tagGay MaleA Secret Life Ch. 05

A Secret Life Ch. 05


This is the final part of this story, and I hope you've enjoyed it. Thanks for the comments and votes, I hope they've continued on the other chapters, but I'm writing this when chapter 2 has just gone up.

I'm trying to finish off a couple of other romance stories that I will post when I have done, but probably the next thing to be on Lit will be a nonhuman story (werewolves and werecats) which has both m/m and m/f relationships and is obviously a bit different to what I've posted so far. There's more of a story as well as the nonhuman angle, but it's still got a lot of romance and happy couples in.

Anyway, here's the end of Dave and Steve's story...

* * * * * *


After the latest part of our game, I kissed and kneaded Steve's sore ass cheeks, soothing him. I was beginning to wonder whether my game had gone a little far given that this was his first time. I led Steve back into the living room and got him to sit astride me so I could hold him and kiss him. It occurred to me that our playing had stopped me taking that small pleasure and I didn't want to miss out on it, or to let him think that I was only wanting one thing from him.

I kissed him passionately and was pleased that he responded just as keen. When we finally pulled back from the kiss I had to reassure myself about this whole situation. I stroked his face gently, aware of how flushed he was and fairly sure it was a combination of our kisses and the plug in him that was causing it.

'Are you okay baby?' I asked cautiously. He looked back at me a little confused. 'I was just worrying that this is all a bit much and going too far for either one of us.'

He looked embarrassed then, but then he had done much of the afternoon. 'I'm fine. I wouldn't have let you do any of this if I wasn't enjoying it Dave.'

'Still, I didn't expect things to develop quite this way. I think I've surprised myself.'

'Me too.' he replied quietly.

I kept stroking his face gently and looked into his eyes, seeing the love and lust still showing there and glad that I hadn't destroyed that.

'I love you Steve. I hope you realise that. I have done for a long time, and although this afternoon has been great, that isn't how I see our relationship panning out. Games from time to time maybe, but we need to be equal in most things.'

He kissed me softly before he answered.

'I'm kind of glad you see it that way. I love you too. And I have been loving what we've been doing, but I wouldn't want it all the time either. I'm not quite sure I realised quite how much I would enjoy myself, but then I'd never heard that voice you used before. That's practically enough to make me come on its own!'

I laughed. 'I'm not sure where it came from. I was just so turned on seeing you want me so much, and wanting to do what I asked.'

He shuffled uncomfortably in my lap, and brushed against my erection while he did it. After this afternoon even a moment of calm between us while we sorted things out was not enough to make it flag. He grinned when he saw me look down to check out our hard dicks pressing together. It made me think it was time to call this a day.

'Baby, I know I said another two hours, but I'm not sure I can wait that long.'

'Whenever you want me, I'm yours.' he replied.

I couldn't help the moan of lust that rumbled from deep in my throat. How could any man not be turned on by their lover saying something like that?

'Love, I also said how I'd take you, but I don't want to do that. It's your first time and this should be special. I want to see your face, watch you go through every moment of the pleasure. And I don't want to hurt you.'

He was blushing again. I kissed him hard, unable to resist when he looked so cute. I wished for a moment that I'd be able to carry him to bed but the difference in our sizes and the fact I was a bit of a weakling wasn't going to let that work. I reluctantly started to stand, and he moved off me to do the same. I took his hand in mine and started to lead him to my bedroom.

'Come with me. I'm going to make love to you now like I promised. Are you ready?'

He just nodded and followed me. I was shaking with excitement at the thought of taking this next step. It was a very long time since I'd had chance to top anyone. The combination of years of celibacy and being smaller than most of my lovers before meant I didn't get the opportunity all that often. This was going to be very special for me too, and it was more important that I did this properly because it was the first time I would be making love to someone rather than just fucking them.

I motioned Steve to lie back on my bed as soon as we got to my room. Seeing him spread out like that waiting for me was amazing. I knew how to make this good and I hoped to make sure he remembered losing his virginity for all good reasons. I managed to ignore my own erection for a moment and settled myself on top of him, kissing him yet again and knowing I could never get enough of his lips on mine. His arms came around me and I relished being held like this, especially by him. As much as I might like to, I wasn't going to be able to wait all that long, so I started a slow descent of his body, kissing and licking him as I went. I paid particular attention to his nipples and grinned when he started to writhe underneath me with the pleasure. He still had the plug in him and that was still doing its job of opening him up and getting him ready for me.

His moans and movements increased as I reached his cock, and I only gave it a brief lick, not wanting him to come again until I was inside him. He moaned his disappointment, but when he saw I was reaching for the lube his eyes lit bright with lust, enough to make me moan. His hands came out to help me when he saw I was lubing my dick ready to enter him but I had to stop him.

'Stop love. I need to keep this hard and if you touch it I might not be able to contain myself. Trust me, it will feel better if I come inside you.'

He nodded and moaned in response, but didn't take his eyes off what I was doing. The knowledge that he was watching me like that was almost too much without his touches. When I figured I was coated properly I calmed myself for a moment before reaching for the plug that was still in him. His cries as I moved it in and out of him, and the twitching of his cock at the same time made me even more horny. I was probably more turned on than I had ever been before, and I had yet to make love to the man I had wanted for so long.

I withdrew the plug completely, hearing his moan and knowing he felt the emptiness. I was going to put that right in a moment, but I took a second to look at his open hole before I started to sink myself into his depths. God, he was so hot and tight, I wasn't sure how long I could last. I kept my eyes on his face to check for any flicker of pain, but all I could see was pleasure. There might have been a quick moment when I finally seated myself because I knew the plug hadn't reached as deep as I could, but it was just a second and his eyes flew open to look at me when he felt my balls against him. I held myself steady, panting while I tried to keep control.

He smiled at me. 'Make love to me baby. I need to feel you move.'

I groaned and moved, and the movement made both of us cry out our pleasure. This wasn't going to last long. I'd frustrated myself too much this afternoon when I was teasing him, and even my four orgasms from this morning weren't diminishing my need to come inside him. I felt his muscles gripping me, and his hips raising to meet mine in every thrust. I leaned forward to kiss him for a moment before I really started to thrust, pushing into my lover hard and fast and knowing I'd never have better. Fast and hard fucking couldn't last and I felt myself tensing, ready to shoot, when Steve cried out my name and covered us both in his come. It was too much and I followed him, feeling his channel as though it was milking every last drop of my seed from my body.

I collapsed on top of Steve as soon as I came, and despite the fact he was still trembling from his own release he managed to hug me to him. There could be no better place than curled up on his chest, sticking to him with his own come, and my dick still inside him. I could feel myself softening despite my wish to stay inside his hot body forever, and we both groaned as I slipped from his ex-virgin asshole. My bed was going to be an awful mess after today, but I'd had the best birthday ever!

* * * * * * *


I don't know how I survived an afternoon of teasing or Dave finally making love to me. I must have dreamt about us being together a thousand times, but never did I imagine anything like the reality. It was the most incredible feeling to have him buried in me and then coating my insides with his release. But more than that, it was not just losing my virginity it was making love with the man who had been in my dreams for so long. I never thought it could really happen.

Afterwards, I was left with a pleasurable ache and the feeling of being empty for the first time in hours. I wanted him again almost immediately but neither one of us was able to do anything about it. I was so glad that despite the teasing during the day and the fact that we had ended up playing roles, when he finally took me it was soft and gentle and I could see in his eyes how much he wanted me and loved me. The exertion during the day meant that we just stayed in bed for the rest of the evening, dozing and kissing when we were both alert. Our legs and arms wrapped around each other, keeping as much closeness as we could. Even if right now I couldn't get it up if I tried, I wanted every moment in his arms that I could get.

I had learned so much about myself. Not just about my submissive side, but how much making another person happy could mean to me. Particularly when it was Dave and I was making him moan in pleasure. Much as I had enjoyed being the top, I now knew I enjoyed receiving a lot more. Thankfully, we had plenty of time over the weekend to keep on playing with each other. When I woke on Saturday we were still wrapped up together. It was only the second morning of there being anything between us, but I was already very used to him being with me.

Instead of waking on my own, frustrated that the love of my life was across the hall, now I could wake with him in my arms, or me in his, and before long we would be sucking or fucking as the mood took us. My virginity almost seemed a distant memory even though it was only yesterday. Less than 24 hours since we had agreed to our relationship, I had his cock in my mouth, slowly waking him with soft kisses and licks. I heard him moan as his first indication that he was awake, and then his hand was slowly stroking through my hair while I went to work properly, soon coaxing his load from him.

When I had finished and cleaned him I moved back up his body, kissing and licking his soft skin as I went. He smiled at me when I finally came face to face with him and pulled me to him for a good morning kiss that took my breath away. Neither of us could stop smiling at each other. It was that first flush of love that I had read about so many times but never thought I could experience with the one I wanted. Soon he was returning the favour of a blowjob and my mind was blank except for the pleasure he was giving me.

We did finally get up, and I felt muscles I never knew I'd had before complaining as I stretched out. Still, each twinge reminded me of what Dave and I had done and it was well worth it. I didn't mind the idea of even more twinges tomorrow either. That thought must have shown on my face because Dave grinned at me when he saw it, and I could tell he was thinking something very similar. Neither of us bothered dressing and we headed for a quick shower together, hands all over each other. Then it was to the kitchen for what I was now going to call refuelling, because the only reason I wanted to eat was to have more energy to have rampant sex.

'How are you feeling today?' he asked. It seemed slightly odd, and I didn't know if he was talking about my sore muscles, used asshole, our new relationship or our discoveries of yesterday. Still, the answer was the same.

'Great!' I grinned. 'I had no idea how good any of that could be even though I've thought about it a million times. Thank you.'

He looked kind of relieved. 'The reality is definitely better than the dreams, I agree!'

I did wince once, when I first sat down. My cheeks and my hole were both sore and I didn't think to sit down carefully. The barstool in the kitchen wasn't padded either, and I wished for a moment that we hadn't got quite so carried away with the spanking. Before I could give that much thought Dave was beside me, a cushion in his hand and a knowing grin on his face.

'This should help baby. I'm sorry if I hurt you.'

'It's fine, honestly. I should have thought before I sat.' Still, I did raise myself up and put the cushion between me and the hard chair. A sigh of relief left me when I settled into the softness.

'We might want to stick to the sucking for the next couple of days, give you time to recover.' he said.

The look of disappointment on my face must have been very obvious, because he started to laugh. He came close and wrapped his arms around me, gently kissing my neck and then nipping at my ear. I felt a shudder go through me and my cock reacted to his closeness despite all the time it had spent erect over the last day. Dave whispered in my ear, his warm breath teasing my body just as much as his words.

'Anything you want, love. If you want my cock, you can have it.'

I practically growled back at him, my voice full of lust. 'I want your cock. In me, right now.'

It only seemed a second before he was behind me, the lube he had collected from the bedroom in his hand.

'Stand up and hold on.'

That was all the instruction I needed and I was semi-bent over the kitchen counter and his slick fingers already inside me a moment later. It was sore but the pleasure outweighed any pain I was feeling. I moaned as I felt him opening me again ready for his cock which I knew could bring me so many wonderful feelings. When I started to hump back on his fingers he decided I was ready, and I felt his cock pressing at my entrance in their place. I just pressed back onto that as well, feeling every instant of his slow slide inside and letting out a long groan as he claimed me.

His moans joined mine as we both started to move. Slow and steady quickly gave way to fast and furious as we both quickened our pace. His lips were on my neck and shoulders, kissing me as he furiously fucked me, and his hands were in my chest hair, tugging gently at it and turning me on even more. When both hands found my nipples and started to roll and then pinch them it was too much and I came hard, shooting across the kitchen floor. I felt him swell inside me and he bit down on my shoulder as he came, marking me and making another jet of come emerge from my cock even though it was starting to flag.

When his soft member slipped from me I turned so I could kiss him hard. I wasn't sure if I could speak, but I put all my thanks and my love into the kiss, and felt his returned. It was harder to remember that only a couple of days ago this was my dream, and now it was reality. We stayed there so long kissing that our cereal was soggy and our tea cold by the time we finally turned our attention back to food. Dave just laughed when he took a sip of the cold drink, and put the kettle back on.

'You realise we now have to make a second breakfast, and clean the kitchen floor.' he said, clearly amused. 'I'm not sure I like the fact we are creating more housework. And that's not even mentioning the state of my sheets right now.'

'My bed is clean.' I replied, with a wink and a dirty grin.

* * * * * *

The weekend continued as it started, with us christening every room and making a mess everywhere, but it was well worth it. When we finally curled up on Sunday I was exhausted, but I had never such a good time. I was young and in love, and getting all the sex I wanted, and who could complain about that? We managed a quick shower together before work on Monday, but we woke late and didn't have time for any action. Part of me was glad that all we could do was share kisses, because my well-used hole was sore by the end of the weekend, but every moment of discomfort just reminded me how I had spent the last three days making love with my boyfriend.

Work was even more fun when we could share knowing glances. When one of us came close to the other as we always had done there was sexual tension every time. Our eyes would meet, and we kept touching each other whenever we could. I know that his hand on me sent electricity through my body, and I was pretty sure when I did it to him he felt the same. We shared everything now and no matter how close we had been before it was nothing on the connection we had now that it was physical as well as mental.

Neither of us dared say anything to Greg or Simon, but we noticed for the first time how close they were to each other, and the little touches and smiles that might be missed by the casual observer but we were now attuned to because we did the same. Whether they had any idea about us I couldn't be sure right then. We rushed home from work at the end of the day, desperate for kisses and hugs and before very long that turned into us both getting naked and ending up in bed and finding a mutual release.

That became the pattern of every day, and I couldn't have been happier. Every morning we woke up together and there were smiles and declarations of love. Every day I sat beside him wondering exactly how we were going to make love when we got home, and when our eyes met we knew that we were both thinking the same thing and our smiles broke across our faces. I hoped our boss didn't notice because she wasn't likely to approve, especially if we didn't get our work done.

When Friday came around we headed home and Dave fucked me before suggesting we went clubbing. I wasn't sure what to expect when he told me we were going to the gay club, but it wasn't scary in there, it just opened my eyes. We sat back observing the bar as we drank slowly, not wanting either one of us to end up so drunk we wouldn't get it up later. At least, after our first time, the no drunken sex rule was no longer in play. Dave was now sure of my feelings and knew I would regret nothing that happened.

I was amused when I saw Greg and Simon with a couple of other guys, unaware of our presence, but all over each other as they had been that day in the office. I nudged Dave but he had already seen the same and was smiling too. We watched them intermittently for a little while, more focussed on each other than them but glad to see they were obviously as happy as we were. Having seen that kiss I wasn't really in doubt, but it was nice to see that they could also express their love out of the office.

It was Dave's idea to finally take to the dancefloor, once the slow songs came on, and I willingly pressed myself close to his body and held him tight while we swayed to the music. I'd never imagined doing this, but it felt really good to be like that especially in a place where it wasn't out of the ordinary at all. In most clubs I probably wouldn't have felt confident enough to dance with my love, but here no-one noticed. I even took the opportunity to grab his ass in my hands and he gave me look of mock offence, but pressed forward to rub our hard packages together.

I grinned at Dave when I realised he was moving us across the floor, clearly heading towards where Greg and Simon were also intertwined, totally into each other. It took them a second when we finally moved alongside to notice that we were there, because they were so lost in each other. Simon caught my eye first, and the look of complete shock on his face made me giggle. Greg's didn't look much different when he saw what Simon had noticed, and before long all four of us were lost in laughter.

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