tagNonHumanA Scottish Werewolf's Love Ch. 1

A Scottish Werewolf's Love Ch. 1


Diary Entry:

It is the year of our lord seventeen hundred and seventy nine and this day has found me traveling the Scottish land on my way to visit my godparents Lord and Lady McCloud. My father and Lord McCloud, Uncle Angus to me, had been good friends from before he had ever met my mother here in Scotland. This year my parents decided to holiday in England.. And well I had no desire to be at court with Henry or his preconceived notions that my father was going to give me to him in marriage. My father being Italian and not being one to conform to the way things were supposed to be. Has promised me that he would not wed me off to some greedy, pox ridden drooling man. He had told me that he wished me to marry for love as he and my mother did almost 25 years ago. I cannot believe that come next month they will have been married so long. I hope I am as happy as they are when I marry.

The trip has been a long one, but I have enjoyed the solitude. No hustle of the city I am glad to be going to Uncle Angus’s I cannot remember a time when it was not a happy place for me to go. I remember when I was a little girl and father would say we were going to Scotland.. I would run to my room and start packing. Coming here was always special to me. It was the one place I could run around without being hovered over. No nanny, mother, father and no brother, Antonio, just the land and me. Aunt Heather was a wonderful woman as well, she and uncle Angus had been married as long as mama and papa had been if not longer. There was only one other person there and that was Duncan Patrick McCloud. He was their son and the most I remember about him was his eyes. Duncan had the bluest eyes.

I remember whenever I was there he was there, except once, I believe that was the only time. I was totally dismayed that he was not there with me. Duncan and I were inseparable. I have not seen Duncan in ten or more years. As he was off at school and in the military, like Uncle Angus had been. I have written him over the years. Of all my friends that I correspond with, Duncan has always been the one I cannot forget to write, he writes me back faithfully. A brother and sister could not be as close as we are. I am writing this as the carriage makes its way over the green hills of Scotland. I know I am only half Italian and half Scott. But it feels like home here. The closer I get the faster my heart beats, I am anxious to be there already. I know that there will be rain and I cannot wait to take a walk in the warm rain and sit by the Loch and watch the sun set. The colors in the sky after it rained were the most beautiful skies I have ever seen. I can see the manor house, it will not be long now and I will be home, my second home.

It feels wonderful to be here. Uncle Angus and Aunt Heather look grand.. I feel like a little girl again.. Dinner will be soon. I must go and change into something a bit more fitting, still no sign of Duncan. Maybe he will not be here. I will be saddened if he cannot be there..

Lady Revali stepped from the black and gold gilded coach with help from the coachmen. Her eyes fell upon the home she had spent many years at as a child. She entered the foyer and was greeted by Steven. He had been there as long as Castalena could remember. He was a young man of 12 when she was only 6. He was a houseboy, but now he was her Uncle’s all around good guy. She remembered coming here every summer and seeing Steven grow up as she grew. Steven now was 34, maybe older she could not be sure. But the one thing she did know was Steven was her Uncle’s confidant in most every matter, he was highly trusted and her uncle did not give his trust easily. “Greetings Miss Castalena” he said as entered the house. He helped her with her cloak and the coachmen began to bring her things in. “M’lord and Lady are in the sitting room waiting” he explained to her. Castalena smiled and walked to the sitting room.

“Uncle Angus, Aunt Heather, I’m home!” she yelled to them with a giggle in her voice, just as she had when she was a child. As she bellowed so un-Lady like, her Uncle came around the corner of the door way and opened his arms lovingly. Well Castalena could not help but run into his arms and hug him like a daughter would her father.. Angus hugged her with such delight and love. He picked her off the floor in his great bear hug. Angus was Six feet plus. So it was no wonder she came off the floor. She giggled just as she had done time and time again. Aunt Heather chided her husband. “Put the child down before ye break her in two Angus” she said. “Aunt Heather” she smiled and said as her Uncle put her down. Castalena went and hugged her Aunt lovingly. Castalena whispered in her aunts ear ”Tis good to be home.” Aunt Heather smiled as she hugged her niece “Tis good to have ye home Lass.” She said. ”Ye must be tired lassy” Said Angus. “Nae uncle, I am fine really” protested Castalena. “Ye room be ready as always dear heart. “ came the loving tones from her aunt.

The next few hours were spent in idle conversation about her parents and such. Her Uncle asked if the rogue Henry had withdrawn his desire to marry her. “Nae Uncle, He still persists. Father has told him nae more times then I care to count.” She commented as she sipped some tea. “Bloody ‘ell when will that whelp take no for an answer!” Angus growled. “Calm ye self Angus, ye will burst a blood vessel.” Her Aunt’s soothing words came. But her uncle would not be calmed by words he had enough of Henry Colinsforth and his relentless pursuit of his goddaughter/niece. If he would have seen the bloody man who was not only almost ten years Castalena’s senior, he was also a money hungry, foul tempered, brigand of a noble. Angus could not stand the man at all. He tried to avoid him at all costs but then, there were those times when he had to bite his tongue and play nice. As his wife would say.

“Damm Man!” her Uncle yelled his huge hand slamming on the side table. This caused Castalena to jump slightly; she had never seen him so angry. She wondered why he hated Henry so much but she was not about to question him now. Her Aunt went to her husband and placed a slender hand to his cheek and smiled, as only she could, the beauty and the beast, the beast of rage. She could sooth his rage with but a gentle stroke of her hand. Castalena rose from her chair and walked to them. “ I think I will go for a walk, it is such a lovely day.” she told them both. Her Uncle caressed her cheek and she smiled. ”Tis alright Uncle Angus do not let him bother you, he bothers me not.” She kissed his cheek and walked out to the balcony, which lead to the gardens. And the forest beyond, past that was the loch.

It would take her a fair amount of time to walk to the Loch but she loved the walk. It was summer and the sun was out and it was warm. Not typical Scottish weather. As Castalena walked on she picked wild flowers and put them in her hair. She was glad to be home, there was no other smell like the forest or the Loch. She walked on till she came to a small clearing where she could sit upon an outcropping, which over looked a grassy spot where a willow tree stood. Much to her surprise she happened to see what she thought were two naked people swimming in the loch. She shook her head and dismissed it, thinking it was but an image that played on the waters glassy surface. Castalena laid back on the rocks and gazed at he blue sky dotted with wisps of thin white clouds that seemed to just gently caress the blue background where they hung. As she lay there with her eyes fixed on a passing cloud she heard the sounds of a woman laughing. She picked her head up and looked around and there below her not far were the two people she thought she had seen in the lake.

A woman was being chased by a young man around the willow tree below. They were both NAKED! Castalena could not believe her eyes! She tried to stay out of sight as to not call attention to herself. She watched as they played and laughed. The young lad cornered the lass against the tree. Her chest was rising and falling as she tried to catch her breath. Castalena could see the definitions of each body. The lass had chestnut colored hair that fell wet to her body it came past her shoulders. Her skin was fair, light in tone as most Scots were. She had a pleasant body to look at. She could see why the young lad wished to be with her. She had well-rounded breasts a tiny waist and long legs. Things men admired in women. As Castalena looked at the lad she was shocked to see that he had a erection that could have killed a cow! His manhood had to be at least eight, if not more, inches long and about four inches in girth. She found herself gaping. He was hung like a bull for breeding. The man reached out and pushed some of her wet hair back behind her shoulder so as to expose her full breasts to his hungry gaze. He trailed his finger over the warm skin, till his finger came to rest on her nipple where it made tiny circles till she suspected the lass’s nipples were hard. Castalena bit her bottom lip, these two could not be thinking to, out here! Her mind filled with shock, as she could not believe this couple was going to have at each other right under the tree. The lass arched her back which thrust out her breast against his teasing finger. The lad smiled and leaned in and began to kiss her neck. She could see the lass cock her head to the side leaving him a clear path of her throat to kiss and nibble on. Castalena swallowed hard. She really should have turned away but she seemed stuck, frozen where she was watching this blatant display of lust. The couple had not noticed her, or they did not seem to care that she was watching them. The lad grabbed her left breast in his hand and began to massage it while his mouth made its way down her throat to her breastbone then lowering his head further, he took the taunt nipple in his mouth and began to lick and suck on it. This made the lass moan. Castalena felt her heart begin to beat a bit faster as she watched on. She could not stop watching. The lad’s hands went behind her and grabbed both globes of her ass and pulled her closer to him. He must have said something funny cause all of a sudden the lass burst out laughing. The lad picked the lass up and she wrapped her legs around his waist and he carried her to the blanket. There he laid her down on her back, her legs still wrapped around him. He lowered his head and let his mouth suck in one of her nipples again. Then he used his hand to taunt the other one. “Ohhh, yes!“ she heard the lass exclaim as he went from one nipple to the next seemingly driving her into a lather. Castalena could feel her body churn as she watched on, her eyes fixed on the couple. The lass dropped her legs from his waist and he leaned back. His cock was standing straight out pointing at her. He began to stroke it slowly. The lass licked her lips… ‘My, my what a big cock ye have, what ye plan’n tae do wit it lad?” she asked. “I plan tae make ye scream like a wail’n banshee lass, make ye scream.“ he replied. He lowered himself down to her. Her legs fell further apart giving him more room to move. He pressed the hot blood filled head of his cock to her waiting slit. The slightest touch of his made her lift her hips to meet him. He eased the tip of his throbbing manhood into her. She gasped as he began to push deeper into her quivering wetness. Castalena felt her skin begin to heat, just watching the couple was enough to wake the fire in her. She was getting excited by watching, when in all reality, she should be turning away and leaving. The lad began to pump into the lass with long full deep strokes making her writhe under him. “Harder! Aye, harder!” she could hear the woman yell. Her voice filled with lustful tones. Without a second thought the lad slammed into her with a great force then the girl arched her back off the ground lifting herself into his pounding strokes. Castalena could feel her heart race, she could not believe her eyes. He was fucking this young woman right in front of her, not more than twenty yards or less from where she was sitting. Well that she was laying down so she could not be seen at all at a fast glance. She watched as the woman’s body moved with every deep stroke the lad sunk into her quivering whole. He grabbed her hips and held her to him. His thrusts became faster and harder, almost animalistic but she begged him not to stop. Her moans and cries of passion echoed over the loch with a eeriness that was captivating. He began to grunt harder and pant, like a wild beast. With a shock to her body Castalena felt her own slit begin to quiver and throb, harder as she took in a sharp breath and slowly closed her eyes. But they flew open when she heard the lass scream. When she looked the girl had been flipped to her stomach and he was taking her in the animal fashion. He rammed into her with such great force that the lass’s body rocked back and forth. Castalena could have sworn she could feel it from where she was. The lad bent over her and gabbed a hold of her swinging breasts and his hips bucked against hers in short hard jerking deep moves. “AYE!” she could hear the lass scream. He was pounding the hell out of her and she was screaming for more and in absolute ecstasy. Castalena was still a virgin but she was no dummy when it came to knowing about sex. Her best friend back in Italy was well versed in the art. And had told Castalena all about it. But for herself she was waiting, saving herself for the right man, for only that man. Her moment of thought was shattered by the lass’s next volley of words. “Aye! Fo’uk me like the beast ye be. Fill me with ye hot seed” came the lass’s hot words. As if those words were some sort of signal the boy reared back and grabbed her hips and as if he could have gotten any deeper into the girls seeping pussy he slammed his way harder, as hard as he could. Castalena felt her own pussy soaked and throbbing as if she was about ready to cum with the couple she was watching. Within seconds of the lass’s begging words the lad grunted and groaned and yelled. The lass thrashed in his vice-like grip as her orgasms washed over her like an earth pounding herd of beasts. Their voices joined in an erotic combination of passion, lust and ecstasy. That was enough to push Castalena over the edge. Her pussy exploded merely watching the two. She shuddered as she bit back her own moans, she could not believe she had been so affected by this. She knew it was wrong to watch such carnal acts but she could not stop herself, she was mesmerized. She watched as the lad jerked his hips more as if he was giving her every last drop of his seed and she bucked back at him gladly accepting it. Afterward they both collapsed on the blanket. They lay there close to each other; she could tell he was still buried up to his balls in her pussy. It was like they were locked like that and they were glad to be like that. She could see the lass’s pleased and contented smile on her face. The lad’s arm came over her ribs and grabbed the blanket and he covered them both. He kissed the side of her head and cuddled her close. It was the most erotic and most loving thing she had ever seen in her life. She felt her body shiver as her own orgasms subsided, her skin was burning and flushed. She was finally able to break her gaze away from the couple and she scooted back and climbed off the outcropping and quietly walked away.

As she walked she could not get the image of the couple out of her mind. How passionate and erotic they were and how loving he was when he covered them both and held her to him. Her heart started to calm then as she walked but her reverie was broken by the sound of something behind her. She snapped her head around to see what was behind her. She was taken aback to see a wolf looking at her from a small clearing in the forest not more then fifteen feet from her! He was black as pitch and his eyes were piercing blue. Blue? A wolf with blue eyes? She stood there shocked she could not move she was too frightened. Her chest began to heave and her breathing became erratic. Castalena could not move, its eyes captivated her. Those striking eyes, they seemed to look right into her very soul. The wolf began to stalk toward her, Castalena took a slight step back slowly she was not sure what she could do. She could not out run the wolf so she hoped if she just stayed calm it would get bored with her and leave. Her Uncle had always told her never try to run as they would chase and leap at you as if you were something they were hunting. Wolves were excellent hunters and hardly ever missed their quarry. As she slowly stepped back the wolf came forward in slow well-placed steps. Castalena kept her eyes locked on the wolf, in the case it leapt at her she would try and defend herself somehow. As she stepped back she did not see the fallen tree behind her. She stumbled backward letting out a shriek. Her rear hit the cold hard forest ground with a hard smack. For what seemed only a split second she was looking at the sky then before she knew it she heard the breathing of something at her feet she slowly sat up and saw that the wolf was glaring down at her. In the short moment in which she flew he had managed to cover the ground between them. Castalena moved her arms and legs backwards in a effort to scoot away from the wolf. He watched her, he could sense she was scared but she did not show it. She kept a calm exterior, even though her breast rose and fell with every deep breath she took. She took a fast gasp of air when her back came in contact with a tree and she was stuck between it and the wolf that was stalking toward her. His head was down and his ears slightly laid back. He was not snarling or growling but he was still intimidating. Watching the wolf stalk closer her breath became more ragged and her heart began to race, she felt as if it were going to beat right out of her chest. She keep her hand flat to the ground and her legs were cast out in front of her. Her dress skirt was gathered up around her thighs leaving her calves exposed. They were clad in silk white ladies stockings and a garter holding each one up about her thigh. She dared not move for the mere fact that now the wolf was upon her. His head was at her feet. Slowly it began to sniff its way up her leg. She knew what it was doing and she stayed absolutely still. He began to move higher and higher up her legs sniffing as he went. His hot breath caressed her legs as he exhaled. She began to get worried when his head got dangerously close to her upper thigh. She knew that wolves and other such animals were drawn to the scent of females and it would trigger the desire to mate and she knew that her womanhood was drenched from her excitement. Suddenly she froze with fright as his muzzle nudged against her soaked crotch. What seemed like forever his nose stayed there inhaling her scent then he continued his trek up her body. His head came level with her heaving chest; his breath was hot and moist as he exhaled on her bare skin, in a surprising move the wolf slid his raspy tongue over her shivering flesh. Castalena could feel the rough dog-like tongue drag over her hot skin. She could not believe what the wolf was doing. Was it tasting her? No, she thought it could not be. She closed her eyes tight as she thought this would be the end that for sure he was about to rip her throat out and rip her to shreds. But to her surprise he nuzzled her neck instead. She heard what she could only describe as a soft growl but not a threatening one. She slowly opened her eyes, and she was amazed to find the wolf was resting its head on her. Slowly and with great care she reached up and ran a trembling hand into its thick fur, it was soft and warm, its long strands slipped into and past her fingers with ease. She began to calm some as she got the feeling he was not going to rip her to tiny bits. Not a second later as she was petting him his head came up with a jerk, his head swung around and he seemed to be looking for something, there it was coming closer to them. Yet another wolf, this one was brown in color with dark sinister looking eyes. Its muzzle was upturned in a snarl and he was growling. The black wolf’s hair rose and his ears lay back to his head, he stood in front of Castalena as if he was protecting her. But that was not possible. The black wolf leapt at the brown wolf and the fight ensued. In that moment she bolted up and began to run she ran through the forest as fast as she could, her dress hiked up around her knees giving her ample leg room to run.

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