A Second Chance for Katie


"I can't hold it anymore," Jack moans as he starts shooting all over her face.

My God, My God, I can't believe I'm actually standing here witnessing what I'm looking at now. The thick white jets of semen just seem to keep endlessly pumping out of him too, all I can do is stand here and watch Sasha getting her face and hair covered with the thick white cream. How much does he have? Even in the videos, it's nothing like this; those boys barely shoot anything compared to what Jack is doing to his sister.

It's like time is in slow motion now, I'm completely mesmerized by what's happening in front of me. I've never seen anything like this before either, his cum looks as thick as mayonnaise too; this can't be happening to me, it just can't. The sight of Sasha wrapping her lips around the spitting snake has me on the point of having an orgasm. The image of her milking it dry is going to be with me for a very long time, the fact she's so good at it doesn't trouble me anymore either. After all, they've kept it in the family!

I think there's nothing so irresistible for a woman than the sight of a penis ejaculating, and especially when it's a young boy with a dick the size of a ruler. I've heard the expression size doesn't matter, but looking at Jack's still hard cock, the only thought I have right now is whether or not it will fit inside me. If it fits in Sasha, it should fit in me too.

"I just love the taste so much," she says as her tongue slides seductively around her lips.


"Look who's here," Grace says as I look up and see Sasha standing in front of my desk.

She's so seemingly innocent looking too, no one would ever suspect what she did in front of me last night. Her jet black hair tied in a ponytail makes her look more like a high school freshmen rather than a college one. She's learned to hide her body so well, just like I used to do, but why? She could easily dress like all those other girls do in their skin tight jeans; she's beautiful, and it's certainly not for lack of confidence, that's for sure.

"She's every mother's dream, not like all those little tarts out there," Grace adds.

It's true though, Sasha and Jack have never been a problem for me. The fear of alcohol and drugs were just never an issue either, not like a lot of kids I've heard stories about. My kids just came home and did their homework together, but like I learned last night, there's a reason why they've been so good, and Sasha's pussy certainly has a lot to do with it too.

She can tell I'm still recovering from last night too, I guess it's pointless to even try and mask my feelings now. How she got so good at reading me is a mystery I'd love to solve, shouldn't I be the one who can read her mind? Nature has played a funny trick on me, and her too.

"See how invisible I am, no one would ever suspect what I did last night. Sweet little Sasha sucking her brother's dick just doesn't match my profile," she whispers to me.

She's so right too, I think that show 'Criminal Minds' has altered how we look at people. I know nobody here could ever imagine her doing what she did last night; a part of me still thinks it was a dream too. The ache between my legs tell me it did indeed really happen though, a fact that already has me excited thinking about tonight.

"I know you've been thinking about tonight Katie, it's all over your face. You want to see that big dick fuck my pussy, don't you," she whispers softly to me.

It's true, God forgive me, but's its true, the thought of actually seeing her being filled has kept my panties soaked all morning. I always wondered what it would be like to see a big dick disappearing into a woman's vagina; even more exciting, the thought of seeing it oozing out all that cream. Could Jack cum as much as he did last night? The thought of Sasha's pussy dripping all that cum out of it has my head spinning.

"One thing though, no sweats, you have to wear the shirt I had on last night. You're built just like me, and it drives Jack crazy every time he looks at you," she says clutching my hand at the same time.

Shouldn't it be me reassuring her? She's right though, when Jack started lifting weights, I promised myself I'd get in better shape too. I wasn't that out of shape either, but being forty-one does change a woman's body. I figured if I could get close to a hundred sixteen pounds like Sasha is, my goal would be met. A goal that I've almost met too, although it's been harder than I thought it would be.

"And she's not dating anyone," Grace asks as Sasha walks away.

I didn't even think about that, neither she nor Jack has shown an interest in anyone, and then again, why would they? They're satisfying each other's needs so well at home, why mess with a good thing, right? But what about me, I'm obviously part of their plan too, and I'm trembling just thinking about it.


Can I actually do this? Look at me, the reflection in the mirror doesn't lie; I do look an awful lot like Sasha. I always wanted to dress like this too, but just lacked the courage. The truth is that I wanted to dress this way for Tommy so long ago too, and we' would have done all the things Jack and Sasha are doing if I just had the nerve to do so.

I feel so excited thinking about how I would have posed for him, it's been over twenty years now, but that feeling of excitement still burns inside me every time I think about it. I'd make him pick pictures that he wanted me to pose like, and then have him jerk off all over me, just like Jack did last night to Sasha.

The thought of my mother walking in as he's spraying cum all over me, is still as powerful today as it was back then. There's just something about the fear of getting caught that heightens the sexual awareness to another level, I feel it every time I stand mesmerized staring at Jack's dick silhouetted in the sheets. The truth is, I want to be caught, we all do when we're doing something so naughty, and that's just a part of our human psyche.

I've been so caught up in my world; I totally missed the fact that Jack and Sasha have the exact same feelings about getting caught as I have. How couldn't I see the signs they're having sex, the fact she asked to go on the pill when she turned eighteen should have triggered some warnings to me. Add the fact that she had no boyfriend either, it was staring me right in the face, just like Jack's dick does to me every night.

Can there be anything that matches the thrill of having a parent walk in on you when you're doing something you know you could get in trouble for? Especially anything sexually, boys yearn to have their mother's walk in on them jerking off; it's just part of the phase they're going through as teenagers. My friends at work talk about it as though their sons are doing something disgusting too, it's such a pity they've lost that part of themselves that would trigger all the feelings I'm having now.

Of course, that's with the exception of Janet Laflin, she's the only one I know that truly embraces her sexuality. The fact she relishes doing the sweeps of the computers for boys who are looking at porn, just seems to define how far above she is over the rest of us. I don't know why she confides in me the way she does, but she says catching the boys looking at pussy keeps her young and vibrant, and at forty-eight, she could easily pass for a woman in her mid-thirties.

The old bitty's at work finds how she flirts with all the boys so scandalous, and her short skirts or tight pants always ensures that she's noticed by both groups too. Her explanation that Mother Nature herself is responsible for why all the boys have to look at porn, and with their hormones raging like they are, jerking off is the only way they can find relief. Clearly, she is light years ahead of everyone else when it comes to teenage sexuality, and I'm appreciating her views a lot more than I did just a few days ago.

I still remember how flabbergasted I was a few years ago when she so matter-of-factly shared with me how she walks in on her son masturbating all the time. She'd make his bed as he sat there stroking himself, supposedly oblivious to her presence, of course, that's not the truth. She stayed until he shot it all over his chest, she never said so, but I know she did. How many other mothers' would love to do exactly the same thing? I only wish I had the courage to do it, or Jack had taken the initiative before last night, who knows what might have happened.

Maybe, that's why she prowls the back room now, and with her son is in college, she probably still needs that fix of catching some young boy stroking himself. All the times I've listened to her going into detail about what they were looking at always made my heart start pounding inside my chest. Boys like pussy, and the thought of some horny kid rubbing himself to climax as he stares at a picture of some young girl with her legs spread wide open, is both scary and provocative at the same time.

I have to admit that the thought of catching some young boy getting off always makes me wet. It brings me right back to when Tommy would leave my panties full of cum, the thought of some of these boys going home and jerking off in their sister's panties like he did, just makes my fingers rub me even harder whenever I'm trying to get myself off.

"You OK," Sasha asks me, breaking me out of my daydream.

The sight of her standing in the doorway totally naked instantly takes my breath away. I can't explain why, but just the sight of her has my vagina in panic mode already. How is it that a girl this young can exudes poise and confidence of someone twice her age? I wonder if the fact she's been getting her little pussy fucked could be the reason.

She's so gorgeous too, those long thin legs and narrow hips make her look so delicate, and the flat stomach and tiny tits just add to the stealth that Mother Nature has provided for her. The thought of Jack's giant organ sliding inside such a fragile creature doesn't seem possible, and yet, I know it has. The reality that she has such an innocent looking body that is doing all the things I so yearn to do too, just makes me realize I'm looking at myself over twenty years ago. But this version is actually acting out all the fantasies I use to dream about.

"Just thinking," is all I can think to say.

"Isn't it so exciting being able to be so free," she says as slowly walks around the room without showing any hint of shame or embarrassment that her nudity would probably do to every other girl her age.

It's as though she accidentally walked in from the pool not realizing she doesn't have her bikini on, this is the Sasha I know so well. Who that girl was last night still has me in shock; I'm both amazed and frightened with what's happening to both of us now. The feeling of my vagina starting to stir tells me I'm in for a surprise though.

"See how easy it is for me to be invisible," she says so matter-of-factly.

I feel so helpless as I watch in disbelief as her fingers ever so slowly start to slide up her body, it's like she's literally transforming in front of me now. The shy little girl who was just standing in front of me seems to be melting away as if by magic, a fact that isn't lost on my own body either. How she can touch herself down there in front of me just shows how comfortable she is with her own sexuality, a fact that isn't lost on me either as it struggles with what's happening in front of it now.

"I bet all the boys in church wished their sister's would suck their dick like I do to Jack," she says as she starts pinching her nipples.

All my pent up desires and secret longings are within my grasp now, I've come so far too. It's like I've been stalled just within a few feet of finally breaking free, until last night that is. I've wanted to do all those things in the videos with Jack for so long now, just like I wanted to do with Tommy, but I was just too scared to cross that line, not anymore though, thanks to Sasha.

For some reason, she's always been able to know just what I'm thinking, and especially now regarding my starving sexual side. I guess my standing every night in Jack's room staring at the bulge in the sheets, was a desperate cry for help. I doubt most therapists would approve of how she's helping me, but the reality is...it's exactly what I need.

The feeling of her eyes going up and down my body has me trembling already, I've hid myself away so long, and this sensation of being scrutinized by her is both new and frightening too. I felt the same thing last night when I couldn't take my eyes off her gaping pussy, there was just something about seeing her spread so wide open that excited me as much as seeing Jack's erect penis.

The image of both of us taking turns sucking Jack's dick suddenly flashes in front of me, it's just like in the videos I watch, and I'm sure they do too. Is this part of it, does she really want to experiment with me? The feeling of my over excited pussy tells me that I'm as excited about that prospect as she is.

"I could tell you liked looking at my pussy," she says almost in a whisper.

The truth is, I did, and more than I ever dared imagine too, the image of that tight little hole slowly being filled by Jack's over-sized dick kept appearing in my head as she spread herself wide open for me. Isn't this how a threesome starts? One woman seducing another with a dick buried deep inside her, while pushing the other one to finally cave into her own desires.

"You'll like it even more when it's filled with cum," she so teasingly adds.

She's obviously been doing this for a very long time; she's just too comfortable with her own sexuality for this to be new to her. The truth is they've both been active for quite some time now, I guess that's what the cliché 'barely legal' means. The only bright spot is that it's been with each other; somehow, I don't think most parents would agree with my logic though.

I bet the videos with two girls sharing one dick is part of it too, and now I can read her mind as well. They both want me to join them, a thought that I have no problem with either. Maybe the sex is getting boring, or the thought of bringing their own mother into their cult is just too irresistible for them to ignore.

"I have a feeling that little pussy has had a lot of practice," I reply.

The nipples are clearly sticking out both our tiny tits now, the only tangible clue that both of us are in heat, other than our dripping pussy's of course, a fact we're both aware of too. The sound of my heart beating faster and faster just confirms how truly excited I am, a feeling that I can tell she experiencing as well. I wonder how many other mother and daughters have sailed into this sea of sensuality like we're doing now.

It's like there's two Sasha's, one is the sweet shy church mouse who delivers groceries to Mrs. Clarkson, and the other is this self-assured young woman who is standing right in front of me. The contradictions are just so opposite of each other, obviously, she likes playing both roles too. I wonder how many people we know could even comprehend the possibility that this Sasha even exists.

I didn't, she did wear that short T-shirt around the house a lot, but that's an enormous jump to what she's evolved into now. I don't know, maybe I did see it and just denied acknowledging it. The reality is, does it really matter now, this is who she is and God forgive me for saying this, it excites me even beyond any words that I could ever express either. .

I think one aspect that I never realized about myself is how much it excites me to hear her talking dirty. Good girls don't say pussy or cum, hearing it come out of her mouth makes me shiver every time I hear her talk like that, I so wanted too, but, my fear always held me back. She's me, except she's managed to free herself, I wonder, can I?

This makes me wonder about Jack; he's more outgoing and his physique certainly has been noticed by many girls, I'm sure. Once they find out about the size of his dick, he'll have a harem of little pussies to take care of; unless Sasha keeps him so occupied he won't want to stray from her, or possibly me too. That's the reality I'm facing now, whether I want to admit it or not, and truthfully, I can't wait to do it.

"It's not just my pussy that gets filled, you've seen the videos," she says so confidently like a woman twice her age.

They've done everything in the videos, why am I not surprised. The thought of her little ass and pussy sliding up and down Jack has me literally weak in my knees. That's why she spread herself so wide open last night, it's not just her vagina she wanted me to see, and it was that little ass too. The idea that something that big could actually fit into such a tiny hole, has me both petrified and excited too. All the times I watched those big dicks sliding into those young girls asshole's as I fingered myself, makes me realize I may be fingering myself watching Sasha's tiny ass being ravaged.

I've noticed that most of the girls in the videos do look just like Sasha; young and innocent looking nymphs who just seem insatiable when it comes to getting their ass and pussy fucked. I think this is that magical age for them too, no longer a child, but not an adult either. No wonder men find what I'm looking at now so irresistible, the fact I do too just shows the power they have over both genders.

"At first, we were so afraid you'd catch us, but then it became such a rush anticipating the door knob turning and you standing there watching us fucking," she says obviously being over taken with what we're discussing.

The thought of seeing that big dick slowly disappearing inside her has me nearly shaking; the sensation of feeling the fluids flowing down my thighs just confirms I'm nearly out of control now. Even when I finger myself to orgasm pales with what I'm feeling at this moment.

"I wish I had," is the only thing I can think to say.

I wonder how I would actually have reacted, that fear they had of getting caught coupled with the fact I craved Jack's cock too, I'm sure that might have been my face getting creamed on last night instead of hers if I had walked in on them sooner. The truth is, I would have embraced it whole heartedly, and the throbbing between my legs merely verifies it too.

"Just imagine all that cream dripping out of my pussy," she says with her voice cracking from the strain we're both under now.

Think Katie, we can't put the Jeannie back in the bottle, but why can't we simply act as though last night ever happened? The truth is that I haven't caught them having sex, the reality that I want to as much as they do, tells me there has to be away to make this work so we all can get off on it.

"Shouldn't you and Jack be doing your homework," I say hoping she deciphers the message I'm sending her.

Can I actually do it? Once I open that door, God only knows what's waiting for me, but it is an interesting scenario. I get what I want, while they get the thrill of waiting for that door knob to slowly start turning, and being discovered doing what every parent would be mortified to find, I'm sure.

I'm so wet just thinking about what if I had caught them in the beginning, I dare not look down, but, I'm sure there's a puddle forming already. Her thighs are glistening with all the juice that's flowing out of her too, it's a wonder we don't attack each the way our bodies are being stressed now.

"I'm sorry Mommy, we'll finish it right now," she says with a big smile on her face.

The sight of her morphing back into the innocent church mouse has me spellbound. It's like she threw some internal switch and is transforming herself back into the other Sasha. She'd definitely make a good actress from what I'm looking at right now, although, I suspect any acting she would do, would probably revolve around her little pussy.

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