A Secret Life Ch. 02


'Sorry. I just can't quite believe this. I keep thinking I'm going to wake up and it will all be a dream.' he said, finally.

I chuckled. 'If it is a dream it's the best one I've had in a long time! And I've had plenty of dreams about us getting together.'

'Really? I had no idea you were at all interested in me. I'd have made a move if I had, I've been so frustrated thinking you were straight and I'd just have to settle for having you around even if I could never actually have you.'

'I didn't know either. I guess that makes us both particularly dense. I'll have to thank Greg and Simon on Monday then, they have no idea how much that kiss is responsible for! I clearly have dreadful gaydar, because that's three guys in 24 hours I have had to revise my assumptions about. I have to say though, I'm really happy you were one of them!'

He kissed me hard in response, which pretty much said that he was glad too. He finally pulled back and rolled off me, the release we had both had earlier was smeared over our chests and stomachs, and was stuck in my chest hair. I couldn't resist scooping some up on my finger and tasting the mixture of our essences. I heard Dave moan as he saw me doing it, and his bright eyes flared with lust when I looked at him.

He grabbed my hand and pulled me out of bed. 'We need a shower.' That was all he said but I willingly followed him down the hallway and waited while he turned it on and waited for the water to warm up. I had never realised before, but our shower cubicle could almost have been made for two. There would certainly be plenty of room, although I doubted I would want to be far away from him anyway. I moved right up against him as I followed him into the shower, trying to get at least some of me under the spray.

He turned towards me and pressed us together again, taking some shower gel in his hands and starting to soap across my shoulders and down my back. I took my cue from him and started to do the same, massaging his neck and back as I moved gradually downwards. I could tell from the way we were pressed together that this was starting to have an effect on both of us. I wondered how many times in one day it was possible to come, and hoped I would get to find out.

When his hands moved onto my arse I started to tremble. No-one had ever touched me there. Well, to be honest, no-one had ever touched me most places, but I had no idea that just having his hands on my buttocks would be so arousing. I went to full staff pretty quickly as he circled his hands around and then down into my crack. His fingers moving softly over my entrance made me gasp and I stopped soaping him as I grabbed for the wall to hold myself up against something solid.

He smiled at me, and I smiled to reassure him. As far as I was concerned he could do anything to me, and if he turned me round and tried to stick his cock in me now I wouldn't object. I did hope however that he would build up to that one. I had played with my own ass and I knew that it could be good, but I also knew it took a bit of time for anything large to feel pleasurable.

He started to turn me so I was facing the wall, and I was wrong with my previous thoughts because I started to panic that he was just going to take me, and I resisted. I heard his voice soft in my ear, reassuring me.

'I'm not going to hurt you. Just let me touch you, please.'

There was such need in his voice and his eyes that I turned to let him do whatever he wanted. I did trust him, I was just a little scared at the idea of losing my virginity, especially to the man I had wanted for so long.

I felt his hands back on my shoulders, retracing his steps from earlier to make sure I was relaxed. As he moved down I felt myself shaking and I wasn't entirely sure if it was nerves or because I was so turned on. His hands bypassed my ass this time and he moved right down and started cleaning my feet and working his way up my legs. As he moved higher and higher I became more certain that the shaking was down to my arousal rather than anything negative. I spread my legs almost without thinking, and my reward was his mouth starting to follow his hands up my inner thighs, starting at the knee. Each kiss was featherlight but made my cock leap and my moans increased in volume. I wouldn't have been able to form a word if I'd had to.

As his hands reached my sack I felt a jolt of electricity run through my body. Somehow I spread my legs even further, and I thought I could hear him moan when I did it. It might just have been me again though. I managed to make my position better though because now my feet were against the edges of the cubicle and I was more supported. My knees still nearly buckled under me when his lips finally reached my crotch and I was assailed with the joint sensations of his tongue licking the back of my balls towards my ass, and his hand moving to my cock.

He held me gently, starting to soap my dick clean but using the up and down motion of wanking so that I started to leak. He cleaned my balls and cock with his hands for a minute and I was loving every moment, each sound I made becoming more and more wanton. I wanted to spread my legs even further for him but it was impossible in this confined space, so I settled for moving my feet back so I could lean forward a little and push my arse out towards him.

This seemed to be some sort of unwritten invitation to him because the next thing he did made me scream in pleasure. His tongue licked right across my hole. I had no idea the skin there was so sensitive to touch, not having spent that much time just touching myself there. My reaction was clearly enough to encourage him further because he focussed his attention solely on that area and I moaned incoherently as he tongued across and eventually just inside my hole. How long he did that for I had no idea, but it felt amazing. The only thing I wasn't sure I could cope with was that I was getting closer and closer to orgasm but I didn't think I could reach it like this, and I really needed to come now. The pleasure was getting too intense, and I needed a release.

I was trying to gather a rational thought to try and beg him to finish me off when he suddenly moved. His head was off my ass and I groaned at the sudden lack of contact, then groaned again when his head ducked between my legs and he was sucking my cock into his mouth. It was so warm and soft, and his tongue teased at the head. I had never experienced anything like this and now I knew why the men in the porn films seemed to enjoy having their cocks sucked so much, I could take this for hours. Well, I couldn't really, because I was going to come again, and come hard, very soon.

His final action finished me off. I felt one soapy finger slip inside my channel and it was my undoing. I came so hard I practically forced my cock right down Dave's throat, and he withdrew as far as he could, but the wall stopped him coming totally off me. I don't know how many times I shot because I was focussed on the stars shooting in my mind, the lights almost blinding in their intensity.

I slumped to the floor a moment later, unable to hold myself upright. I think Dave must have helped me down because I ended up with my back to the wall and without hitting my head or anything else on the way down. Every part of me had turned to jelly and I just sat there, dimly aware of the water falling on me and the presence of Dave who was gently stroking my hair. I was probably there for five minutes or so before any ability to move returned and I was able to look up at him.

I wanted to thank him, but I couldn't find enough words to tell him how amazing that had been. When I managed to look at him he smiled at me tenderly and I felt my heart jump in my chest at being the focus of his love. Well, it certainly looked like that, even if I wasn't going to use that word out loud just yet. I managed to give him a shaky smile in return, and even if I wasn't capable of doing anything else for the time being, I still appreciated the view of him soaping himself down slowly, and I moaned when he started to clean his own hard dick.

He grinned at me. 'I'm nearly done here. I'll help you up in a moment.'

I just nodded. I still couldn't find the words, but at least the fact he had rendered me incoherent and unable to move should be a good indication I had enjoyed myself. I stayed focussed on his hand and his cock, fascinated by the movement and the fact that I was seeing all of him for the first time. I must have been on autopilot, because if I'd thought about it I would have been sure I still couldn't move, but suddenly I was on my knees and heading towards his cock. I badly wanted to touch it and taste it.

My tongue flicked out and I tasted a combination of the shower gel and the precum that had formed there. I might never have sucked a real cock, but I'd seen plenty of it. However, no amount of preparation could have let me know how amazing it was to feel Dave's hard dick in my mouth. I licked and sucked and was treated to more precum and his moans assailing my ears. His hands came to my head, but he didn't push me, probably making sure I could take this first time at my own pace.

My pace was quick though. I'd wanted to savour the experience, but the more of him I had in my mouth and the more of his flavour I received, the more I wanted. I used my hands on the base of his dick and his balls too, caressing and pumping to help me get more of him to taste. I knew I couldn't take all of him, but I gave it a damn good try, and probably had three quarters of him in me. It was a strange combination of the silky feel of his skin under my tongue and the hardness of his member as I played.

I heard his breathing start to come in short pants and his moans increase, and I worked harder, wanting a proper taste of all he had to offer me. His hips started to jerk towards me despite his best efforts not to force himself into me, and I relished the feeling of being used. Perhaps when I was more used to this he'd be able to face fuck me properly. The thought made me moan, and that finished Dave off. I grabbed hold of his buttocks to stop him moving away from me, and savoured the feel and taste of him shooting into my mouth. I swallowed every last drop, licking and sucking him clean once he stopped pumping, and enjoying the little twitches of aftershock while I did it. Eventually he pushed me away from him gently.

'Stop. It's too sensitive.'

I looked up at him and couldn't stop the grin from spreading across my face. He looked so satisfied and I had done that to him. It was his turn to give me a shaky grin as he recovered.

He took a deep breath, and just looked at me, surprise and delight showing in his face. 'Shit. If I didn't know better I'd be sure you'd done that before. That was incredible Steve. We should get out of here before we turn into prunes though. Perhaps we should get some breakfast and refuel.' His grin matched mine, me still feeling very proud of myself, and hoping that refuelling meant plenty more sex today. I'd only just started to explore him and I wanted so much more.

* * * * * * *

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