A Second Chance for Katie


I don't think men realize how vulnerable we are when they spread us wide open like this, the thought that Sasha can see not only my vagina being ravaged, but also my tiny ass hole too. Am I being prudish? Maybe, but all I know is the two conflicting thoughts are racing through my head while I'm trying to figure it out.

It's as though I'm drunk and out of control now, the slithering serpent between my legs is gliding in and out of me without any objections from me either. I've becomes it's slave and subject willingly too, I'll serve its needs and receive my reward like I'm doing now. What woman could possibly resist the pleasures I'm enjoying as I writhe with this relentless beast fucking me deeper and deeper.

"Please, tell me the rest," I squeal like a little girl.

I feel like I'm on a train as its wheels slowly start to gain momentum, the sensation of my pussy starting to be stroked faster and faster by this unforgiving piston is incredible. It's like I have no power to even resist its strength, even if I wanted too, which I don't. The long deep strokes are literally putting me on the brink of screaming, a thought that both excites and frightens me too.

"What are you doing to me," Is all I can scream out as Jack fucks me harder and harder.

"I arched my ass up in the air and spread myself as wide open as I could," she whispers in my ear.

The image of her long legs and tiny ass are so real for me now, I would have loved to walk in on them as her little pussy was spread wide open. If only I could have done that for Tommy, all my years of regrets would never have happened either. I know he wanted me too, all the times I sat staring at that hard dick of his, told him exactly what I was thinking too.

"Then I fingered myself until I felt his hot cum shooting all over my back," she says as she reaches around and starts rubbing my nipples.

It's like I'm being overloaded with emotions I've never felt before, all my barriers are crumbling now. My entire adult life's memories of being so paralyzed with both fear and doubts about me just seem to be evaporating in front of me. Why did I wait this long to find freedom? Who cares, I'm free now, and that's all that matters.

Feeling Sasha's nipples pressing into my back as Jack continues his assault on my vagina, is just like something out of those videos I so love to watch. That's where they've educated themselves I'm sure, I think a lot of boys and girls today are so much less inhibited than their parents will ever be. Sex isn't as big a deal as we adults have made it out to be too. If it feels good, go for it as far as they're concerned.

"I won't be able to last much longer," I hear Jack say.

This can't be happening to me, the dull, boring librarian being ravaged by her own children, and willingly too. No one would believe me either; even the raciest authors wouldn't dare approach what I'm doing now. And yet, I have a feeling that it's not as uncommon as I thought it was just twenty-five minutes ago.

"Why didn't you tease Uncle Tommy, I know you wanted too," she whispers to me as her fingers run up and down my chest.

Oh God, this is just too much for me to deal with now, my vagina is being ravaged unlike anything it has ever known, while Sasha coolly and methodically pushes me even further towards what's awaiting me at the end of all this. If everyone knew what my body is experiencing right now, they'd be line of people down the block waiting for their turn to be where I am, regardless of the circumstances either.

"Did you show him your pussy," she asks, knowing full well the affect she is having on me with just words alone.

"I'm cumming, I'm cumming," Jack moans as he drives himself deep inside me.

Between the knowledge that my son is ejaculating inside me, and my daughter probing areas that even I won't or can't deal with, make this high I'm feeling now almost magical in how it's affecting me. To think that at forty-one years old, I'd be in a ménage a trios is almost beyond believability, no one who knows me would think it possible either. Even more implausible is that it's my own son's dick that is buried in me now that is coating the inside of my vagina with semen, and even as my daughter continues to whisper in my ear words that are driving me wilder by the second.

"Can you believe that all that cum is pumping inside you now," she says as her finger nails go up and down my back.

I wish I could see it leaking out of me now, for me, that's the most exciting moment about sex. It's that magical instant when lovers are still entwined, and their body's fluids slowly drain out of them as they enjoy the final moments of climax together. Just the thought of seeing Jack's gorgeous organ smeared with the thick white globs of the seed of life as it slowly pumps in and out of me, makes me almost wish we had videotaped it.

"Is this a dream," I ask almost to myself.

"No Katie, it's just the beginning," Sasha says softly.


Everything I knew, everything I thought I knew about sex, has been totally shattered in the past two months. Gone is the notion that it just has to be about a loving couple acting out the rituals that we've all been taught for so long now. I'm not saying that part isn't valid for some people, it's just doesn't have to be valid for the rest of us.

Jack and Sasha just don't fuck because they're deviants or hyper sexual addicts, they do it because they enjoy it, and more importantly, it sooths them like no anti-depressant or anxiety medication could ever hope to do. They learned while cramming for exams, the virtues of what satisfying each other's needs translated into, and how it calmed their nerves like nothing they ever experienced.

The fact they're twins, certainly plays a role in it too, I doubt most brothers and sisters look at each other sexually like they do, but I'm sure that there is also a substantial number who wish they could find the kind of pleasure Jack and Sasha are having now. If this secret formula for finding peace within you ever became known, family fun would take on a whole new meaning.

I've grown both as a woman and a mother too, since they've freed me of all my hang-ups that I've carried with me for so long now. Gone are the fears and regrets about yesterday, tomorrow brings adventure and hope, along with a healthy dose of uninhibited sex. It's like being rejuvenated after being worn down by eight hours of forced labor, if only this could be legalized.

We care for each other's need in a way alien to just but a few who have also discovered this formula for coping with life's pressures. I'm sure the Swiss Family Robinson discovered for themselves the dirty little secret that they'd never admit; fucking on a regular basis creates stability, especially when it's within the family. If I didn't experience it for myself these past weeks, I'd be a skeptic too.

That's not saying that I've turned into a sex machine either, the most my little pussy can handle is twice a week now. Getting reamed by a ten inch dick is beyond words how pleasurable it is, but the reality is also being able to walk in the morning without cramps too. That relentless piston pumping in and out of me literally wears me out at times, the pain and pleasure become interlocked as I wait for him to cum.

Recently, I watched an episode on National Geographic; it was about the benefits of venom from the deadliest snakes in the world. It suddenly struck me as I watched them being milked, the similarities between those deadly serpents and the organ that lies between the legs of every teenage boy. It's like the semen that builds up inside their teenage body's causes behavioral issues that could be so easily fixed by just milking them like those fearsome reptiles.

The benefits would be immediate I'm sure, somehow, the idea of mothers going into their son's rooms and milking them like a deadly cobra of all their venomous aggressions isn't likely though. I doubt most of the boys would refuse it either, they'd probably suggest letting their sister take a hand in it too. A coy little joke on my part, but...

The reality is if all those uptight mothers discovered what I have, they'd be jerking off all their son's while feigning the benefits that they're delivering to their poor overly hyper child. What they'd really be doing is what I'm doing; jerking off a lean, gorgeous boy whose dick is just begging me to slide my hands up and down it until it spits all that beautiful cream out of its head. Each time I see it is like magic being revealed for the first time, it captivates me almost as much as sex does, but just a little less.

The fact I don't consider it lewd or dirty to jerk Jack off anymore, just shows how much I've changed my views about what's healthy and what's not. Most women if they watch Jack ejaculating would only see the semen squirting out of him, that's just the obvious part, what I see as he starts to cum, is that tranquil state of being as he feels himself being propelled to another plain. Call it euphoric or bliss, but who can deny that feeling that over takes you as you climax as being nothing less than heaven on earth, I can't.

For Jack, the obvious benefits of having two women servicing him, is a dream come true. What guy could resist the advances of two horny women? Getting his dick sucked or jerked off is becoming almost a daily routine for him too, the fact he's always able to cum so much still has me in awe.

I have to be honest, there was a point when I thought Sasha had a problem, you would think it would be the healthy nineteen year-old boy whose sex drive would be an issue, it turns out that she is the one who is insatiable at times. The more I watched, the more I worried about her, until I finally realized that I'm the one fueling her desires as much as she is. I guess having someone new, especially her own mother, has proven to be such a turn on whenever she knows I'm watching them having sex.

She's pushed past all the boundaries too, as if there were any we haven't already eclipsed by now, but what she does to me excites me just as much as I am when I'm riding Jack. I know that's hard to believe, but it's true, she's nineteen going on forty, at least. And I'm the one playing catch up; thank God I don't have an ego either, shouldn't I be the one teaching her?

Nothing is taboo now, when I lifted off Jack the other night after he shot inside me, she pushed me down and started sucking all his cum out of me. The sight of another woman lapping me is bad enough, the fact it was my daughter truly shocked me. As much as I tried to resist, her tongue overpowered me every time. To say I enjoyed it would be an understatement; to say I expected to ever see my pussy being reamed by another woman's tongue is just outrageous.

Needless to say, guess what I did last night? As much as I thought I would be repulsed by the idea of licking pussy, I couldn't believe how much I enjoyed it. The fact Jack's big cock was just pumping her full of cum, played a role in it too. The taste and smell of another woman's vagina, mixed with the taste of cum, is going to become addictive, I fear.

Hearing her moaning and squirming as I sucked her tiny knob, just blew me away at how much I loved hearing her whine as I brought her closer to cumming. I've heard it said that only a woman really knows how to please another woman, I'm starting to think there might be something to that cliché. Hearing my baby moan like she did, tells me that it's not just about fucking now, it's about after that big dick squirts in us too.

"Long day," Sasha asks me as I sit down with a cup of tea.

As much as I try not to go down to the basement, I always seem to end up walking into the sex room. That's what we call the finished family room now, no windows to worry about and plenty of warning if there's a knock at the door too. The perfect room to fuck without fear of being discovered by friends or nosey neighbors too, at least we hope so.

"So So," Is all I respond.

This almost seems like I'm in a dream now, the two models casually assume there positions as though waiting for a cue to begin acting for the unseen camera. The reality is, I'm the camera they're playing too, the both of them relish their roles too, why wouldn't they? The excitement of not just fucking each other, but to do it in front of their own mother is what still resonates with them as though I just discovered them for the first time.

"I really need this," she says as she slides the big dick inside her.

How can I concentrate with what's going on in front of me, the fact is I'm here because I want to see exactly what's happening in front of me now. If I didn't, why did I come down here in the first place? They know I'm hooked as much by watching as by doing too, it's becoming an addiction that I can't live without now.

Some people take a hot bath after a grueling day, I guess we enjoy relieving our stress a little differently, if people only knew how rewarding the benefits of sex therapy truly are, an idea that just seemed to pop into my head, they'd all be doing the same thing. Mother's and sons, father's and daughter's all would be hooked on how good they feel after a session too, of course, that's if they can get past their own conscience like we have.

The sight of her straddled over Jack so she's facing me, just adds to the tension too. How many daughters do what she doing now in front of their mother's? And that's excluding the fact it's her own brother's dick she has in her now, this whole scenario seems too good to be true.

"Oh, I love this," she moans as Jack's dick starts opening her even more with each thrust.

Just the mechanics of sex alone fascinates me so much too, how something that seemingly looks too big to fit in such a tiny hole somehow manages to gain entry with such little effort, just amazes me every time I see it happening. I could sit here for hours just watching them fuck; in fact, that's exactly what I've been doing lately too.

She so loves teasing me too, her little pussy has Jack's dick glistening because she's so wet, you rarely see that in the videos anymore. That's such a shame too; teenage girls have pussy's that literally will stay wet for hours, at least mine did. The sight of Jack sliding in and out of her so easily, just confirms my theory too.

"You goanna suck it out of me," she taunts me mercilessly.

I probably will, no, I definitely will, once I see it dripping out of her, I just can't stop myself from lapping her slippery hole. There's just something now about the dynamic of our relationship that's changed now, is she my lover too? I know Jack is, but Sasha and I are evolving together by ourselves, I'm not resisting it either, I'm just trying to figure it out.

"I can't believe you're afraid to try this," she says, as she pulls Jack's dick out of her vagina and then slips it inside her tiny asshole.

She loves shocking me, they both do, but she loves doing it more. I think she figured out that anal just isn't going to happen for me. It's not that I don't like looking at it happening in front of me, I just can't do it, period. When I was pregnant, I had a case of hemorrhoids that nearly crippled me, so the thought of risking my ass to such horrors again, is just unthinkable for me.

"I should make you suck it out of my ass," she says as my eyes stay transfixed on her tiny ass hole opening and closing on the enormous shaft sliding in and out of her.

How this sweet unassuming nerd could be doing what she's doing now, is just unbelievable. Maybe, todays girls are different than other generations, sex is like a sport to be enjoyed, and not a guilt ridden Catholic piece of baggage that just seems to hold us all from freeing ourselves from ourselves.

"I can't hold it anymore," Jack moans as he starts cumming inside her.

"You won't believe what it feels like, it's like a hot spray is washing me deep inside," she moans she continues to ride up and down the length of the shaft she's connected too.

I'd love to try it, but that terrible memory of pain still seems as real now as it was twenty years ago. I can enjoy watching her do it, although, I have to wonder if one day she'll be screaming because she over did it with too big a dick. I'll check on-line later to see if she's susceptible to possibly inflaming her anus with the risk of hemorrhoids. I think she'd miss it if she ever had to give it up, I know I will.

The thick cream slowly oozing out of her asshole just seems so decadent, and yet irresistible too. Try as I may not to do it, I find myself lapping both her sultry holes, no willpower at all once I see cum starting to leak out of her. I know I shouldn't be licking her ass, but I just can't control myself now, it's as though the sight of semen over powers me every time I see it.

"Make me cum you skinny slut," she taunts me as my mouth greedily washes her clean of the cream just shot inside her.

It's not what I thought it would be either; I guess I was afraid of the obvious issues associated with being too close to anus. Then again, she showered right before she came downstairs too, this is all so new to me, even the sex is more than what I thought it would be too, if that makes sense.

OH my God Katie, I'm just like the girls in the videos now, this is what they do to each other after the guy cums in their ass. Would Sasha suck my ass like I'm doing to her right now? She would, I know she would, she'd do it even if I don't let Jack fuck my ass, that's how attuned we are now.

"I'd bet Uncle Tommy would love to fuck you in the ass," she says as my mouth and tongue feast on her swollen holes.

As if some invisible button is pushed inside me, hearing her mention Tommy just unleashes feelings and desires that have been repressed for so long now. I would have been too afraid to let him have my ass, but he would have owned my pussy, if only I had the courage to give it to him.

"I'm almost there, please don't stop," she moans as I suck her clit as if it was Jack's dick in my mouth.

She's squealing like a schoolgirl as my mouth and tongue stay locked on her swollen flower, I've never felt it feel this big either. I guess when she mentioned Tommy, it affected both of us, but wasn't that the idea? My little sex kitten just has so many unexplored sides to her, as I'm discovering about myself too.

"Suck me you skinny slut," she screams as I feel Jack's dick probing my pussy.

It's just seems non-stop once the three of us get going lately, as much as I want to refrain from intercourse tonight, my fate is already sealed. Once I feel it sliding all the way into me, I'm helplessly lost to whatever it wants to do with me. As much as I want to say NO, my mouth can't open to betray my vagina.

I should have known this was a trap; all I know is he better have washed himself after sliding out of her ass. The last thing I need is a UTI, he had to, and I saw him get up as I was sucking this little whore. He better have washed...

Between her moaning as I bring her to climax, and the feeling of slowly being fucked, the thing I can't get out of my head is Tommy. If I'm fucking Jack and Sasha, what about Tommy, is it too late to go back and finish what I started. I know he's still interested, especially since he's been a widower for almost ten years now.

"I can't believe what you just did to me," Sasha sighs as Jack so slowly keeps pumping me as I think of my own brother fucking me so many years ago, if I had only let him.


"You're going to Uncle Tommy's for the weekend," Sasha asks me in disbelief.

She's the one who kept pushing me, and now she's surprised, I guess she didn't think I had it in me after all. It's time that I finish what's been haunting me all these years, I'm not the same woman I was just a few months ago either, now, I'm strong enough to do what's been my destiny to do.

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