tagGay MaleA Secret Life Ch. 04

A Secret Life Ch. 04


Note: I posted quite a short last chapter because I felt this bit needed to be on its own. I'm not quite sure why the story took this turn but I think it works so I've left it as first written.

This chapter features fairly mild and consensual D/s with spanking and anal plugs. If that isn't your thing then you can skip to chapter 5 (the last one) which should be up tomorrow, and you can pick the story up there - this chapter is pretty much all play.

* * * * * *


As I finished my dinner I became aware of Dave looking at me intently. I raised my eyes to his and tried to work out what his strange expression was about. It was lust, but something else too. Nerves? Anticipation?

'What's up with you.'

'I was just thinking about something.' His expression softened a bit. 'Babe, I need to know, before later, how virgin is your ass?' I probably went red and looked confused at the same time. 'I mean, you had my finger and tongue there earlier, but have you ever used anything on yourself?'

I stared at my plate before answering. I might be getting more experienced by the moment, but it still had serious attacks of embarrassment. 'My finger.'

'You've never used a dildo or plug?'

Okay, I must have been glowing by now, it certainly felt that way. 'No.' I answered quietly.

He took a deep breath, seeming to steady himself. 'You can absolutely say no to me you know, I won't mind if you aren't comfortable with doing something.'

He stopped talking and I looked at him puzzled. 'I thought we'd established I want you to take me. Don't back out on me now.'

He smiled a little nervously. 'Not that. It's just I've been having an idea while we've been eating. You'll need to be opened up carefully the first time else it will be uncomfortable, and I had this thought that really turns me on, and would probably do it for you too, but, well... it's a bit kinky.'

'As in whips and chains kinky?' I asked, unsure what he was on about but if it involved some more playing I might well be open to his suggestions. Not anything that involved pain, but I'd had some thoughts along the bondage and submission lines when I'd pictured being on the receiving end of his cock. I just needed to find out exactly what I might be letting myself in for before I agreed.

'No.' he said hurriedly. 'Well, perhaps a little, but way down the scale from that.'

I was amused by his comment. 'I didn't realise there was a scale. Starting at light spanking and ending up at total painslut?'

He coughed up his tea for the second time that day, and looked at me shocked. 'You know, a half virgin really shouldn't be saying things like that.'

I laughed. 'I'm glad I can keep surprising you. Are you going to tell me your slightly kinky idea then?'

'You can say no. Honestly, I won't mind.'

I rolled my eyes. 'Dave, I know. And if I don't think I'll like it or the idea scares me I will. But I won't be able to say yes or no if you don't tell me what you have been thinking about. I won't think any less of you even if you do have a few kinks.'

He still looked worried, but at least he started to tell me. 'I do use dildos and plugs, sometimes. And I have a few, in various sizes.' He stopped for a moment to gauge my reaction. This news did not worry me, I just wished I'd known, I'd probably have tried one before now. 'I was thinking that to get you open for later, I could use them on you. Start with the smallest and work our way up through the afternoon. I haven't got one quite my size, but it would be less of a leap for you.'

Okay, my cock liked this idea. I failed to see what was remotely kinky about it though, really. I was starting to get hard thinking about it, and what Dave said made sense. I'd have time to get used to having something there before he took me. 'Yes.'

'Really?' He looked so excited about me agreeing I wondered if I was missing something.

'It sounds like a good idea. I'm just not getting what's kinky, or what you get out of it.'

He went red. 'I like the idea of having you bent over and putting them in you for starters. But you're not getting what it will do to you, especially if you're not used to it. You'll be turned on all afternoon, probably hard as a rock. And I'll be making you wait an hour before you can have the next one, and believe me you will want it well before then. And all the time I'll know what's up your ass and what else will be there later.'

I went to full staff when he started talking me through my afternoon. Pleasurable torture, all the time waiting for his cock to finally enter me and give me the release I will need. 'So there's a little bit of a control freak in you then?!' I teased.

He looked a bit ashamed. 'I guess so.'

I smiled. 'That's okay, there's a little bit of someone who likes to be controlled in me. And what you just said gave me a massive hard-on, so it's still a yes from me.'

He beamed. 'You don't think it's weird?'

'Probably, but it's my kind of weird. When do we start?'

'Oh, right now lover. Follow me.'

It was actually hard to walk thinking about what was going to happen, given that I was so turned on right now, and he had basically told me I wasn't going to get off for hours. And when I got to his room he started giving orders, and I wondered if it was possible to come just from a voice.

'Strip.' I obeyed instantly, and it didn't exactly take long given that I was only wearing my boxers anyway. 'Good. Now bend over and grab hold of the end of the bed. Spread your legs. No, wider.'

Maybe there was a rather larger part of me that liked being controlled than I thought, because being in that position, totally open and available to him was really doing it for me. I heard him rummaging in a drawer behind him, but when I turned my head slightly he saw me. 'Keep your head down and eyes shut. You're not going to see what I put in you, just feel it.'

I moaned out loud. Dear god, would I actually last an afternoon of him doing this? He hadn't even got as far as putting anything in me yet. I flinched when I felt the cold gel against me. At least he wasn't going to go for dry. Now that I probably would object to. I moaned when I felt his finger enter me, but it was far from unpleasant. It was a fairly quick in and out, just getting me lubricated I guessed. The next thing that pressed against me was harder, and certainly wider. Oh shit, and longer too.

I gave out one long moan as the plug entered me. It felt good though, I'd never had anything that large in me. I wasn't expecting him to pull it out again, and fuck me with it a few times. That feeling had my dick twitching and leaking, but he didn't keep it up for long enough that I could come.

There was a moment of silence afterwards, and I wondered what he was doing, but I wanted to obey his orders and I wasn't going to move until he told me to. I heard him moan softly, perhaps he was just appreciating the view. 'That should do it for now.' he said, and gave a quick swat to my backside. I surprised myself when I moaned at that, but I kept my hands firmly holding onto the bed. I don't know what he thought, but another slap soon sounded out around the room, quickly followed by another moan from me.

'Oh my God.' I heard him say, in a voice I'd never heard before. It wasn't his controlling voice, it was just thick with lust. And I guessed he enjoyed my reaction because he started spanking me and I couldn't control the sounds I made, and I had no idea I would like this at all, let alone so much. It probably helped that the motion of his hand against me hit the base of the plug sometimes and I felt it move inside me, and I was wriggling a little too. He must have kept the spanking up for a couple of minutes, alternating between cheeks, and me moaning the whole time. Well, I just kept on discovering things about myself today.

When he stopped it had just started to get a bit much. Maybe he knew by the sounds I was making. He gave a totally unnecessary order. 'Stay there.'

I just waited with my head down, wondering what else he was going to do to me. I heard a click and then beeping on his phone. 'I've set the alarm for one hour. When it goes off you come straight back in here and assume the position, understand.'

I nodded. I'm not sure what I could say at that point. I knew my ass cheeks were red, and my face was probably worse. I felt his hands on me, and this time they were gentle, kneading and stroking my sore ass, massaging them. He started speaking to me, and he was back closer to his normal voice.

'You have no idea how hot you look like this, my handprints on your red ass, and that plug in you. This afternoon is going to be very frustrating for both of us, but I'm going to stick to my plan. Well, spanking you wasn't in my plan, but I'm happy to adapt there. Come on, we've got films to watch. Oh, and you won't be needing your boxers. I want you naked the rest of the day.'

As I stood up I moaned yet again. My spanked ass was a pleasant kind of sore, but as I moved the plug hit parts of my insides and sent jolts of pleasure through my body. And that was before I tried walking. I nearly fell over as I followed him through to the lounge, the feelings were so good. He just turned and grinned at me.

'And that's the smallest one I have. You just wait.'

When I sat down on the sofa I moaned again. I became convinced I would not last the afternoon. Dave grinned at me, and as soon as I got comfortable he said I'd need to get up and put the DVD in the machine. I glared at him, mock annoyed.

'You just want to see my ass again.'

'Too right. Now get over there.' I heard him groan as I bent down to sort it out. At least I knew he was going to find this afternoon tough as well. He really enjoyed teasing me. Every time I got used to the plug and my dick started to relax he made me get up to get us drinks, or pick up the remote he had 'accidentally' dropped on the floor, or he'd put his hand on my cock and give it a few soft strokes until I moaned and was back at full staff. I started praying for the alarm to go off, and wondering if he'd actually set it for an hour, but the DVD player showed the time we had been watching too, and that wasn't yet an hour.

When his phone finally started beeping, I was up off the sofa and into his room so fast he just laughed at me. By the time he wandered through, clearly still amused, I was in position and waiting eagerly. The sight of me like that though made him groan again. I couldn't stop myself from trembling as I heard him opening the drawer again, wondering what something even larger would feel like. He came back to me and fucked me in and out with the existing plug a few times before he removed it.

I suddenly felt cold and empty, and when he pressed the new plug to my ass I pushed back, desperate to be filled again. This one he took slower, working it into me with care. And it certainly felt bigger, and better, and again, when he fucked me with it for a moment I moaned and writhed. How good was his dick going to feel?

I focussed on his words when he started talking to me. 'You know, I was going to do you face to face like you did me, but I think this will be much better. When I get the last plug out of you I'm just going to replace it with my dick and fuck you hard and fast. You'll be gagging for it by then. Now, I think before we go back, I should redden that ass of yours again.'

So he did, spanking me again until my moans diminished and turned more to cries. He let up after a moment, knowing it had started to move from pleasure to pain. I heard his phone beeping again and waited for the instruction to get up and join him for more of the film. He was tormenting me with his words, his plugs and the spankings, but I was hard as a rock still and the submissive side I didn't really know was there kept coming to the fore.

And again, for the next hour, he kept me hot and bothered but didn't let me have a release. He seemed to know exactly when I was getting relaxed and comfortable and each time made me do something to have the plug moving inside me again. And sometimes he told me to do things that were clearly for his benefit, so he could see me and keep himself turned on. He'd order me to my hands and knees in front of him so he could look at and caress my ass, and even put the occasional hand print back on it. Then it would be back to the sofa, me desperate for his next touch or word.

Towards the end of the next hour he got me on my hands and knees again, while he stroked my cheeks gently. 'You know, the red goes pretty quick, but it looks really hot while it still is. I think I need to find my paddle.' My head shot round to look at him, checking what he had said. 'Would you like to try that?' he asked. He might be in control but he was making sure I had pleasure and he didn't push me too far or hurt me, and it made my heart swell that he would take such good care of me. I just blushed and nodded.

The alarm went off again, and I was back in his room waiting for my next treatment immediately. He still found this amusing, but was obviously enjoying it too. This time his rummaging took longer, and I heard him cross the room to look in his wardrobe. He sounded pleased and I guessed he had found the paddle. I wasn't sure if I would like it, but I had every intention of finding out. If he'd told me he had a whip lying around I probably would have run a mile, but this idea sounded good. He ran it over my ass, not striking me but still making both of us groan.

'First things first,' he said, putting the paddle down in front of me. I couldn't take my eyes off it for a moment, until I felt him loosening the plug off with a few quick motions and then removing it. I stayed with my head bowed waiting for the larger one, for a moment realising that he hadn't told me how many of these things he had, and wondering how many hours I would be doing this for. I heard the click that I now knew was the top of the bottle of lube, and waited impatiently to feel this new torture. This time I know I winced when the plug first entered me, because he soothed my back with a hand. He went back into his caring voice.

'It will only hurt for a moment. Relax and it will start to feel just as good as the others did. And all the time remember, you are getting more and more ready for the real thing.'

I groaned. And whether it was his soothing tones or just my body accepting, it started to feel good again as he slipped the plug inside me. It seemed to keep coming. I had no idea of the lengths or thickness of these things because he had refused to show me, but he again worked it in and out slowly, and when he finally had it all the way in and left it there I missed the movement. I knew I would be able to feel it when I moved around myself, but that wasn't the same as having something fucking me. I guess he knew that, which was why the idea of this little game had turned him on in the first place.

I took a deep breath as he reached back around me for the paddle, my dick still hard and me starting to accept I was moving up that mysterious scale by the moment. The first strike made me jump. It wasn't the same as Dave's hand on me, but it wasn't causing me lots of pain, it was just the surprise of a new sensation. And the larger plug in my ass made the feeling a lot more intense.

'Stay still.' came the order. 'Hold on tight to that bed and take your punishment.'

I wished I didn't moan so wantonly just to the sound of his voice. It made it very clear to him how much I loved this, and perhaps when we were out of this moment the submissive in me would freak one, or both, of us out. I felt the next stroke and was more prepared, only flinching a little as the plug seemed to work its way deeper inside me. I don't know how many times he hit me, I lost count because I was enjoying it too much. Like before, he kept going for a little while after the sounds I made changed from total pleasure to some pain. Was he just testing my boundaries, or did it do something for him too?

Again, I waited for his instruction before I moved. I'd been holding onto the bed so tight this time that I had marks in my hands from where my nails met my palm. Before he let me up he was sorting out the alarm on his phone again. I knew I had another hour, would it be two? Or three? I looked down at my hands as I stood up and noted that they weren't that bad. He came to look at what I was and took my hands in his, gently kissing each palm before telling me to join him back in the living room. It was a really loving gesture, but his face was flushed and his eyes showed his emotion. Just what he was doing to me was obviously having one hell of an effect. I smiled at the knowledge.

This hour seemed even longer than before. I didn't once forget that the plug was in me, but he still teased me to make sure I knew, or for his own amusement, I wasn't quite sure. Probably after about half an hour he had me on my hands and knees in front of him again, but rather than just stroke my ass, he started to remove the plug, then pushed it back in all the way quickly. I was gasping and moaning while he continued. When I started to beg him to fuck me properly the plug was suddenly pushed back in and he sat back on the sofa, leaving me there still hoping and begging for more.

'No.' he said, firmly. 'I'm not going to fuck you until you are ready. And there's another plug to come first. And since you're getting so demanding, I'm going to leave that one for two hours.'

I know I groaned. I didn't want there to be something even bigger, unless it was him. Still, it did bring me up a bit sharp. He'd said he didn't have any as big as him, so if there was still another size to come how much was he going to fill me up?

'I will also paddle that ass of yours every half hour. Keep it nice and red and remind you who's in charge here.'

Oh god, I moaned again. I didn't dare look him in the eyes because my arousal at what he was doing was far too obvious as it was. His games were really exciting me, and I still had that half of my virginity to go. And over two hours before it would be either. The thought of him getting me into that position and actually taking me, I had to keep stopping myself thinking about it because it was too much of a turn on with all the other sensations going through me.

* * * * * * *


I had no idea when I had my kinky plan what it would lead to. The sight of Steve bent over waiting for me to open his virgin asshole was unbelievably erotic. I could barely concentrate on what I was doing and control the urge I had just to take him. His responses to the plugs were amazing, but the discovery he enjoyed spanking was almost too much for me to keep myself calm. I thought this afternoon would be tense and teasing but I figured it would be worse for him than for me.

Now I wasn't sure which one of us was getting the most torment out of this. His reactions to what I was doing to him, moaning and trembling with passion, drove me nearly to the edge, and when he turned to me and begged me to fuck him, lust burning bright in his eyes, I'm not sure how I didn't leap off the sofa and just do it.

I couldn't quite believe how we had ended up here either. Yesterday I was waiting for him to come home so we could go out for some birthday drinks. Now he was on his hands and knees in front of me, naked and hard with one of my toys in him and his asscheeks pink from my hand and my paddle, and he was loving every moment of it. My Steve, and I really could consider him that now, was making so many of my fantasies come true I would have needed to keep pinching myself if the constant reactions in my body and dick weren't making me very sure I was awake.

When the alarm went off for the last plug, I followed Steve closely as he rushed to my room. As every time before he was very keen to get this done, and I wasn't exactly unwilling either. I groaned as I turned the corner and saw him gripping the end of my bed with his legs spread wide. He was beautiful, and I liked his submissive side more than I wanted to think about right now. I couldn't imagine us playing like this every time we had sex, but it wouldn't hurt to have some variety.

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