tagLoving WivesA Season of Giving

A Season of Giving


Playing the host, I take coats and welcome old friends, my wife is still dressing. My thoughts are of the two of us coming through this door last week. Me lowering the zipper on her dress as I close the door. Her opening my slacks and stripping me of pants, boxers, shoes and socks while her dress settles to the floor.

Turning when I hear the door open, my mind is shocked back to the present. Karen stops on the threshold and watches me with an impish grin. It takes a few heartbeats for me to gain control of my drooling mouth and drag my eyes up her amazing body to her eyes. She's tall. If I keep my eyes level I look directly into hers. My problem is keeping my eyes level.

Her blouse is sheer with judicious pleats placed so you can't quite see her nipples. I remember they're pink and, like now, rock hard when excited. She's wearing harem pants that provide a glimpse of a wonderfully long thigh as she steps in for a hug. I realise she took off her coat before opening the door. I hope she got the reaction she was looking for.

My hands explore the warmth of her fine ass over her clothes. Taking liberties I wouldn't have dreamt of two weeks ago. Tongues delving into each other's mouths we're kissing, like long lost lovers, I've forgotten the other guests.

Slowly resurfacing as the silence of the room reminds us there are others present. With effort, I relinquish my hold on Karen and turn to my other guests just as my wife descends from the second floor.

"Hello, everyone. I thought I would be late and outshine Karen! Have I succeeded?" The cheers and applause suggest success as Amy steps daintily down the stairs. I see the green of her dress and think it's the one she wore to dinner last week. No, this is new. The one last week covered more of her, leaving me to imagine what I was going to unwrap (one of our private pleasures). This one is a halter and shorter than the other. Not much leg is hidden as she steps down the stairs. No bra that is certain and the skirt is tight enough I speculate on what else she's not wearing. This is a new daring Amy, never seen til a week ago.

My two best friends approach as Amy gathers Karen in for a hug and kiss that's definitely more than friendship. Both of them are exploring as I did and taking their time about it as well.

"Pete, that was some welcome you gave Karen. This being your anniversary party, what's up?"

My mind wanders to another evening when Amy, wearing just a thong, opened our door to welcome Karen. Still not sure what exactly this meant, I try to put my friends at ease. "You might call it an anniversary gift."

"I can see Karen giving you a gift but what if Amy had seen that kiss?" John's eyes are wide as he watches the girls hug.

"She's seen me kiss Karen like that before. It was Amy's gift to me!" My smile widens as I remember the two of them encouraging me to unwrap Karen as I had just done for Amy.

"You guys have some kind of marriage. My wife would never condone me kissing another woman and would definitely never let me kiss one as a gift." Mike's mouth is watering. I know he loves his wife and family, and I know lust raises its head once in a while.

"Oh, the kiss isn't the gift. Karen is!" I carry the vision of Karen and Amy in this room. Arms around one another wearing thongs and smiles. Saying 'Happy anniversary!'

"What? Amy gave Karen to you, or gave both of them to you, or gave you a hall pass. What?" Mike is almost shaking with anticipation.

"Something like that. This is all new. Don't know exactly what it means yet." My mind wanders to that night, a week ago, Amy teasing me from the time I got home. She was dressed for our date-night. While I was dressing she started seducing me. 'I have something special for you tonight.' It is usually me who does the seducing and I thought she always dressed specially for our dates. This must be something more. I checked. The new dress was green, to compliment her eyes and shorter than usual. A lot shorter. It covered her from neck to mid-thigh and hinted at so much beneath the cloth. While we drove to the restaurant, Amy's hand stroked the inside of my thigh and, just as I undid my seatbelt, her hand brushed my already hard pole. Helping her rise, I got a flash of naked thigh above her stockings as she spread her legs farther than necessary to exit the car.

The fellows are silent as the girls join us and I return to the now. I slip away to fix drinks for my girls. Returning I find Amy talking with friends from up the street. Passing her a glass, she thanks me by squeezing my buns. With one hand free, I take the opportunity to lift Amy's breast and twist her nipple between my fingers. The fabric of her halter is fine enough, her nipple stands proudly for all to see. I'm concentrating on her breast, not our friends. Her conversation hasn't faltered and her eyes haven't strayed to mine. She covers my hand allowing me to continue until she finishes the conversation, then lifts my hand to kiss my fingers. "Slowly dear! We have the whole evening."

Picturing us in this room a week ago. Jerking forward with a yelp as I bury my cock deep in Amy's throat. She can deep-throat like no one else, but not without some warning.

Gagging, Amy backs from my cock and looks up. "Sorry, honey! Did my teeth scratch you?"

Losing the feel of her lips on my rod was as disturbing as the burnt spot I couldn't help but rub. "No, an ember from the fireplace landed on my ass." Reluctantly I turn and close the screen. "Should have done that in the first place."

"You were distracted and I was in a hurry to get your pants off." Amy guides my hand from my ass to her breast and leans forward. "Let me kiss it better."

Revelling in my memories I give Amy a kiss and turn away. Our neighbour, Tim is a bit startled by my actions and Lu is blushing furiously. I bet Tim gets lucky tonight.

Karen is chatting with the wives. She accepts her drink with a smile and very obviously draws a finger along the length of my cock. I'm thankful the fit of my slack hides most of the raging hard-on I'm wearing. I slide my hand inside the split in Karen's pants and take a feel of her warm firm ass cheeks. Maybe a thong, maybe nothing, I look forward to finding out. I get a lustful glare from the wives for my efforts. Karen slowly removes my hand and holds it a moment, saying quite clearly. "Later, Hon!" The women stare in disbelief and I'm sure my friends are going to get an earful.

Amy made me wait last week right in front of this fireplace...Kneeling, still wearing a slip, bra and panties. Amy drew me deep in her throat. "Oh yeah! I like that." Careful not to interrupt Amy while she's occupied I continue to play with her breasts. Caressing her back I reach for the hem of her short slip. As I guide the fabric over her head and shoulders, she shuffles my cock from lips, to hand, to hand to mouth while I lift the slip free. With that impediment out of the way, Amy returns my cock deep into her. "AAH!" Now, she wears a lacy bra and, an almost there, matching thong. I was going to enjoy removing those as well. Amy has guided our conversation all evening, always bringing it back to sex and the things she was going to do to me. "I really really like what you're doing and I'm really glad you like doing it."

"MMI'm..MMhavMMing..MMfun..MMtoo." Amy's eyes find mine and I can see the smile in them. Her mouth is too full for smiling.

"I think I caught that. Were you agreeing with me? Ouch, that hurt!"

Amy sits back on her heels and smiles. "That was my teeth. Don't encourage me to talk with my mouth full of you." Just holding my cock she waits for me to react. We've played this game before.

"Sorry. Just being appreciative." With my hand on the back of her head, I try to bring her lips back to my cock. With a devilish grin, she takes her time. Licking and kissing but hesitating to suck. "I know you like this. Why are you teasing me?"

"Because I can." Amy dives back onto my cock and hums.

"If you hum, I cum." Feeling my balls tighten, I can't help but push deeper, searching for release.

Sitting back on her hips, Amy gives me a wicked grin. "No, you don't! I want to taste you, but you must wait."

Flipping back to the present I search out my friends. "Guys, I would suggest you attend to your wives. You're either going to be really pissed with me or really lucky tonight."

John grins. "If you kissed my wife the way you did Karen..I'm not sure if I'll drive you one or thank you profusely!"

Mike is more reserved. "I've never seen you like this. A mid-life crisis maybe?"

"No crisis, guys. I'm on a roll tonight and I expect to be bruised by the end of it." They've seen most of what happened, but not the look on their wives faces when Karen not only let me feel her up but assured me of 'more later'.

Returning to Karen and wives, with Mike and John in tow. I find the conversation is about my earlier actions. The guys put their arms around their women as Karen explains that we've all been friends for years and Amy has asked her to be my anniversary gift. I see the women lean closer to their husbands as they drill Karen with a flurry of questions.

I've been hard all evening. My mind wanders...Stroking Amy's hair my hands move from the back of her head to her shoulders and lowering her bra straps. For the first time tonight, I play with her naked nipples. Pulling on them and cupping her breasts, hoping to encourage her to suck my cock. Her only concession is to open the clasp on her bra and drop it. Reaching over her shoulders I bring my rod closer to her mouth as I stretch for her ass. Fingering the crease between beautiful ass cheeks I wet a finger in her puss and test the tension in her backdoor. Pushing a middle finger in up to my first knuckle encourages lips to suck my cock and I'm rising once more. Moving my buried finger in circles I use my free hand to lower the string of her thong. Amy's hand grasps the thong and without loosing my cock from her mouth shakes her head. Continuing to play with her dark rosebud, I remain happy with the attention my cock is getting. The thong will remain for now.

Someone asks me a question and I regretfully put aside my memories. "What? I wasn't in this world, sorry."

"Could see that!" Mike's wife is larger than Amy and shorter than Karen. Somewhere between what attracts me. "What does this gift business mean? Karen is being vague."

John's wife has her arm around him. Leaning forward, she interrupts. "We'll talk to Amy in second, but what does it mean for you and how did you convince Amy to give you Karen?"

My arm feels comfortable around Karen. "You four are the best friends we have." Making eye contact gives me a moment to gather some words. Visions are running wild in my head, but I haven't had a chance to examine my feelings or discuss what's taking place with the girls. When I broached the subject earlier I was told to wait, go with the flow and let nature take its course. "When I understand, I'll let you know. During date-night last week Amy said 'I want to have a private celebration before our anniversary party.' During that private celebration, we exchanged our gifts."

The women are not satisfied. "What did you give her?"

"You'll have to ask her." I'm pretty open with my feelings but this seems private.

Mike and John are enjoying this. The women lean in, wanting more. "You told us what she gave you!?"

I don't like the third degree and the only reason I'm still standing here is Karen's arm tight around me. "I told what she gave me! You'll have to ask Amy what I gave her." Drawing Karen's lips to mine for a kiss, I turn to the others and close the questions. "I need a drink!"

Karen's arm stays firm around me as we turn to find something alcoholic. "You handled that well. I expect there will more of the same before the night is out."

Squeezing her close. "I just want to..I don't know. Maybe hide away with the two of you. You realise, since last week, I never think of the two of you separately. Even when one of you isn't close by, it seems your shadow is here keeping us company."

Karen steps behind the bar and passes me the makings for three drinks. "I like that and so will Amy. The question of gifts is interesting. What are you getting Amy for Christmas? You only have two weeks." Hands on the bar, she leaves the fixing to me.

Absently mixing drinks for my girls, my thoughts turn towards tomorrow. "That's going to take some thought. You both deserve something special." I really don't want this to end.

With fresh drinks in hand, we go in search of Amy.

Karen leads and with my arm around her again, I follow and don't entertain myself by letting my hand drift down to grab an ass cheek. I see a smile cross her face but no other response. We enter the living room and another round of conversations.

My mind wanders...It was here on this carpet with the three of us tangled in a ball of arms, legs, lips, and desires that Amy explained. "When I told Karen that you wanted to do anal and I was afraid of it. She told me she loved anal and didn't have a current boyfriend to help her."

Karen, lifting her head from between Amy's thighs added her input. "I've thought about 'us' before this, but one of 'us' was always in a relationship, so I held off. Amy's confession allowed me to open up. All I thought I was doing was encouraging her to try anal."

With my mind elsewhere, my hand has slipped from Amy's small waist to her tight buns. My daydream is paused as my wife leans close to my ear and whispers loudly enough for everyone to hear. "You're already groping Karen's ass, do you have to do mine at the same time?"

It takes a moment for my brain to refocus. My hands haven't stopped what they're doing, no-one has moved away or slapped me. Can't be all bad. "If I don't fondle Karen's ass, she'll feel I don't care. If I fondle Karen's ass and not yours, you'll get jealous. If I fondle your ass and Karen's ass she's happy and your angry. I think the 'angry' option is the best."

The questions come to an end. Everyone is smiling and wishing us well. John and Mike have been very attentive to their women all evening. As they're leaving I note the women have got a hand on their man's ass. The evening is a success. I'm at the door seeing our friends on their way when I notice my two girls clearing up. "Leave the mess alone."

"This will only take a minute." I'm accustomed to this from my wife.

"I hired a cleaning crew for the morning. We are going to brunch as soon as they arrive." I thought that would settle everything.

Suddenly Karen is grabbing, even more, stuff. "Then we really need to do something about this before they arrive."

I'm stunned. I can see us spending the rest of the night cleaning for the cleaning crew. Not how I want to end the evening. Taking the lead, I empty my wife's hands. Pulling her behind me I catch Karen. Tearing the plastic bag from her hands I turn us all toward the stairs and the master bed.

I close the door behind us, thinking I'm going to have to convince them. "The mess is out there. It's just the three of us in here." By the look in their eyes, I can tell they've already forgotten the mess. For two heartbeats we search each other's eyes, then by unspoken agreement three pairs of hands reach for buttons, ties and zippers. No-one is undressing themselves. I slip the knot on my wife's halter and her breasts find their freedom. Amy has tugged the knots on Karen's harem pants and I realise she is wearing a very sweet thong! In retaliation, Karen undoes Amy's skirt as I open Karen's blouse. Suddenly they both turn on me and in seconds we have nothing but flesh to caress.

With a tangle of arms and legs we curl and twist our way across the bed. We each find a tender part to lick, suck or stroke and the temperature rises as do the girls voices. I find Amy's clit with my fingers as I see her head between Karen's thighs. Someone was stroking my erection, but they lost their grip. I bemoan my loss as the two girls moan their pleasure.

Karen looks over my wife's back and mouths 'her ass'. I instantly understand her intentions and rescue the lube from the nightstand. With a generous dollop on my middle finger, I probe Amy's neither regions while continuing ministration to her clit. I know how hot she gets when I do this. When her moans reach the point where I think she's going to cum, I pull my finger out and place my cock at her opening. She feels the loss of my finger in her ass and on her clit. Pushing back with her ass to find her lost joy Amy drives herself fully onto my shaft. her head pops up from Karen's pussy, her mouth open but no sound comes out. Karen guides her back to what she was doing. "Keep licking. It's all good." I hold still, waiting for Amy to respond. After what seems minutes, she moves against me and I breathe. Reaching to finger her clit I start to push into her ass each time she reaches for me. The sensations build quickly for all of us and a wave of feeling carries us away together. When the cries, gasps and whimpers subside, I realise we have naturally spooned on the bed with Amy in the middle and my cock still buried in her ass.

Thinking to be valiant, I slowly draw myself back. Amy's hand on my ass stops me. "Don't go! Can you do me again? Slowly. I think I'd like that." No way I am going to sleep if my wife is asking me to do her ass.

I guess we weren't as slow and gentle as we thought. When Amy starts asking for more and harder, Karen rolls over and starts sucking on her nipples. I was seeing stars and hearing a chorus of moans and whispers before I reached my peak. When I come driving hard into her ass, Amy climaxes and Karen soon after. My cock deflates like a punctured balloon and drops from the warmth of Amy's ass. Sleep takes us all.

The two weeks 'til Christmas pass in a buzz of office and house parties. Shopping and calls to family. Karen is part of it all. "Where are you two spending Christmas?" On the one hand, her question seems innocent enough, but when taken with the knowledge the three of us have been inseparable for almost a month, a lot more feeling is involved.

I search out Amy's eyes before I form a response. "You know, I don't have family and Amy's family is in France. We usually go somewhere warm for the holidays and visit France in spring. I don't think either of want to travel far by air this time of year."

Amy sees the sad look on Karen's face as soon as I do. "You usually go to your folks, don't you? Why don't you join us after you've had a visit with them? We can spend New Years together."

Her face brightens, but not as much as I was hoping. I'm still looking for a solution when Karen offers her own. "Why don't you come visit my folks? We can go wherever from there."

"Do they have room for us and how will they feel about you bringing more than a boyfriend home?" I think this might be the answer, but I don't want it to blow up on us.

Now Karen's face is really bright. "We'll have to stay in a hotel. With all the family home, sleeping arrangements will be cramped at best. I've brought girlfriends home and they were alright with it, but happier when it was a boyfriend. I imagine it will stir the pot when I bring home both, but I'm not willing to keep this a secret. Now is as good a time as any."

"That settles it!" Amy and I respond in harmony and I must add. "I think we should exchange our gifts tonight and think about setting out sometime tomorrow. Anyone need more time to prepare?"

A look pass between the girls and Karen answers for both of them. "We need about 20 uninterrupted minutes."

"Will the upstairs work for you? If I can rescue some things from up there and prepare down here." With a nod, the girls are gone and I hurry to gather some clothes and head towards the downstairs shower. I think there are still some disposable razors in there and I have time for a shower before we resume.

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