as he slowly slowly slides his cock deeper between your ass cheeks until you can feel his balls resting against the underside of your cunt and you know he is hilt deep into your ass. He begins thrusting his hips, moving his cock in and out of your tight ass, and you flex your muscles around the length of his cock, trying to hold him in. He slides in hilt deep again and leans over to your ear.

“You can kiss me if you like, but you still cant look at me” You turn your head and part your lips as his lock around yours, gently sucking your tongue into his mouth and wrestling with it with his own. He starts thrusting again into your ass in rhythm to your kisses, and when he briefly stops you can feel the length of his cock pulsating inside the confined space and it feels as if it’s a second heart beat, as if your pulses are in sync, beating together. He pulls his head away and starts to pull out of your ass, even though you try to arch into him to keep him inside.

“Bad slave, now you don’t want to be punished when you are doing so good do you?” You feel the blindfold being returned to being wrapped around your eyes as he guides you onto your back, and eases your legs wide open which you don’t try to stop.

“Now I’m going to fuck you, and I’m not going to use a condom, and when Im done I want you to lay on your back with my cum still inside you and your legs up until I tell you that you can stop. You are going to have to trust that I don’t have any diseases, but Im going to get you pregnant so you will always have a little souvenir of today. Tell me slut, do you want me to fuck you without a condom? Do you want me to shoot my cum into your womb and give you my child?”

You cant help but moan at how candid hes being. You know the risks, but just the thought of his cum being shot inside you, being forced to keep a strangers semen inside your womb and maybe even to bear his baby made something deep down quiver. It might have been a horribly stupid thing to do, but at this point your whole body was quivering in anticipation, and what choice did you have anyway?

“Yes master, fuck me without a condom. I want to feel your cum inside me and have all your babies.” As the last words left your lips you felt his naked cock slide deep inside you as he lay on top of you and slid his arms under yours, thrusting his pelvis with building intensity and urgency, his balls slapping against your ass as your arch your pelvis so as he can get deeper and deeper inside you as you clench your hands into fists and your body is wracked by an ORGASM…your left panting and moaning as he still thrusts his cock into you, feeling his unprotected cock rubbing against the walls of your vagina, stimulating all your nerve endings.

You quiver as a few minor orgasms pass in the wake of the first one and then with a groan he thrusts his cock to the hilt and finishes. You can feel his cum jetting deep inside your cunt, seemingly an endless flood of it, until its running from between your lips. He pulls his cock out slowly and elevates both of your legs onto the chair. You feel him run his finger lightly along your cunt, raising the finger to your lips which you promptly suck on. “Waste not want not” he says, and you can tell he is smiling.

As you lay there with your legs lifted, letting this strangers semen flow slowly deep within your womb, he startles your face and orders you to clean your mess off, which you comply with, your lips sucking the mixture of yours and his cum off his cock. Soon he stands up.

“Ill leave now slut, but Ill be watching. If you call the police, you are going to die. If you get an abortion, you might as well abort yourself too. That’s my baby in there and I’m going to make sure no dumb cunt messes around with it. Ill also make sure that his mom doesn’t get too lonely, and gets all the raping she wants and needs.”

He left then, slamming the front door. You stop and think about what a night you just had, and you rest one hand on your stomach where your sure his seed has found a fertile home. You close your eyes. The sun is just starting to dawn in the horizon, and his cum is still pooling in your cunt. You reach down with a finger, run it along your gash and taste it. You wonder when your babies daddy will be back and you moan in despair and humiliation as you realize that you can’t wait.

He used and raped you, you should be sobbing and terrified and hating his guts, but instead he makes you horny. He was right, you’re his property now, and you will wait patiently waiting for him to come back and rape you again and again. You rub your stomach where you imagine a life has already took hold. His. It didn’t sound too horrible when you really thought about it. That you are completely, and totally, his…

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