A Schoolgirl's Lesson Ch. 02


"Yes, bitch, it is tight enough for me. Is my cock big enough for you?" "OH Daddy, it is so big! It is so strong, so much better than the dildo..."

"The dildo? You have used a dildo?"

"Y-yes, just once..." She replied, without properly thinking about the consequences of making such a revelation.

But Freddie was still thinking clearly and stopped fucking her but kept his cock in her pussy. He was intrigued by what she had just said. A dildo? How could such a supposedly square schoolgirl use a dildo? He wanted to know more. He looked down at her and placed both his hands on her heaving breasts and began to roughly squeeze them. "A dildo? You have used a dildo? Tell me more, bitch?"

Alice was now terrified to tell Freddie the truth. The truth being that, just a month or so ago, she and Louise had got naked and took it in turns to fuck each other with a black strap-on-dildo. Louise had fucked her, just like Freddie was fucking her, on her back, in the missionary position, but she had been much tender, kissing her and gently playing with her breasts. Louise then asked to be fucked on all fours, like a dog. She wanted to be spanked as well. Louise seemed to like things a little rough.

But Alice and Louise had sworn to each other to keep their lesbian love a secret. But that was before Alice met her Master, the man who was currently raping her. Did her loyalty to the girl she loved and promised to protect supersede her duty to satisfy her Master?

No. Her duty was to her Master, knowing that her new role in life was to serve and please him, even if this meant betraying her friend. So, with this in mind, she decided to reveal her secret to her Master: "I-I used the dildo, with my friend..." She mumbled, telling him the shocking truth.

"Your friend? Who? Who was that?" He urgently enquired, his voice betraying his curiousness. He naturally thought it was a boy she had been fooling around with and fully expected to hear details about some sort of boyfriend that she had on the sly.

"It was my girlfriend, L-Louise..."

"What!" He shouted out, shocked by what he had just learnt. The bitch had been fooling around with another girl? He never would have thought it possible, not in a million years. Prior to him turning her into a slut, she had come across as such a dull dowdy thing. But deep down she was a practicing lesbian, someone who fooled around with other girls? And at the same time she liked big cock? Could it be that he had found the perfect slutty schoolgirl? A teenager who would service his cock as well as other young, beautiful girls? As he registering this fact, he swore his deck grew another inch.

"You-you have been fucking another girl? How is this possible? What has been going on? Tell me everything, bitch!" He desperately wanted to know more and to understand what this girl was about. But whatever the reason was, he knew it was good news. Very good news in fact. Instinctively he started to fuck her again, slowly, as he wanted her to be able to answer him properly.

"I-I have made love to my girlfriend Louise, just once." She replied, as she clutched her teddy even closer to her breast, hoping this would give her some comfort as she continued to betray the girl she loved. "We used the dildo on each other... Oh Daddy, be gentle with me, you are fucking me so hard. Oh! Oh! Oh!... Yes, Daddy, we fucked each other with a dildo... Oh that is so big, your cock is so big in my little pussy..."

"Tell me everything bitch, don't miss anything out, you dirty fucking whore. Oh God that is so good. You are such a good fuck! Your fucking pussy is so tight! Who is this girl? Is she a hot dirty schoolgirl like you?" Understandably he was excited about his discovery and wanted to probe her further. He wanted to know everything about her mysterious lover. But before she could answer, he started to fuck her hard, each thrust causing those delicious tits to wobble like big blobs of vanilla jelly and for the poor teenager to scream out.

"Oh Daddy, be gentle with me, you are fucking me too hard. Oh Daddy... Yes, yes, she is a dirty schoolgirl like me..."

"Is she hot like you?"

"Yes, Daddy, she is beautiful."

"Is she the same age?"


"Oh that is fucking beautiful..." He was close. The thought of two young teenage schoolgirls fooling around was the stuff of dreams . "What did you do, bitch? What did you do together?"

"Oh Daddy, we made love to each other. We played with each other's breasts, we licked each others pussy. And then Daddy, we fucked each other with the dildo. Oh Daddy, I have been naughty haven't I? Oh Daddy, I need you to spank me! Oh Daddy I need you fuck my naughty pussy... Oh that's it Daddy, fuck my pussy hard! Oh! Oh! Oh!"

"Yes, you have been a very naughty schoolgirl. Yes, you need to spanked! Oh God yes, you need to be fucked. Oh God yes, you need it... Reach down and play with my balls... Yes, that's it, use both hands, gently play with my balls while I fuck you..." Alice let go if the teddy and as ordered reached forward to play with his big old hairy sack. "Oh yes, so good, so good... You will bring Louise to me so I can fuck her too, do you understand?"

"Oh yes Daddy, I will do as you say." Oh Daddy, will you fuck us both at the same time? Will you fuck two schoolgirls at once, Daddy? Will you force us to make love to each other while you watch? Oh yes, Daddy, fuck me hard! Oh Daddy I am close..." The thought of Freddie fucking the two of them, raping Louise as he was raping her, allowed Alice to wallow in previously undiscovered levels of filth.

And as for Freddie, Alice's all to honest pleas to be part of a schoolgirl orgy, where his dick would take centre stage, appealed to him far too much. "Yes bitch, I will do all those things. Oh yes, I will fuck two schoolgirls at once, I will make the two of you suck my cock together and I will fuck both of your teenage pussies!"

This thought made the two of them reach their stunning climax. "Oh bitch, I am cumming, there I am cumming, take all of my spunk you lovely whore. Ohhhhhh!

"Oh yes Daddy! Cum in my little pussy! Oh yes Daddy cum in my tight little pussy. Oh Daddy, I can feel it! Oh my God, Daddy! I am cumming too. Oh Daddy, I am cumming..."

Fifteen minutes later

Alice had been forced to remove all of her clothes other than her heels, stockings, suspenders and school tie. She had been ordered to place both her hands on top of her chest of drawers, lean forward, spread her legs and thrust out her arse. Behind her, holding his leather belt in his hand, was Freddie who was busy lashing the poor girl's now tender bottom cheeks. He was punishing her for not telling him about Louise earlier. He deemed it a serious offence which merited a thrashing. He had been at this now for a good ten minutes. Her bottom had turned to a deep shade of red. She had initially screamed for him to stop, to show her some mercy. She had apologised for not telling him and claimed it was only because he hadn't asked. This did not impress him. However he was impressed with her fortitude for, despite the violence of his attack, she never once flinched from making sure that her bottom was presented to him as ordered.

Alice was also fortunate enough to watch Freddie thrash her as she was looking straight into her dresser mirror. She thus had a perfect view of her Master, still dressed in his military uniform, cruelly applying the leather belt to her teenage cheeks. He had a look of cold ruthless determination about him and, combined with his austere military clothing, it made his attack seem the more sinister. Especially since it was being applied to a young, defenceless teenager who was virtually naked.

His strokes were powerful and without compromise. Each lash caused the poor girl to lunge forward, her big tits swaying back and forth, and she would always let out a loud scream.

He had insisted that she kept on her school tie. He had told her it was because he wanted to be reminded that he was punishing a schoolgirl.

She meanwhile looked at Freddie through the mirror and saw how he would grimace each time he brought his big arm down and applied the leather belt to her bottom. He had a look of a man who wanted to genuinely punish her. He had also started to sweat profusely, this no doubt caused by a combination of having just raped her and the energy he was now putting in to whipping her.

"Oh Daddy, please be gentle. Please be gentle. I am sorry. I am sorry." She said to him, fearing that her bottom could no longer take any more abuse.




"Bitch, you need to be punished. You have to understand that I should have been told about Louise. That was important information that should never have been withheld."




"I needed to know that you like girls!"




"As well as big cock!"




"P-please Daddy... Ooh ouch! That hurts! I am sorry I did not tell you. I will make sure it never happens again. Ouch, oh Daddy..."




"Daddy please, I am your bitch. I will do what you say, ohh..."




"Yes, bitch, you will, oh you will, and you can start by bringing me Louise."




"Yes, Daddy, I will, I will bring her to you. Oh Daddy, I will bring her to you so that you can fuck us both."

"Yes, bitch, you will." Finally satisfied with his work, he threw the belt on to the floor. His face was flush with anger and covered with sweat. He looked down at his work and saw that her bottom was now a deep dark shade of red. "Yes, I will fuck you both. You will both learn how to serve Daddy's cock. Together." He then gently placed his hand on her inflamed buttocks and gently stroked them.

Alice noticed for the first time that tears were streaming down her face, her punishment had been so severe that crying was inevitable. What was not inevitable however, or what Alice did not think should have been inevitable, was the reaction of her pussy, which had once more become aroused. Was this due to the whipping or was it because of the talk of the threesome? Probably a combination of both. Panting out loud and licking her lips, she began to now seriously think about what it would be like to be fucked by Freddie with Louise. She knew it was wrong to procure Louise, another innocent schoolgirl, for this old sick man, for him to abuse and to fuck. But at the same time the thought appealed to her. She looked into the mirror so she could see Freddie and asked, "What, what would you do to us Daddy?

"I take it your friend is still a virgin like you were?"

"Yes, Daddy she is."

"In which case she would need to be trained. First, I would ask that both of you shaved your pussies so they are completely bald. And then you will make love to each other in front of me. You will both wear identical outfits: you will both dress up as slutty schoolgirls." He then leaned forward and picked up the dildo that Alice and Louise had used. Before he had whipped her he had asked her to get it out for him. Now he intended to use it. "Yes, you will kiss, play with each others tits and spank each other's bottoms."

"Oh Daddy, that is very naughty." Alice was clearly aroused by the idea of two schoolgirls, dressed up in a slutty revealing way, performing for this dirty old man.

"Yes, it is, but you are a naughty girl, aren't you Alice?

"Yes, I am a naughty girl, Daddy. Oooh!"

Freddie had inserted the dildo into her pussy and as he fucked her with it, he unzipped himself and removed his cock which had once more regained its power and glory. He leaned over towards the dresser and this time picked up some hand cream. That will do, he thought.

"You will then both suck my cock. Since she is the virgin, she will suck it and you will lick my balls. You will show her how to do it properly. I will then cum in her mouth." He started to apply liberal amounts of cream to his cock, lubricating it fully. "I will then fuck her in her pussy. You will prepare her pussy by licking it. When I fuck her I expect you to play with my balls, and also I will take my cock out and you will suck it."

"Oh Daddy..."

"And finally, when I have finished with her pussy, I will put her on all fours and you will lick her bottom!"

"Her bottom?"

"Yes, bitch, her bottom."

"Because I would fuck the bitch in her arse. Her virgin teenage arse!"

And to show Alice that this depraved activity would not be limited just to Louise, Freddie inserted the tip his cock in her anal opening and pushed away. "Oh Daddy. Oh Ouch!!! Take it out, it is too big, not there Daddy, it is too big. Owwwwwwwwch! Daddy, p-please take it out, this is not right. I don't want to be fucked there. Oh Daddy, please, don't rape my bottom..."

Freddie grabbed hold of her hair and yanked her head back. "You will not tell me where I can or cannot fuck you bitch!" And then to make his point, in anger he rammed half of his cock up her virgin arse. "Yes, bitch, you will learn to take my fucking cock in your arse!"

"No, please, don't, it hurts! Take it out! Oh this is not right...."

"Don't be silly! Oh yes, so fucking tight! So fucking tight. Like your mother, you will learn to take my big cock in your bottom! She resisted, you know, the first time I fucked her there. But as you saw, she learnt to love it. Just like you will!"

Despite the pain emanating from her bottom, Alice heard every word of what Freddie had just said and, if true, recognised its horrific significance. "What do you mean, my mother?"

"Who do you think fucked her that day, you silly bitch? Yes, it was me. I am the man, among others, who have been regularly fucking her I have fucked her everywhere. She loves it. And when I saw your picture, I knew I had to have you too. Indeed, it was me who was fucking her in the arse when you came home early that day.

"No, that can't be true, p-please, no..." She cried, horrified to learn that the man who was raping her was apparently the same man who had fucked her mother, that he had never been here to offer her comfort and it had all been part of a deliberate plan to take the daughter, just as he had taken the mother. She had never thought that someone could be so cruel, so ruthless.

But despite his talk, she still could not accept the awful truth. She did not want to acknowledge that the same cock that was in her bottom, had been in her mother's!

"No, my mother would not have done those things with you. No, it is not possible!"

"Of course it is bitch, being a whore runs in the family! There, take that, take all of my cock in your schoolgirl ass you dirty fucking whore! God that is so fucking tight..."

"Oh God! No, take it out! It is too big, take it out..."

Freddie ignored her and, with his cock now firmly implanted in her bottom, he yanked her head back, moved his head forward and whispered into her ear. "Bitch, just like your mother, you are now my whore. To do with as I please and to fuck how I want. You will please me, my friends and will do everything I tell you to do. Just as your mother does.

"Do you know where she is now? She is being fucked my three black men. They are all probably fucking her together, she will have a cock in her pussy, arse and mouth and will serve them all at once. And you know what, she will love it!"

"No, that's not true!"

"Of course it is! Your mother is a dirty fucking whore who now lives for cock. She can't get enough of it. It was I who seduced her, who turned her into a slut, just like I am turning you into one too!"


Freddie then straightened up and, still holding on to her hair, he started to fuck her in her arse. "Take my cock in your arse! That's it, take my cock you dirty whore!"

"No! No! No!"

Alice, with her head yanked up by Freddie, was forced to look straight into the mirror where she saw the horrifying image of her attacker raping her bottom. She could again see the cold determination of a man who wanted to take what he wanted regardless of the feelings of his victim and she knew that nothing she could say or do could stop him. And deep down she realised what he had said about her and her mother was true. It made sense that they both would be attracted to the same type of domineering, cruel man. They were both supposedly independent intelligent women, but inside they wanted to be dominated and treated like whores.

The pain of this reality had, to a certain degree, numbed the pain of the huge cock splitting her bottom. But not completely. "P-please, you are raping my bottom. You are raping my schoolgirl virgin bottom! It is too big, Daddy, please stop!"

"Be quiet bitch, I want your arse. It is so tight, it is so beautiful. Oh God yes, I need to fuck it!" Freddie then started to pound away with all the vigour he could muster. Alice carried on screaming out, pleading for mercy, for him to stop raping her. But this merely spurred him on to fuck her harder. With his free hand he started to spank her bottom, wanting her to feel the force of his power. To know that her body belonged to him completely.

She looked at herself in the mirror and saw this young petit, beautiful, once innocent schoolgirl, naked but for her seductive naughty lingerie and school tie, which had been cleverly left on to highlighted her schoolgirl innocence, being pounded in the arse buy this huge vicious old man who was still dressed in full military uniform.

The contrast could not have been more stark. Youth, innocence, beauty. Decadence, evil, animal. And ever since the debauched activities of today had taken place, this was the first time, thanks to the mirror in front of her, that Alice could properly see and appreciate the tableau taking place.

It should have disgusted her. But it did not. The sight of this man raping her bottom, spanking her, somehow made her feel special. It made her feel like a true whore. She now understood that this was her destiny and was thankful that Freddie, her Master, had taken the time to bestow his genius upon her.

For the next few minutes he continued to fuck and spank her bottom. Her tits swayed back and forth with each stroke. And as Freddie continued with his rape, his mouth remained open, panting with delight at his latest conquest. His joy was so much, saliva could be seen dripping from his mouth. This man was well and truly a beast and the beauty he was raping was beginning to enjoy having her bottom raped.

And after a while, she could not disguise this fact.

"Oh yes Daddy, rape me harder. Rape my bottom! Your cock is so big, it feels so good in my little ass! Oh Daddy! Yes! Yes! Yes!"

"You are a good bitch. Yes, just like your mother, you are a good bitch"

"Yes, Daddy I am your bitch. You can fuck me how you want. Oh yes Daddy, fuck me in my bottom, that feels so goooood!"

Freddie then did something that surprised Alice. She had assumed that he would want to carry on fucking her bottom until he came, but Freddie had other ideas. Other dirty ideas. He fancied some ATM. So, pulling out of her arse, he ordered her to get down on to her knees. She naturally obeyed.

"Open your mouth, bitch and suck my cock. A bit of ass-to-mouth never hurt anyone." Alice, now knowing how futile it was to object to anything her Master asked of her, regardless of how disgusting the request might be, meekly opened her mouth and allowed him to effortlessly glide six inches of his cock down her teenage throat. "Oh that's it, bitch, suck my cock. Can you taste your ass on my cock? I bet you can. That's it suck it, play with my balls... Oh that is good, so fucking good... Oh God, I can't hold out much longer... Oh I am cumming, I am cumming..."

And Freddie, for the third time that day, emptied his spunk into his teenage schoolgirl whore. As he looked down on the poor thing and saw how she was desperately trying to swallow all of his spunk, he was already plotting how he intended, next time, to make sure Alice's lover, Louise, would be the one accepting his cum.

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