tagNonHumanA Scottish Werewolf's Love Ch. 4

A Scottish Werewolf's Love Ch. 4


Warning this story has graphic sex and and altered human sex. The weak of heart should not read.. well unless you really must... *laughs* Please Enjoy.

* * * * *

Castalena woke to the sounds of the clock she stretched and smiled. Slipping from bed she went and grabbed the robe at the foot of her bed and then proceeded to sneak out of her room to go meet Duncan at the spring. She made her way down the stairs, the house was still dark as the sun had yet an hour left to rise. Only the servants might be about at this hour, maybe. She slipped down the back stairs and out the service door and made her way out to the forest and down to the spring. It was a bit of a walk but she didn't mind too much. As she walked she had the feeling she was being watched. The hair on the back of her neck stood on end.

Castalena walked on a bit faster as she just felt something evil was around her. Her steps quickened when a wolf tackled her. It was the same brown one from the day before. Castalena was plowed into the ground, hard! All of a sudden the wolf peered down at her and growled, her eyes looked into its almost black eyes. For a moment Castalena was frightened. The wolf lowered its head as its jaw opened. It looked as if it was going to clamp down on her throat. She could feel its hot breath on her skin and the dribble of drool as it slid slowly down the side of her neck. She did not move for fear that it would rip her to shreds. Castalena's robe was open and the wolf moved its head lower and started to sniff at her skin. Slower and lower, his head went till it came to hang right over her belly.

She could have sworn that it was grinning at her. Castalena's breath caught in her throat as the wolf's head moved down to the joining place of her thighs, its steamy breath fell against her trembling flesh. It began to sniff at her sex like some starved beast smelling a fresh kill. Castalena went to move and the creature growled at her. She stilled her movements. Her heart raced with fear she dared not move less it attack and most likely kill her.

The wolf looked at her and stared her in the eyes. It's eyes were cold and dark. He looked back down her body then strode off into the forest. Castalena was too afraid to move. Moments flew by but it seemed like forever then she heard a voice calling her. Somewhere in her mind she heard a voice telling her to get up.

"Get up and move he's gone." Came the deep rich voice in her head. It was enough to stir her from her state of shock. She got up and walked as fast as she could to the spring in hopes that Duncan was there.

As she came upon the spring she did not see him at all, her heart was beating so fast she could not even begin to count its beat.

"Damm Duncan where are you?" she muttered. Castalena found an old spot in a tree where she could hide till Duncan came, if he came at all. It was not long till he arrived. Castalena called to him from her hiding spot. He looked right to where she was as if he knew she was there. He walked straight up to the tree and placed his hands to his hips and looked at her robed body.

"Bella Mia what in the name of Scotland are ye doing in that tree?" he questioned.

Castalena then told him of her encounter with that brown wolf from the other day. She told him she climbed the small tree so as to get off the ground, where if he had followed he could not get to her. Duncan got a rather annoyed look to his features. Then he put out his hands to her.

"Come on my lil prey come off your perch none will harm you" he told her with a chuckle to his voice.

She swung her leg over the tree limb, it never occurred to her that Duncan could see the bareness of certain parts of her body. She landed on the ground with his hands on her waist.

"There your safe with me at your side Bella Mia" he said. His eyes drank in her beauty even now she was lovely. He took her hand and led her to the spring. Once there he walked behind a tree and disrobed. Castalena watched him as he came from behind the tree. He was gorgeous tan and muscular, she for the first time saw him in his glory since they were children. As if her face had been blasted with a gust of hot air, her cheeks turned red and flushed. She looked over his body from head to toe. She turned her head when she noticed his manhood. It had seemingly sprung to life. Castalena turned and walked to the rock and dropped her robe and dove into the water quickly before Duncan could get a good look at her blushing like a child.

She came up for air a bit later, her eyes looked up to see Duncan right above her and diving over her head to hit the water with very little, if no splash at all, moments later he came up for air. He treaded water not more then a few inches in front of her. It was like when they were little again.

Duncan looked into her eyes and smiled. He reached out and moved some stray strands of wet hair from her face, his touch sent shivers through her whole body. She looked at him, she could not believe how all this time she had never noticed how blue his eyes were. They were like deep sky blue orbs, she felt mesmerized by his stare as if she could not break free from his gaze.

Then the silence was broken by his words as he spoke. "My bella mia, you do not know how long I have waited for such a moment alone with thee." His hand caressed her face softly as he spoke. "Long have I wanted to tell you what's in my heart, but I never had the nerve till this moment. I wanted you somewhere, where you could not run away from me." He spoke in almost a whisper.

"Duncan there is nothing you could ever say or do that would ever make me run from you. I will always be by your side." Her words shook him to the very core for he knew she meant her words. He could have done anything and she would always be there for him.

He slipped his left arm about her waist and pulled her to him, then he leaned down, his right hand came to rest on the back of her head and gently pulled her face closer. He captured her soft lips within such a passion filled kiss that moment her mind was filled with images and emotions she had long kept deep within herself. In an instant her hands came to rest along side his face pulling him into a deeper kiss. There had never been a kiss greater then the one they shared at this moment. In that soft wonderful kiss both hearts seemed to know each other and the feelings they held. No words were needed.

The outside world did not exist for the two of them and this brilliant moment in their lives when all was right with the world and there was nothing that could ruin it for them. Slowly Duncan let his lips move from their happy place pressed to hers.

'You are all I have ever wanted and all I will ever need Castalena" his words were just a whisper on the breeze that carried them to her sweet ears. Slowly she opened her eyes and there he saw what he had been hoping for. That door that she so well hid her feelings was now open. The lock had been broken with no chance of being repaired. Gently and lovingly Duncan pulled her head up some, her exquisite face bathed in the moons glow looked that the vision of an angel.

In a deep rumbling confident voice he asked her. "Do you Love me Castalena?" Duncan, when he was deadly serious would always use her real name and not his pet name for her. He needed to hear what her eyes said to him in great volume. She hesitated afraid that this was all some dream. He asked her again. "Do you Love me?" The words caught in her throat, all she could do was nod.

"Please speak it to me I need to hear it " His words were pleading; it almost broke her heart to hear that tone in his voice. She took what deep breath she could as she was held tight against him.

"Yes Duncan I do. I have loved you since" She paused. "I can not remember a time when I did not love you" as she uttered those words he kissed her again this time with a heated fury of emotions. That kiss they had shared was so filled with passion, lust, desire but most of all love that it stilled her heartbeat and took her breath. If she had any doubts about her love for him, they had crumbled into dust in the wake of their kiss.

Duncan could not think of anything more than to lift her to the shore and take her in this perfect moment but he would wait. He had to wait till the time was right and not before. Just like all those before him and all those to come after.

When it was over Duncan took his love to the shore and lifted her out then climbed out himself. They had not noticed that the dawn was beginning to break, they had to get back before anyone suspected their private meeting least of all his father. He would kill Duncan for keeping her out like this and in this unseemly manner. Both dressed and walked hand in hand back to the house. Once there both tried to sneak back into the house. They made their way up stairs and almost to her room when this booming deep voice came from around the corner.

"And just where have ye both been, hmm?" Both of them froze, as they knew who's voice it was. Swiftly Duncan put her behind him in hopes of well TRYING to hide her from his father.

"Da, ye be up early" came Duncan unwavering tone.

"Aye, I be up early but seems nae as early as you two" Angus said with a very sternly. Castalena knew from his tone both she and Duncan had been caught, so slowly she peeked out from behind Duncan.

"Morning Uncle Angus" she said meekly. Was she meek? No, but she knew that tone in her uncle's voice. She had heard it too many times when she was young, she knew not to push the issue just yet. "To yer room lass." He said.

"But uncle?" she questioned him. She would not stand down, as her father had said many times.

"That girl never knows when to back away from a fight. One day she's going to meet her match and she will have to relent"

"Now I said!" he bellowed. Castalena jumped slightly at his booming voice. As Duncan looked at his father as if challenging his words, he told her to go in her room and that he would be back for her no matter what. Reluctantly she moved to the door of her room, but not before giving her Uncle that look of defiance that was so her.

Angus held back a laugh and a smile, and looked at his son and with a fatherly tone, told him to go to the library and they needed to talk. Taking a deep breath, Duncan sighed as he knew for sure he was about to get the worst beating he had ever had for challenging his father. Once she was in her room Angus motioned to his son. "Now lad" was all that was said the whole way to the library. Once they stepped into the room Duncan saw his mother and she did not look amused. Lord he was in for it now. They were both angry with him. Angus moved to the window of the library and clasped his hands behind his back. A pin drop would have sounded like thunder at this point it was so deadly quiet. Heather moved to stand by Angus; she glanced up at him and could see that wolfish smile on his lips. This was such a cruel thing to do to them both but they needed to be sure it was not some folly. Heather wanted to laugh but kept a staunch expression on her face as Angus began to speak.

'When I am gone Duncan you will be the leader of our clan, of our family. There can be no room for this flittering around in the night frolicking in the woods with some woman. You must be a strong and a true leader or you will not have the respect of our clan."

"I was nae" but his words were halted by his fathers words.

'Do ye love her Duncan?" he asked.

"I went for a …… What?? What did ye say da?" he was thrown off his guard by his fathers odd question.

'I said boy Do you love the lass. It is nae a hard question to answer either you do or ye do not. Which is it?" he asked of his son.

With an arched brow he looked at his mother trying to discern what in the name of Hell was going on. "Aye Da I do, with all that I am"

"Good" he said as he turned to look at his son with a broad smile. "I was wondering when ye were going tae get around to it, to telling the lass. We have know it since ye both were wee children" His mother put her arms out to give Duncan a hug when all of a sudden the library door came bursting open and there she stood, her Italian temper most apparent in her facial expression and in her eyes.

. "How dare you! You have no right to be angry with us! We love each other and there is nothing you or my father can do about it! If you force me to choose over my family or your son, I will leave here with Duncan!" she spat out, not realizing what was going on.

Duncan came up to her and tried to still her anger but she would not have it. She continued to voice her displeasure of this whole situation, when having no other recourse

Duncan grabbed her and kissed her just to get her to be quiet for a moment so he could then explain to her what was going on. Oh but no, her Italian temper was up and there was no just claming her up with a mere kiss! In a split second between sweet pleasure of his kiss Castalena realized what he was trying to do and without thought she kicked him in the shin, hard.

Duncan yelled. "DAMMM NATION WOMAN!!" he hopped around grabbing his leg and promptly fell to his arse. The next thing she noticed was her aunt and uncle laughing so hard they had tears in their eyes.

"Aye the hellion is as bad as thee were my love" her uncle said to his wife whom was laughing so hard she had her hands wrapped about her midsection.

"WHAT!?" she bellowed." How dare you try and sway me from my anger!! With a kiss!"

Poor Duncan sat on the floor looking up at his parents.

"See Da, see what hell I am in love with"

Angus just laughed. "Aye my boy, aye. ye mother did the same tae me when I was courting her. And it made me love her more!" he laughed.

Castalena looked at them all now totally confused by her uncle and aunt's laughter and Duncan's comment. "She will make a grand clanswoman and a great wife to our clans leader" said his mother with a slight chuckle still in her voice.

Angus walked to his devil-tempered niece and hugged her to him.

"Lass I am sorry, truly but I needed to know if Duncan was truly in love with ye" he said.

"What?? This was all some sort of test?" She questioned.

"Aye lass it was. And ye and my son have shown that ye both love each other enough to even defy my authority." He still had a chuckle in his voice.

'Remind me Da never tae kiss her when she's mad. I nae think my shins will survive" he laughed. They all laughed even Castalena, her anger ebbed quickly as they all laughed.

They all stood there looking at each other. Castalena looked to Duncan and her eyes spoke the words "I am so sorry" but Duncan was no longer mad at her. Like his father he could not stay mad at her for more then a few moments.

Once every thing had calmed down. She went to her room and changed but not before writing in her diary as she had done every day since she started it.

This entry would comment on a strange dream she had. But was it all a dream. The feelings it stirred inside her made her almost believe that it really did happen. But could it have. No she thought. It must just have been a dream that was just so real it made her think it happened.


Dearest diary…

Last night I had the strangest of dreams last eve. After having fallen into a sweet slumber, I was awakened by the howl of a wolf outside my window. I arose and looked from my balcony and there he was, that black wolf with those blue eyes. He was waiting for me I swear! I met him at the edge of the forest, he wait for me we then walked into the forest together. He never left my side. We walked till we came to a glen where there was a flat stone, which was supported by another stone. The large flat stone looked like it was some sort of dais.

As we came closer the black wolf nudged me closer till I was standing in front of it. He then leapt to stand at the edge of it in a stance that was most regal. as if some great leader looking out over his vast domain. To my amazement he then lay down on this flat stone and looked into my eyes. There was something about his eyes they were so deep and caring. He let out what I can only describe as a sigh. Slowly I reached out and ran my fingers through his thick fur. He closed his eyes, and took in a deep breath.

I sat upon the stone. Then lay back and looked to the sky. My black wolf laid his huge head to my stomach and I continued to pet his head. The time there was peaceful. I had never known such a feeling of peace and wholeness.

But alas it was but a dream…but the feeling that is was so real shook me. I woke this morning with a deep ache. Not like a pain but a yearning. Almost a want and need to be with the wolf. Odd I know, strange even but its there. I think I am going to go and see if I can find him today. What I will do next I have no clue.

Later that day after having looked for the wolf and having no luck in doing so she returned to the manor house. There she found there was a carriage with a familiar crest on it. Her anger began to boil. It was Henry's. What in the name of hell had that pompous bastard come here for now! Castalena stormed into the house but kept her cool. She noted that everyone was sullen and quiet; you could have heard a feather hit the floor. She entered the living room where she found everyone, from servants on up to her Uncle and Aunt and even Henry and Robert.

"Uncle Angus??" she said as she entered. He was standing under a painting of himself and his wife and Castalena's parents. She looked around and Henry came to her and knelt in front of her and grabbed her hand and kissed the back of it.

"My dearest Lady forgive me to be the bearer of bad news but I have just arrived from London." He did not look her in the eyes. She on the other hand looked down at him then looked to see her Aunt dabbing at her weeping eyes.

"Henry, what is going on?" she asked him plainly. With that Henry stood and looked down at her.

"Sweet Lady" he paused. "Your family." He tried to say it but the words caught in his throat, whispered. "Castalena they are gone, dear one." He said.

"Gone? What do you mean gone?" She pulled her hand from his and walked to her Uncle whom she knew would be honest and straight with her.

"Uncle?" she said with a questioning tone. With pained eyes Angus looked to his lovely niece.

"Aye, gone lass they have… gone to be with GOD." Angus felt his heart rip from his chest with those words. And he saw it in his loving nieces eyes when his words fell to her ears. She stepped back from him in disbelief.

"No, this can not be. Mother, Father Guido? Gone? How? When? What happened?" her tones became louder and filled with anger.

Henry came to say " Castalena they died in a tragic fire at the home they were staying at. A few others died in the blaze as well"

"How do you know! " she screamed at him. Her Uncle's hands reached for her shoulders but she jerked them away and moved to stand alone while Henry told the awful tale.

He went on to tell them that a fire broke out in the stables adjoining the house and with the dry weather, which had been unusual for London it had spread quickly. The wind had spread the fire faster than they could deal with it. Soon there were seven people trapped in the house beside her Father, Mother and Brother. The roof had caved in and…

"STOP! Please STOP!" she screamed as she ran from the room bolting for the stairs and up to her room where the echo of her door slamming was the last thing heard.

Every one looked sadly at each other except Robert, he just looked at Henry and the others with out one bit of emotion showing.

Henry turned to Angus and his wife and bowed. "I am truly sorry for the bad news I brought My Lord and Lady McCloud but I thought it best be brought by someone the dear lady knew and not by some stranger. Bowing his head again he turned to the door. But before leaving Angus went to him and thanked him for his kindness. Then walked him to his carriage.

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