tagErotic CouplingsA Secret Between Friends

A Secret Between Friends


It's funny how sexual people manage to find each other. You can know a person for years, but (without fail) the adventurous types manage to find each other. It's like a gravity of sorts, I guess. This is the story of just such an occasion.

I'd known Amber for years. She was like family, in a way. She was a friend of the family while we grew up, and she later rented a room in my house. She was a bit of a "late-bloomer" (her "awkward phase" lasted into college) so despite her very obvious charms, I'd never taken to thinking of her in a sexual way. I'd be lying if I said I liked her boyfriend, Jerry. It was one of those on-again/off-again relationships that drove me mad. They'd break up temporarily, but he'd string her along as he "dated" as many women as he could during their hiatus. Unfortunately, our story begins during an "on-again" stint.

Having known each other for years, Amber and I knew many of the same people. Our circles of friends overlapped considerably. When Amber and I heard that our friend Joe was getting married, we decided to make a weekend vacation out of it. I'd just begun dating Cassie at the time, and Amber and Jerry knew of a cabin about 25 minutes from the wedding site. We made arrangements, and planned a weekend for the four of us.

Friday rolled around, and being early December the weather was taking a turn for the worse. As the forecast called for freezing rain and sleet, Amber and I decided to leave town early for the cabin. Jerry and Cassie worked until late, and would be up (weather permitting) later that night.

As we drove, the rain began falling. Gentle at first, then increasingly heavier. In the big picture, a little rain isn't so bad...but as the temperature plummeted, things began to get slick on the roads. As traffic had slowed to a crawl, the trip took much longer than anticipated. Fortunately, the office stayed open until we arrived (the 2 bedroom cabin was part of a resort complex...a "tourist trap" if I'd ever seen one), and the manager wasted no time closing down as he handed us the keys.

"I hope you two are ready for the storm...it's only getting worse, from what I hear".

The cabin was just down a private road, and we were relieved as we pulled in. Amber had just received word that Jerry and Cassie weren't going to chance the roads until Saturday morning, at earliest.

I brought out the keys, and fumbled with the door. Try as I might, I couldn't get any of them to work.

"This is cabin 3, isn't it Amber?"

"Yes! Please hurry! The rain is really coming down...I'm gonna freeze to death!"

It took probably a good 5 minutes, but eventually I was able to unlock the door. The cabin would be a welcome reprieve from the struggles of our trip. I reached for the light switch.




"That's not good, Chris."

"Ice must have weighed down the tree branches, and knocked out a power line. You said they supply firewood?"

"Yeah. There should be a rack filled with it on the far wall. We should get a fire going...they use electric heat in these cabins. No power, no heat."

I've never had such a hard time starting a fire. My fingers and hands shook and shivered as I tried to crumble up newspaper and strategically place kindling. Both of us were absolutely soaked. Then, our bad luck continued.

"Chris, both duffle bags are soaked too. No dry clothes. I'll grab some towels."

Having rented out a room to Amber a few years earlier, I'd seen her in a towel before. She wasn't a "dress in the bathroom" kind of girl. She preferred to wrap up and continue getting dressed in her bedroom. While the "towel thing" may have been old news, I must admit that I was a little surprised when she hung her clothes by the fire to dry out. I had picked her up from work, and she was smartly dressed in a professional skirt and blouse. However, I was shocked (and admittedly a little pleased) to see her hanging out what she wore underneath. First came the black thigh-high stockings, followed by the garter belt. Next, a pair of tiny black panties that seemed so small that it was hard to believe they served any practical purpose. Finally, an exquisite lacy black bra, which I could tell had probably cost her a pretty penny.

There she was... a 5'8" leggy brunette wearing nothing but a towel. How did I not allow myself to see this before? Was it due to our long friendship, or because I'd first met her during her "ugly duckling" phase? One thing was for certain...our friendship would likely have been much different if THIS had been my first impression of her.

Once the fire was roaring, I excused myself to my bedroom to change out of my wet attire. I suddenly became a little self-conscious. While I wasn't "hard", I was slightly aroused by what I'd just seen. I sure hoped that I could control this, as a towel does very little to hide this sort of situation.

I came out of the bedroom to find that Amber had moved a small sofa in front of the fireplace. I dropped down next to her without saying a word. She put her head on my shoulder, and moved in tight (a situation that was not unfamiliar, as it had happened fairly often during our time as roommates - she was a "snuggler", and was always cold). I moved my arm around the back of the sofa, to allow her to get comfortable.

We sat silently, and warmed ourselves by the fire. As the hours rolled by, each of us dozed and only awoke when I needed to add wood to the fire. Around 3 AM, Amber dozed again. Her arm (which was propping her up on my leg) went limp and her hand crept downward, her fingernails lightly tickling the inside of my thigh.

This was exactly the situation I was afraid of! I hoped and wished that she'd stay asleep long enough to get my engorged member back under control. Unfortunately, this was not the case.

"Chris! Oh my God!"

"I'm sorry Amber...I don't intend anything by it. It just happened," I sheepishly replied.

"No, it's ok...I was just surprised by it. It's not like it's the first time I saw it."

"First time you saw ONE", I corrected.

"Ummm...no. I definitely meant YOURS."

I was stunned by this statement. Had I heard this correctly? Was she just messing with me?

"I accidentally walked in on you during a...ummm...'private moment' once..."

By this point, I was a feeling incredibly embarrassed. I started apologizing profusely, only to have Amber interrupt.

"No need to apologize. It was kind of hot. You were butt-naked in bed, legs spread, pounding away with one hand while teasing your balls with the other. You really get into it sometimes, huh?"

He attempts to play it down didn't help. Instead, her comments about "enjoying" the view just added to a strange combination of embarrassment and arousal.

"I thought you'd have realized that there was a point where I stopped knocking when I came into your bedroom to talk, Chris."

Just as she finished her comment her deft hands quickly grabbed onto my towel, opening it up. Despite my efforts for modesty, my throbbing manhood was too erect to be hidden by my hands.

"Chris, I wouldn't mind seeing it again..."

She could tell the uncertainty on my face, and offered further encouragement.

"I can even give you some visual help..."

She backed away, reclining on the arm of the sofa as she slowly opened her own towel. This was the first time I saw her naked. I was in awe...from the small but perky breasts to the apparently shaven (later found out it was waxed) pussy, she was an absolute goddess. I loved the view...she ran her hands through her hair, pulling it back. Her thighs were tight together, but the pose didn't hide much.

I indulged her request. As I pumped, her eyes alternated between my hands slowly stroking my cock, and the look of lust in my face as I explored every inch of her body.

"I can't believe we're doing this...you can never tell Jerry about tonight. Now, stand up."

I was puzzled. As I stood up, she pulled me around...my cock just inches from her face. I put my hands on her shoulders to prevent my knees from buckling as she took as much of me into her mouth as she could. Her left hand grasped the base of my cock, as her right hand skillfully caressed my balls. Her tongue curled over the sensitive parts on the underside of my cock...then moving all around the head. It wasn't long before her head began bobbing in the most hungry, lustful fashion I could imagine. It was as if she couldn't get enough!

I couldn't believe this was happening. Out of nowhere, I'm getting head from a girl I've known for most of my life. Just a few minutes earlier, I found out that she enjoyed watching me masturbate. I'd indulged her predilection, and nearly exploded in my hand. How long could I hope to last in her mouth? My knees are getting weak with every slick thrust, and every skillful movement of her tongue.

"Amber, how far are you willing to go with this?"

"I don't know...it's been weeks since Jerry and I have done anything. Swear to me...this never gets back to Jerry."

I obliged, and she pulled me down on top of her on the sofa. Her hands caressing my rock-hard cock, as she playfully worked it toward her pussy. I was shocked as to how wet she was.

"For some reason, giving head has always gotten me worked up", she explained.

Soon, I was as deep as I could be. The cold we'd encountered earlier made her warm wetness seem downright hot. We began moving against each other...not the coordinated thrusts of a couple that was used to regular trysts, but rather an animalistic encounter between two lustful individuals who not only seek the sensual pleasure of the act, but also seeking the warmth of the other's body.

We ground on each other for what seemed like forever, and grasped each other greedily. Our mouths explored each other...her mouth playfully biting my shoulder as her hands cupped my buttocks, pulling me in tight against her.

It was just before dawn that we finished. I filled her more and more with each pulse. She moaned, and collapsed on top of me...my manhood still inside her. The exhaustion was exquisite as we lay there, still joined.

The rain was finally letting up as I joined her in dreams.

Sometimes dreams come true, even if you didn't know you had them...

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