A Schoolgirl's Lesson Ch. 03


After a minute or so, Alice decided that her Master needed some proper oral relief. She could sense by the noises he was making that he was satisfied, but not satisfied enough. "Louise, I need you to now suck Daddy's cock." Louise stopped licking and looked at Alice. She had a permanent look of concern about her. "Yes, you need to suck it like you would suck a lollipop. Just make sure you don't scrape him with your teeth. Daddy doesn't like that. Here, take hold of it, open your mouth and suck him until he cums in your mouth."

Louise was now no longer even prepared to protest, or even show the slightest bit of unwilling. Licking this man's giant cock had seemed to set off in her an uncontrollable willingness to become his whore. Her brain had ceased to function as a meaningful part of her body. Instead her pussy has assumed complete control. It was telling her, loudly and clearly, that she needed to serve this man and give him as much possible pleasure as her virgin teenage schoolgirl body could provide.

So, with these admirable thoughts in her mind, she gently took hold of his cock, opened her mouth and allowed him to enter.

"Oh yes! That's it, suck Daddy's cock like a good little whore." Louise looked up at him as he ordered her what to do. She lowered her head a little more, allowing more of his hot rod to enter her virgin mouth. "Good! Good! Alice, play and suck my balls whilst Louise sucks my cock. Oh yes, lick them, play with them... Oh that is good... So fucking good..."

The two teenagers now eagerly served their Master. One of them was sucking on his cock and the other on his balls. And Louise was proving to be a fast learner. In no time she had managed to take in at least six inches of his huge member and was moving her head up and down, maintaining a steady rhythm, as any good slut would. She maintained eye contact with her Master, eager to see whether her actions were meeting with his approval, which they of course were.

Having witnessed the girls first make out with each other, then Alice spank Louise followed by a delicious teenage schoolgirl blow job sandwich, things were now getting all a little too much for the old man. "Yes bitch, suck Daddy's cock. Than feels so fucking good. You are a natural born cock sucker, just like Alice. Now, when I cum in your mouth, I want you to swallow it all. Do you understand me? You must swallow my cum, you dirty bitch!"

In response, Louise redoubled her efforts, delighted that she was performing as well as Alice, who meanwhile intensified her own efforts on his balls, eager not to be excluded from the proceedings.

"Yes! Yes! Oh God, I am going to cum, that feels so fucking good. That feels so fucking good. Oh yes, I am going to cum in your mouth you dirty fucking whore! Oh yessssss..." And with that, Freddie ejaculated copious amounts of warm thick spunk into the poor teenager's mouth. "Swallow my spunk your dirty whore..." And she did. All of it.

After 30 seconds or so, and after Louise had felt that there was no more spunk left to be emitted from the great man's cock, she removed it from her mouth and looked up at him, curious to know what would follow. But before Freddie could say anything, Alice immediately took hold of Louise's face, turned her towards her and gave her a long deep kiss. She was anxious to taste her Master's spunk and there followed some snowballing between the bitch's as spunk passed from mouth to mouth.

Freddie looked on approvingly.

Fifteen minutes later...

They had all adjourned to Alice's bedroom. Louise was now lying on Alice's bed on her back with numerous teddy bears strewn around her head. She had removed her shirt and skirt so was just dressed in her heels, stockings, suspenders and school tie. Her legs were spread and Alice, who had also stripped down to the same attire, was kneeling in-between Louise's legs, head down licking her pussy. This was all naturally at the behest of Freddie who had ordered the girls to strip for him and for Alice to prepare Louise's pussy for his cock. He wanted it nice and wet before he fucked her.

He, meanwhile, had stripped off. And despite his age, he was well built with muscular arms and an impressive torso, which was still covered with thick black hair. He clearly still looked after himself, as his three to four visits to the gym testified. And taken together with his harsh, rough, physical appearance, it made for a stunning contrast with the two delicate, angelic beautiful teenagers, who were making out in front of him.

As he looked on at the gentle lesbian lovemaking, he began to stroke his cock and in no time it had regained its former strength. He was now ready to fuck his victim, whether she liked it or not. So walking towards the two teenagers, with his cock bobbing menacingly in front of him, he made his way to rape Louise...

She, however, did not, at that moment, know what was about to happen to her. She had closed her eyes and had completely forgotten about her Master and the cock she was supposed to serve. Alice's lapping tongue on her pussy was the cause of this momentary lapse of reason. She was close to cumming and she made no secret of this fact as her groans became louder and louder. She had clasped a white fluffy teddy bear to her naked chest and was in the midst of her usual sexual fantasy that she played out in her mind whenever Alice made love to her. This was where she in a forest with her lover, happily making out in the wild. It did not include a huge old man with an 11 inch cock who was about to rape her.

As she played out her fantasy, Louise was thrusting her groin up and forward towards Alice's mouth. She was about to cum. However, just as she was about get to her climax, she was brought out of her reverie by the sound of her Master's booming voice: "Alice, I want you to prepare my cock so that I can fuck Louise." On hearing this, Louise opened her eyes and immediately snapped out of her fantasy. Any chance or an orgasm also evaporated.

"Yes, Master." Alice said as she obediently removed her tongue from Louise's pussy, got up and moved to kneel in front of Freddie. She opened her mouth and in no time she accepted eight inches of his cock down her throat, a record for her.

"Suck it bitch, make my cock ready for the bitch's pussy." Louise sat up a little to watch what was going on. She was clasping the white teddy even closer to her large chest, obviously she was in considerable fear for what was about to happen. She looked up at him, mouth open, not knowing what to say. She correctly figured that there was nothing she could do to prevent being fucked, so she remained silent. She then looked down at Alice, she could only see the back of her head as it moved back and forth on Freddie's cock. He in turn had grabbed hold of her head as he fucked her mouth and was now looking straight at Louise.

"I am going to fuck you bitch. I am going to fuck your virgin schoolgirl pussy." Taunting her with what was about to happen. "Are you ready, bitch, are you ready for Daddy's big cock?" She shook her head and clasped her teddy for protection. "Don't worry, you will love it. Alice, stop, I am ready."

He then walked over to the bed where Louise was. She had remained motionless, frozen with fear. Like her friend before her, she had had visions of this day when she would eventually lose her virginity. And like Alice, she had assumed that it would have been with the man she loved, on her wedding night. Not like this. Not with a man old enough to be her father, whom she had just met, whose sole desire was to use and abuse her as much as possible and who quite simply was prepared to rape her.

He got to the end of the bed and stood at its side and looked down at her. He then suddenly grabbed hold of her ankles and dragged her unceremoniously towards him until her pussy was at the edge of the bed. He then spread her legs by placing his hands under her thighs and pushing them wide and up so her feet, which still had on the black heels, were pointing up into the air. Louise did not resist. She had lost all strength and will to stop these two from raping her. Instead she clasped the teddy close to her and looked up, her eyes pleading with her captors to be gentle with her.

"Alice, place my cock at the entrance of her pussy." He ordered, as he spread Louise's legs. Alice confidently moved around to his side, her big naked tits shaking up and down with each step, and, gently taking hold of his cock, she moved it towards their victim's pussy. Louise looked up at Alice, shocked that she had now effectively become an accomplice to her rape.

Alice then began to show her new found skills as a whore. Rather then just place the cock near her lover's hole, she gently began to rub its head up against Louise's clit. She wanted her Master to appreciate how wet she had made Louise and for her to get a sense of the power of the cock she was about to serve. This rather unexpected action caused both Freddie and Louise to groan out in appreciation. Louise because her clit was so sensitive and Freddie because the softness of her wet clit against his mighty cock was delightful.

"Is her pussy wet enough for Daddy's big cock? Have I made it wet enough for you, Daddy?" She asked, cleverly teasing him in the process. Freddie looked down at her. She looked so lovely in just her black heels, black stockings, suspenders and school tie. She was licking her lips as she held his cock, obviously savoring the power she now had over him. As she rubbed his cock against her girlfriend's clit, she also started to masturbate him, causing him to groan out even louder.

"Yes, bitch! Yes! It is wet enough."

"Are you ready to fuck your little girl, Daddy? Are you ready to rape her with your big cock?"

"Oh yes, bitch, I am! Oh I fucking am!"

Freddie, who was normally the supreme commander in these situations, suddenly found himself in the unusual position of being led by another girl, and a schoolgirl at that! But she looked so lovely in her lingerie and school tie, and the way she was cleverly manipulating his dick with her small delicate hand and by talking dirty to him was causing him to lose his usual level of control over proceedings. He looked down at her and licked his lips. She looked up at him, her hand moving up and down his cock. She could see that his face was now covered in sweat and could not recall his cock ever feeling so hard. It felt like a rod of steel in her small, delicate, teenage hand. Clearly fucking a teenage schoolgirl virgin's pussy was the height of depravity for this sick old man.

"Is that nice, Daddy? Do you like your little girl rubbing your big cock? It feels so big and hard in my little hard, is the thought of raping this little girl's pussy making you excited, Daddy? On Daddy, are you planning to fuck her hard? Are you planning to cum in her tight little pussy? Or are you going to cum all over her big schoolgirl tits? Oh Daddy, you are naughty! You are so naughty fucking two little schoolgirls! Oh Daddy!"

Freddie then did something that surprised Alice. Leaning down he kissed her passionately. Alice was understandably shocked by this act of compassion, other than licking her pussy, everything else that Freddie had done to her had been rough, without tender, and for his pleasure only. But this was nice. This appeared to be the act of someone who genuinely cared.

Louise looked on as the two embraced, her legs remained spread wide up in the air, her pussy ready and waiting to be fucked. And there was something quite surreal about what was happening in front of her. Her two attackers were happily making out and it was almost as if they were celebrating their triumph in front of their victim. As far as they were concerned, she had been thoroughly conquered and, having lost the battle to retain her dignity and independence, she was now there to sate her evil conquerors pleasure and lust.

After a minute or so, Freddie broke away from Alice. He looked down at her and felt a strange feeling of closeness towards her. She was his accomplice in this rape and seemed to understand his needs, in a way that few women ever did. True, over the years he had fucked numerous whores who had pleasured him greatly, took care of his needs and participated in his depraved acts of filth. But this bitch, this girl, who was still only eighteen years old, was years ahead of her time in the way she acted as a whore. The way she was able to tease him without fear and seeming to know exactly what he wanted. She was a true find and someone to cherish and nurture. And he honestly could not remember feeling this way for any other whore. And as he looked down at her, his eyes almost betrayed what he was feeling.

Alice meanwhile sensed there was some change in her Master but could not properly discern what it was. Instead, she just wanted to carry on serving him as a dutiful schoolgirl teenage whore. "Daddy, I think you are ready to fuck your little girl now. I think she is ready to be fucked hard by your big cock."

"Yes, yes she is." Freddie was brought out of his temporary obsession with Alice by this simple statement of fact. He then looked down at the whore he was supposed to fuck. Louise was still looking up at him, the fear in her eyes all too apparent. And like Alice, she was beautiful. She had the same big breasts, beautiful face and slim body. And like Alice, she was just wearing her black heels, stockings, suspenders and school tie. And this bitch would not just look like Alice, he thought, she would become a whore like her too. A teenage whore who would understand his needs perfectly. Who would be prepared to do what he wanted, when he wanted. As such, he needed her to give him her pussy. Her virgin schoolgirl pussy.

Alice placed the head of his cock at the entrance to Louise's cunt. Despite Louise's obvious fear, this did not prevent her body was betraying her true feelings. Her pussy was soaking wet and her Master could not help but notice how aroused his victim had become at the prospect of being raped. He grinned in brutal satisfaction. The bitch was well and truly gagging for it.

"Are you ready to be fucked, bitch? Are you ready to be fucked by Daddy's big cock?" Alice by now had removed her hand from his cock and stood to one side to watch the rape properly.

Louise, meanwhile, mouth open, shook her head violently. Her Master, however, took this as a "yes". So, he pushed forward a little and, the combination of wetness and the fact that her pussy had already been opened up by a dildo meant that it did not take much for his brutal weapon to breach her virgin defenses.

"Oh that is good!" He cried out as began to move up the poor girl's tight body. In no time he had managed to insert six inches. "Oh your pussy feels so tight. Do you like my cock in your virgin pussy, you dirty fucking whore?"

Louise however was still unable to form a coherent response. Instead she merely looked up at him, her mouth wide open as she panted out loud. But if truth be told, the cock felt huge in her tight teenage body, much bigger than the dildo, and all she wanted to do was scream out loud and beg him to stop, beg him to stop raping her virgin pussy. But she couldn't. Somehow her brain was unable to form the necessary words. But then again, somehow her pussy was, at an ever alarming rate, releasing juices in order to lubricate her attacker's cock, thus making it easier for him to rape her. There was a clear inconsistency between what her brain was telling her and how her pussy was responding. Her brain was telling her rape was wrong. Her pussy was telling her that it needed to be raped by her Master.

Before she could properly analyse these contradictory feelings, Freddie lunged forward and impaled the bitch fully on to his giant eleven inch cock. "There, take it all you dirty bitch! Oh that pussy is so good! It is built to handle my big cock!" He then began to fuck her and to fuck her hard, showing her no mercy as he took what he genuinely believed was his, by right. He showed her no tenderness, no modicum of care than one might expect of a man who was taking a young girl's virginity. Instead, he rammed in to her as hard as possible. He wanted her to know that she belonged to him, and, just like her friend Alice, was now his whore.

"Take that cock, bitch! Take that cock in your schoolgirl pussy! Oh yes bitch your pussy, is so fucking tight, it feels so good..." And as he cruelly raped her, he lifted her legs even higher and wider in order to gain maximum entry. Louise looked on in shock at the violence of her attack. She had now lost her virginity and she had lost it by being raped, as opposed to making love to a man she loved. This fact alone should have disgusted her but, instead, it just made her pussy become even more wet and the squelching noise of cock in wet pussy rang out, it was like a victory cry for her assailants, if one was needed.

Her tits began to shake up and down in response to each of his violent thrusts, wobbling like big blobs of vanilla jelly. She noticed that the cock felt so much more stronger and powerful than the dildo and, coupled with the fact that she was being raped by a cruel old man, these depraved facts started to appeal to this once innocent teenager's base instincts. The sad fact of the matter was, as Louise was rapidly discovering, she, like her girlfriend Alice, was a dirty filthy whore who like nothing more than being treated like a sex slave.

And Alice had emerged to stand next to her Master as he raped her friend. The accomplice in this rape looked down as her lover was brutally fucked. She found the whole experience utterly arousing, watching the girl she loved being forced to take the very same cock that had raped her just a few days ago. Did she feel any guilt for subjecting her attacker on Louise? Not a bit of it. Instead, she wanted Louise to be fucked like she had - hard and without mercy.

She then looked up at her Master but he was no longer paying her any attention. His focus was purely on his new victim, his new whore. He was looking down at Louise, calling her his "bitch" and telling her that he loved her "fucking tight schoolgirl pussy". These were the very same compliments that he had paid to her and she strangely felt a surge of jealously flowing through her. Although she had wanted Louise to be treated like a dirty whore, she still wanted to be his number one whore. And, at the moment, unlike a few minutes ago, he was purely concerned with her friend's pussy. Somehow Alice had to be part of this act of rape, in order that her Master could appreciate her skills as a whore.

Meanwhile Louise was beginning to get those familiar feeling whenever she made love to Alice. They were the feelings she normally got just before she came. She could not help it. The brutal rape was turning her into a dirty whore. She had been unable to fight this inevitable transformation ever since she had been introduced to her Master and her feelings were a natural accumulation of his prolonged attack.

She looked up at him and saw that his face was covered in sweat and was screwed up in determination, as he pounded into her delicate, fragile body. He was a big muscular man whose chest was covered in a mat of thick, curly black hair and it made for a remarkable contrast to the eighteen year old petit, fragile, pure white body. He had a look of pure evil about him as he went about his cruel work. His mouth was open, saliva dribbling down his chin as he continued to taunt his poor victim. "Fuck that pussy, take my cock in your schoolgirl pussy you dirty fucking bitch! You love, it don't you? You love my big cock raping you. Admit it, you are a whore. Admit that you like to be raped by Daddy's big cock!"

Still no response was forthcoming from his victim. Louise was in such a state of awe at this man, who was able to take her with supreme confidence, knowing that he could rape her without any issue or comeback, that all she could do was look at him and allow him to sate his lust in her young body. There was after all nothing else that she could do.

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