tagErotic CouplingsA Second Date

A Second Date


It had been two weeks since they met in person that first time. Time had dragged by intolerably as he waited for the chance for them to get together again. This time she was coming to visit him, she had a day off work and caught the train over so she arrived mid afternoon.

He had spent the week trying to make sure the house was perfect as she arrived soon, waiting at the station he picked her up. He stood on the platform waiting for her, hoping she would recognise him this time as he grinned to himself remember her concentrating on the text she was writing to him as she walked past him the first time they met. Watching the train pull in he felt his heartbeat increase.

She stepped off the train and waved at him. Dressed in comfortable for the night in she looked stunning. He still found it hard to believe that anyone that gorgeous and amazing was willing to meet him but he was starting to understand his own worth now, especially through her eyes. He met her on the platform like last time and gave her a hug. His arms slowly encircling her and holding her for a few minutes as they said their hellos again. A quick squeeze and they headed off to the car back to his house.

He let her into his house and gave her the grand tour. With it only being a two up and two down it wasn't really that grand a tour but it was a clean and tidy little house. She laughed at the sight of the spare room where he had been sleeping before, orange walls with little animals walking round on a border. Showed her the large main bedroom, wooden floors, king sized bed and high roof. The kitchen was reasonably sized and the bathroom was enormous. After showing her round he made her smile with a joke about having been doing that for months trying to sell the place, he was getting quite good at the spiel.

Eventually they were back in the front room and she sat down on his sofa. He mixed her a JD and coke from the bar on the side in the kitchen and poured his own drink before walking through and sitting down next to her chatting about the last two weeks and just other general stuff. His slightly odd sense of humour making her smile.

He passed her a bowl of carrot sticks with some dips and grinned knowing that she liked them. Hitting the play button on the DVD he slid his arm around her and let her curl up into his shoulder. Not really talking much for the next couple of hours he just enjoyed the closeness of her against him as the watched the film. Knowing was slightly odd but Nicholas Cage was as a good as always in films.

Once it finished he fixed them a couple more drinks and they sat laughing about the film. Slightly odd moments in it, flicking one of the music channels on he put his drink down and leaned over to very gently start kissing under her ear. His lips soft and warm on her neck sending shivers down her spine...

His arm pulled her closer, his other gently guiding her head back till his lips slowly met hers, soft warm, just the hint of a flickering tongue teasing as they kissed, he could taste the JD on her lips, feel the softness of her melting into his arms. It seemed to go on forever, his hands slowly stirring and finding the bare skin of her arms to gently caress whilst he kissed her.

His hand gently slid under the back of her top and pulled it upwards over her unresisting form, dropping it carefully over a chair he turned to look at her full gorgeous breasts, noticing the tattoo that had first caught his eye and interested him. This time there was time to enjoy, light to see by and no rush.

He leaned over and softly placed a kiss on the top of her bra-clad breasts. His eyes never left hers as he gently slid his hands round her back and undid the hooks; hesitantly he slid it away and looked down, breathing with an appreciative sigh. He kissed her lips softly then slowly began kissing down over her neck, shoulders and down, sliding himself off the sofa to the right height to capture her perfect nipple in his mouth, licking, sucking lightly and gently teasing with his teeth before releasing and kissing across her chest to repeat to her other pert nipple.

He pulled his t-shirt off and pulled her close, doing nothing by stroking her soft skin with the warmth of her skin against his chest as her head rested on his shoulder. His fingers just strummed their way over her skin, revelling in the warmth, softness and closeness of her against him.

She tilted her head back slightly and his lips met hers again, her own hands carefully sliding over his chest and down to the buckle on his belt. He stopped her hands gently and taking her fingers raised them to her lips then pulled her up and led her up to the bedroom with the enormous bed.

He sat her on the edge of the bed and grabbed a box of candles off the shelf and quickly went round the room lighting the tall pillar candles, flicking the curtains shut he walked over to her and knelt down on the floor between her legs as she sat on the edge of the bed. He wrapped his arms round her and slowly kissed up over her stomach to her amazing breasts again, licking and gently biting this time before sliding his hands to the edge of her bottoms and slid them down, Vicky lifting her ass to help him as he stripped everything off in one move.

Adam leant forward and ran the tip of his tongue along her shaven slit, tasting her arousal, gently parting them with his tongue and finding her clit again, flicking his tongue over it.

This time it was she who stopped him and pulled him up to his feet and slowly unbuckling his belt and undoing his jeans and sliding them down taking his boxers with them.

She gabbed his hips and pulled him onto the bed and pushed him onto his back in the pillows and leaned down, he watched, holding his breath as she swallowed his shaft, almost whole on the first attempt his breath coming out in an explosive gasp as she licked, sucked, caressed and stroked his throbbing shaft in her mouth.

His signs and soft groans encouraging her as he whispered how amazing she was.

He pulled her up off his cock and pulled her towards him kissing her and whispering his idea. She smiled and turned so she was straddling his face then went back to furiously working on his throbbing shaft.

He slowly began to lick and suck on her pussy, tasting her, running his tongue up and down before focusing on her clit, feeling her tremble as he worked at it hard, licking and pressing down with his tongue in heavy strokes feeling her rhythm break in her sucking and stroking.

He felt his own climax building and worked furiously at her pussy till he heard her gasp, felt her shudder as she climaxed and he tasted her sweetness, a couple more sucks on his hard cock and he cried out his own peak filling her mouth as she hurriedly gulped him down.

Swallowing the last of his load she slid up his chest turning round and snuggling her head into his shoulders as her hand reached gently to stroke his shaft. Toying with it, teasing it as it quickly swelled back up to it's full size.

He moved swiftly, rolling her onto her back, lifting her legs around his waist he kissed her gently and slowly began pushing his way inside her. Watching her eyes widen slightly as he filled her, loving the soft sign that escaped her lips as he gradually filled her completely. Staying still inside her, overwhelmed by the sensations, kissing her harder as he withdrew and started to thrust.

Rolling his hip sup slightly he altered the angle of his thrusts so that his shaft rubbed over her clit with ever entry and withdrawal. He heard her breathing deepen and speed up, feeling her body tensing around him, her arms around his neck as she looked up at him, seeing the happiness in his eyes as she came for him, shuddering, gasping, a soft cry escaping her lips as she peaked.

He never stopped, his thrusts speeding up slightly now, a little faster and a little harder making her eyes widen as she rapidly reached her next climax, this one louder and more explosive as he writhed under him.

He pulled out, with gentle but firm hands he guided her up onto her knees, her face buried in the pillows as she gasped for breath and he entered her hard and fast from behind. His fingers digging into her hips as the candles lit the room, his thrusts powerful and hard now. Deep and fast within her, reaching new places as she moaned her pleasure into the bed sheets. Faster and harder till she came again, lifting her heads to cry out her pleasure to him, calling his name, pushing him over the edge as he thrust one last time within her and exploded hard. Panting, breathing hard as he saw spots from the intensity of his climax his body swaying and jerking till finally he slid out of her and collapsed onto the bed next to her.

They lay curled next to each other for what felt like peaceful moments, he pulled her close, into his chest and dozed briefly, not asleep but not quite away, just that happy comfortable curled up with someone important to you feeling. Slowly coming back to himself he kissed her shoulder and gently stroked her; she wiggled back against him with a naughty giggle.

That giggle was enough to make him stir again, feeling his arousal growing and pressing against her ass she turned on the bed to face him and kissed him, pushing him onto his back.

She straddled him quickly and slid his thickness inside herself, groaning slightly as she felt him fill her looking down at him with a slightly wicked teasing smile on her lips as she began to gently ride him, angling herself so that she got the maximum pleasure out of riding his hard cock.

His hands slid to her hips, stroking gently then sliding up to cup her breasts, playing with them. Squeezing them gently and hard, teasing the pert nipples that stuck out like bullets as he toyed with them. He felt her speeding up, her eyes on his as she rode his shaft harder and harder until she collapsed against his chest, her nails tracing over his skin leaving red marks as she came again.

He rolled her trembling body off him, slid to the edge of the bed and stood up. He gripped her ankles and pulled her towards him, lifting her ankles up to his shoulders till her ass was at the very edge of the bed and slid inside her.

He thrust hard and fast, loving the way her amazing tits bounced with every thrust. Her sensitive pussy wasn't long in climaxing again and he speeded up, knowing that he couldn't last much longer pushing her higher and higher till she came, two more quick thrusts and he joined her, plaintive pleading to the almighty escaping his lips as she came again.

Together they came and collapsed back onto the bed, legs, arms bodies tangled together. He had just enough energy to pull the sheet up over them as they drifted off to sleep in each other's arms.

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