tagInterracial LoveA Secret Desire

A Secret Desire


Gideon Gryder thought that he probably should have felt more uneasy about the situation which he'd set into motion. It wasn't merely that he'd seduced his old band mate's young girlfriend a few nights back, or even that he'd spent the last few nights getting Erich Barnes so blind drunk that he wouldn't notice as Gideon sexually pursued his significant other. Even now, Gideon's thoughts of stripping Joy Marinero down to her pale beauty and taking her on the mattress or in the back seat of his car or even on the floor was more than enough to stimulate his hormones and encourage the normal male response. Gideon knew that Joy understood that this started out as a sort of mutual lust, and that they really weren't right for each other. His problem was that since they'd become secret lovers, the young white girl felt so right to him that he couldn't just ignore those obsessions welling up around them. What actually bothered Gideon least of all was his sense of timing. He knew that his timing should have been his primary concern, but he lived for the present. Anything passed a single day meant planning for the future and that wasn't where Gideon's head was at all.

Four nights back Gideon Gryder had sat quietly outside Erich and Joy's bedroom door listening while the two of them fucked--compliments of a couple of carefully spiked cocktails that he'd made for them. After just a few short minutes, he heard Erich grunt and groan, and then he heard Joy bark, "Damn! You're a selfish shit! You know that?"

Fifteen minutes later, covered by the sound of Erich's snores, Gideon sneaked into their room and crept carefully over to Joy's side of the bed. He fought back the urge to fondle her breasts as she laid naked next to Erich. Slowly, Gideon placed his fingers on Joy's lips to silently awaken her. At least she didn't jump. "Gideon, what do you want?" she whined as she pulled at the sheet to try to cover her nakedness.

"You'd better come downstairs," he whispered. "Right now."


"Shh...It's important."

"Wait Ôtil I get my robe on," she muttered.

"Hurry." Gideon headed for the doorway, pretending not to watch as Joy sat up and slipped her naked body into a silken jade green robe.

As she followed him downstairs, Joy murmured, "What's going on? Erich'll wake up any time now."

"Not very likely," he thought. "Not after what I've found." Gideon held up a small package of white powder. "Looks like he got started long before the rest of us."

"That sonuvabitch," Joy nearly growled. "No wonder..."

"Yeah," Gryder nodded. "Wham! Boy! Thank-you, Joy! Must've lasted almost three minutes before he was totally out of it."

Her face reddened. "You listened?"

Oops! "The whole house heard you."

"Shit." She was steaming by then. Unaware that Gideon Gryder knew all of the lingering effects of his potent drug, Joy sweated, still irritated by the nervous frustration of her unfulfilled sexual drive. Her body felt as if an army of tiny ants were crawling just under hr skin and she wanted to scratch herself everywhere. No! She'd rather have some other person scratching her numerous itches. Subconsciously, she allowed her robe to fall open, so that she could scratch one of her ribs.

"I hope you don't mind, but I plan on making up for Erich's callous disregard for your needs?" Gideon Gryder opened his bathrobe. Beneath the dark blue terry cloth covering his black body was totally naked. Then just as quickly he reached out for her silken wrap.

Since she'd worn only the thin night robe against the evening cold, Joy moaned with both frustration and confusion as Gideon's warm dark hands pulled her diaphanous robe away from her breasts.

"What are you...?" Suddenly Joy's mouth was pinned by Gideon's lips and his tongue hungrily examined everything there was to find. For a second she tried turning away from him. "Gideon..."

After giving into his kiss, Joy pulled back. "Don't. Erich'll wake up."

Gideon Gryder knew that that wasn't very likely. "Erich's not important, Joy. You are." He bent his head down to flick his tongue out at one of her exposed nipples. Moistening the tip of the nipple with his tongue, Gideon softly drew on her raised flesh, sucking her now erected nipple with his large eager lips.

Joy Marinero caught her breath. The odd combination of irritation and too much saliva made her nipple tingle with a brand new excitement. Instead of pushing him back, she stood quietly while his hands and lips examined her skin from hip to shoulder and in a straight line from her sternum right down to the pelvic mound. Suddenly she felt her balance tilted as Joy was pushed back and positioned on the cushions of the downstairs couch.

"This isn't right." She said as she started to squirm beneath him.

"It is right," Gideon answered. Now his hands were on her thighs, and he used his body's angular momentum to part her legs. Still keeping his body wedged between her knees, Gideon let his own robe fall to the floor. "You'll see."

Letting a breathy sigh escape, Joy could only stare at his coal black erection now jutting free and perpendicular to Gideon's stomach muscles. She sighed once again as his weight descended upon the couch and down over top of her thighs and abdomen, However Joy didn't bother to protest any more. The effects of that uncomfortable itch distracted her again. Gideon's body movements seemed to grate against the source of the itch relieving it for a moment or so.

Suddenly beneath her distraction, Joy realized that for the first time in her life she was destined to submit to something she'd never ever expected to experience. Her brown pubic hair was now brushing against his kinky black pubes, and the lips of her loins were broached by his large probing African American cock--twice, thrice, and yet again. As if in a dream state, her muscles stiffened under him, and her thighs arose in an acceptance unbidden by her conscious mind.

Gideon Gryder pushed inward with a strong steady movement, so that every part of the young white woman seemed to stretch and dilate as he pressed his thick cock forward. Despite her inner resistance and inhibitions, Joy was still dripping with semen from her love making with her white boyfriend, so she permitted Gideon to slide sharply into her. All that natural wetness which Erich had deposited some minutes before now allowed her to acquiesce to Gideon's penis as his thick erection slipped easily into her supple wet loins.

Suddenly Gideon's unexpected presence felt somehow right to her. Joy let her lungs exhale a soft moan while her toes curled involuntarily as the entirety of Gideon's cock slithered longingly through her labia and up into the enfolding wet heat of her supple sheath.

When Gideon Gryder's big, purple-black lips found her smaller pink lips once again, Joy didn't refuse him. Her arms hesitantly reached up and around her new paramour, her startlingly black lover. Joy pulled against him to draw the entire length of his erected organ deep within her. Adapting to the novel experience of his blunt penetration left her inwardly anxious, yet outwardly calm. Conceding hungrily to Gryder's hard pressed kissing, Joy perceived that her mature partner's erection was growing and strengthening inside her while his long black thighs and dangling testicles anchored themselves just beyond her point of entry.

Much too soon, Gideon Gryder moaned.

But his soft muffled groan excited Joy Marinero, so that now her legs were rigidly clamped against his hips. Joy thrust her abdomen upward, enclasping his penetration, listening to her body cry down deep for even deeper penetration. Joy dug her fingernails into his naked brown back, her arms trembling with the tense exertion the two of them now shared.

Joy realized that Gideon Gryder was about to cum inside of her pussy. This wasn't supposed to be happening, she thought. It's all wrong. Joy never bothered with protection with her significant other, Erich, because for the last four or five months the two of them had been trying to get her knocked up.

What if Gideon wasn't the reproductive wimp that Erich was? Joy thought. There's no room in my life for this kind of complication.

But with Gideon Gryder's strong arms coiled around her and his nearly two hundred pounds of masculinity pinning her under his dominant thrusts, Joy's controlled breathing soon transformed into an unmanageable gasping. She looked up into the black man's eyes and she saw an affectionate gaze looking back at her. Continuing to arch her back in order to make her hips rise, Joy let her head sink into the soft cushions of the living room sofa. Part of her mind wondered if maybe it wasn't time to bail out--to call a halt to this whole thing. Not yet, her nagging itch replied internally. Their conjugal pistoning played out in pure pleasure where she'd allowed Gideon access. After all his lengthy, bolstered presence was intimately gratifying. Joy Marinero decided she'd endure his diverting embrace and pistoning penis for a couple of minutes more, and then they'd stop. Suddenly the black man quaked, overwhelmed by his own climactic needs.

Joy hadn't brought this tumultuous sexual event to a standstill in time. Now her mind and body shuddered as Gideon Gryder's muscles, lungs, and vocal cords signaled a flurry of changes in the black man's demeanor.

Clutching Joy close to him as he balanced atop her white thighs, and yet still mobile inside her body, Gideon allowed his mind and his pent up emotions to explode from the loins outward. Spurting hoards of wet, heated, liquids surged out from deep within him, as Gideon let his passion sweep outward. Overjoyed that he was still enveloped deep inside of his white partner's cunt, his warm, sticky sperm spewed forth in thick potent bursts.

Yet in spite of his climax, Gideon continued to hold Joy tight, to move slowly within her.

It would be a few moments later before she spoke. "That was a foolish thing to do."


"I can just imagine the mess we've made on Erich's couch."

Gideon chuckled. "It was the right thing to do."

"Why do you say that?"

"Because I've wanted you for months."

"Why, because I'm white or because I'm his?"

"Both--and neither," Gideon answered. "It's totally because of who you are, Joy."

"Really? And who am I?"

"Somehow I knew that you hadn't figured that out for yourself yet."

"What's that supposed to mean?"

"It has to do with love." Gryder chuckled. They'd stay conjoined during all this time, and by now Gideon had brought himself back to being fully erect once again. Soon he was thrusting and lunging within her, meshing with her again, bringing Joy's body back to the brink of eternity until her nerves and tissues stopped her from going over the abyss by submitting to a startling climax of her own.

Joy stifled a loud moan. "Oooh, Gawwd!"

When the gut-wrenching wracking of her body subsided, she whispered into his dark ear. "How'd you do that?"

"I told you." He grinned. "It has to do with love."

The next night:

Gideon Gryder sighed. It was closer to her time now. Not that this careful timing actually bothered Gideon. Part of him seemed cold and calculating. As a watcher of wastebaskets and bathroom medicine cabinets, he was able to count the days in Joy's cycle.

Still he couldn't remember when he wanted any woman as much as he wanted Joy Marinero. Gideon remembered stealing a sultry kiss from her in the early afternoon, his lips parting, his tongue slipping urgently into her open mouth. He recalled that even in the reality of daylight she'd kissed him back just as fervently, as freely, and as enthusiastically as he'd initiated. Now Erich was off giving guitar lessons at the music store for an hour or two, and Gideon and Joy realized that they'd been touching and exploring and embracing each other with increasing intensity for the last several minutes. Joy kissed him just to the right of his flat nose, then each corner of his mouth, and then she followed an imaginary line along his jaw line out to his ear.

As he laid his hand lightly on her chest, Gideon Gryder could feel her nipples standing erect under the cottony material of her blouse. As Gideon began to unbutton her blouse, she murmured, "I don't think we should do this." But she didn't back away from his busy wrought iron hands. Everything about Gideon Gryder excited Joy today. His body wasn't exactly lean, but his chest, shoulders and arms were mahogany sculpted with fine musculature. "Is that what you really think?" Gideon asked. "Tell me the truth."

"Well, okay," she smiled, unbuttoning her denim pants. "Maybe just this one time."

She could hardly remember stepping out of her clothes, while his clothing seemed to melt away in the dimness of the twilight, and suddenly both Joy and Gideon were naked and hurriedly breaching the gulf between them as he settled down on the floor with his back against the bedroom rug. Joy squatted carefully over his dark erection in order to engulf his massive strength within the confines of her pink loins. With her memories of last night's climax still burning in her thoughts, Joy Marinero needed to sheath Gideon's masculine extension right then and there.

"Joy," he murmured. "I love you."

"Mmmm," she responded quietly. She closed her eyes to enjoy the sheer feel of his intromissive probing. His black cock felt just as good now as her vivid memories of last night had been reminding her.

"Joy," Gideon murmured. "I want you to leave him."

"Shh," she replied. "Don't talk. Just fuck."

"You've been with him for over two years," he whispered breathlessly. "How long have you been trying to get pregnant?"

"Pill," she muttered as her mind began to cloud up under the sensations.

Weeks before Erich had told him the truth about their constant unsuccessful attempts to get her pregnant. Gideon murmured. "I'm going to go very very slow with you, Joy."

"Ungh?" she squirmed aggressively atop him. "What for? I won't break."

"My uncle told me that's the secret."

"Secret to what?"

"Roll over on your back." They untangled just long enough to switch positions. "And I'll tell you in a second."

His withdrawal had been a startling disturbance to her wet loins, but now every nerve in her body...each kiss...each touch...each lingering stroke of his cock became more seductive with its temporary absence. Finally, when Gideon reentered Joy's loins, his long slide into her vagina was an incredible ode to bliss.

"All right, Gideon, tell me," she whispered. "What's this secret you're talking about?"

Gideon grinned. "It's the secret to making a little baby boy."

Oh God! Then she said: "Ugh? No, Gideon!"

"Got to be making a boy baby," Gideon chanted out loud. It had an amazingly erotic effect upon him.

Joy could sense his penetration becoming harder yet, even as she heard him repeat his silly chant: "Got to be making a boy baby."

"Jesus, no," Joy moaned. But her body continued to move in response to his own endeavors. Now she could tell that he was dripping from the tiny aperture at the crown of his cock, and, still Joy continued to embrace him in a primitive rutting fever. "Oh my God!"

Like a mantra or an incantation, Gideon reiterated: "Got to be making a boy baby."

After months of ignoring any possibility of children, Joy realized that this was the second time she'd allowed this African American man intimate access to her naked loins without taking any precautions. Still Joy clung to him now, savoring the slow prolonged thrill of his prodding and plunging. It would be so ironic if she ended up conceiving a baby with Gideon Gryder rather than Erich Barnes, Joy thought.

"Ooo! Oh, yes!" she squealed. "There!"

"Got to be making..."

"There it isss!" Joy hissed out her last syllable as her throat echoed the lengthy gestalt wrack from the orgasm which gripped her now.

"...Making a boy...." Now his words stopped in his throat as Gideon gripped Joy's hips and held her tightly against him. Burying his cock deeply into the moist warm recesses of Joy's womb, he too hissed out a long: "Yesss...."

In the heady rush of her lusty exchange, Joy had put aside the needs that her lover had expressed vocally. So, when all his energy burst out in a rush of hot spurting semen, Joy concentrated intently on taking what she needed from their sexual encounter. Wracked by the tumult of her own orgasmic shudders, Joy accepted the flowing wash of his seed caching and pooling deep inside her vagina. Everything felt much too good to protest.

"Damn," she said.

"What's wrong?"

"I told myself that I wouldn't do this again."

"Sorry Ôbout that." He grinned down at her.

"No, you're not," Joy laughed.

"No. I'm not."

Two days and twice as many fucks later, Gideon Gryder received telephone confirmation that the band was to be booked into a club in New York City.

"I'm leaving tomorrow to help get things set up," he said to her that last night at her and Erich's place. "The rest of the guys will be coming later."

Wearing one of Erich's shirts, Joy had sat down on the bed next to her black lover. "So soon?" she whispered.

"We can't pass this up, Joy," he replied. "It's too important."

"I'll show you what's important." Smiling, and with a movement that totally surprised him, she brought her hands to her throat and began to unbutton her shirt. Gideon watched fascinated. His eyes followed the the progress of her hands, watching as the shirt fell open in an ever widening V, and then it fell away from her large breasts. Joy finished stripping down immediately in front of him. Quietly she fell into his arms, just as silently, Gideon Gryder picked her up to place her over on his side of the bed. Joy no longer felt even a semblance of control as she glanced across the strangely homey room. Everything seemed to tilt as Gideon put her down flat on the bed.

She leaned back across the bed, propping herself up on her elbows and raising one knee. Gideon had to wonder about the way she could stretch so languishingly, so naturally sexy.

Gideon Gryder stepped out of his pants. he wore no underwear. In full view of his erected and demanding organ--his naked, dark-skinned, male countenance-- Joy sighed. The next time she raised her gaze to his, Gideon bent his head down to meet hers. His mouth captured hers almost roughly, his tongue parting Joy's lips and driving into her mouth in a fiercely erotic kiss that sent flames shooting through her entire body. Leaning over her, Gideon kissed her until she actually heard her own voice moaning softly under him as if it were someone else. Then he dropped his mouth to her breasts, making each one ache in turn while his busy fingers explored and tormented the private tissues at her pubic mound.

"Do it now, Gideon," she murmured. "Fuck me."

"Ask me again, Joy."

"Fuck me."



"Not until you promise me that you'll take my baby."

"Gideon, we're wasting time."

"Promise me."

"Okay, I promise."

"Make me believe you."

"Gideon, I promise you that I'll take your...your baby."

Then Gideon moved. His body shifted atop of hers, his hips pushed forward totally insistent, his lips brushed both tender and rough against the curves of her neck and cheek. As Gideon's mouth returned to Joy's mouth, parting her lips again, his right leg wedged up slowly between her legs, gently spreading her soft thighs. Settling into the vertex of her soft underbelly, he groaned in unassuaged anticipation. So thrilled was he that Joy was there under him, so eager was he to fit the length of his penis deep within her supple moist sheath that Gideon Gryder literally ached. All the while their tongues tangled ardently together.

Sneaking a quick glance at the black erection Joy knew she was destined to experience once again, Ms. Marinero allowed her parted thighs to roll up and back exposing her open loins to Gideon's elongated strength. As his naked penis left her sight, she felt the barebacked organ broach the juncture of her swelling labia and reassert his demand for their impending coupling. Joy inhaled to allow her body to envelop his essence deep within; making it facile for his long blunt penis to gain access to the gentle moist flesh at the base of her womb, Breathing quickly she was both eager and nervous about being intimately entwined with him this time. After all something nagged at the back of her mind. But what was it? Now her pale stomach slid against his dark one, and the tiny squishing sounds they made together became louder and more pronounced. Soon their bellies slapped against each other as if applauding their idiosyncratic behavior. Joy let her hazel eyes and porcelin white skin stare up at Gideon's brown-black eyes and ebony black skin

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